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3 Words - Cheryl Cole

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24 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Cheryl Cole / Audio CD released 2009-10-26 at Polydor

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    24 Reviews
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      30.06.2013 17:48
      Very helpful



      An exercise in self-indulgent pop nonsense from two people who get called "celebrities"

      This, good ladies and gentlemen of Dooyooland, is a bit of an experiment.

      I sit here about to review an album I've never heard by an artist I don't care for which was among the various bits of detritus dumped on me by a person I don't like - the type who accepts eight months of rent-free hospitality and food and support and then slings a seven year friendship out of the window over a pair of shoes she thought I still had, with a handful of vitriolic nonsense spouted to boot.

      But I suppose if I can claw back some reward for putting up with that vacuous waste of space then I should, so before I chuck it, which I expect I shall, I shall now press play on the album 3 Words by Cheryl Cole, an album I expect I shall find tedious, superficial and vacuous, which funnily enough just about sums up the tragic loser who left it in my house in the first place.

      Despite my misgivings I promise to be open minded and objective, however if anything I have heard or seen of Cheryl Cole in the media is anything to go by then it will be a sorry way to spend an hour or so. Why will.i.am finds her so fascinating I don't know, but then I don't know a vast amount about the bloke and for all I know he could spend the rest of his time leaning out of his bathroom window trying to get catch fairies in egg boxes or shouting at trees - ie mad as a bag of badgers. This is the woman who married Ashley Cole, for crying out loud. A man so vapidly self-obsessed and one-dimensional its a minor miracle that he doesn't implode - and I say that as a Chelsea fan. I'm hardly expecting an intellectually and emotionally charged musical introspective of the human condition.

      Right, here goes...


      ~3 Words~
      First track and title track. This is one of the efforts "featuring" (ahem) will.i.am. Its got a little basic guitar work - obviously studio enhanced - in the background before it goes all gets a bit more electro. It tells a story through the two singers of two people meeting members of the opposite gender in respective public hangouts and telling those people honestly about each other and knowing that they'll end up together. Cheryl sings about will.i.am "saving" her. He sings about her being his wife. Shameless publicity stunt when she went solo with him in her production armoury and lots of magazines showing them together at every damn opportunity and were trying to speculate that she'd finally dumped her arrogant shag-obsessed husband for someone far trendier? Surely not.

      Anyway on to the rest of the song. The lyrical idea is that they uttered three words between them that saved their respective lives. Some clumsy rhyming over what becomes a basic electro pop track broken up by being stripped down to that intro music of repetitive "guitar", whispered breathily, culminates in the two trying to sing a line by alternating words... I suppose the intention is a theory of symbiotic love but it comes out as contrived, overly produced nonsense that never really goes anywhere. Rubbish.

      I dimly recall this made single status. Another stripped down backing "track" produced entirely by machines. Cole's voice sounds a bit petulant and her lack of range is so obvious. But it has a catchy chorus with a few more layers to the production - the subject of the song being the parachute that will catch her when she falls. I think what she means is a net, but like I said, she married Ashley Cole. Some people are just beyond help.

      He's back. Apparently his heaven is Wichoo. I have no idea where Wichoo is. Its probably an island he owns.

      Anyway, this is hyper produced, the voices are deliberately warped regularly, the idea is their respective heavens are being with each other. Again its pretty basic in terms of background noise, and there is a comical attempt at a Mariah Carey-esque "oo-oooh-oooh" display of range that the girl just hasn't got. Will.i.am's "here with Cheryl" lyrics are cringe-worthy and again its just a story that never gets started, let alone has a middle and an end. And my god does it go on.

      Christ, now she thinks heaven is Wichoo too. It must be nice there.

      (At this point, can someone just kill me please?)

      ~ Fight For This Love~
      Oh the irony. The opening line is "too much of anything can make you sick". I was just thinking that this mutual love in with that bloke off The Voice was doing just that. I could actually vomit.

      Anyway, this is the most well known track off this car-crash of a solo effort. Cheryl's big solo debut, the track that would prove she was more than just a Cousin It-style bunch of hair extensions on legs.

      In fairness its one of the stronger tracks on this album. It's got a bit more life and isn't spent entirely trying to be cool and clever like virtually every other track so far. It's fairly catchy chorus-wise and is probably a perfectly good pop song. If you're into that sort of thing.

      ~Rain On Me~
      Oh dear christ, we're only on track five.

      In fairness, this has more promise than most on this album. Something about an unbalanced relationship and waiting for a storm. Let it rain on me, all that nonsense. Tears flowing out to the sea, etc, etc. I actually prefer this to a lot of the tracks on offer, the multi-layering of Cheryl's voice makes up for the next in a saga of basic backing tracks, but the resorting to weather cliches is a bit dull.

      ~Make Me Cry~
      A blatantly techno-style warped voice studio production effort. I think the ultimate "baseline" is meant to be Le Chic-esque but it misses by a long way. The fundamental track is lightly catchy in a "could be in the background of a Wetherspoons" sort of way, but the massively repetitive lyric technique isn't carried by the strength of the music behind it. The narrative idea is a partner trying to hurt someone for their past wrongs, but frankly its just a really irritating lyrical effort. "Duh-duh-dying"? I know how you feel, love.

      ~Happy Hour~
      If only it were.

      Anyway, this track is awful. I think the idea is that she's not happy unless is she's with someone and is using inebriation as a metaphor, but this disjointed nonsense is just making me want to drown myself in a bucket filled with Pinot Grigio.

      ~Stand Up~
      One of those female independence tracks that involves going to the club and dancing a lot. It's got a bit more life than most of the dross on here. Frankly if Cheryl wants a career out of Girls Aloud the club music route wouldn't kill her, because that's all her vocal range is capable of. Even this is monotonous and half-arsed though.

      ~Don't Talk About This Love~
      Fight for it but don't talk about it? Make up your mind love.

      This is supposedly a ballad by this album's standards. But its as dull as dishwater. The lyrical idea is - I think - something about asking a lover not to tell anyone about their relationship for fear of being judged, and not being sure if they're ready. Love is brutal, heart is fragile...I'm feeling sick again.

