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Absolute Greatest - Queen

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Queen / CD / Audio CD released 2009-11-16 at EMI

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    4 Reviews
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      24.02.2010 12:20
      Very helpful



      Satisfies all your Queen needs in one sitting.

      OK for those of you who have been living under an enormous rock or in a big dark cave for their entire lives here's a little bit about the band Queen themselves. Formed in 1970 the band was made up of Freddie Mercury on vocals, Brian May on guitar, John Deacon on bass, and Roger Taylor on drums. Each of the members of the band is an incredibly well accomplished musician in their own right, but it was the true driving force and showmanship of Freddie that really brought the band into the limelight. Queen's music falls into many different genres as Freddie liked to experiment and keep it fresh by producing songs ranging from progressive rock through to gospel.

      The band was constantly in the public eye for one reason or another during their career, and if it wasn't for the tragic premature death of Freddie would I'm sure still be a big force in the music industry today. The band has previously released several greatest hits albums but in this album we see all their previous works condensed down in to one jam packed CD.

      So without further ado let's get down to the tracks themselves.

      -Track Listing-

      -We will Rock you-

      To kick the album off we are treated to one of Queen's most instantly recognisable tunes in the form of We Will Rock You. The song has a very simple musical style to it with a vast majority of it being made up of Roger and his pounding drums and Freddie's stunning voice running over it. It is only towards the end of the song where Brian and John join in and bring a fantastic ending to the song, and when they play it live, it leads perfectly in to its counterpart song We are the Champions. Even though I do enjoy this song, this particular version of it is not the my favourite and many Queen fans out there I'm sure will agree that the "fast version" of this song as heard on the live Queen on Fire album is a far superior track and is in fact the basis for the song that most of us know.

      -We Are the Champions-

      There really can be no other song that can follow up We will Rock You with other than the truly amazing and show ending We are the Champions like a lot of Queen's songs this one has become more of an icon than just a song in its own right, with virtually every sport taking this track as part of its victory celebrations. Along with his impressive singing we get to sample some of Freddie's outstanding piano skills as well. Although the studio version of this song is stunning, this is one of those songs that I personally would have loved to have seen them playing live as it has that 'real arms in the air' swaying and sing along feel to it.

      -Radio Ga Ga-

      In much the same way as We Will Rock You this song features a very stripped back and bare feel to it, although not quite to the same extent. The song itself basically tells the tale of the movement away from radio to television. With the very simple style of the song Freddie's vocals are given full centre stage with some great little synthesizer style sounds being used on the vocals to give them that real futuristic taste. The real stand out part of this song though is the chorus line with the simple hand claps and chanting. I just can't believe that this track was beaten to number one in the UK by Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

      -Another One Bites the Dust-

      It wasn't very often that they let John Deacon loose with a pen, but when they did it would be a corker as is proven without a doubt with this song which was Queen's best selling single. The overall feel of the song is much funkier than a majority of their other works and makes for a great contrast song to some of their more rocky tunes. Despite its different feel the song is still a classic and I will find myself bopping along to it whenever I can.

      -I Want it All-

      At least we can accredit something else to the actress Anita Dobson other than being the crazy landlady of the Queen Vic as she was the main influence for the rock fest that is I Want it All. This is the first time on the album so far that we get to see the rock side to Queen as we blitz our way through this track "air guitar" in hand. The song does have a nice little break in it just prior to the full throttle guitar solo which features Brian showing us that he has a real talent for singing as well as playing his monster of a guitar.

      -Crazy Little Thing Called Love-

      From the raw rock feel of the last track we then move on to the much cleaner and almost 50's diner sound of Crazy Little Thing. Of all of the songs that I have seen Queen perform this is one of the only that Freddie will perform on the guitar live alongside Brian, who himself makes several guitar changes throughout this song during their live performances of this track, as he moves from his acoustic all the way through to his "Red Special". The overall feel of the song really makes me want to dance around the house without a care in the world.

      -A Kind of Magic-

      This song was part of the soundtrack to the movie Highlander and was in fact inspired by one of the lines from Christopher Lambert during the movie, for those of you familiar with the movie you can find a number of references to the movie itself throughout the song. Asides from its film basing the overall sound and feel of the track is very magical almost ethereally in places with a large number of effects being used on the vocal tracks.

