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Trent 96 FM

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2 Reviews

Based in Nottingham / Derby.
Today`s better music mix, local news and information.
96.2 FM,
96.5 FM

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    2 Reviews
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      03.01.2009 14:17
      Very helpful



      Playing the best mix of the 80's, 90's and today and Today's best mix.

      Trent FM 96.2 - 96.5 FM is a radio station which broadcasts in Nottingham and Mansfield. It was launched in 1975 and was originally called Radio Trent but has since been called 96 Trent FM and now Trent FM.

      Trent FM is my favourite radio station to listen to. I like the mix between the talking and music.

      The current presenters are: Emma Caldwell, James Cook, Mark Crossley, Ivan D'Sa, Mark Del, Mark Dennison, Tim Disney, Hannah Patterson, Mark Hitchings, Julian Jones, Steffan La touche, James Lloyd, Andy Twigge, Justin Walker and Jon Wyer.

      Twiggy and Emma is the breakfast show I listen to the most and they are on air from 6am-10am. This show used to be called Jo and Twiggy but a few months ago Emma replaced Jo. It is always a fun show and they play some great music.

      Some of their most well known slogans are: Today's best mix, today's best variety, More music, less talk, Playing the best mix of the 80's, 90's and today and Today's best mix.

      There are lots of opportunities to call in and try and win competitions.

      The Trent FM Thunder Crew are the radio stations team and they go round lots of different events handing out stickers, sweets, balloons, free tickets etc. They can help out with PA announcements, bring games along and help out at your event.


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      17.11.2005 21:56
      Very helpful



      Trent Fm you control

      96.2 or 96.5 FM
      Trent FM is my favourite radio station along with Radio 1. I listen to it every time I am in the car, and have been listening to it for about 4 years now. You can tune into Trent Fm if you ever in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire area. So here I write about Trent FM and my thoughts.

      What music does Trent FM play?

      They play most music rock, pop, dance, chart, oldies.

      Who are the hosts?

      ~~~Jo and Twiggy~~~
      Jo and Twiggy are for those early morning people, unlike me I don’t wake up till noon. But when I do get the chance I do listen to them. From 6am-9am playing today’s best mix. With lots of competitions always on the go. The pair make a great team and are really funny.

      ~~~Mark Dennison~~~
      Monday- Friday 9am-12pm Mark Dennison take you “Back in the day.”
      Naughty at 10:40am-A chance to win cream cakes delivered to your work by the Black Thunder crew.
      At 11:15am -Mark speaks to celebrity guests finding out gossip.
      Back in the day- Mark plays 4 songs within a specific year.

      ~~~Jason King~~~
      Monday-Friday 12pm-4pm Jason entertains those at work playing today’s best mix such as James Blunt, Joss Stone, Coldplay etc
      Jason also hosts CD countdown on a Sunday 11am-3pm

      ~~~Richard and Lucy~~~
      Monday-Friday 4pm-7pm, Richard and Lucy (“get me home“) take you to the end of those that work later shifts. Richard and Lucy start there show by listeners phoning for there favourites songs.
      At 5:15pm they talk about what is going on in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and there opinions.
      Also travel update on the traffic in the area every 15minutes.

      ~~~Black Thunders~~~
      Black Thunders are Trent FM detector team, checking who has Trent FM on there radio loud and proud. (usually me, but never been found) They give out the radio stickers and pay visits to people work places, with a chance to win prizes.

      ~~~Sally and Kevin~~~
      Monday- Thursday From 7pm-10pm- music we control, people text in there favourite song and what they want to be played.
      With all the showbiz gossip, and talk about the latest movies.
      At the moment they have the chance to win £1000 for the clothes show.
      Friday 8pm- The download chart, a countdown to the top songs.

      ~~~Graham Torrington~~~
      Monday-Thursday and Sundays- 10pm-1am- Graham answer calls and gives advice from the listeners about there relationship dilemmas and confessions. Thousands of people have been helped from graham and listeners opened minded views.

      ~~~Jason Bassam~~~
      Sunday from 10am- Sunday revival to relive your memories of the last 20 years.James wants to hear from you with your Sunday Revival tune. Is there a particular piece of music from the past that reminds you of a key moment in your life.

      ~~~Justin Wilkes, Sam Mann and Tony Shepherd~~~
      Sundays from 7pm-10pm
      Seven-If you've got a huge appetite for gossip tune in to Seven on Sundays from 7pm for exclusive interviews, the best music and a look at what's going in the world of showbiz and entertainment.

      My Verdict
      Well I think I have covered everyone, well the people I listen to anyway.
      I love listening to late night love with Graham Torrington and if I’m right I think he is on other radio stations as well. Being able to listen to people relationship problems, I often think what you doing girl sort yourself out, can you not see for your own eyes!! Or it’s oh my god if been in the same situation or I am. Other people phone in and give there own opinions/views as well as Graham, which I find interesting.
      Another of my favourite I like to listen to the top 40 on a Sunday afternoon from Simon Hirst. I like to know what is in the charts and what’s not. It gives me idea of new songs to download.
      I totally forgot about non stop Ministry of sound on a Saturday which is on from 10pm til 2 in the morning.
      I think the travel are updates are great aswell as I work about 40mins from home and it gives me a idea for a route for my journeys.

      Well if you are ever about in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area tune in to Trent Fm 96.2 or 96.5 FM.

      Thanx for reading my review


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