      ~Boy Like You~
      He's back again. Its a more clubby, disjointed effort, her voice made to sound more distant, apparently she's been looking for a boy "like you". Cliches abound.

      Thank god, its nearly over. Will.i.am features Cheryl Cole on this one apparently. I vaguely recall he released this as a single and thus their association began. It's just background noise, to be honest. I've heard better stuff piped into elevators.

      ***DO I LIKE IT?***
      Its probably little surprise to hear that no, I damn well do not. Please believe that I went into listening to this with an open mind regardless of my opinion of the artist as a person or "celebrity" - in fact I genuinely hoped to be surprised and impressed because finding good new music is always a revelation.

      But this isn't. It truly is the shallowest pop album I've ever listened to, reliant entirely on the production studio staff to try to cover up the fact that the artist has all the vocal range of a strangled sparrow, and their choosing to be clever and do so by backing her with semi-urban, basic, stripped down elevator noise just doesn't work.

      Frankly this album being in the possession of the former friend who I now see, retrospectively, as a superficial, image obsessed, selfish waste of space, is a perfect indication of what this offering is - fashion. Its a gimmick based on a myth which started when some stupid unwitting fool suggested Cheryl try some hair extensions on to see if she liked them. Oh, what that person has to answer for. And what will.i.am (no, stuff it, William) should be shot for seeing fit to support this notion by flying her off to his studios. (If you wanted to be really snide, you could suggest that seeing "fit" was quite plausibly his motivation - meow).

      Sometimes even the most irritatingly naff albums leave some track that sticks in your head or stands out, but I can genuinely say I have completely forgotten all of the tracks I have just listened to, and that is a blessing that I am truly thankful for. What a total waste of time.


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        24.07.2012 15:54
        Very helpful



        Cheryl at her best!

        Cheryl, originally from the girl group 'Girls Aloud', reached out by herself and this was her first solo album; a brilliant one at that. This album 3 words is a brilliant album and my favorite from Cheryl Cole. I have to say there is not one song that is bad on this album, all songs are of high quality and in this album Cheryl has collaborated with Will.I.Am, a very talented musician/solo singer originally from the black eyed peas, and they have worked together brilliantly. '3 Words', 'Parachute' and 'Fight For This Love' are the most famous songs from the album. All of the songs on this album have a powerful and motivating beat and sound to them, emphasizing Cheryl's inner strength and dynamism. I have to say the genre of 3 words is a little electro pop, but this works with the theme and Cheryl's voice. '3 Words' has a very mysterious sound to it, but it is a great track with a brilliant and powerful sound. 'Heaven' is a sort of dreamy track that emphasizes the happiness of being in love, which Will.I.Am is also rapping on. 'Fight For This Love' is an uplifting track with a sing-along melody to it; it is dreamy but also motivating and has a really strong message to it. There is definitely an 'electric' sound in the background of Cheryl's songs on 3 Words that is very captivating and different from other pop songs. This is a brilliant pop album all round, with all 11 tracks being brilliant. If you want songs you can easily memorize and sing to, this is also a good album to purchase - all the songs are tuneful and really catchy without being annoying. Well done Cheryl!


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        30.05.2012 20:58



        Worth a listen

        This is a great pop album from Cheryl Cole.

        I wasn't sure whether to buy it or not as she hasn't got the strongest of voices but I bought it and i'm glad that I did.

        The album is what I would describe as a pop album with a touch of RnB. She collaborates with Black Eyed Peas producer
        will.i.am on the album, he also features on the song 3 Words. 3 Words is a good enough song but it does sound a little
        strange at first. It has a weird melody to it which I can only describe as quite spooky, although it goes with the lyrics
        and the overall feel of the song itself. Having will.i.am feature on the song is a nice touch as I love his voice and his

        I also love the song Fight For This Love which was Cheryl's song to Ashley during their rocky relationship. The song is a
        pop song that sounds like something Janet Jackson would have released early on in her career. I like the song as it has a
        great background beat and an addictive chorus. Cheryl sings the song VERY well and she puts her own stamp on it, given the
        fact that it was wrote for her. I'm sure Cheryl had some input in the making of this album but some of the songs were
        written by outside producers.

        As for her vocals, the vocals are good but not amazing. Cheryl can sometimes struggle hitting those high notes so most of
        the songs are at the same level throughout. This is a decent pop album though and it's different to what Girls Aloud have
        released in the past. It's fresh, it's funky and it's catchy.

        The album has a decent running time. There's a mixture of upbeat songs and slower songs. The ballads are average in my opinion. This is purely down to the fact that Cheryl struggles to hit those higher notes. However it's still an enjoyable listen and I wouldn't write it off.


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        21.05.2012 23:16
        Very helpful



        Not a bad effort.

        Cheryl Cole's solo material is good but nothing special. I would say that the album of 11 tracks has 7 good songs with the other 4 being average. I wouldn't say that any of the tracks are in any way bad, just not as good as the others. I can see how some people would begin to dislike the album due to the fact that it is very much the same influence the whole way through which is love and heartbreak, it's a dark yet edgy album in my opinion and I would recommend it to most people.

        The opening track off the album and same title, '3 Words' featuring will.i.am is a catchy fun pop ballad with fantastic lyrics. Of course will.i.am's added vocals give the song that extra added spice it would have needed. The vocals are beautiful and flawless throughout the duration of the song.

        'Parachute' is the second track off the album and is considered by many as their favourite song off the album, it is also mine with Cheryl singing about her love which is obviously about her then husband Ashley Cole. It is a catchy ballad but with a fun beat.

        The third track from the album 'Heaven' also features will.i.am and is sang wonderfully throughout the way. It also has a fun uplifting beat especially for a ballad.

        Everybody knows the fourth song 'Fight For This Love' it has such a powerful beat and is arguably one of the best songs from her debut offering. It is one of them songs you can listen to on your own and feel the meaningfil lyrics, or you can dance to it at a nightclub during a night out.

        The fifth track 'Rain On Me' is one song off the album that you can give or take. I always get mixed opionions of it everytime I hear it. To me, the song is very unsuitable for Cheryl's limited vocal range and it really shows in this song.

