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1962-1966: The Red Album - The Beatles

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Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: The Beatles / Audio CD released 1993-10-05 at Apple

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    5 Reviews
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      24.06.2009 16:02



      If U Don't Own The Original Albums - I Highly Recommend It!

      My review of the 1962-1966: The Red Album - The Beatles - from an experienced guitarist viewpoint (and fan!).

      The Red Album -was one of the first Beatles compilation albums, and features their hits as well as some other welcome inclusions -between 62 and 66.

      After 66 the Beatles would stop gigging and become an entirely different (but still brilliant) musical entity. But the Red Album, with it's almost iconic imagery of the fab 4 looking over a balcony, captures the band -while they actually were still a gigging, cohesive (no Yoko -lol!!) band who got on well together.

      It's pointless me pointing out the strongest songs on this album - better to ask; where are the weak tracks? Hello? Anyone? lol! But I'll list the songs for you here;

      1. Love Me Do
      2. Please, Please Me
      3. From Me To You
      4. She Loves You
      5. I Want To Hold Your Hand
      6. All My Loving
      7. Can't Buy Me Love
      8. Hard Day's Night
      9. And I Love Her
      10. Eight Days A Week
      11. I Feel Fine
      12. Ticket To Ride
      13. Yesterday
      14. Help
      15. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
      16. We Can Work It Out
      17. Day Tripper
      18. Drive My Car
      19. Norwegian Wood
      20. Nowhere Man
      21. Michelle
      22. In My Life
      23. Girl
      24. Paperback Writer
      25. Eleanor Rigby
      26. Yellow Submarine

      Nope, there aren't any weak tracks at all (ok maybe Yellow Sumarine's a bit silly -lol!), this is just wall to wall classic Beatles -if you don't own the albums that these tracks came from -buy it you won't be disappointed; you will be enchanted!!

      Hope you found my review of some help, and good luck with your bargain hunting!!

      Best wishes,


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      27.05.2009 03:17
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      The perfect place to start

      This, along with 1967-70, was my first Beatles albums, I got them on cassette when I was 8 years old. I listened to them both back to back for years, & still now I expect the tracks to flow into each other as they do here.

      All the singles from the period are here, as well as some of the best album cuts. You can gripe over brilliant tracks that were left off, but everyone would select a different list, & 2 records will never be enough to squeeze on all the best material from what was 7 albums, numerous singles & a number of outstanding B-Sides.

      I rarely listen to this now, as I have all the original albums, & with the Past Masters releases, make this & 1967-70 essentially redundant, but as an introduction to the Beatles, this & it's sister release, can't be bettered, in my eyes much superior to 'One'.


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        04.03.2009 21:11
        Very helpful



        Definitely one to have in your stack of CDs.

        Feast your ears on this extraordinary 63 minute celebration of The Beatles best tracks during the 1962-1966 period. The production by George Martin of these tracks only enhanced what was already a group destined for greatness.

        The album starts with the happy love pop song innocence of that era with tracks such as "Love Me Do", "Please Please Me", "From Me To You", "She Loves You", and "I Want To Hold Your Hand"

        Then we move on to "All My Loving" which starts to show a more complex musical composition and lyrical abilty and is my favourite amongst the first 6 tracks.

        "Can't Buy Me Love" and "Hard Day's Night" have more of a skiffle sound to them and are more edgier songs.

        "I Feel Fine" is perhaps not the best known of their songs but one of their very finest as it moves up another level in terms of its musical complexity and appeal.

        In "Ticket To Ride" you have a real classic that perfectly matches great music with great lyrics. It was memorably later covered by The Carpenters who brought a new dimension to it.

        "Yesterday" truly is one of the greatest compositions of all time. Almost simplistic by nature, yet very beautiful and perfectly expressing what most of us feel when a relationship is lost. So great is this song that it is in The Guinness Book Of Records for the most covered by other artists song of all time.

        "Help" is a real work of genius and ranked 29th best song of all time in Rolling Stone's 2004 list. It has some fantastic harmonies and was both the title track of the Album "Help!" and of the film "Help!"

        "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" and "We Can Work It Out" start to show The Beatles move towards more angst ridden love songs.

        "Nowhere Man" in my opinion is one of the best tracks on this album and has a similar style to it of much of John Lennon's later solo work.

        "Michelle" is a true work of beauty. It has periodic French lyrics in it and is a Beatles take on folk music only 5 times better than most other folk music you'll ever hear. It is poetic and sounds like a tune that must have been around for centuries. Interestingly it is said that George Martin wrote the lead guitar melody for the song.