      -Under Pressure-

      It is not very often in a Queen track that Freddie takes a back seat in the proceedings, but this song represents one of those rare occurrences. As we see the enigmatic John Deacon take the lead on the musical side of this song along with the masterful David Bowie giving us the main vocal track. Though Freddie only provides a smaller part in the studio version of this song, his vast vocal range and talent is shown off to perfection as he takes his voice all the way up and down the vocal scales. As well as liking the studio take of this song I have always enjoyed the live performance version of it where Freddie gets to prove just how good a vocalist he truly was.

      -One Vision-

      Following the speaker expanding intro we get treated to Brian thrashing his way into this song as Freddie literally reels off the lyrics to us. Once again the fantastic harmonies of the band come into play through parts of the chorus, and Brian even gets a few little lines to sing all by himself. Part way through the song the whole song breaks down into a great instrumental section with each of the band members letting fly in a massive chaotic harmony. Overall this song has a great big rocky feel to it that really gets me moving.

      -You're My Best Friend-

      Not only was John Deacon a dab hand on the bass but he also proved his ability with other instruments as he plays the Wurlitzer electric piano on this track after Freddie declined playing the part himself. The sound of Freddie's voice almost perfectly matches with the sound of John's playing and really ties the music and the singing together wonderfully. Despite being a heart warming and feel full song this is probably one of my least favourite tracks from the Queen repertoire.

      -Don't Stop Me Now-

      Starting off with just Freddie and piano he is soon joined by Roger and the rest of the band as this song begins to really "oh, oh, oh explode". The song has a nice fast pace to it, punctuated with the great sounds that Freddie is getting out of his piano which takes the main role in the musical part of this song and even seems to overpower Brian's guitar playing. The start of the song itself has an almost similar feel to "Bohemian Rhapsody" with just Freddie singing along to his piano playing, and then being joined by the rest of the band after a while. All in all this is a great little rocking number and really gets the pulses going.

      -Killer Queen-

      Though the actual sound of this song is not overly complex the amount of overdubbing that was involved throughout the song is quite incredible with many vocal parts being overlaid upon one another, along with a multi part solo being played by Brian. The overall sound of the song is very bouncy and jolly, with a really upbeat and fun feel to it.

      -These are the Days of our Lives-

      Out of all of the songs on the album this is probably the one that sticks out most in my mind to me, not because of the fact that it is a great song but more for what the song stands for. As this was the last song to be released by Queen prior to Freddie's death, this coupled with the famous last line of "I still love you" makes this one of their most emotional songs in my opinion. Along with the song the video to this song is fantastic and shows just how much of a showman Freddie really was, as despite his illness he still managed to produce a magnificent performance.

      -Who Wants to Live Forever-

      This song almost perfectly follows on from the last, and sticks with the same theme of life and death fantastically. Originally released as part of the Highlander soundtrack this track has a wonderfully haunting feel to it, and along with Brian's stunning guitar solo which despite its simplicity really adds to the overall song. This is truly one of Queen's finest movie based tracks and leaves you wondering just who would want to live forever.

      -Seven Seas of Rhye-

      Starting off with a blisteringly paced double handed arpeggiated piano intro this track runs along at a cracking tempo, as well as the frantic playing of both Brian and Roger we are also treated to some of the highest pitched harmonies of any of the Queen songs that I have heard.

      -Heaven for Everyone-

      This is the only track on the album to be released after Freddie's death as part of their Made in Heaven album and forms a great tribute song to his parting. Alongside Freddie's once more stunning vocals Brian's backing is some of the best he has produced over his career as well on this track. Despite originally being a song for Roger Taylor's band The Cross this reworking of the song is fantastic and worthy of being included in anyone's music collection.

      -Somebody to Love-

      This song has a real gospel sounding vocal style and arrangements as Freddie's, Brian's and Roger's voices are layered over each other multiple times to produce a huge and full vocal range. The music to the track is kept pretty simple to just add to the vocals and not take over from it. The ending of the song with the massive build up of vocals verges on the spine tingling as it accumulates in to some fantastic high pitched notes from Freddie.

