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A Promise To Burn - Framing Hanley

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4 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Framing Hanley / CD / Audio CD released 2010-05-24 at SMG

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    4 Reviews
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      08.08.2012 14:39
      Very helpful



      Well worth the money!

      Framing Hanley have always been a top favourite band for me, having seen them live twice I have a lot of evidence to support my love for them.
      A promise to burn is the second album by this band and it's safe to say this alternative five piece have only improved with time.
      This album also includes a behind the scenes DVD showing the making of the record!

      A Promise To Burn can be found in various music stores such as HMV for around £10, which is an excellent price for such a great album.

      This album has a total of 13 songs;

      Intro- a spine tingling start to an album with a basic but heavy piano background which then turns half way into a crackling sound and then into beautiful piano.

      The Promise- I think this song comes from the perspective of a girl wanting to make it somewhere in life or her boyfriend not wanting her to leave him. Heavy electric sounding guitar, with participation from drums.

      Wake Up- This song seems to be about a relationship that has broken up because of someone cheating or leaving. Electric sounding, with heavy guitar and an overpowering voice.

      Bittersweet Sundown- This song doesn't seem to really have any meaning, atleast not one I can understand although the beat is catchy.

      Warzone- Incredibly catchy and different sounding, chilling song.

      You Stupid Girl- One of my favourite songs about a mistake made, very rocky and punky, different to their usual.

      Weight Of The World-Piano all the way through, very soft love song, sweet meaning all about love felt for family.

      Fool With Dreams- About wanting to make something of yourself in life and trying to get the person you love.

      Back To Go Again- Repetitive drum beat, very catchy song.

      Livin' So Divine- Lots of drums, very rocky song, voice is heard over everything else.

      You- Very acoustic sounding, beautiful meaning and sound, obviously about a girl.

      Photographs And Gasoline- Very strange song, shows the diversity of Framing Hanley.

      The Burn- Lovely song, with a strange sound and lyrics.


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      15.08.2011 23:38
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Brilliant album, definitley worth giving some attention.

      A Promise To Burn
      Framing Hanley. It is made up of 5 members who hail from Nashville, USA and they formed back around 2005 the band have released two studio albums to date so far and have also done a cover of Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop' which proved to be a huge success, though the band did not want their fans to think that is what their material will always sound like, they only did the cover for fun.
      Band Members
      Kenneth Nixon on Vocals
      Brandon Wooton on Vocals/ Guitar
      Ryan Belcher on Guitar/ Piano/ Vocals
      Luke McDuffie on Bass/ Vocals
      Chris Vest on Drums

      The album I am reviewing here is A Promise to Burn. It was released in 2010 and it didn't half wow the fans.
      Track Listing
      * Intro
      * The Promise
      * Wake Up
      * Bittersweet Sundown
      * WarZone
      * You Stupid Girl
      * Weight Of The World
      * Fool With Dreams
      * Back To Go Again
      * Livin' So Divine
      * You
      * Photographs And Gasoline
      * The Burn

      All songs on this album are pretty damn amazing. But I do favour a couple over the others more. Bittersweet Sundown for one is one of my favourites, I think it's more the lyrics and the way Kenneth Nixon sings it. His voice is honestly amazing. After that I would say that You Stupid Girl is my second favourite everyone who watches Kerrang! And Scuzz TV will have heard it. It is also a great song live. All the songs have some great beats and rhythms to them. Back To Go Again is a great example of some good Framing Hanley material.

      I could tell you everything I love about the tracks on this album but who is to say that my opinion matches yours when you hear it? You could read my review and come away thinking it is going to be a good album, but you may not like them. I personally can't see why you won't like them though, they are a good band, all. clean vocals, excellent backing music. Just perfect.

      You can find all the tracks to this album on Youtube, if you want to listen to them there first before you purchase it. I recommend that to be honest.

      You can buy this album from
      iTunes for £7.99 or £9.99 for the deluxe version
      Amazon for £8.99
      Play for £8.99
      HMV for £9.99
      Personally I would purchase it from iTunes. But if you don't have that then I would go to Amazon, you can always count on Amazon.


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        04.05.2011 19:39
        Very helpful



        A great sophomore effort.

        You may know Framing Hanley as that covered that Lil' Wayne song and already associate them with the modern teenage emo scene, however, these are completely wrong assumptions, wrong assumptions that I had myself until my friend asked me to go to one of their concerts and I bought this album.

        The album starts with a short instrumental track led by distorted and piano played by the lead singer, Kenneth Nixon. The track blends into "The Promise," which is one of the darker songs on the album. It's not a particularly fast song, but you'll soon come to realise the band don't really write fast songs, what they do have however is very powerful, catchy choruses and "The Promise" is no exception, with it being easily one of the highlights of the album.

        "Wake Up", "Bittersweet Sundown" and "Warzone" are a few of the faster, catchier songs on the album, all placed in a neat chunk at the start of the album. "Warzone" is perhaps the most obvious "single material" type track on the album with such a great chorus, but it's still yet to be released as a single, it is however a live favourite and it's easy to see why.