        "In My Life", "Girl" and "Paperback Writer" are maybe the weakest tracks on this album. "Girl" is a very sweet song but not as memorable as some others.

        "Eleanor Rigby" really is all out on its own. It features a double string quartet arrangement by George Martin and is a song about loneliness. It is a true storytelling masterpiece and worthy of Classical Music status. Indeed it's worth listening to Paul McCartney's solo version which features on his Give My Regards To Broad Street Album which is a much longer version of the song and greatly expands on the string quartet and classical elements of the song, showing them off brilliantly.

        Finally. "Yellow Submarine" is a track that is very catchy and that most of us know and love. Of course it was featured in the animated film of the same title. had Ringo Starr as the lead vocalist and was the first sign of The Beatles trip into Psychedelic pop.

        All in all this a mind blowingly brilliant group of 26 songs that you will enjoy on many levels.

        Full listing of tracks.

        Disc: 1
        1. Love Me Do
        2. Please Please Me
        3. From Me To You
        4. She Loves You
        5. I Want To Hold Your Hand
        6. All My Loving
        7. Can't Buy Me Love
        8. Hard Day's Night
        9. And I Love Her
        10. Eight Days A Week
        11. I Feel Fine
        12. Ticket To Ride
        13. Yesterday
        14. Help
        15. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
        16. We Can Work It Out
        17. Day Tripper
        18. Drive My Car
        19. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
        20. Nowhere Man
        21. Michelle
        22. In My Life
        23. Girl
        24. Paperback Writer
        25. Eleanor Rigby
        26. Yellow Submarine

        This review is also posted on www.ciao.co.uk
        under my user name bella6789


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          27.11.2008 18:05



          A great basic collection of the big hits

          If you are someone who got into The Beatles a little after their time (of which there are millions of us, as their music is timeless) then getting the Red and the Blue albums will prove a very good basic catalogue of their work.
          Excellent value, you can get the Red album for around £10 and for that you get two discs, featuring 26 of The Fab Four's biggest hits released between 1962 and 1966. Also included is a booklet featuring photographs of the band and song lyrics.
          CD one starts with Love Me Do and features 13 hits including Can't Buy Me Love, Eight Days A Week and Yesterday.
          CD two starts with Help! and features Day Tripper and Girl.
          A brilliant compelation for those who want to start their Beatles Collection or for those who just want to update to CD, after all you can't get them on itunes yet.


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          08.04.2008 21:17
          Very helpful



          The Beatles' singles in their early pop days!

          There is always a danger with compilation CD's that they'll ever depend too much on a few brilliant tracks and add in a lot of many which are of a lower standard. Or that you feel completely ripped off and should have just brought the back catalogue of all of the bands material.

          I think to be fair that there is a distinct undercurrent of both of them factors here with the Beatles 1962 - 1966 album; whilst there are some fantastic tracks, there are also some, I feel, that were included for the sake of it.

          All together, the album contains 26 tracks, thirteen on each other the two disks. This greatest hits compilation was released in 1973, just a couple of years before the bands partnership was ended completely.

          Disk 1:
          1. 'Love Me Do' (2.23)
          Starting off the album in style was the Beatle's first single which originally peaked at number 17 in the British Singles Charts whilst scoring the band a number 1 in the US. This song is a really good way to start it off not just because it was the bands first single but also because of the joint lead vocals by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Lennon also played harmonica here, giving the song the intended bluesy feel.

          8/10 - a good way to start it all off.

          2. 'Please Please Me' (2.03)
          The next song has been at the centre of much speculation as to whether this was the bands first official British number one. With that said, I don't particularly like the intro to this one but it gets better once into the first verse. Again, I think the joint vocal effort creates a good endearing sound, even this early on.

          7/10 - perhaps a little too similar in places to it's predecessor.

          3. 'From Me To You' (1.57)
          This song wasn't highly praised by one of it's lead writers and to be honest, I have to agree with him; I find it a little too much too soon after 'Please Please Me'. While it's probably just a difference in taste, I really never felt (unlike the British public of the time) that it was better than average.

          6/10 - definitely a weak track in my books.

          4. 'She Loves You' (2.22)
          Opened to much debate as to which hotel this track was written in, it really doesn't matter; it's one of the high points to me across both disks. Packed with raw energy, gritty guitar riffs and good harmonising vocals, this is one of the Beatles' best tracks.

          9/10 - what more is there to say?

