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One World (Radio 1)

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2001 06:13
      Very helpful



      Are you in the unfortunate position as I am where you have to listen to the radio at work? In all the factories I have worked the radio is blasting out the same music day in day out for 40 hours a week. In one factory they had the sense to ‘hot-wire’ everyone in to a multi-choice radio link so at least if you were not keen listening to music you just didn’t plug in. The employees had a choice of 4 channels, all of which were pop music. Had they not the sense that a minority may want to listen to something else. I think I am digressing a little from the subject. In the present factory we have Radio 1 for 40 hours a week. You would say what is wrong with that, well apart from repeating the top ten three times a day, advertising the same material and the DJ’s in love with their own voice there is not much wrong with it. Once upon a time pop music was played and sung by artists and who I could honestly call artists not that I liked the music much but at least they were artists. What you have now is some person or persons trying to make the best of what useless voice they have. In the raw state it must sound awful. The electronic music boffins in their endeavour to make something out of this singing have to rely on repeating the same phrase though out the song. Probably it must have been the only phrase that was decent enough to listen to. They add to this a catchy piece with a few notes in to brain wash the listener to think that the whole song is good. A 12-year-old child with a computer music application could do better. Lets get back to Radio 1 with the thought in mind how pop tunes are made these days. The DJ is sitting there saying how great the next tune is and the position it is in the top ten. They, in their knowledge of music must be bored out of their minds having to play and listen to same crap every day. There is one big incentive; they are paid a vast salary to do it. From this you would think I hate music and pop music in general. I enjoy all types of music, as long as the singer or singers can honestly be called artists. The test for me would to put them on ‘Top of the pops’ and ask them to sing live and not miming as they do now. It seems that all the local radio stations are much the same as Radio 1 such as SGR FM in Suffolk to name one. All I ask of Radio 1 is to add a little variety during the day and play tunes from the last few years at least. But of course it would be RADIO 2 then WOULDN’T IT!


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