      -I Want to Break Free-

      Of all of Queen's songs this is the only one that makes me instantly smile as I just can't listen to it without immediately picturing Freddie and the rest of the band dressed in drag. Aside from its comical styling to its video this is a great little track and features a lovely guitar solo which combines Brian's guitar work along with a wonderful keyboard underlay to it.

      -The Show Must Go On-

      This song is obviously a reference to Freddie's failing health and his reluctance to accept it, and he certainly shows that his strength of vocal performance is as strong if not more powerful in this track than most of his previous songs. The songs music again is kept very simple allowing for Freddie to do just what he does best and that is to belt out those lyrics.

      -Bohemian Rhapsody-

      Well there was no way that you could ever have a Queen greatest hits album and not include this monster of a song within it. Of all the songs that I have ever heard I don't think there is a more instantly recognisable modern tune than this one, as it is one of those songs that virtually everyone has heard and will be able to at least sing along with some of it. The track itself contains almost every element present in any other Queen track, ranging from frantic piano and guitar playing through to stunning vocal harmonies and real heartfelt lyrics. Again this is one of those Queen songs that will instantly bring images to mind, however this time for me not of the band but of the truly fantastic piece from the movie Wayne's World where Mike Myers and Dana Carvey rock out to the song. All in all this song is a true classic of the modern age.


      I grew up listening to Queen, when I first heard one of their songs I instantly liked what I was hearing and I often watched their videos and I really admired Freddie Mercury and the way he preformed. He was a real showman and he knew how to entertain his audience, I remember strutting around the room imitating his moves and mannerisms while singing along. Their music is infectious and you will find it hard not to bop along to it.

      As far as greatest hits albums are concerned this album has it all, my only complaint is the fact that with so many great songs produced by the band during their career every one of my personal favourites have not been included on the album as such songs like Tie Your Mother Down and Breakthru which are absolute classics in my eyes do not feature. Despite this lack of a couple of my personal favourites this album will make a great addition to anyone's collection even those big Queen fans out there as it gives you pretty much all your favourites all on one little disc. You can truly sum this album up in just two words Absolute Greatest, (hmm that sounds like a good title for a greatest hits album.)

      ~For your listening pleasure~

      Here are a few links to some of my favourite tracks from this album.

      These are the Days of Our Lives: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRwG5LoSvwQ

      Bohemian Rhapsody: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VXc2eZtPN0

      Plus for those of you who are interested here is a link to the "fast version" of We Will Rock You


      (5th of September 1946 - 24th November 1991) RIP Freddy Mercury.


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        21.01.2010 22:42
        Very helpful



        A good Queen Mix

        Queen about the only taste in music that my Husband and I share so for long journeys a Queen Cd is an absolute must so upon seeing the "new" Queen greatest hits album my sister was despatched to purchase this.

        I am going to review the album because if you need any background to Queen then you are sadly very ignorant and need to go off and educate yourself immediately!

        I am always sceptical of hits albums as who says these are the greatest? I was pleased to find that this album features 20 Queen hits and these are
        1) We will Rock you
        2) We are the Champions
        3) Radio Ga Ga
        4) Another one bites the dust
        5) I want it all
        6) Crazy little thing called love
        7) A kind of magic
        8) Under Pressure
        9) One Vision
        10) You're my best friend
        11) Don't stop me now
        12) Killer Queen
        13) These are the Days of our live
        14) Who wants to Live forever
        15) Seven Seas of Rhye
        16) Heaven for Everyone
        17) Somebody to Love
        18) I want to break free
        19) The show must go on
        20) Bohemian Rhapsody

        ............We Will Rock You.....................
        I love this and this probably my immediate favourite Queen Song and I would say that it's the Clapping that really makes this song

        ..........We Are The Champions.......
        This Power Ballard is the song I would say is my least favourite of the album yet is one that is probably most well known and used a lot for sporting events

        ...............Radio Ga Ga ...................
        Five Minutes and 48 Seconds of pure undulated Magic I love this song this was written by Roger Taylor and I think it is genius and would be described as Synthpop I love the lyrics and would be one of my all time Queen Favourites.