          5. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' (2.26)
          Becoming the bands best selling single of all time, a million copies were pre-ordered before it was released! This one has a very fresh song and has a tune that when you reflect on the 1960's in terms of music you instantly think of.

          8/10 - simple lyrics make this track effortlessly good.

          6. 'All My Loving' (2.08)
          Sticking to the same love song type formula, McCartney's vocals here remind me a little of one of the bands most dominant influences both in Elvis and Roy Orbison, a man who they were touring with at the time of writing. Spookily, this was apparently the song on the radio when John Lennon was rushed to hospital after being shot in 1980!

          7.5/10 - Certainly not a bad track but lyrically may seem a bit unoriginal after listening to the first five songs.

          7. 'Can't Buy Me Love' (2.13)
          Written in Paris on a piano, the song is obviously about love not being bought but being developed. This falls into a very similar bracket as most of their other songs, solely focusing on love in its entirety but is very catchy all the same.

          7.5/10 - same as 'All My Loving'

          8. 'A Hard Day's Night' (2.34)
          You can't help but laugh at the irony of this track following the latter song, the band stating how hard they work to buy their loved one what they want. Aw. This song was also a title track to one of the bands many commercial movies and possibly the best one.
          8/10 - a little harder on the guitar which I personally liked.

          9. 'And I Love Her' (2.31)
          Slowing down the pace drastically, the song is very much a fine Beatles ballad. Paul's vocals here are very convincing and gentle which I think showed, even this early on, great promise for him as a solo artist.

          7.5/10 - perhaps a little too soppy for my liking!

          10. 'Eight Days A Week' (2.45)
          Following quite a similar sound to 'A Hard Day's Night' in my view, this song was never performed like as the band didn't favour it! The track has been covered by eight artists at the moment which is a testament to the track itself.
          7.5/10 - starting to get a little tired of the 'love me' lyrics.

          11. 'I Fell Fine' (2.19)
          Apparently a favourite with late Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain, I think that alone says a lot about the Beatles music; that it is accessible to many different types of people, including a grunge rocker. A good supporting baseline helps make this track memorable and definitly a good listen.

          8/10 - a very happy, upbeat track!

          12. 'Ticket To Ride' (3.10)
          I think that there is a distinct show of progression in this track with a subtle hint of melancholy in places. Lennon provides some very bluesy vocals here which helps add to the character of the track.

          8.5/10 - a great change of direction; one of Lennon's best early songs.

          13. 'Yesterday' (2.05)
          This song is the proud winner of the song most covered by other artists! There is said to be 3000 covers out there which is huge. It's not hard to understand why; it was almost a risk for the band, at least in my eyes, as a departure from the more optimistic love songs into a much more sombre, heart wrenching song with a simple guitar and instrumental backup.

          9/10 - not hard to understand why this is one of the most popular songs of all time.

          Disk 2:
          1. 'Help!' (2.19)
          One of the songs that arguably made the band international superstars. At number one in both the UK and US for three weeks, it does seem very much a cry for 'Help!' because of the quick success the band had gained. Lennon later admitted that he regretted the track not being at a slower pace so that people could understand exactly why he needed 'help' at such a fast paced time in his life.

          9/10 - too catchy for it's own good!

          2. 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away' (2.11)
          Lennon's throaty vocals perhaps make the track unintentionally dark. I wouldn't say this was a terrible song but I've never found myself overly liking it either because it felt a bit of a lower standard to some of their other songs.
          7/10 - Not too bad just not one of my favourites.

          3. 'We Can Work It Out' (2.16)
          I think this is one of the best examples of the true Lennon/McCartney collaborations which shows two very different ideas on the same subject matter (arguing with a lover and contemplating a break up). This ultimately lead to other contrasting lyric styles in songs such as 'A Day In The Life' and 'Getting Better'.

          8/10 - It is almost like two voices which I personally liked.

          4. 'Day Tripper' (2.49)
          Released as a double A-Side with 'We Can Work It Out', this is one of the bands more rocky, harder songs with the guitar at the beginning setting the tone very well for the track ahead.
          8.5/10 - one of the bands most memorable songs.

          5. 'Drive My Car' (2.27)
          Taken from the 'Rubber Soul' album this is another well known track but also one that is comical. Containing a euphemism for sex (which is very noticeable to my innuendo loving ways), this one's very amusing to listen to.

          7/10 - beep beep beep beep yeah!

