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A Mouthful - Do

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Artist: Do / Audio CD released 2009-05-04 at Blue Wrasse

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2009 14:16
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      Creative debut, can't wait for more from them!

      The Dø are:

      Olivia B.Merilahti: Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
      Dan Levy: Bass, Keyboards & Flute

      & Live shows, Pierre Belleville: Drums & Percussions

      Album released May 2009, All tracks written and composed by Olivia Merilahti & Dan Levy.

      [ [ [ Introduction ] ] ]

      The title of this debut album by the Dø- pronounced like the 'do' in "dough"- already gives you an insight into what this Franco-Finnish duo are all about. Olivia & Dan are not your usual rock band, their stuff is strange and they know it. But they also know that it is a revolution in the genre of Folk-Pop. This band should be on the bill at all the summer festivals & they certainly were an absolute highlight at the V Festival in Perth, Australia, even though I had only heard of one track. If you're looking to add a bit of spice to your CD collection, then read on...

      [ [ [ Track Ratings ] ] ]

      1- Playground Hustle- 7/10
      "Oh my god what are you listening to?!?" was the comment from a guy friend recently as this track boomed out of my stereo. And that is the reaction you are almost guaranteed when you first listen to it. Chanting angry kids may not be most peoples' cup of tea but that's what a playground hustle is all about anyway.

      2- At Last-10/10
      Within the first five seconds of this track appearing on my Last.Fm player, I was hooked to that guitar beat. If promotions worked out right, then this track would certainly be on the summertime radio. Olivia's unique and powerful vocals covering a range of notes make her in my opinion, the Queen of Folk/Pop.

      3- On My Shoulders- 10/10
      It may not hit you straight away, but within a few listens Olivia will "fill every corner" of your head (and perhaps your heart) with this kick-ass track. It's one of those where most girls (not me, I'll have you know!) will grab a hairbrush and sing their hearts out...though I doubt many will be able to match Olivia's fast paced awesomeness!

      4- Song For Lovers- 9/10
      The most mellow and beautiful track on the album, the Dø show their great acoustic side. A sensitive and rather sad song, but very pleasing to the ears anyway.

      5- The Bridge Is Broken- 8/10
      The recognisable guitar and bass lines of the Dø are back. One of Olivia's most aggressive tracks & it surely shows that who ever upset really did have a nerve!

      6- Stay (Just a little bit more) 10/10
      A "gypsy sounding" track complete with extra guitar & a violin, this song seems on surface a great song made for kids. Ironically, this is wrong as underlying the innocent sounding voice, lies hilarious adult-humour lyrics. A brilliant creation!

      7-Unissasi Laulelet- 8/10
      Just as this Finnish-language track was playing my mother walked in and said "I didn't know you listened to tribal music." And sure, the campfire music does create that impression and the drumming beats will get you moving. Unfortunately I cannot understand it (I'm working on my Finnish though!) but Olivia's voice is so infectious you just can't help to sing along anyway.

      8- Tammie 9/10
      Another Dø delight that just keeps "Stickin' to me..."

      9-Queen Dot Kong. 10/10
      You think you've heard the weirdest the Dø get? Then you haven't heard this track. It's a little messed up. Many people may not be ready for this from Olivia's take at rap and Dan's voice of a scary clown, but this is a song you won't be able to help quoting when you've had a bit too much to drink..."Hey Mister, can I call you Twister Huh? Oooh-ooh!" I'll say no more and let you discover this experience for yourself.

      10- Coda- Rating not applicable as it's an instrumental following on from the previous track for a very short time.

      11- Searching Gold- 6/10
      Not one of their best and gives me a feeling of being in a desert...

      12-When Was I Last Home? 7/10
      Giving us our last (for now) taste of their acoustic style, this is again a really pretty track and really shows how Olivia values her Finnish roots.

      13- Travel Light- 7/0
      Very well written story-like lyrics, but the music behind it is very similar to the previous tracks. I do love the chiming effect, however.

      14- AHA- 9/10
      Olivia is in top form on this rocking track and combined with the brilliant percussion, this song is an awesome vocal ending to a rather extreme but exciting debut.

      15- In My Box- 8/10
      One last little instrumental teaser which will leave you desperately craving for some more Dø action.

      [ [ [ Summary ] ] ]

      And so, perhaps the above track ratings didn't make that much sense to you and seemed a bit all over the place? Well that's the feeling that this album creates for me. It's very experimental but is also wonderfully creative and is great fun to listen to. Maybe it's not for those who like their music to be 'set' but if you want something outside of that box; this album is definitely worth a listen!

      Check them out:

      www.myspace.com/ thedoband


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Playground Hustle
      2 At Last
      3 On My Shoulders
      4 Song For Lovers
      5 Bridge Is Broken, The
      6 Stay (Just A Little Bit More)
      7 Unissasi Lualelet
      8 Tammie
      9 Queen Dot Kong
      10 Coda
      11 Searching Gold
      12 When Was I Last Home
      13 Travel Light
      14 Aha
      15 In My Box

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