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Take That Present The Circus Live (DVD)

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Genre: Music DVDs / Theatrical Release: 2009 / Exempt / DVD released 2009-11-25 at Polydor / Features of the DVD: Colour, DVD-Video, Import, Live, PAL

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    3 Reviews
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      05.07.2012 20:54



      A fantastic DVD showcasing an incredible night!

      I have been a massive Take That fan since they were famous the first time around! So I was always going to ensure I got tickets to see the Circus. I went to one of the Wembley shows and can honestly say that it is, without question, the best concert I have ever been to.

      I wasn't sure that the DVD would do the show justice, but it's just great. I watched it again the other day and the suspense at the beginning still builds and builds and I feel like I'm there all over again. As with all Take That concerts, you just know there is going to be one hell of a performance, and the Circus delivers with bells on! The costumes and dancers are just out of this world and the elephant that appears during 'The Garden' is completely mindblowing. I just remember standing there in tears at the concert because you couldn't believe that it was actually happening.

      There are lots of tracks from The Circus album, but there are plenty of old favourites in there too - I was thrilled when they did 'Take That & Party' and 'Do What You Like'!

      Overall, I would say that the DVD fully captures the amazing atmosphere of the concert and I would recommend it, even if you're not an avid Take That fan. The amazing costumes and incredible special effects are enough to draw even the biggest critic in and no-one could fail to be impressed with the show they put on.

      Watching it just makes me want to go and see it all over again. It's just a shame as I don't think any concert I go to in future will ever compare!


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      02.07.2012 17:49
      Very helpful
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      Just sheer entertainment!

      I went to see this show in Glasgow at Hamden Park in Glasgow a couple of years ago. And I was absolutely astounded at how good it was so I decided to buy the DVD of the live show. It is 3 hours of sheer entertainment! Let me talk you through the wonder that is TAKE THAT!

      The live show is shown at Wembley so boasts a massive performance from start to finish! Take That do not disappoint! You can expect all of your favourite hits including the oldies as well! The Show boasts to have been the UK's biggest selling tour and it certainly lives up to expectations!
      The show sold out in 5 hours of tickets going on sale and it is claimed that over 1 million people saw the show. The tour began in June 2009 and finished in July 2009 at Wembley. Rehearsals were said to have taken place in Bedford where film scenes from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were filmed.

      Supporting acts were The Saturdays, Lady Gaga, James Morrison and the Script. Although I was wanting to see Lady Gaga I had to settle with The Saturdays.
      The DVD was released in time for Christmas Sales in November 2009 with a special edition Abbey Road Session disk included. I am not reviewing the Abbey Road disk, just the main concert disk.

      The show opens with a circus act as the show name suggests; a man inside of a giant balloon/ rubber ball bouncing around as clowns entertain the crowds around! Colours and costumes are amazing - grabbing your attention from start to finish!
      The chapter ends with the man bursting his balloon to climb into a wicker basket and be lifted up in to the sky by a giant bunch of balloons!

      Greatest Day- a great opening number! The crowd go wild as the boys show themselves and bang out a great tune.
      Hello - all of the clowns join in with the choreography of this number making it a colourful charade! Mark owns the vocals in this one.

      Could it be Magic - not one of my favourites but as good as ever!
      Pray - the boys keep the originally choreography for this one!

      A Million Love Songs - featuring the great Mike Stevens on saxophone, the original musician from the very first tours!
      Back for Good - a sensational display of talent as the boys sing their hearts out under showers of rain! The crowd goes wild and sing along! No arty special effects with this one - not needed! It is encapturing!!

      The Garden - this has to be one of my faves!! The start of the great spectacular that is the elephant! An enormous man operated device that comes up from the floor and walks through the crowd to the main stage! Mark isnt the strongest in vocals on this hit but its sensational anyway!
      The Circus tent stage is now revealed - drummers have the stage - like little Christmas Nutcracker Soldiers, jugglers and cabaret dancers join them on stage as the Circus Ring Master announces the show as beginning! This is where the main part of the show begins! Clowns, trapeze artistes,Fire Eaters - the lot! It is amazing - you just dont know where to look. The colours are amazing. And how the dancers bend the way they do Ill never know! All leading up to the next number! The boys have had a quick costume change.

      Shine! - Oh deary me - white skin tight leather trousers and red boots - not the best look for Mark here but his performance is awesome! Jason on the other hand in red and white striped trousers is a different story!
      Up all night - A bit of ad lib crowd participation with a few 'Ohhhh's and straight into an upbeat number! Really gets you twitching in your seat!

      Wooden Boat - If you love Jason like I do then you will truly love this performance! An album track song that hasnt had the greatest press but it is a lovely song. All of the boys show their musical talents here - Gary on the old Ebony and Ivory, Jason on acoustic guitar whilst Mark plays base and Howard on the drums.
      How did it come to this - a second hit from Jason - he really belts this track out on his now electric guitar- love it ! The circus acts seem to have quietened down for now! But no fear there are more to come! Much more!