          6. 'Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)' (2.05)
          Featuring George Harrison on the sitar, it adds a very interesting twist to what would have normally been just another Beatles' love song. This one was apparently about John's night of passion with a young woman where they, uh, talked about wood and how birds fly?!

          7.5/10 - another song that although I don't rate too highly, is one that shows a great progression in the bands music.

          7. 'Nowhere Man' (2.44)
          A swift change follows to a song that isn't about love! Written almost entirely by Lennon, this song features heavily in the animated film 'Yellow Submarine' with the odd but strangely cute character, Jeremy Hilary Boob .

          8/10 - the change in direction is very welcomed at this point.

          8. 'Michelle' (2.42)
          Definitely not one of my favourites. It's a bit dreary to my ears and the 'ooos' in the background I find slightly irritating. The 'I Love You' lines to me almost seemed a little out of place with the rest of the song.
          5/10 - not a song that I really feel is one of their best.

          9. 'In My Life' (2.28)
          Taken from a poem by Lennon about his childhood and teenage years, this one is very simplistic and in keeping with the more 'traditional' Beatles' sound. It's a reflection of loved ones that were once here.

          7.5/10 - becomes a little repetitive in places but very personal to John because of the subtle references.

          10. 'Girl' (2.33)
          A song that sounds remarkably like 'Michelle'. Kind of goes back to the years of being a confused teenager which I do think that most people could relate to but, unfortuantly, it just wasn't translated that well to me.

          5/10 - again, not one that I rate highly.

          11. 'Paperback Writer' (2.18)
          The eleventh single for the band got to number one in many counties including their homeland. Although not on a Beatles studio album, the song was written after drummer Ringo Starr expressed interest in writing a book and from a story Paul McCartney had read in a newspaper.

          6.5/10 - not dreadful but not a winner in my eyes.

          12. 'Eleanor Rigby' (2.08)
          One of the bands most recognisable tracks, none of the Beatle's play instruments on this song but instead a string band play the entire background music with just McCartney on vocals. This track was inspired by those who had lost loved ones in the World Wars.

          9.5/10 - one of the saddest but brilliantly crafted songs you'll ever hear.

          13. 'Yellow Submarine' (2.37)
          Ringo finally gets his moment in the spotlight on this track written as a sort of children's nursery rhymes. Although entirely naff, it was received very well by the public, remaining at number 1 in the British charts for four weeks.

          7.5/10 - one word: comical!

          Without a doubt, I prefer the first disk in comparison to the second. I feel that the tracks are overall of a lot higher quality and consistency and it to me is just a more enjoyable album to listen to.

          I don't think that the artwork will ever be remembered as one of the greatest album covers of all time but it does create a nice follow on picture for the sister album released; 'The Blue Album'.
          I found the red case to be a bit cheap looking when this is actually quite an expensive album to buy:

          Play - £14.99
          HMV - £13.99
          Amazon - £12.49

          I suppose if you look at it in relation to the number of tracks, this isn't too bad but I do feel that there are better buys out there; the bands '1' album includes 27 number one selling singles, the majority of which are of very high quality.

          I would recommend this album to two audiences; the first, like myself, who (at the time of writing last year) are just 'casual' listeners to their music, or who have only just started listening to the group. Failing that, if you are a diehard fan who wants every piece of merchandise available, than this is a good album to have, even if it is just to complete the collection.

          All in all, not a bad collection but you do get the impression that some tracks were just added for the sake of it in some places.

          (Note: This review was posted ages ago on Ciao and was written and displayed by myself, under the name of MizzMolko.)


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Love Me Do
          2 Please Please Me
          3 From Me To You
          4 She Loves You
          5 I Want To Hold Your Hand
          6 All My Loving
          7 Can't Buy Me Love
          8 Hard Day's Night
          9 And I Love Her
          10 Eight Days A Week
          11 I Feel Fine
          12 Ticket To Ride
          13 Yesterday
          14 Help
          15 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
          16 We Can Work It Out
          17 Day Tripper
          18 Drive My Car
          19 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
          20 Nowhere Man
          21 Michelle
          22 In My Life
          23 Girl
          24 Paperback Writer
          25 Eleanor Rigby
          26 Yellow Submarine

          Disc #2 Tracklisting
          1 Help
          2 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
          3 We Can Work It Out
          4 Day Tripper
          5 Drive My Car
          6 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
          7 Nowhere Man
          8 Michelle
          9 In My Life
          10 Girl
          11 Paperback Writer
          12 Eleanor Rigby
          13 Yellow Submarine

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