        'Make Me Cry' is an absolute belter. As the halfway track throughout the album it is the best song on the album to show off Cheryl's voice, and with this song she generally sounds like she has a powerful black womans voice which is fantastic.

        The seventh track 'Happy Hour' is probably the worst song from her debut offering. Her vocal is generally good and the beat in the song is good but I dont think the lyrics are very good. It's probably one to miss.

        The eighth track 'Stand Up' is the only song in the album not singing about love or heartbreak. During this song Cheryl addresses her love of going out and having a good time in a club with her friends. It's one of those songs that you need to turn the music up and you can get so into it. Fantastic, she should have done more songs like this.

        Ninth track 'Don't Talk About This Love' is one of my favourites despite that by now you will be getting fed up of listening to all her heartbreak/love songs, I think this one is sang beautifully and I think she should have spent more time recording songs at this standard.

        The tenth track and third song to featire will.i.am 'Boy Like You' is another belter, the vocals are on spot and the beats are absoltley fantastic. This is not a song to be missed.

        Last but not least the eleventh track and song from will.i.am's album, 'Heartbreaker' which is actually will.i.am featuring Cheryl Cole is a good song, but bothing special. She sounds hot vocally but there's just not enoigh of her!

        Overall, I would recommend that people buy the album because it isnt a bad album, and it's a lot different from anything she ever did with Girls Aloud. Good job Cheryl!


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        12.04.2012 21:20
        Very helpful



        I love Cheryl, but I didn't like this.

        3 Words is Cheryl's sixth studio album and first solo record and the best thing about this album is the album cover and inlay design. I think it's very artistic, interesting, looks simplistic and effective. I like how it's black and white because I think it makes the album look more classy and defined. I like Cheryl Cole as a person though, I think she's cute and she's not afraid to express herself.

        I liked Girls Aloud, but I wouldn't consider myself a fan. I do think her popularity is based on her looks, X factor and her failed marriadge to a football player. It all started when she beat up someone. With limited talent like Cheryl, you'd think that she would be one of the last choices to be a judge on these sort of shows. On the contrary, she's pretty much the perfect judge for the show because she's emotional and she's also had the experiance. She went through it in Popstars:The Rivals. This was the moment when Simon stopped acting as a judge and behaved like a pimp.

        Then a solo album came into works. She joined forces with Will.I.Am and formed a showmance with him. 3 Words went on to become a hit with a combination of exceptional promotion and high names involved into the work of this album. I wouldn't reccomend this album to a friend because they already have this album and it's not worth buying twice or even once. I think this album has had it's day and I think Cheryl's hype has well and truly come to an end. Until the Girls Aloud reunion. Even though you can tell it's an album from Cheryl Cole with her distinctive vocals, it sounds dire and generic. I don't think it was as awful as I thought it would be, but it's still pretty bad in my opinion.

        I've never been able to get into this album because I think the album is bland. The emotion is present, but there's something missing. Parachute, 3 Words and Fight For This Love are the strongest tracks on the album because of the emotion they show, but it gives a false good impression of the album as a whole. They're cute songs, but that's about it. There's nothing more special to them. The lyrics are also pretty weak in my opinion. I don't like the way Cheryl uses her vocals on the tracks sometimes because they sound desperate and unthoughtful.

        Make Me Cry for example sounds really sarcastic. Another thing I noticed is that it's not really much of a solo record because Will.I.Am is very dominant in this album by the way he produces, providing vocals and the use of auto-tune and electronic music. I didn't think Heartbreaker was that bad. This album gives me some images that Will.I.Am and Cheryl had the chemistry to be an interesting couple.

        It is evidant that a lot of these songs are based on her feelings and marriadge to Ashley Cole. Now she's seperated from him for good, I don't think that this album has much worth anymore. Because of that I find the album even more harder to listen to and feel more tempted to skip. I'm sure people will make jokes with Fight For This Love because she filed for divorce. Although there is a lack of interesting experiments, lyrics and vocals. It does have some mild variety throughout with a touch of disco, R&B, club music and pop.

        These are some of the many barriers that prevent me from enjoying and sharing the album round. I can see how people can like it, but I believe that I'm not the album's target audience.


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        06.05.2010 10:23
        Very helpful



        Wait until it hits the recycle bins, if you must own it

        "THREE WORDS is totally different to the music she does with Girls Aloud'' many people will cry. No, it's really not. The tracks on THREE WORDS could easily be outtakes from Tangled Up or Out Of Control.

        Let's cut through the hype, shall we and dissect the album... starting with the disappointingly average FIGHT FOR THIS LOVE. I say disappointing as It something I'd expect to be released as a 4th single from a artist; OK, but not memorable, with childish lyrics about love not being a walk in the park.
        I heard it hundreds of times before I could remember a few lines from the song, and that line is the modern classic "Now every day ain't gonna be no pic-nic".

        The second single was 3 WORDS (Once again Will.i.am was dragged into it): Utter crap. I don't want to sound totally bitchy. No, really, but 3 WORDS is bad. Really bad. Rupture-your-eardrums-with-a-knitting-needle-to-avoid-listening-to-it bad. Let's not waste any more time on it...

        Up for the third single is PARACHUTE. This is actually my favourite song on the album. Having said that, it's not great and it's not something I'd buy, but it and MAKE ME CRY are better then everything else on offer here. Both tracks employ the tactic of using heavily repetitive lyrics to hook in listeners.

        I'm not counting HEARTBREAKER as a single, as it's not really Cheryl's song; she was a guest singer on backing support for Will.i.am.

        So what are the other 'highlights' on THREE WORDS? (I use that term very loosely).
        BOY LIKE YOU (it sample's Fleetwood MAC's `Tell Me Lies') is enjoyable, but I think that's mainly due to the song sample. I couldn't repeat any lyrics if my life depended on it.

        The only other track that sticks in my mind is DON'T TALK ABOUT THIS LOVE, and that's only because it is a disaster; Cheryl simply does not have the vocal ability to carry it.

        Sitting down to write this review I realised that I really can't remember the other tracks well enough to comment on them. Forgettable fluff that relies on highly reparative lyrics to reel in listeners.

        A few 'above average' tracks, one `featuring Cheryl Cole track' track and a bunch of fillers does not equal a good album. I feel so sorry for the talented singers who struggle to crack the top 10, while all it takes for Cheryl is being pretty and having a visible ribcage.