        ............Another One Bites The Dust.................
        This Track is written by Bassist John Deacon and would be classified as Funk Rock and is Queen's best selling single and is instantly recognisable yet one I would happily skip however naturally it is my Husbands Favourite!

        .............I want It All..........
        Doesn't Everyone? This was written by Brian May and reached Number 2 on both sides of the pond this would be classed as Hard Rock but its just a great Queen track must be played loud! I love the middle of this song which becomes a Ballard before great Guitar.

        ............Crazy little thing Called Love....
        ........Written by the late great Freddie Mercury again classed as Rock and featuring a beat of Clapping to me this reminds me of Elvis imagine Elvis on Red bull with a rock Band another great one .

        ................A Kind Of Magic .........
        Well lets be fair all Queen songs are magic This song was written by Roger Taylor for the film Highlander and is haunting I am sure it is probably one of the most known songs but again not my personal favourite although I appreciate its amazing lyrics' and tone.

        ..............Under Pressure.............
        This features another Music great David Bowie and reached No 1 This is defiantly a Rock Classic and an absolute favourite I think the lyrics are great and David Bowie really adds to this song with him being more masculine and Freddie very high pitched in my view released today would be No 1 again.

        ................One Vision.......................
        Written by Roger Taylor and it is written about Martin Luther King and includes the "I have a dream" speech this is so clever and absolutely a Hard Rock song and could only be Queen.

        ..............You're my best friend.........
        This was written by John Deacon written for his wife and indeed was the first single he ever wrote more of a Ballard worthy of its place on a greatest album but not my favourite

        ..............Don't Stop Me Now................
        Written by Freddie Mercury and featuring him playing Piano and featuring multi harmonies this is a great rock track and one to be played loud " I am a satellite out of control,i'm a sex machine " brilliant go and listen to it!

        .............Killer Queen..............
        This has to be included as this was their breakthrough hit written by Freddie Mercury and would be described as Glam Rock this reached Number2 it's clever I like the lyrics' and its fun.

        ....................These Are The Days Of Our Lives............
        Written by Roger Taylor this was released in 1991 it is described as the simplest song written by Queen yet for me this is one of the most haunting songs because already Freddie was very Ill and the Lyric's bring tears to my eyes. And indeed this became number 1 after Freddie's death I reckon this will make you cry.

        ..............Who wants to live forever...........
        Written b y Brian May this is a haunting Power Ballard yet is also a Hard Rock song this was again written for the film Highlander and I like this for the changing vocal tones another great Queen song.

        .............Seven Seas of Rhye...............
        This is written by Freddie Mercury and is one of the bands very first hits classed as a hard Rock song I love the introduction it gets my feet tapping every time and throughout this is a fast paced song.

        ................Heaven for Everyone...........
        Written by Roger Taylor it begins with tinkling music and then starts softly and is a softer song again almost chilling.

        ..............Somebody to Love...............
        Written By Freddie Mercury this song is based on a gospel choir style and has complex vocals again reaching numer2 in the charts and featuring the magnificent Guitar of Brian May.

        ..............I Want To Break Free........
        Written by John Deacon this stayed in the charts for fifteen weeks this is a great pop rock song and the video to this song is also fab featuring the band dressed in drag doing the chores makes me laugh thinking about it I love this song and it is probably my best Queen song I love the intro the build up and the lyrics well its again one I will sing along with the hair brush!

        ...........The Show Must Go On.............
        And it does Queen will continue to gain new fans and although there are no new songs three decades of fabulous music but back to this song if you are not feeling chocked at the beginning then by the end this song which is the final song on the last album gets me with the underlying beat " my make up may be flaking but my smile still stays on" just in case you haven't figured this is about Freddie's imminent death.

        ..............Bohemian Rhapsody.............
        Probably the most famous of all Queens's songs and the most different song featuring Opera and Rock and also a Ballard having no chorus this song has been released twice and been no 1 for nine weeks and is a very different Rock song which isn't a rock song at all.

