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A New Day Has Come - Celine Dion

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Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Celine Dion / Audio CD released 2002-03-25 at Epic

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    4 Reviews
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      09.01.2012 17:28
      Very helpful



      An ok album, can't fault Celine but it isn't my fav of hers!

      I am not really a Celine Dion fan in my day to day life. My Mother is though and because of living with her till I was in my mid 30's I'm kind of familiar with her to say the least!

      So why did I buy this album then? Well to remind me of my lovely Mum of course and when chilling out with a bottle of wine in my flat...... I will then listen to her alot and sing along lol.

      Released in 2002 by French/Canadian Celine after a couple of years break from releasing anything new in this time this was much anticipated album for my Mum and so only a couple of weeks ago I decided to add it to my collection in her honour and I paid £1.26 for it (used but in very good condition) from Amazon, considerably less than my Mum paid for it a few years back I'm sure!

      Track 1): I'm Alive

      Nice and beaty with Celine belting it out I'm not keen on this track however it is a typical Celine song really with a positive message about love that we are so used to from her! Her voice really is shown off on this one to its full advantage and its distinctively her!

      Track 2): Right In Front Of You

      One of my favourite songs on this album from Celine this is a bit poppy but also a strong ballad at the same time. There isn't a lot of backing on this from other voices and like the first track on this album this really shows off Celine's very strong and melodic voice really beautifully.

      Track 3: Have You Ever Been In Love:

      Another favourite song of mine from album, this brings on a much slower pace to the album with the question have you ever been in love? A song that always makes me stop and think! Its not only a wonderfully written song (not by Celine by the way as none of the songs on this album) this is brilliantl song with just wonderful music and is a ballad but what I like about this particular song is that isn't belted out though it is a strong and emotional song.

      Track 4: Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable):

      Bringing us back with a faster an more uptempo beat, again this is not a song I particular favourite of mine, in fact I skip it mostly lol. This is a bit echoey on her voice for me and with backing singers, I can't critise her voice but the arrangments of this song has too many things going on for me with echo...nope actually I really don't like it at all now I stop and think about it lol!

      Track 5: A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix):

      Another strong ballad full of emotion and anyone who knows anything will know that Celine's had her fair share of personal troubles, with her much older husband being ill and knowing that she had problems conceiving a baby. This song is all about the world thinking that she has it all it all but she draws us in to the sadness she must have experienced with these issues. Its just really quite sad but about her empowering herself and good happening in the end and I love it with its fast beat and once again she doesn't drop a note!

      Track 6: Ten Days:

      Plenty of beat on this one and its another untempo song with Celine sounding a bit puffed out on this trying to be all breathless for the first part of the song, though to be fair she soon stops this and we get Celine back! Its all about praying and that.... again another one I'm not very keen on and this has a bit of a country feel to it and there is no other song like this on the album at all...again though I skip it!

      Track 7: Goodbye's (The Saddest Word):

      Nice song and was as far as I'm aware of released as a single. Its poppy, grows on you and is a very nice ditty which again shows off her great vocals!

      Track 8: Prayer:

      Another ballad, slow and not too belted out, once again this is a song that I skip when playing the whole album as I'm not keen on these strong message songs I'm afraid. Its nice enough though, just not me!

      Track 9: I Surrender:

      Another ballad that sounds just like another released Celine song I've heard before and a bit too the samey for me in her style (though I can't think what song it is!). Not complaining about her voice but again this is a 'busy' track and gets a bit noisy for me!

      Track 10: At Last:

      Bringing the tempo back down to earth (thankfully) cos by this point my head is starting to get confused and its all been a bit loud, this is a very popular song of course. Smokey jazz like this ballad this is just Celine effortlessly crooning away with effortless style and this shows why Celine Dion is such a successful artist. Ok its another copy and one that's very well known but I can't fault it!

      Track 11: Super Love:

      Another pop effort with a reasonably beat, and a bit too poppy for me as I think by now you will be aware that I prefer classic Celine ballads. This song feels a bit dated to me though to be fair it was released in 2002!

      Track 12: Sorry For Love:

      Love this song, although pop the words make sense, the beat is upbeat and Celine is wonderful on it! It gives a mix of styles in one song that I really think work well, with her being both soft and strong in voice, its goes fast and slow and simply works and I play this one over and over again!