        All 3 WORDS has achieved at the end of the day is reveal how poor Cheryl's voice is; she's had as many vocal altering effects as Paris Hilton.

        But hey; it's not all bad news for Chezza. As she already has a strong fan base from Girls Aloud and media brown nosing (over her X Factor judging role [hahaha], L'Oreal contract, clothes horse status and jerk husband, rather than from having any vocal ability).
        Just add celebrity producers (including will.i.am and Taio Cruz), a glossy music video and having a celebrated photographer shooting her album cover. Mix in plenty of auto tune, being pretty, skinny and a few stylists and you get a #1 album.


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        18.03.2010 17:45
        Very helpful



        3 Words - Cheryl Cole

        3 Words....... Not Very Good!

        I just don't get it. I do not get the whole Cheryl Cole thing. How she got the nickname the nations sweetheart I will never know. She portrays herself as some sort of style icon but it's amazing what money and fame came buy you. One look at photos before she was famous will show you exactly what she is, a bit of a chav from newcastle who liked to wear tracksuits and beat up toilet attendants. She strikes me as not really a very nice person and I just can't see why everybody is obsessed with her and why she has become so successful. I do feel sorry for her in respect of her recent marriage troubles and I totally feel Ashley was the guilty party but it can't be much fun living with your mother in law!

        Cheryl began as one fifth of Girls Aloud who were created on the ITV1 talent show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. They achieved 20 consecutive UK Top 10 singles and two UK number one albums. According to an article I read, Girls Aloud has been named as the UK's biggest girl band and one of the most successful groups in the UK.

        She definitely capitalises on this fame in order to push her records and CD because if you actually listen to it you will realise she can't actually sing. This album, 3 Words is her first solo album. It was released in October 2009, just in time for the Christmas season. Cheryl firstly released a single from the album, "Fight for This Love", which became the fastest-selling single of 2009 in the UK. It's a bit of a repetitive song and one that sticks in your head but one that really highlights her vocal shortcomings. I also find it quite ironic that the song is basically about fighting for love/marriage, something that she was trying to do whilst Ashley was testing naked pictures of himself to other girls. I for one don't believe that you need to fight for a relationship either, I think you have to work at it but if you are fighting for it there is definitely something wrong in the relationship so it's not a song that is really relevant to me either. She relies on the music videos in which she grinds about with not very many clothes on to make that the talking point of the song and not actually the music.

        Cheryl worked a lot with will.i.am from The Black Eyed Peas on the album. His song heartbreaker to which she provided the female vocals is also included on the album. These songs have quite an R&B vibe to them and I don't think this really suits her either. I would say that he is the only good point on the album unfortunately so this is really not an album I enjoy.

        The rest of the tracks on the album are as follows:

        1. "3 Words" (featuring will.i.am)

        2. "Parachute"

        3. "Heaven" (featuring will.i.am)

        4. "Fight for This Love"

        5. "Rain on Me"

        6. "Make Me Cry"

        7. "Happy Hour"

        8. "Stand Up"

        9. "Don't Talk About This Love"

        10. "Boy Like You" (featuring Will.i.am)

        11. "Heartbreaker" (Will.i.am featuring Cheryl Cole)


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          16.03.2010 17:10
          Very helpful



          an album well worth listening too

          Cheryl Cole has become a lady who is very well known in the public eye lately, I was a little wary when I thought about buying this alum as I am not a huge Girls Aloud fan.But once I had heard fight for this love on the radio, I had to buy it and give it a try. It has to be one of the few albums that I can listen too from start to finish without fast forwarding any of the tracks.

          This album is Cheryl Cole's debut album and has a great RnB vibe with some great collaborations on. For her first solo album without the rest of girls aloud, I think it is a really good album and I have it on my iPod and play it all of the time.

          The album has an upbeat vibe and has a great range of songs on, unlike a lot if albums the songs sound the same throughout. Fight for this love is a very catchy tune, although my favourite songs on the album have to be parachute and stand up.

          Overall a great attempt for her solo album, I look forward to the release of her next album.


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            15.02.2010 10:46
            Very helpful



            a ver good album

            Firstly I'd like to begin my review saying It was only after hearing Fight for this love. I only recently hear that she was from a group called girls aloud which I never really followed them because at the time they came out there were a whole lot of girl groups out.

            Most of the songs on the album are produced by William Adams AKA Will.I.Am and here are a few songs where they actually sing together.

            1.3 words
            3. heaven
            11.Heart breaker

            Although I have heard the song Heart breaker many times I did not know it was Cheryl until buying the album. The information for the video only credits Will.I.Am as the singer even though both Cheryl and Will.I.Am sing on it.

            Most of the songs you could probably play at a club somewhere. The best one to play would probably be track number 8 Hands up. The lyrics she uses it really makes you wanna get up and dance.

            Although she does not sound like her she looks lot like Shania Twain. Cheryl's video Fight for love reminds me a lot of Shania's video that don't impress me much.

            Tracks on the album

            1.3 words - Its a sweet song about those three words we sometimes take for granted I love you and how sometimes just saying those words can make people not depressed..Sometimes she also mentions in the song that those 3 words can save a life. It just shows how a bit of love in life can be enough to keep us all going.
            2.Parachute - She sings about how she does not need someone to cushion her always against the horrible things people might say to her.
            3.Heaven - A sweet song where she sings about how being with the person she loves is like heaven.
            4.Fight For this love - Another song about that reminds us that in life the best things like love we have to fight for if we going to be happy at all.
            5.Let it rain - The song has grown on me and after playing it a few times it grows on you and is about no matter how life is after a breakup she will stay strong.
            6.Make me cry is the one song on the album that I just don't like.
            7.Happy hour
            8.Stand up - As I have mentioned above it's a song that everyone will enjoy and I hope it becomes a single.
            9.Don't talk about this love
            10.Boy I like you
            11.Heart Breaker - Features Will.I.Am and is the very first song I have heard from Cheryl. I do not personally like the song but it is one of those songs that you will remember.

            Please note Will.I Am is not a spelling mistake it is what he calls himself and is a member of the black eyed peas.