        ........... My Opinion.............
        My initial reaction on seeing this album was seriously they cannot need any money!
        However it is great to have an album that is a snapshot of the band and a brilliant gift for new fans equally for older well established Queen Fans and it is nice to have so many different songs on one album although my Husband moaned that this didn't have Fat Bottomed Girls on it!
        I feel that illustrated my point of who decides that these are the Absolute Greatest and really with so many to choose possibly these are the greatest in a snapshot.
        Go and buy available for 8.88 on Amazon which is a steal.


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          30.12.2009 17:22
          Very helpful



          1-CD format is invariably flawed but they do a good job

          Queen are such musical legends and their music has formed a cultural touchstone to so many events and so many other forms of media that quite arguably, one disc just isn't enough to do adequate service to the immortal band. Still, this is a solid CD that's got a broad appeal, from hardcore Queen fans to relative newcomers to the band. As a fairly big fan of Queen, I was satisfied with what's been included on here: nothing major is missed out, and a few lesser-known tracks have been included also for good measure.

          The power and rhythm of the music is great and unmistakable: most notable Brian May's superb guitar work, and of course, Freddie Mercury's astoundingly layered and unique vocal style. Queen purists might see the set as a bit of a crass cash-in, but it is at least one that's going to be the perfect introduction to the band for those who have only a passing interest in the band. There are other compliations, such as their authoritatively titled "Greatest Hits", and although they each have their good and bad points, this is probably the most consistently satisfying and also accessible one. It features all of the classics - the epic Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop Me Now, We Are the Champions, Killer Queen etc - although of course by not making this a 2-disc set, you are going to be omitting some great tunes, such as Fat Bottomed Girls.

          It's not the best that it could have been, but it's a great leaping off point for those that want to get into the band, and it is a fitting tribute to the larger than life band and the memory of their now deceased lead singer.


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          02.12.2009 19:01
          Very helpful



          I love it. Now I've passed this is not disapearing from my car for ages

          I'm slightly cheating here for this review, no, unlike some reviews on this site, I have held the product in my hand and I have actually used it. I got the CD for one of my friends for Christmas, and before wrapping it up, I decided to sneakily put it on my ITunes. I am so glad I am now as this album has all of my favourites.
          I'm not going to write a lot of fact about Queen here, it's a waste of time, if you want to know who Queen are and more about them, then check out Wiki for it.
          Sit back and I'm sure most of you can imagine each song as I write about them.
          Track 1: We Will Rock You

          We Will Rock You has to be one of Queen's most famous tracks to date, with a great stomping-clapping beat throughout, acapella vocals and that awesome guitar riff to end, it became the track to tell us all what Queen were really about. Mercury's vocals were on top form and Brian May who wrote this song, really wrote a classic and one that is known all over the world. The song is great for any occasion, I've ever found myself singing along to it, and attempting to dance to it at 3 in the morning at a club before.

          Rating: 9/10 (One of the best Queen songs and an instant classic with pretty much anyone that listens to it. It's been covered by many but they never managed to do just what Queen did)

          Track 2: We Are the Champions

          This without a doubt is my favourite Queen song out of the lot of them, it has everything, amazing lyrics, amazing vocals and the instrumentals and the way the song was produced is just why we all seem to love Queen and this track is the epitome of why Queen was so brilliant. For me the reason why We are The Champions is top on my list, is due to the brilliant lyrics written by Mr Freddie Mercury who did a tremendous job. Every time I hear this song, I always listen to the lyrics, they are truly stunning and they always get me singing along at the top of my voice, in fact I've just been told off for doing just that.

          Rating: 1 million out of a zillion. (Best song ever in my opinion by Queen, I know a lot disagree but for me, the lyrics and the awesome vocals blow me away each time I listen to it.)

          "I've taken my bows and my curtain calls, you brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it, I thank you all, but it's been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise, I consider it a challenge before all human race and I will never lose"

          Track 3: Radio Ga Ga

          I have to admit something embarrassing here, but I never really 'listened' to Radio Ga Ga until after that lad preformed it on X Factor, and now I really like it. I don't think it's the best Queen song and I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the verse within this song, it's not until the chorus hits in that I realise why it's so good. I have to say, even though it's not my favourite by Queen and I can't really put it in the same league as We Are The Champions but it's still an enjoyable song to listen to and one I'm sure which will be played a lot in my car. Another little fact, this was actually Queen's last single with Mercury apparently according to the mother, don't quote me on this however.

