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Eagle 96.4

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3 Reviews

Based in Guildford.
Local news, adult contemporary music.
96.4 FM

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    3 Reviews
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      20.06.2006 11:01



      Stale and out of ideas.

      The Eagle claims to be a local radio station for Surrey and Hampshire, but barely qualifies as this. News content is very poor and the only regard paid to local events is where the station is attending itself (in the capacity of promoting itself).

      The day begins with the Peter Gordon breakfast show. PG (as he likes to be known) has been doing the breakfast show for some 10 years. And boy does it show! I'm sure his posse of followers boost his ego and tell him he's great, but quite frankly he should have given up 5 years ago and let someone younger, and more relevent to the audience take the reigns.

      The rest of the day is blandness personified with constant idents that try to persuade us that the station is truely local and plays better music than anyone else (rather than repeat the same music every few hours).

      The drivetime with "Kim" shares alot with the breakfast show although the presenter makes desperate attempts to sound relevent (but fails).

      In all it's low budget local radio with presenters who should have all quit 5 years ago! Money and new blood is needed. Avoid!


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      27.08.2005 18:30
      Very helpful



      Surrey and Hampshire's local radio station

      Bodyrockers, Joss Stone, Kylie, Evanescence, D:ream, Jamelia, Beverley Knight, Genesis, Oasis, Blur, Franz Ferdinand, Travis, Keane, K T Tunstall, McFly, Justin Timberlake, Liberty X, James Blunt, Craig David, Charlotte Church, Green Day, Lee Ryan, Texas, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani, The Black Eyed Peas, Destiny’s Child, Outkast.

      What do all of these have in common? They are all the sort of artists you will hear on Surrey’s local radio station, 96.4 The Eagle. If this is not your sort of music then this is not your sort of station. Fortunately for me, this is exactly my sort of music.

      In fact, I think that they are telepathic. I was daydreaming one day and suddenly thought, “You know what I haven’t heard for ages? Roachford’s Cuddly Toy”. Within half an hour they had played it! Coincidence?

      Does that make them MOR? No, I don’t think that’s quite fair. They’re certainly not another Magic FM. But what you won’t hear is endless Rap. I also don’t think I’ve ever heard Emenem either but then for that relief much thanks.

      Actually, The Eagle advertises itself as Surrey and Hampshire’s radio station but it is actually based in Surrey, with it’s studios in Guildford. It originally came on air in 1996. It claims its target audience is 25 to 54 so I suppose that should exclude me! Maybe I never grew up? The also claim 145,000 listeners per week. I’m one of those.

      Over the years I’ve been a regular with a number of stations, ever since we moved to this part of the country. When we lived in Southport I always listened to Rock FM from Preston and this was the standard by which I judged all other stations.

      When we moved south I first tuned in to Capital. I’ve always been a fan of Chris Tarrant and, since my listening was limited to the mornings, from getting up, to the drive to work, his show nicely filled the time. Of course, I also listened to the same station on the way home, although the traffic reports were really not of much help on my journey. Still, the music was good.

      Eventually I started to find Tarrant stale. Even before he left, I was off looking for a new and more engaging station. Initially I switched to Virgin but I’m afraid that Chris Evans just leaves me cold. Even before he left, once again I was on the move.

      My next home was Heart. At last I thought I had found a station I could enjoy. In those early days I actually liked listening to Jono Coleman. His banter with his various sidekicks was entertaining. Perhaps I should have seen the writing on the wall (and so should the Heart management) when in short order all of his “assistants” moved on, some to other schedules, others to leave the station completely. My feeling was that Coleman long outstayed his welcome. Long before he left for LBC he had become tedious, predictable and definitely not funny. I had left them long before then.

      I wasn’t initially even aware of The Eagle. Where I am I am towards the limit of its broadcast range. Indeed, reception becomes definitely very iffy as I make my way across the Surrey/Berkshire border in the mornings. Crossing Windsor Great Park I almost completely lose them. It’s even worse ion the way home but that’s probably because the car aerial is in the back window and that’s on the wrong side of the car then.

      However, once I had found them it took very little time to decide that they were definitely for me. Not one of the records they played in the first hour was one that would normally have me looking for a new station. There are not many stations that have listened to that can claim that.