      Track 13: Aun Existe Amor

      Showing that Celine is so versatile of course we have her singing Italian. I don't speak Italian (lol) I can only guess this is a song about love.....whatever I think it is about its beautifully arranged and just once again shows to me why Celine is superstar status. Everything she puts her mind to is soooo effortless!

      Track 14: The Greatest Reward:

      An inspiritational song like so many of the tracks on this album are this is again a ballad, again not one I love but I can't fault her performance on it!

      Track 15: When The Wrong One Loves Your Right:

      Beaty and fun I like having a boogie round my living room to this one! Love it its pace and Celine!

      Track 16: A New Day Has Come:

      Slow and of course the same track really as track 5 with little difference really though it is a bit slower!

      Track 17: Nature Boy:

      This is one hell of a song and of course the closing one on the album Again it's a very famous song just with Celine singing to a piano really. It shows her vocals again once off so well. Its beautiful its that simple...if you like simple songs of course with minimal accompaniment.

      My Verdict:

      The album runs 72 minutes which for a cd, in my opinion is a long time run time and with 17 songs to choose to listen to, if you like Celine this is a must for any fan. For me however I'm sad there are no offerings from Celine's writing hand and that every song is a copy and there are a little too many songs trying to be inspirational on it for me. However the savers in the way of songs from this album, Right there in front of you, At last and Nature boy really are amazing and just so good! Her voice is amazing, as is the a lot of the music I'd just prefer Celine to steer clear of pop, after all she's a classy artist!

      Not bad, worth a listen!


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        16.05.2003 21:18
        Very helpful