            Please also note this review will be on CIAO under the username jonathan21 and on dooyoo under jonathanhopley


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            08.02.2010 18:33
            Very helpful



            try it out before you make a judgement.

            The debut solo album of Cheryl Cole is very good, the songs appear to be very inspired and heartfelt. you can see where the inspiration for some of the song have originated from her publically mediated private life. the songs all have resemblence to her ever complicated love life. a large number of the songs have similar backing tracks and rhythms. however some songs differ like 3 words and fight for this love which have regularly been played in clubs of late showing how she is branching out as an artist so soon as she is not someone who would be linked to clubs. the tracks are good for when you are in a relaxing chillout mood aswell as when you are getting ready for a night out with your girl pals either way you will find a track to suit your needs for the night as they are perfect sing-a-long songs. although her debut has been met with mixed reviews of hate and love you really do need to try it out before you make a judgement.


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            06.02.2010 21:19
            Very helpful



            Repetitive (can you see the pattern here!) but easy listening

            Ok so I had to review this because since receiving it as a christmas present off my boyfriend, I have not stopped listening to it! Not so much because it is music genius, just because it is so repetitive.

            Going solo after being in a sucessful (if not manufactured!) band was quite a brave (if not stupid) venture to do. Some might even say that she could never hold her own and I suppose it must be very difficult to perform as one instead of having the backing of 4 others. However, our Cheryl has acheived what she set out to do...Be a star in her own right.
            A host of faces from the worlds of pop and dance were also involved, the striking cover portrait was shot by renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight.

            Track list******

            1. Three Words - great vocals from Cheryl and Will.I.am. Great bass and lovely lrics although a bit repetitive. Written by Cheryl Cole and William Adams.

            2. Parachute - This is her 3rd single to be released again very repetitive but great lyrics. Plus her video is her salsa dancing and is produced really well. Written by Ingrid Michealson.

            3.Heaven - Features will.i.am. Again repetitive but a lovely pop song none the less. Written by William Adams and Cheryl Cole. I do not like the American accent that she puts on, when saying 'you' she pronounces it 'Chu'.

            4. Fight For This Love - 1st solo debut single out and went straight into number 1. Written by Steve Kipner, Wayne Wilkins and andre Merritt. I cant help but think that even though she didnt write this song, the lyrics have something to do with her and Ashley Cole.

            5. Rain on Me - Written by Steve Kipner, Same Watters, Wayne Wilkins and andre Merritt. I love this song, perhaps the only one that isn't that repetitive. A little inluence of Girls Aloud 'So I'll wait or the storm (oooh)'.

            6. Trying To Make Me Cry (Hurt Me) - Written by William Adams, Cheryl Cole and produced by Will.I.am. what can I say - Repetitive 'Die die dying, Die die dying.'

            7. Happy hour - Written by C.Shchack and nothing to do with Cheryl Cole (thats why it is the only one not repetitive)

            8. Stand Up - Written by Frazer T Smith and Taio Cruz. Alot of 'oh's' in it and also some of the lyrics sound silly 'cos I came here to dance Im gonna put up my hands and stand up' which my son seems to think says 'pull up my pants!'

            9. Dont talk about this love - Written by Chris Braide & Nicola Bendingield. Rubbish, no content and forgettable.

            10. Boy LIke You - Written by William Adams and Cheryl Cole. Published by...wait you guessed it..Will.I.am. Samples from 'Little Lies'. Repetitive 'you want a girl like what, you want a girl like what' etc etc .

            11. Heartbreaker - Written by William Adams and produced by will.I.am with main vocals from him and backing from Cheryl Cole. Not sure why this one is on here as it doesn't really fit in anywhere with the style of music.

            There are some that might say that the album is slightly repetitive...I would agree. I don't know how she has managed it with only 11 tracks to choose from (1 not being hers anyway!). But other debut albums, for example, Alexandra Burke, has a better selection and more tracks to choose from.

            Can be bought from Ebay, Amazon, HMV and any other music stores between £7.99 - £10.99. Although I would hunt for cheaper as its not that good value for money as they all sound the same.

            Will.I.am must be laughing all the way to the bank. You can hear his influence throughout and not much of hers.

            A hip hop, R&B selection of songs that will have you humming all day long. Very addictive and some, if played in a club, will have you up off your chair dancing around the room. She is trying to conquer LA...fingers crossed she does (it might stop the noise in my head!)


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              21.01.2010 17:03
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              An Average Debut Album From Cheryl Cole.

              '3 Words' is the debut solo album by Cheryl Cole who is a member of successful girl band 'Girls Aloud'. The album was released in October 2009 and has peaked at number 1 in the UK album charts. There have been a few singles from the album already and it has proved to be a very successful album, particularly with the UK market.

              This album is one that I would strongly describe as being a mix between pop & light R&B as Cheryl has collaborated with a few different people such as Will.i.Am from the black eyed peas. I think that this really shines through, in parts, on the album and it feels like Cheryl is trying to shed her Girls Aloud pop style image and create herself as something of a Beyonce style artist but just with a more girl-next-door kind of feel about her.

              Track Listing:

              1. 3 Words
              2. Parachute
              3. Heaven
              4. Fight For This Love
              5. Rain On Me
              6. Make Me Cry
              7. Happy Hour
              8. Stand Up
              9. Don't Talk About This Love
              10. Boy Like You
              11. Heartbreaker

              '3 Words' is a nice, gentle, flowing start to the album where Cheryl works with will.i.am and seems to be introducing you to herself and being in love and how wonderful life can feel. will.i.am brings a good feel to the song and they work very well together with her soft, mellow, harmonious tones working well with his slightly edge style vocals. This is a fairly decent song and even though it never reaches any massive climax throughout there is plenty to keep the song going and this is certainly easy listening.

              'Fight For This Love' is a very funky, booty shaking vibe that really brings through the message that Cheryl is moving off in her own direction as well as showing in the music video that she can move and carry off all the R&B looks as well! This song is a little overplayed for my liking but is still one that's popular with the younger members of my family, even my own year old niece.

