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100 Million Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong - Bon Jovi

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Hard Rock / Artist: Bon Jovi / Box set / Audio CD released 2004-12-15 at Island

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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2009 19:39
      Very helpful



      A must-have box set for any Bon Jovi Fan

      I am a massive Bon Jovi fan, and have been lucky enough to see them live on three occasions. I recently bought this box set, having downloaded it previously as it was cheaper to do that, but then decided I really wanted to own a copy, as it is a must for any Bon Jovi fan to have in their collection.

      100 Million Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong is a boxed set of 4 CD's and a DVD released in 2004 to celebrate Bon Jovi's 20th anniversary and also that they had sold 100,000,000 albums. The cover and title is a take on the Elvis Presley compilation '50,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong', with the band even wearing gold lame suits!
      Included in the set is also a booklet with many fans testimonials and explanations and thoughts from Jon Bon Jovi on the band's career and songs.

      What surprised me the most about this collection is just what good value for money it really is, as you are getting 4 cds and a dvd full of unreleased material, apart from two tracks which have appeared on movie soundtracks. All of these are above average and excellent quality, and I couldn't help but wonder why some of the tracks featured did not end up on Bon Jovi's studio albums! Although Jon Bon Jovi himself once said he has made some errors of judgement when deciding which tracks to put on their albums, due to the amount of songs Bon Jovi write and sometimes due to a track not fitting in with the 'theme' of the album, and it is interesting to note that the band's big hit 'Living On A Prayer' almost never made it onto the album!

      The accompanying DVD contains archive footage of the band as well as interviews and a bit messing about behind the scenes!
      The CDs have been put together so that each CD has a certain 'feel' to it, there are 50 tracks, most of which are new, some re-workings/demo's of old songs, ( Always and Someday I'll Be Saturday Night ) and a couple of tracks which featured in movies.
      All the band members also feature as 'lead vocalists' on self-penned tracks - Richie Sambora, who is also a fantastic vocalist as well as guitarist sings 'If I Can't Have Your Love', Tico Torres (drummer) takes the vocal on his track 'Only In My Dreams', and David Bryan (keyboards) on 'Memphis Lives In Me', from the musical 'Memphis'.
      Some of the stand-out tracks for me on this collection include - These Arms Are Open All Night (which has become one of my favourite Bon Jovi Tracks), If I Can't Have You Love, The Radio Saved My Life Tonight, and Satellite.

      I really felt after buying this and listening to it that I had bought 4 new Bon Jovi CD's all at once! It is certainly no greatest hits collection, anthology, or a box set of sub-standard songs which never made it to the album, and is testament to how Bon Jovi have continued to sell millions of albums and play to sell-out stadiums, whilst other bands come and go.

      All in all a must-have for any Bon Jovi fan to complete your collection.

      It is currently available on Amazon at £23.98 or Play.com £23.99 with free delivery.


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        13.11.2005 00:56
        Very helpful



        For any fan - not a greatest hits boxset - an original boxset

        This boxset was released in November 04, to mark 20 years of JBJ playing together, and comprises of outtakes and B-sides from previous albums.

        When I was buying this (I dowloaded it, so didn't get the DVD unfortunately), I thought I was paying for a lot of demos and 'prototype' songs, but it was a good price (£6.99 the lot), so I was hoping it might yield a few good songs. I was pleasantly surprised when I found was that almost every song was of album quality, and even few that in my opinion were good enough for single release.

        Although the boxset is listed under 'heavy metal', something I wouldn't really agree with, as this transcends genres, the brilliant thing about Bon Jovi is that he can carry off any track with real emotion and make every song sound very different - not an easy feat considering there are 50 songs on this boxset.

        The music moves from piano ballads, and acoustic guitar, to lekky and bass, with some songs that seem to be only drums.

        'Memphis, ' 'Last Train,' 'Kidnap An Angel' and "Someday Might Be Today" are brilliant power ballads, with a kind of rocked up version of James Blunt - (is that possible?).

        There are also various different types of music, with some heavy stuff - a bit like Black Sabbath - and others reminiscent of hits they've had like 'Dry County' and 'It's My Life.'

        Personally, I also round something that reminded me of Queen, much more than previous Bon Jovi albums.

        This is not a greatest hits boxset packed full of hits that fans already own or an album that is basically formuleac songs to try and reach a high chart position. This is what you imagine the band doing when they're relaxing, and not looking for the Number 1s. They had fun doing this, as seen with the giggling at the end of some of the tracks. It is refreshingly honest, with no swearwords as I can recall, so suitable for pretty much anyone. I think that for this it has a much more honest quality than many other boxsets, and this makes it much better!