        Celine Dion - ' A New Day Has Come ' - 2002 After a layoff of almost three years , French-Canadian Celine , came back to the musical fold , with the album 'A New Day Has Come' . In those years , she has taken time to recharge her batteries , prior to commencing a three year contract with Ceasar's Palace that starts in 2003 . She has succeeded in her main ambition in life , that of becoming a mother , and with the joy that that brings , has produced a quite superb comeback album , that consists of no less than seventeen tracks The tracks : ~~~~~~~~~ 1) "I'm Alive" A barnstormer to introduce you . Upbeat , full of emotion , and very much in celebration of her family . My track of the album . Quite superb .... ' When you call on me , When I hear from you , Breathe , I get wings to fly , I feel that I'm alive ' 2) "Right In Front Of You" ' Life , It can twist your heart , Put you in the dark , I was cold and lonely , Doubt , It can close you in , Build the walls within , I let fear control me , I let go , Didn't know , Where the answer would be.' . A song of hope within a relationship , blinded by oneself . Brilliantly delivered . 3) "Have You Ever Been In Love" A sentimental love song , delivered in true Celine fashion . One for the women...! .....'Have you ever been in love , You could touch the moonlight , When your heart is shooting stars , You're holding heaven in your arms , Have you ever been in love ?' 4) "Rain,Tax ( It's Inevitable )" Latin like in sound and feel , a love song where one party is sending invisable signals to her wanted partner . Well delivered , although perhaps a little too much relied on backing vocals...'Though that life was logical , Love was a miracle , That happened to someone else , not me , Baby I must have said a little prayer ,
        Suddenly I looked up , you were there , And the rest is history , I don't want to be an island anymore , Just resign yourself , Cause there's one thing for sure..' 5) "A New Day has Come" ( Radio Edit ) The title track . See track 16 for overview , this being the single edit . 6) "Ten Days" 'At the doorway of my life , All the leaves have fallen down , And though I try to pick them up , There's so many I think I'll drown'..... The breakdown of a relationship ? Too much repeating for my liking . Sorry , boring. 7) "Goodbye's ( The Saddest Word )" Sentimental slushy , on the subject of mothers & daughters , and losing one's parent . Great song though ....'Mamma you gave birth to me , Turned me into a lady , And mamma all you had to offer , Was a promise of a lifetime of love'. 8) "Prayer" 'Can we touch the sole of heaven , Can we unite a sacred lesson , Every child creates a skylight of beauty , Can you hear cathedrals falling , All the universe is calling , Cry a single cello from your heart.' . .....Epic ballad , about life immortal . 9) "I Surrender" Moody , well delivered , ballad on the subject of a banned relationship with enforced separation ....'I know I can't survive , Another night away from you , You're the reason I go on , And now I need to live the truth....' 10) "At Last" 'At last , My love , Has come along , My lonely days are over , And life is like , A song'..... Retro smoochie , 70's feel , very Streisand like . 11) "Super Love" Spanish feeling pop ballad . Not one of my favourites , too upbeat without that pizzang ...'You and me got a super love , Ain't no way we'll ever give it up , Its the kind a sweet dreams are made a , I'm not afraid a , No super love'
        . 12) "Sorry For Love" Back to what Celine does best...upbeat love with passion...' Forgive me for the things that I never said to you , Forgive me for not nowing the right words to say to prove...' 13) "Aun Existe Amor" Spansih adaptation of a French song . Don't know what it means , just know that its really quite nice , although a little too slow for me . 14) "The Greatest Reward" 'So suddenly so strange , Life wakes you up , Things change , I've done my best , I've served my call , I thought I had it all'. A song of celebration , of love to ones partner in life , without whom we could not survive . Wow ! 15) "When The Wrong One Loves You Right" Upbeat pop thing , not best suited to Celine's vocals ....'Don't care what they think , How they feel or what they say , You're everything I never knew , I always wanted baby , I've been warned so many times , They tell me I've ignored the signs'. 16) "A New Day Has Come" This track being the full version, the radio / single edit being found on track 5) . 'I was waiting for so long , For a miracle to come , Everyone told me to be strong , Hold on and don't share a tear , So though darkness and good times , I knew I'd make it through , And the world thought I had it all , But I was waiting for you.' ... Could almost be the life story of Celine and her hopes of becoming a mother . A classic ballad of immense stature. 17) "Nature Boy" Grandesque ballad , one that would have suited the voice of Karen Carpenter more , Celine not having Karens vocal interpretation to carry it fully committed ....'There was a boy , A very strange enchanted boy , They say he wandered very far very far , Over land and sea , A little shy and sad of eye , But very wise was he...' <
        br>Overview: ~~~~~~~ So there you have , an album with seventeen tracks , the majority very good , just one or to poor choices , but never the less very worth the hard earned dosh . My choice tracks....1) I'm Alive , 2) Sorry For Love , 3) A new Day Has Come The Sleeve : ~~~~~~~~ I must mention the sleeve . The front cover shows Celine standing against a tree on a beach , with usual view . This picture is then carried on in panoramic view throughout the entire booklet , with break only in the centrefold , where pictures of Celine , son and husband in various family poses of special meaning can be found. With the pages song lyrics , credits and a personal note from Celine are present . Quite superb. Copyright Protection! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The front cover proudly boasts that this CD "will not play on PC / Mac" - and copy protection encryption is used at sublevel . This protection is unique to Sony , but has caused some major problems , includeing the damaging of some equipment .One up for the copyright holders......! ...... ooops , It plays on older Mac's with system 9.x or lower .... oops with a little twigging I can also get to play on my Windows XP system , and what's this , oh I can copy it successfully as well ( Just for backup purposes of course :-) ) { listening to the copy as I write..} - a big ...xxx.... to those who think they know better . Now if I can do it , then those who make a living out of illegal copying are also going to find out how to do it .. PS its dead easy then to copy a copy as the software protection has been removed , and no - no special software was used , just the system software and Windows Media Player . Sorry big boys - maybe I should be your tester for your protection software ?


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          20.04.2002 21:33
          Very helpful



          I was mostprobably one of the first people in Wales to buy Celine Dion's new album 'A new day has come' and I must say I was very impressed. Here is my review:- 1. I'm Alive I really like this song because it is very latino and uplifting. 2. Right in front of you This song is really nice and I can't stop listening to it. It is very poppy and shows a new side to Celine. 3. Have you ever been in love I like old Celine and this is typical Celine. I am not that fussed on this song because it's very slow. 4. Rain, Tax (It's inevitable) This is one of the best songs on the album, it's a really good song and you'll just want to listen to it, again, and again, and again. 5. A new day has come (Radio edit) I have liked this song ever since the first time I heared it but I was a bit disappointed when it only reached no. 7 in the U.K. singles charts. It's a very uplifting song and makes you feel nice. 6. Ten days This is another new Celine style and I like it, this is yet another good song on the album and sounds cool. 7. Goodbye's (The saddest word) This is a really wonderful song, but it's quite upsetting, I cried the first time I heared it but I just can't stop. I knew every word by the third time I heared it. 8. Prayer This is another old Celine and I like it. It's a sweet song. 9. I surrender No comment. 10. At Last This is an old blues type song and really puts Celines voice to the test, it sounds amazing but it's not my typre of song. 11. Super Love This song will make you want to get up and dance, it's a super-song and you will like it. 12. Sorry for love No comment. 13. Aun Existe Amor A foreign language song which sounds really good. Just hard to understand if you can't speak the language. 14. The greatest Reward No comme
          nt. 15. When the wrong one loves you right This is the BEST song on the album, it's dancy, and you will just want to listen to it again, and again. I really do like this song and if Celine does release it, it would do very well in the charts. 16. A new day has come (album version) This is definately not as good as the radio mix because it's slower, lasts longer and just plain! 17. Nature Boy I'm not that fussed on this Nat King Cole classic but if it's your type of song your shure to like Celine's version. >--Overall--< Overall this is one of Celine's best ever albums and it doesn't surprise me that it's been number one in over 18 countries worldwide! Fair play to Celine, after her 2 year break she has come back like a storm. I can't wait until she comes on tour to perform these songs. It is a very good album for music lovers of any type, it's got love, disco, party, latino. It's everything you could ever ask for in an album. Well done Celine!!!