      When my clock/radio wakes me up in the morning it is to the PG and Bev show. PG is Peter Gordon, who is also The Eagle’s Programme Director. Bev is Bev Fullen, or was as, as I write she is on her honeymoon, so PG is on his own. If the name Bev Fullen sounds familiar then, like me, you have been a fan of 90’s Geordie Girl Band, Hepburn. She was their original drummer but left before their 15 minutes of fame as one-hit wonders with, ironically, “I Quit”.

      The interchange between PG and Bev is amusing and at times a bit “edgy”. I sometimes wonder is she gives him a good thumping during the records!

      The morning show features a few competitions but if you’re looking for the Capital-style £100,000 bonanzas you won’t find them here. I doubt The Eagle has that sort of budget. The sort of competition that have is 10 questions in 1 minute, to win £1,000. You do get a bit of help though because they pre-announce 3 of the questions so you can research the answers if you need to. There also the usual “local” prizes such as free tickets to local attractions.

      The Drive Home show is hosted by Kim Robson. Here the traffic reports are definitely of more use than those of the London stations to which I previously listened. The music mix is the same. Weekends I’ll usually have them playing until something comes on the TV that I want to watch, usually sport, motor racing, footy, cricket...

      Let’s face it, you really listen for the music and The Eagle doesn’t overdo the chat at the expense of the music. You never feel like saying, “Enough. Put on another record”. And the music is always spot-on, at least, it is for me.

      The station broadcasts on 96.4FM, as you would expect from the name. As with most radio stations, they also broadcast on digital radio (DAB). More importantly, if you live anywhere in the World, you can catch them on the Web. They broadcast live on www.964eagle.co.uk.

      So, wherever you are, if you want to find out if The Eagle might be for you, give them a try. If you do and send in a request or enter one of their competitions, tell them where you found out about them, on Dooyoo. Oh, and tell them to ignore the other review.


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        05.04.2001 02:19
        Very helpful



        A very local radio station with some big CHEESE!

        UPDATED: Wow, how the years have moved on since I last wrote this. But have things moved on? Is this now the Radio 1 or Capital of Surrey? Answer is no, its not. The presenters that I mentioned all those years ago are....yep still there! Says it all really.

        Eagle boast during ad breaks that they are the number 1 company to work for as the per Times 100 list of companies to work for. Its the UKRD group that get the award and not the radio station.

        I have the joy of walking into shops/offices in my job and I have to say that outside of North West Surrey. IE Guildford/Aldershot/Farnborough area, you barely hear the station being played. So there customer following must be very very small.

        When playing around with the radio stations in the car, even without looking at the display, you know you have come across The Eagle because its always the same songs. I said before, and I will say it again, they just repeat the same things over and over again.

        They share the same travel reporter as another radio station, but don't tell you that.

        Thank god for Magic, Smooth, Heart, Capital, Kiss, BBC Surrey, Radio 1, Army and many many more.

        OLD REVIEW: I am so happy that the Eagle has been listed on here now, I can now express my views on this badly put together radio station.

        1st. The Presenters = They live in the past and try desperatly to be in with the trend. The female 'Kim' who does drive time thinks 'cool' is the word to say but lets face it thats the 90's. She has the most annoying voice and she still thinks she works on radio lollypop. To top it of she has a badly done haircut which was around in the 80's. Peter who does the breakfast show thinks he is funny and makes jokes which aren't funny. Mark Watson is the only sane one and doesn't try to show off.

        2nd. Songs = Do you like repetitive songs? Do you want to hear U2 with 'Stuck in a moment' 3 times in 7 hours everyday of the week? The songs they play are out of the charts yet they still plug them. Samantha Mumba, U2, Westlife, Anatasia, Destiny's child and Britney...that is all they ever seem to play. Its like they have 3 albums and just constantly play the same records. Unfortunatly having to listen to this radio station from 9am-5pm at work is very depressing.

        3rd. Adverts = You want cheap sounding and repetitive adverts? Listen to the Eagle again! Adverts are played almost every 7 mins and are the same ones...all plugging window companies.

        4th. Competitions = Kim on her show has a game called 'Complete pants'...yeh fantastic name..I bet she thought of that one. The name 'pants' went out years ago and no one uses it..but we are talking about Kim Robson the 'I live in the 80's' woman.

        5th. Misc = They are very happy when the viewing figures come in as they brag they are the most listened to in the county...well the only reason that is, is because the transmitter gives out a clear signal where as Radio 1 is slightly fuzzy.

        The average listener I would say would be between 27-55 as I have never heard anyone young on there.
        Just avoid this station like the plague and I am sure I am not the only one of my age that would say the same thing.


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