              'Happy Hour' has a slightly repetitive vibe to it and I must admit that Cheryl sounds completely different to most of the other songs on this album and who knows whether she can really sound like this when she is live. Her voice sounds a little familiar of someone like Paloma Faith to a certain extent and while she is taking on a new different here it just does not work particularly well for her and the song is a little annoying at times with it's repetitive tones going over and over again.

              'Boy Like You' contains a sample of Fleetwood Mac's 'Little Lies' and starts off fairly promising but the song then tries to move in to a funky beat club hit and it's just not successful at all. Cheryl's voice is slightly whiny and annoying on the song and it just feels like they have tried to rip off a great classic and the song falls flat on it's face.

              Overall this album is quite average with some bareable songs, some that I enjoy and some that are just incredibly annoying. At times Cheryl has a very whiny, annoying voice that just frustrates the heck out of me. Some of the songs don't fit in with the overall feel of the album and while it does work the R&B vibe at times, some times it just feels like a Girls Aloud pop style song without the backing vocals. There are places where the album works very well and I find myself actually liking it but towards the end it just seems to fall apart a little at the seams and there are a few too many samples throughout the songs that don't actually work and while the lyrics may be fitting to some aspects of the style of music that she is trying to achieve the samples don't work and this should have been dealt with before releasing the album.

              This album gets a 3/5 from me for trying way too hard and for the whiny tones of Cheryl's voice at times. This album is available from Amazon.co.uk for £8.68 with free delivery and I would really just recommend this for any teenagers that you may know who enjoy pop yet want to try and be a little more cool and try to gain some 'street cred'.


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                05.01.2010 12:22
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                4 stars

                I, like a large section of the British public, have become obsessed with Mrs Cole since she started as a judge on the x factor. I love reading about what she wears, her latest hairstyle and her general showbiz life and so, when I heard that she was breaking away from Girls aloud for a bit to start a solo career, I was very excited.

                Cheryl's debut album was released in October 2009 and was one of the first things to go on my Christmas list. Like most CDs it costs between £7 and £10 depending on where you buy it from and on a visit to Tesco last week I noticed that it was priced at £7.80 which is a very good price. There are 11 tracks on the CD, which isn't a great deal but for a first album it certainly isn't a bad effort from the X factor judge.

                Track 1: 3 Words

                The title track of the album, 3 words, features the Black Eyed Peas will.i.am and has recently become the second single to be released by Cheryl. I must admit that I wasn't very keen on the track when I first heard it as it's quite slow and feels like one long verse leaving you waiting for the tempo to increase. It's definitely a grower, however and after hearing it a few times I like it much more and find myself singing along to it in the car.
                My Rating:***

                Track 2: Parachute

                I immediately liked this song after hearing Cheryl perform it on ITV's 'Cheryl Cole's Big Night in'.On the show, she performed it while doing some impressive ballroom dancing and the song itself has quite a 'ballroomy' feel to it and wouldn't sound out of place as one of the performance pieces on 'Strictly Come Dancing'. It has a very catchy beat however and although, like most of the album, won't win any prizes for its lyrics, its a feel good song and is good to blast out while doing housework.
                My Rating:****

                Track 3: Heaven

                The second track on the album to feature will.i.am is a soppy love song all about about being in love. It has quite a catchy beat and is probably on of my favourite tracks on the album. The only criticism I'd have would be that will.i.am features so much on the album that the songs that include his vocals start to merge together and sound quite similar.
                My Rating:****

                Track 4: Fight for this love

                Fight for this love was Cheryl's first single and is very catchy. I really liked this song when I first heard it but it seems to have been played everywhere over the last couple of months so you do get a bit sick of it after a while!
                My Rating: ***

                Track 5:Rain on Me

                With echoes of a Girls Aloud track, Rain on Me is pure pop and is another of my favourite songs on the album. There are also distinct RnB elements of this track which allow Cheryl to venture into the realms of RnB without loosing the Pop background that she has grown up with.
                My Rating:****

                Track 6: Make me cry

                This track has a lot of synthesised sounds that give it a nice, catchy beat. Will.i.am doesn't feature on this track but he has produced it and it shows. The fast tempo and feisty lyrics make it a great one to play if you're having a bad day.
                My Rating:***

                Track 7: Happy Hour

                I absolutely love this song and play it over and over again. The track starts of with some Egyptian like sounds that give it a different edge to the rest of the album. Again the lyrics aren't exactly Shakespeare but Cheryl's voice is nice to listen to and Happy Hour is a nice girly tune to put on when you're getting ready to go out.
                My Rating:*****

                Track 8: Stand up

                This is my least favourite song on the album. It's very fast and definitely catchy but it just seems a bit dated to me and reminds me of the sort of song that would have been an album track on an S club 7 album. It's not awful but nothing special.
                My Rating: *

                Track 9: Don't talk about this love

                Track 9 is the only real ballad on the album and is quite a bit slower than the other songs. It's a nice enough song but a bit boring compared to the catchy beats of 'Heaven' and 'Happy Hour' and I sometimes skip past this track if I'm not in the mood for slushy ballads.
                My Rating:**

                Track 10:Boy Like You

                The third song to feature will.i.am sounds like a Black Eyed Peas track. It has a strong beat and Cheryl's voice is heavily synthesised which makes it sound quite similar to some of the other tracks on the album. I don't mind this track, but it's certainly not one of the most memorable.
                My Rating: **

                Track 11: Heartbreaker

                The last track of the album isn't actually Cheryl's own track and is actually will.i.am's which Cheryl just features on. Mrs Cole doesn't sing very much at all on this track but I've liked the song since it came out and it's nice to have another song that has been released on the album.
                My Rating:****

                Overall, I'm glad that I asked for this album as it is a good CD and always cheers me up if I've had a bad day. There are some tracks that I'm not keen on, but then again I've never known an album that I like all of the tracks on. I've heard a lot of bad criticism about '3 words' but its definitely not a bad first effort from Cheryl and I'd recommend it if you want a 'feel good' album that you don't need to take too seriously.


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                28.12.2009 09:35
                Very helpful



                Back to the slums please, pet.

                The nation's affection for Cheryl Cole is startling, to say the least. Six years ago, she was convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and for some reason, she's now the soft-hearted 'little Geordie pet' that judges people's talents on ITV's The X-Factor. She's pretty nauseating - and Three Words (her debut album) pretty much sums her up.