      The Circus - Babe, Love Aint Here Anymore, Nobody Else - While the other boys change Gary takes the stage alone to sing a few ballads! Not a great part but if you love Gary and you love the ballads then this bit is for you !!
      What is love - another highlight in the show as far as Im concerned. The boys come on after a big build up - with great dance sets and circus trickery. With wooden crates as seats and tables the boys transform themselves into clowns as the song continues. White faces, red clown mouths and great hats liven up a normally quiet ballad lead by Howard. Very clever work from the choreography team.

      Clown Medley - Do what you like, promises, It Only Takes A Minute, Take That And Party - The boys clown around on unicycles - well except Gary who tries a tricycle for size! Some great old moves which remind you of the old and original Take That! Just shows that they have not aged too badly at all!! Wiggling bums and crotch grabbing all the way!! Even Gary gets in with the moves!!
      Said it All - a nice wind down song - a beautiful ballad lead by Gary. Time for the boys to get their breaths back!

      Never Forget- I dont know about the rest of you but I always miss Robbie in this song when it is sung live. His part in the original song just doesnt leave you !! A great display of drummers and tap dancing support the act. A tremendous display all round.
      Patience - Again a fave of mine! The comeback song after ten years - the crowds join in as Gary loves every minute of his success!

      Relight My Fire - Darkness hits the stadium and it does seem to be the end of the night until a huge Ring Master appears via the large screen on the back of the stage. It is a very dark introduction to a lively song. To be honest it is quite scary - if you are not expecting it with a huge wicked laugh. It is followed by a massive number featuring the original singer of the hit, Erika Jayne. The circus act here is of lion taming with beautiful girls acting as the naughty lions and being tamed back in to their cages! Superb stage show again.
      Hold up a Light - to me this should have been the last song - every one had their hands and flames in the air! The crowd was rocking and the atmosphere is immense! The best Mark has performed all night in my opinion. But overall an excellent performance.

      Rule the World - an usual finale for the show I thought but still got the crowds roaring! A great song and I suppose as it is about stars then it could be classed as ideal for a good night song.

      The show lasts around two hours so the price is well worth paying! You can expect to pay anything from £9.99 to £24.99 depending on where you get it.
      Hope you enjoy!


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        02.02.2010 13:03
        Very helpful



        Take That - The Circus Live DVD

        The Circus has come to town.

        For those of us who were not lucky enough to be able to go to see the boys live during their Circus Tour then the DVD is the next best thing. Take That The Circus Live at Wembley Stadium is a wonderful spectacular and if you are a Take That fan then this is one I definitely recommend.

        Take That are now the most successful boyband to have reunited in history and are the best selling UK live pop act in history. Who are they - Take That are a band, made up of four guys from Manchester, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen. They first came out in the early 90's and I have to say that I was a fan then and am still a fan now.

        The album The Circus was released on the 1st December 2008 and went straight to number 1 where it stayed for two weeks. This album, in my opinion is another Take That classic, lots of great sing along pop tunes with a few anthems in there as well. There are some songs on there that also sound a bit Beatle-esque to me too, especially the song Hello, which is number three on the album. Their first single release from the album was Greatest Day. They released this on the 24th November and this also debuted at number one.

        The live tour was then embarked upon to promote the wonderful album. According to an article I read the tour began on 5 June 2009 in Sunderland and finished on 5 July 2009 at London's Wembley Stadium. The Circus Live is Take That's biggest tour to date and was seen by over 1,000,000 people. The tour became the fastest selling in UK history, with the 600,000 for all original eight dates selling out in just five hours.

        The DVD is an absolutely wonderful spectacular and at times you think to yourself wow, I can't believe my eyes! It's colourful, exciting with things happening all the time. The boys will be singing and in the background someone will be turning cartwheels or juggling, etc, just like what would happen in the Big Top at the circus. At one point in the show the boys are atop a massive animatronic elephant that walks it;s way to the stage, this is a really impressive spectacle and quite amazing in the way it works in my opinion. There is also a massive hot air balloon which is just as impressive too.

        What I really like are the costumes that the boys wear. I always think they look great but they really dress up in the circus theme and definitely look the part. When the sing their songs they just look like they are having great fun, really interacting with the crowd and putting on a unforgetable show.

        The DVD consists of two discs and the following is the song list:

        "The Adventures of a Lonely Balloon"/"Greatest Day"
        "Could It Be Magic"
        "A Million Love Songs"
        "Back for Good"
        "The Garden"
        "Up all Night"
        "Wooden Boat"
        "How Did It Come to This"
        "The Circus" (preceded by Gary at piano singing snippets of "Love Ain't Here Anymore", "Babe" and "Nobody Else")
        "What Is Love"
        Clowns Medley : "Do What U Like"/"Promises"/"It Only Takes a Minute"/"Take That and Party"
        "Said It All"
        "Never Forget"
        "Relight My Fire"
        "Hold Up a Light"
        "Rule the World"


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