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A Flair For The Dramatic - Pierce The Veil

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Punk / Artist: Pierce The Veil / Audio CD released 2007-06-25 at Equal Vision

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2012 15:57
      Very helpful



      A unique band, worth a listen, and listen to the lyrics! They're darker than you'd imagine!

      Pierce the Veil, formed in 2006 after the 'break up' of their previous band Early Times. Now although not technically true, this was the first album from Pierce the Veil...even though Vic & Mike Fuentes (brothers both present in the two bands) released an earlier album with Early Times...strictly speaking this is the first Pierce the Veil album. Now, Pierce the Veil are quite hard to categorise...they are definitely a rock band...but defining them to a specific rock genre is hard because they are so unique and so different!

      This album had the following members present: Vic Fuentes (vocalist, guitarist), Mike Fuentes (drummer), Tony Perry (lead guitarist) and Jaime Preciado (bassist). This has always been the line up for Pierce the Veil (NOT Early Times!). All of the songs on this album were written by Mike and Vic...thus proving from the off how talented they really are!

      1) Chemical Kids & Mechanical Brides
      I like the start to this song, it's very soothing, and gently eases you in to the album. It's a very simple start, but it's a start that builds up and does slowly introduce you to Vic's unique high pitched voice..which is to die for!!! I think that's why this band are so unique. This song is a good one...mixed with the slow beat building up to an energetic song. What a song to open your first album under a new band name, it really shows you 'Pierce the Veil' as they are.

      2) Currents Convulsive
      An exciting deep guitar solo to start off with...followed by Vic's very unique voice. The lyrics are so dark you just don't realise due to Vic's happy up-beat voice, "She'd rather see me dead than face me". The song doesn't have a very obvious chorus...but it's good all the same! A very unconventional love song, but a great one. A song I could listen to over and over! The guitar solos are tight, the voice over it all fits perfectly and a chillingly great ending to it.

      3) Yeah Boy & Doll Face
      An acoustic Vic to start off with, and it's lovely, his voice is one you could listen to all day. Yet again dark lyrics from them "Another boy without a sharper knife", "How do you know how deep to go before it's real". But you really don't notice how dark the lyrics are again! Vic does such a great job of brightening up otherwise depressing lyrics! This is possibly one of my favourite songs off the album (although it is a contender with many others!).

      4) I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous
      An upbeat start to the song, followed by Jaime's delightful screaming over the top...it's legible screaming though. Dark lyrics again!! "You're so pretty when you dress for the grave", "You love money and the sex in your veins". Probably not the best examples...you can kind of tell that the lyrics are darker...yes Vic is still very upbeat throughout the whole song...but you do focus in more on the lyrics...well I do anyway! The beat is so catchy and the song is overall! It seems like a really short one, and it makes me want to listen to it again!

      5) The Cheap Bouquet
      Another dramatic entrance from the boys...it makes you stop and listen. I like it though, even though there is the dramatic start it soon slows down a bit and is a calmer song than what you expect from the start. This seems to be a reoccurring thing but the lyrics are dark...you don't realised them "Burn, like you've never done before", "This must be the way it ends", "These severed hands are doing the very best they can". Vic yet again fulfils making the song happy! The ending is a very dramatic one too...very abrupt, so it seems the start followed right through to the end! Love it!

      6) Falling Asleep on a Stranger
      A slower song now, after the previous two extremely upbeat ones its a nice change! It's also the first song on the album that doesn't have concerning dark lyrics! It's more like a love song, but a sad love song...It's weird how when the lyrics are dark, Vic makes the track happy, when the lyrics aren't dark, the song itself is dark! I like how they can do this...but it's so confusing sometimes!

      7) She Sings in the Morning
      An extremely great guitar solo and build up to the song to start...soon to be followed by an enjoyably fast song...it's amazing how tight the instruments sound especially at the speed they're playing too! Vic, whilst singing slow, fits in extremely well and it's a good song. The song does seem to lack a chorus...and seems to be VERY short...maybe because the song is so fast that it makes you forget what's really going on in the song. The instruments are really the 'wow' factor of this song as you pay more attention to them than Vic's voice.

      8) The Balcony Scene
      The piano starting this song, while simple is hauntingly beautiful. A slower song...and a short song too, with only 3minutes and 19seconds it really isn't a long song...but it's good at the length it is. I would personally say that this song is one of the most boring on the album...not saying it is, but if the album didn't have this song then it wouldn't go down in my estimations at all. It does have a lovely guitar solo in though. The lyrics again aren't dark...but the song is...CONFUSING!

      9) Drella
      An upbeat song now...and for an upbeat song what follows?! Dark lyrics!!! Granted, not as dark as the previous songs, but still they have the dark element to them! It's another short song, which does disappoint me as I don't want this album to end! I think that Vic's voice is the main part of this song...the instruments seem to have been kept simple compared to previous songs on the album.

      10) Diamonds & Why Men Buy Them
      It makes me sad that this is the second to last song off the album. It's such a great album...and I love this song...it's upbeat, happy and toe-tappingly great!!! The song isn't really that dark either for the upbeat-ness of the song...the darkest the lyrics probably get are "I saw the moon divorce the sky", and yet even that isn't that dark! The song seems short...even though it isn't, I feel it ends too early. I must admit the song does get a little boring and seems repetitive...but only for like 30seconds!

      11) Wonderless
      I LOVE this song, possibly one of my favourites of all time, and definitely my favourite off the album. It's a very relaxed, and acoustic like song. It's a love song, a beautiful one at that! Vic's voice does this song so much justice and it suits the song so much! It seems to lack a chorus, but it really doesn't matter that much. It's lovely to see Pierce the Veil do a slow song and excel so well! A beautiful ending to an amazing album!

      With a running time of 40minutes and 29seconds it's just not long enough! I could listen to Vic's voice all day, it's so mesmerising! I think as a first album under the name of Pierce the Veil it is a huge success! So individual and Vic's voice is something like you've never heard before! I definitely recommend you listen to this album! Judge for yourself, but I honestly don't think you'll be disappointed!!!!


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides
    2 Currents Convulsive
    3 Yeah Boy And Doll Face
    4 I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous
    5 The Cheap Bouquet
    6 Falling Asleep On a Stranger
    7 She Sings In the Morning
    8 The Balcony Scene
    9 Drella
    10 Diamonds And Why Men Buy Them
    11 Wonderless

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