                One fifth of Girls Aloud, Cole has never been a particularly strong vocalist. It was always a surprise, therefore, that she was the one to forge ahead with a solo career (we're thinking 'let's cash in on the X Factor' maybe) but what doesn't come as a surprise is the excessively over-produced sound that emanates from pretty much every track on 3 Words. This isn't the worst album you'll buy this year, but it comes close.

                This is a highly stylised album that sees Cole doing her absolute best to break into the lucrative R & B market that shifts bucket loads of records on both sides of the Atlantic. Arguably very difficult for a white, female British singer to break into, she therefore enlists the big guns to try and help her do it. First up is one quarter of the Black Eyed Peas, Will I Am, who produced six of the eleven tracks here. There are also contributions here from producers Syience (who has worked with Beyonce and Mary J Blige) and Soulshock & Karlin (who produced hits for Whitney Houston and Brandy). The overall tone of the album is very easy on the ear. This is unchallenging vocally and melodically; it's a very bland R & B that might have benefited from a stronger vocalist - or maybe one with a personality.

                I can't quite get my head around Cheryl Cole's vocal style, but apart from the fact that it's almost threadbare in tone and volume, it can really only be described as 'whingy'. Regardless of what she is singing, you get this feeling that either her shoes are too tight or someone has farted - there must be some reason for the obvious displeasure emanating from her voice. In 'Don't Talk About This Love', one of the albums slower songs, for example, she literally sounds as though she has just found out she has an hour to live. Cole must rank as one of the most depressing singers around. Even on 'Fight For this Love' (an upbeat anthem about fighting for the one you love) she sounds as though she needs a slap. Indeed, for most of the album, it is as though she was literally dragged forcibly to the studio and made to sing at gunpoint. On 'Stand Up' (the closest thing to a dance floor filler here) she even seems fed up that she wants to get up and dance. A less passionate singer, you will struggle to find.

                If there is one word that I would use to describe Cheryl Cole, then it would be 'needy' and the content of Three Words reflects this. Her doleful tones aside, she warbles about 'love being brutal' and 'her heart being fragile'. Ironically, as she does on X Factor, she even resorts to musical teardrops to gain some sympathy, whining and warbling her way through a pseudo-funky number called 'Make Me Cry' where she asks if we're trying to hurt her and make her cry. She tells us 'she can't take this shit no more'. You're not the only one love.

                The tracks featuring Will I Am are marginally more bearable, given only that the Black Eyed Pea at least injects a little musical skill. 'Boy Like You', for example, rather skilfully weaves the instrumental riff from a Fleetwood Mac song with a mid-tempo electro-house beat that would be great if it wasn't Cheryl Cole singing on it. '3 Words' (the second single) always feels as though it's about to build into something but just when it gets going it, well, stops. This also ranks as one of Cole's worst vocal performances - she can barely hold a single note. On 'Heaven' she goes one step further downhill by insisting on singing 'wit you' instead of 'with you' seemingly forgetting she's actually from Newcastle not New York. Just because Will I Am does it, doesn't mean you need to do it, love. Almost consistently, you can't help thinking that some of these songs would be an awful lot better if someone else were singing. 'Happy Hour' is relatively quirky, in its own right, and would be even better if it benefited from the robo-vocals of Rihanna, for example. But it doesn't and, sadly, just when you've forgotten, Cole's back again.

                Most of the material is, at least, radio-friendly and accessible. 'Fight For This Love' was the opening single and quickly became the fastest selling single of the year. I couldn't really understand what all the fuss was about until I'd heard it for the fifth time and released just how catchy it was. Rain On Me (the track that follows it on the album) sounds not unlike it and would have made a safer follow-up single, but then Cole wouldn't have had Will I Am to prop her up on stage then, I guess. 'Stand Up' (a collaboration with Taio Cruz) is also quite a good song (but would actually be much better if it were Cruz himself singing.) It's one of few tracks I could imagine really taking off with the right mixes in club land. But it's still, at the end of the day, Cheryl Cole.

                Generally, this is feeble, undemanding, depressing stuff and it's quite a surprise this has been one of the biggest selling albums of the year. I think Cole's downtrodden 'everybody say aaah' self-promotion has worked wonders here and it's testament to the sympathy vote just how many people have bought this. She does, at least, hold the dubious honour of being the first singer to feature a song (Heartbreaker) on her debut album, on which she is only listed as a 'featured artist'. If only that were true of the other ten tracks, eh?

                Not recommended


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                  27.12.2009 17:50
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                  Cheryl's debut.

                  Cheryl Cole is the name of everybody's lips these days - she's a member of the country's biggest girlband, is married to an England footballer, is the sincerely empathetic judge on TV's most watched show... oh and she's every man's fantasy with a smile that will melt your heart!

                  That about sums up this force to be reckoned with who seems to have everything going for her. I'm not Girls Aloud's biggest fan (that's an understatement) but I do look favourably upon it's most recognisable member. She was taken to the nations heart after her husbands affair hit the papers and since then her star has been in auto-ascend. Subsequent to joining The X Factor it was announced that Girls Aloud were 'taking a break', for anyone that's ever watched Friends that generally means that they've split up, leaving a clear path for our favourite member to launch a solo career and lets face it, we all saw it coming!

                  Having downloaded the album when it was released a month or two ago I have had mixed opinions on Cheryl's first solo attempt. On the one hand there's songs like Fight For This Love that helped the album to reach number one, however on the other hand I think a lot of the album's success lies predominantly with Mrs Cole's superstardom and less down to her actual music credentials.