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            04.04.2002 21:06
            Very helpful



            After a two year gap Celine is back with her latest offering "A New Day has Come". There seems to be only two stances to take on her music, you either detest it or love it, there is no middle ground. Anyway, I think her voice is fantastic so I was looking forward to the release of the new album. As she doesn't write any of her own lyrics or music it gives her the opportunity to experiment with different types of music on the one album. This is probably more evident on "A New Day has Come" than on her previous albums. As usual the album is 70 mins plus and contains 17 tracks. There is huge value for money especially when compared with some of the 40-minute albums churned out these days. The album opens with "I'm Alive" which is an upbeat number. This is a good opener as it is unlike anything I have heard from her before. It is a catchy tune and gets the album off on a good footing. "Right in front of you" and "Have you ever been in love" are more along the usual ballads we have come to expect. "Rain, Tax (It?s inevitable)" is the first weak song on the CD as well as having the worst title! The radio edit of the first single and title track is next. It is an excellent song and even a few of my friends say that they don?t hate it! This closes the opening section of the album. The middle section begins with "Ten Days" which is another fairly new sound. It takes a bit of getting used to but is definitely a grower. This is followed by easily the best track on this and any recent release from Celine, "Goodbye?s (The Saddest Word)". It is a song that is immediately likeable and grows on each hearing and must surely be a future single. "Prayer" is up next and is another strong ballad. "I surrender" is a return to the sound of a few years ago, similar to "Only one Road", it is a reasonable track but not single
            material. "At last" continues in this style and is a good solid album track. "Super Love" is a very weak track, it is the kind of thing that used to appear at the end of her earlier albums and really should not have found its way onto this album. This closes the middle section of the album. "Sorry for Love" is another new sound with a dance background and catchy chorus. It is similar to what Cher tried with "Believe" and it works very well. "Aun Existe Amor" is next. I enjoy listening to Celine sing in any language but I feel that she would be better keeping the French songs on the French albums. Having said that I probably would not buy the French ones if I hadn?t heard the better tracks on the English albums. This track is not the best French one she has produced but is enjoyable none the less. "The Greatest Reward" is back to Celine at her best with a powerful ballad that shows the full range of her voice. The final section of the album starts with "When the wrong one loves you right" and again has a dance beat behind it. It is another interesting track which works well. The full version of "A new day has come" is up next. It is slower and not as impressive as the radio edit. The final track "Nature Boy" was a massive disappointment. I usually really enjoy the closing track on Celine?s albums but this one just doesn?t cut it. It is just a slow rambling track that doesn?t go anywhere. All in all it is an excellent CD probably best served for background music but there are a few livelier tracks on it as well. There are a few songs with a maternal theme and another few about children which is probably not surprising given the fairly recent birth of her son. It is on these tracks that her voice sounds at its best and most emotional which is probably not surprising. A final point worth mentioning is that the CD does n
            ot play on PC/MAC machines. I can only think that this is an attempt to avoid piracy, a futile one as the music can be downloaded anywhere! This was a little disappointing, as it will not play on my DVD player either! For more information the official websites are www.celinedion.com and www.sony.com


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 I'm Alive
            2 Right In Front Of You
            3 Have You Ever Been In Love
            4 Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)
            5 A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix)
            6 Ten Days
            7 Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)
            8 Prayer
            9 I Surrender
            10 At Last
            11 Superlove
            12 Sorry For Love
            13 Aun Existe Amor
            14 The Greatest Reward
            15 When The Wrong One Loves You Right
            16 A New Day Has Come
            17 Nature Boy

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