        Disc: 1
        1. Why Aren't You Dead?
        2. The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
        3. Taking It Back
        4. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (Original Demo)
        5. Miss Fourth Of July
        6. Open All Night
        7. These Arms Are Open All Night
        8. I Get A Rush
        9. Someday Just Might Be Tonight
        10. Thief Of Hearts
        11. Last Man Standing
        12. I Just Want To Be Your Man

        Disc: 2
        1. Garageland
        2. Starting All Over Again
        3. Maybe Someday
        4. Last Chance Train
        5. The Fire Inside
        6. Every Beat Of My Heart
        7. Rich Man Living In A Poor Man's House
        8. The One That Got Away
        9. You Can Sleep While I Dream
        10. Outlaws Of Love
        11. Good Guys Don't Always Wear White
        12. We Rule The Night

        1. Edge Of A Broken Heart
        2. Sympathy
        3. Only In My Dreams
        4. Shut Up And Kiss Me
        5. Crazy Love
        6. Lonely At The Top (International B-Side)
        7. Ordinary People (International B-Side)
        8. Flesh And Bone
        9. Satellite
        10. If I Can't Have Your Love
        11. Real Life
        12. Memphis Lives In Me
        13. Too Much Of A Good Thing

        Disc: 4
        1. Love Ain't Nothing But A Four Letter Word
        2. Love Ain't Nothing But A Four Letter Word (Original Demo)
        3. River Runs Dry
        4. Always
        5. Kidnap An Angel
        6. Breathe (B-Side)
        7. Out Of Bounds
        8. Letter To A Friend
        9. Temptation (International B-Side)
        10. Gotta Have A Reason
        11. All I Wanna Do Is You
        12. Billy
        13. Nobody's Hero


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Why Aren't You Dead? [#]
        2 Radio Saved My Life Tonight [#]
        3 Taking It Back [#]
        4 Someday I'll Be Saturday Night [Original Demo]
        5 Miss Fourth of July [#]
        6 Open All Night [#]
        7 These Arms Are Open All Night [#]
        8 I Get a Rush [#]
        9 Someday Just Might Be Tonight [#]
        10 Thief of Hearts [Studio Track][#]
        11 Last Man Standing [Studio Track][#]
        12 I Just Want to Be Your Man [#]

        Disc #2 Tracklisting
        1 Garageland [#]
        2 Starting All Over Again [Japan Bonus Track]
        3 Maybe Someday [#]
        4 Last Chance Train [#]
        5 Fire Inside [#]
        6 Every Beat of My Heart [#]
        7 Rich Man Living in a Poor Man's House [#]
        8 One That Got Away [#]
        9 You Can Sleep While I Dream [#]
        10 Outlaws of Love [#]
        11 Good Guys Don't Always Wear White [From the Cowboy Way]
        12 We Rule the Night [#]

        Disc #3 Tracklisting
        1 Edge of a Broken Heart [From Disorderlies]
        2 Sympathy [#]
        3 Only in My Dreams [#] - Bon Jovi, Tico Torres
        4 Shut Up and Kiss Me [#]
        5 Crazy Love [#]
        6 Lonely at the Top [International B-Side]
        7 Ordinary People [International B-Side]
        8 Flesh and Bone [#]
        9 Satellite [#]
        10 If I Can't Have Your Love [Unreleased Solo Track] - Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora
        11 Real Life [From Edtv]
        12 Memphis Lives in Me [From Memphis][#] - Bon Jovi, David Bryan
        13 Too Much of a Good Thing [#]

        Disc #4 Tracklisting
        1 Love Ain't Nothing But a Four Letter Word [#]
        2 Love Ain't Nothing But a Four Letter Word [Original Demo]
        3 River Runs Dry [#]
        4 Always [Original Demo]
        5 Kidnap an Angel [#]
        6 Breathe [B-Side]
        7 Out of Bounds [#]
        8 Letter to a Friend [#]
        9 Temptation [International B-Side]
        10 Gotta Have a Reason [#]
        11 All I Wanna Do Is You [#]
        12 Billy [#]
        13 Nobody's Hero [#]
        14 Ass Tech

        Disc #5 Tracklisting
        1 Bonus Material [DVD][*]
        2 Fire Inside [DVD]
        3 London [DVD]
        4 Miss Fourth Of July [DVD]
        5 Good Guys Don't Always Wear White [DVD]
        6 Always [DVD]
        7 Real Life [DVD]
        8 Moskow [DVD]
        9 Garageland [DVD]
        10 Love Ain't Nothing But A Four Letter Word [DVD]
        11 Bon Jovi Airlines [DVD]
        12 Lonely At The Top [DVD]
        13 One That Got Away [DVD]
        14 Only In My Dreams [DVD]
        15 Thief Of Hearts [DVD]
        16 Open All Night [DVD]
        17 Outlaws Of Love / We Rule The Night [DVD]
        18 Ordinary People [DVD]
        19 If I Can't Have Your Love [DVD]
        20 Memphis Lives In Me [DVD]
        21 Radio Saved My Life Tonight [DVD]
        22 Satellite [DVD]
        23 Singapore [DVD]
        24 Last Man Standing [DVD]
        25 Berlin [DVD]
        26 Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (Demo) [DVD]
        27 Fan Frenzy [DVD]
        28 Starting All Over Again [DVD]
        29 Out Of Bounds [DVD]
        30 Rio De Janeiro [DVD]
        31 Sympathy [DVD]
        32 You're Fired [DVD]
        33 Why Aren't You Dead? [DVD]
        34 Richie In Osaka [DVD]
        35 Will To Live [DVD]
        36 Taking It Back [DVD]
        37 Edge Of A Broken Heart [DVD]
        38 Japan [DVD]
        39 Thank You [DVD]
        40 Credits [DVD]
        41 Richie's Message [DVD]
        42 Jon's Message [DVD]
        43 Tico's Message [DVD]
        44 David's Message [DVD]
        45 Ride The Snake [DVD]
        46 I Have Nothing To Say To You [DVD]
        47 Jon Meets Sir George Martin [DVD]
        48 Band Managers [DVD]
        49 Ass Tech [DVD]

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