                  *** Tracks ***

                  1) 3 Words
                  2) Parachute
                  3) Heaven
                  4) Fight For This Love
                  5) Rain On Me
                  6) Make Me Cry
                  7) Happy Hour
                  8) Stand Up
                  9) Don't Talk About This Love
                  10) Boy Like You
                  11) Heartbreaker

                  The album starts off with the first of four tracks that feature Black Eyed Peas front man Will I Am. 3 Words is one of the more heartfelt songs on the album and Cheryl shines through over her collaborator. Despite Cheryl's vocals sounding surprisingly fresh on the opening track this is a very lacklustre attempt and was a shock to me that this is the second single release from the album. The song does well in branching into different genres of music, from dance to subtle R&B. After the supremely catchy first single in the form of Fight For This Love, I was taken aback at how underwhelming this song is. Cheryl sounds like she's putting in minimal effort however less is more when it comes to her vocals as her restricted vocals can only do so much. The usually enigmatic Will I Am seems decidedly bored during this song, the song doesn't seem to be able to find it's niche which ends up with it being all over the place in terms of pace, rhythm and vocals. The vocals would suit a slower paced song whereas this song doesn't seem to be able to reach a happy medium. It's either a mid-tempo dance number or a slow-tempo R&B track. A mix of the two simply doesn't work.

                  The second of the Will I Am songs comes in the form of Heaven and is a sturdy pop/R&B number that suits Cheryl done to the ground. Will I Am seems more in his element here as he guest vocals only during the chorus and unlike 3 Words the two seem able to strike up a good partnership with this record which makes for a very catchy number. Then comes yet another Will I Am collaboration with Boy Like You, with a heavy beat and Cheryl's subtle vocals that blend in well with the beat this is one of the more R&B focused songs on the album and is all the better for it. If you've heard Cheryl talk about this album she always expresses how R&B centred it is which I found a little misleading as Boy Like You is really the only R&B fixated song on the album. Half way through the song breaks out into a Will I Am rap which works superbly on the song, for me this is the highlight of the whole album. The final Will I Am song on (thankfully) is Heartbreaker, released at the beginning of 2008 this is predominantly a Will I Am song. This is undoubtedly one of, if not *the* highlight of the album but I don't think this song should be compared to the rest of the album because it's not a Cheryl Cole song. This song has Will I Am all over it and if he had produced songs like this for Cheryl's album it would have been superb.

                  Parachute is another mid-tempo R&B number that descends into a Latin influenced song during the chorus, the song is yet another underwhelming piece of R&B that has a distinct 90's feel to it. This is a relatively catchy song but, like the majority of the album there's nothing that stands out about it that would make it a memorable song. It's one of those songs that's good to listen to but when it's finished you move onto the next song and forget all about it. Pleasant but forgettable are two words that could also describe Don't Talk About This Love. Surprisingly this isn't a song that wasn't written by Cole herself as it's very personal song that could almost be described as an R&B ballad. What I do like about this song is it's subtlety, Cheryl clearly knows that she's no Mariah or Christina and she sings/writes songs accordingly which isn't only astute but it's admirable that she's comfortable with her own voice.

                  Fight For This Love is undoubtedly the highlight of the album, it's a mid-tempo R&B number and compliments Cheryl's voice excellently and it's no surprise that it rocketed to number one where it stayed for a considerable amount of weeks. This was the first taste of the album that we were given and based on this song only the album would seem like a real winner. Unfortunately the finished product is less of a success but disregarding that this is a superb R&B song. This is without doubt the kind of song that Cheryl should be releasing in the future.

                  Make Me Cry is a.... wait for it.... Will I Am produced song, the difference between this and the songs that Will I Am actually features in is that it's very catchy. In it, we hear Cheryl come out with some bad language which echoes her former 'chavtastic' image of her early Girls Aloud days. This song resonates with Cheryl extremely well and with a catchy beat and Cheryl's well paced vocals we're treated to another subtly catchy R&B song. The problem with this song though is that it's very underwhelming and sounds very similar to the majority of the album and becomes annoyingly repetitive after a while. Happy Hour is one of the more eccentric songs on the album with a screeching beat in the background, again it's on the same form in terms of pace as Make Me Cry. This song is favoured by me over the previous song. It's another understated R&B number that blends in with the tone of the overall album.

                  Then onto the two stand out tracks of the album, the storming beats of Rain On Me is one of my favourites of the album. The subtle versus are clearly building momentum throughout which leads onto the synthesised and echoing vocals of Cheryl. The song has an R&B beat behind it which gives it that R&B laced edge, resonating with my decidedly R&B fixated tastes however a lot of it sounds very pop like. This is definitely the most well balanced song on the album in terms of keeping her Girls Aloud fans content whilst reaching out to a new, more mature R&B audience. Stand Up is another of my favourites on the album, infact I'd say that it's my favourite song on the album and it came as no surprise to me that this song was written and produced by Taio Cruz. It's an up-tempo R&B focused number with an insanely catchy chorus. This isn't one that I can imagine being played in the clubs but it's definitely one that takes Cheryl away from her Girls Aloud roots and places her smack bang in the middle of a crowded R&B room.

                  Overall this is a decidedly decent album, one that I admittedly hated when I first heard it. It's full of underwhelming, yet subtly catchy R&B numbers and it's 'popy' enough so that she doesn't completely alienate her huge Girls Aloud fan base. This isn't an album that is going to have her on Rihanna or Ciara's level in terms of R&B quality yet I was fairly impressed with the range of songs that we're given. Some of them are distinctly similar to others and indeed some of them are just downright dull (3 Words) but if you stick with it you're likely to find a few diamonds in the rough (Stand Up, Rain On Me).

                  A good effort from Cheryl that establishes herself in the very competitive R&B market however it's not likely to garner the praise and new fans that she clearly yearns for. The tracks are spaced out well and with the amount of similar songs and Will I Am influenced numbers that's without doubt a good thing. It's definitely one that you should be left to make your up your own mind about.

                  The album is available to download from iTunes for £7.99.


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                • Product Details

                  Disc #1 Tracklisting
                  1 3 Words - Cheryl Cole, will.i.am
                  2 Heaven - Cheryl Cole, will.i.am
                  3 Parachute - Cheryl Cole
                  4 Fight For This Love - Cheryl Cole
                  5 Don't Talk About This Love - Cheryl Cole
                  6 Make Me Cry - Cheryl Cole
                  7 Boy Like You - Cheryl Cole, will.i.am
                  8 Happy Hour - Cheryl Cole
                  9 Rain On Me - Cheryl Cole
                  10 Boy Like You - Cheryl Cole, will.i.am
                  11 Heartbreaker - will.i.am, Cheryl Cole

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