        "You Stupid Girl" was released as the second single with a dark intro that leads into a very poppy chorus, yet the following two songs break the trend set by the first half of the album. "Weight of the World" and "Fool With Dreams" are both ballads, and I can't help to feel irritated by their cheesy choruses, they're good songs, they just feel a lot too poppy and mainstream for a band with such a dark 6-7 songs beforehand.

        "Back to go Again" is the lead single from the album and one of the lighter songs, providing a nice moment (very catchy) moment before the heavy "Livin' So Divine" which is my favourite track on the album, it starts with a short drum beat and then blasts into an epic intro. It feels like the anthem of the album and really shows the band at their best. If there's one thing to say about this band it's that they're very musically talented, the drumming is great, the guitar features a lot of tapping work which provides a nice background, reminding me of Thrice a lot who the band cite as one of their main influences.

        "You" is another ballad, but doesn't feature a cheesy chorus, just some great acoustic guitar and showing off Nixon's vocal range. The band have always stated that "Photographs and Gasoline" is their favourite song from the album and it might be hard to see why until a nice relaxed piano intro starts with really makes that song for me.

        Finally, the album ends with Track 13, "The Burn", which completes the album title, and, well, the album. It's a fitting end with as it sums up the whole album, it's not too poppy, it's not too dark, it's just a great rock song. This album is just a great rock album. It flows perfectly and shows off the band's musical talents.


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        01.04.2011 12:00
        Very helpful



        Great album, worth buying

        Framing Hanley - A Promise To Burn

        Framing Hanley consists of 5 members, they formed back in 2005 and have released two studio albums and a cover of Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop'. They come from Nashville, USA.
        Band Members For This Album
        Kenneth Nixon - Vocals
        Brandon Wooton - Vocals/ Guitar
        Ryan Belcher - Guitar/ Piano/ Vocals
        Luke McDuffie - Bass/ Vocals
        Chris Vest - DrumsA Promise To Burn was released May 25th 2010 it is 13 tracks and 49 minuets long.
        Track Listing

        * Intro 1:07
        * The Promise 3:46
        * Wake Up 3:58
        * Bittersweet Sundown 3:31
        * WarZone 3:47
        * You Stupid Girl 3:34
        * Weight Of The World 3:34
        * Fool With Dreams 4:01
        * Back To Go Again 3:19
        * Livin' So Divine 3:37
        * You 3:26
        * Photographs And Gasoline 5:43
        * The Burn 5:04

        Favourite Tracks (In listing order)
        Wake Up
        This one starts off with a really catchy study beat. The vocals kick in and it becomes more interesting. I love the whole thing, it's just so catchy and flawless. The lyrics are well written. I don't think that this track could be made any better, it has a reasonable tempo, not too fast and not too slow; just right.

        Bittersweet Sundown
        The vocals for the chorus are what really caught my attention on this track, Kenneth Nixon's vocals are extremely amazing in this track. The rhythm is perfect and fits nicely to the beat. Overall it is one of the best tracks on the album.
        I don't really know what it is about this track that pulls me in, at first I wasn't so sure if I was keen on it or not, but after a few listens it really grew on me and it's one of those tracks that once I listen to it I end up putting it on repeat for a good few hours. This is the fourth most played, out of the whole album, on my iPod. It's got a really catchy beat to it during the verses.

        You Stupid Girl
        This is the track I heard first from this album, because it was released as a music video, and I just absolutely love it. Though it is one that I don't listen to as often because I do not want to get bored of it. The tempo is kind of slow for the verses but picks up for the chorus. It is an addictive song but I think it is one to be careful of, don't want to get bored of it too fast.
        Weight Of The World
        This is a totally beautiful track; everything about it is perfect. The piano melody is just amazing. I could speak a million and one praises about this track. It is honestly my favourite track off this album. The guitar and bass lines could not be any better. This is definitely one you should check out.

        Fool With Dreams
        I think the lyrics to this track are awesome, and with the music behind them they seem to be just...brilliant. It is a fairly slow tempo'd song but still amazing all the same, this actually seems like something you would hear on the first album.
        Back To Go Again
        This is quite a bouncy track, you can tell in the lyrics that it's the band talking about what they've been through to get to where they are. It's extremely catchy; I adore this song.

        Like their first album 'The Moment' I cannot fault this album. I love all tracks but going by my iTunes count these are the most played on the album. This band are one of my favourites, they tie in with Avenged Sevenfold, Hollywood Undead and Bullet For My Valentine. They are in my eyes, perfect and I am hoping to see them at Download festival this year (if I go) and on their UK tour.
        Favourite Lyric

        'Life Is throwin' you curves, you can make it, take it in, try again, you don't deserve this. I just wanna save you, you can take it on the chin, try again; you don't have to carry the weight of the world'Thank you for reading! =]

        Written by dooshbag08 ©
        also posted on Ciao under rockchick2k7


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Intro
      2 Promise, The
      3 Wake Up
      4 Bittersweet Sundown
      5 WarZone
      6 You Stupid Girl
      7 Weight Of The World
      8 Fool With Dreams
      9 Back To Go Again
      10 Livin' So Divine
      11 You
      12 Photographs And Gasoline
      13 Burn, The

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