          Rating: 6/10 (The rating is in comparison to the rest of the album, if this track was on any other album it would be getting a 8 or a 9 out of 10 easily. It's not the best Queen track but it still rocks)

          Track 4: Another One Bites the Dust

          Written by the bass player John Deacon this like We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions is a classic Queen song. Apparently the reason this track was so famous and without this it probably wouldn't have been the song we know and love today is because Michael Jackson told Brian May and the rest of the band to release it as a single. I love this song, like Radio Ga Ga, it's not my favourite track, I love the fact it sounds almost acapella and Mercury's voice again like always is completely faultless with no problems at all.

          Rating: 6/10 (A great track from the wonderful band, one of their classics, it's not one of their best however)

          Track 5: DFS Advert

          Aka: I Want It All

          This is to see how many people notice this, I'm afraid this song was one of my favourites and now every time I hear it I see the blooming DFS. It is still one of the best and strongest tracks from the band, even with the advert running through my mind. Like Bohemian Rhapsody which is one of Queen's most famous tracks, I like this track because of the differences within the track, one minute you have the famous tune that goes with this song, and then it goes into a slow little bit which is more about the vocals, and then it goes into a very heavy part of the song. I don't think any other band could have put off putting almost three songs together but of course this is Queen, so you can't expect any less.

          Rating: 8/10 (One of the greatest tracks from Queen, since the DFS advert and it being replayed on every advert slot possible I've not been as big of a fan of it, but I still love it. You get the added brilliance of two vocals within this track which is always cool)

          Track 6: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

          Rating: 4/10 (A great song, but not my favourite Queen track, I don't ever get the feeling that this track belongs on this album, its more of an Elvis track than anything. It's not a bad song, but it's not my favourite)

          Track 7: A Kind of Magic

          Rating: 5/10 (A very good song, it is one of the weaker ones in my opinion of Queen tracks, but then it still rocks and it's still great. The bass line is brilliant and the lyrics from Roger Taylor are brilliant)

          Track 8: Under Pressure

          Under Pressure is possibly my second favourite track from Queen, this is the first song ever released where Queen collaborated with another artist. From the first few beats (which apparently have something to do with Vanilla Ice, but I have no idea what), you have a very simple and quiet beat and then it just gets straight into the brilliant song. With amazing lyrics, this is one of the best Queen songs by far, it's very catchy, the lyrics are amazing, and I dare you not to sing along to this at the top of your lungs if you hear it in the car or if you're on your own. Almost impossible.

          Rating: 9/10 (One of the best Queen songs ever, a very good track with brilliant lyrics and it's amazing that this track was a result of an impromptu recording session between Bowie and Queen. I love it.

          Track 9: One Vision

          Rating: 2/10 (It's a good track, however it's probably the only track so far that I will skip if it came on in the car. Not one of my favourites at all)

          Track 10: You're My Best Friend

          This song like the previous one isn't the best, but it is really beautiful. The song was written by John Deacon to his wife Veronica which I thought was lovely. This is one of the most beautiful songs from Queen and the lyrics are stunning. I think it's the only real love song (in my opinion) that Queen did. A perfect first dance song at the wedding in my opinion. I don't think the vocals in the song are the best and it doesn't have the same oomft as the rest of the Queen songs, and for me that is what doesn't make it perfect.

          Rating: 7/10 (A good track, a beautiful 'love' song, how nice is it that Deacon wrote it for his wife. A lovely song, not perfect as I prefer Queen when they're at their loudest)

          Track 11: Don't Stop Me Now

          I have spent many a nights in clubs singing along at the top of my voice to this track (We mainly go on Cheese night at our local club) and I still love it every time I listen to it. I think it is one of the best and one of the most recognizable Queen songs and it really is just pure brilliance. I now can't help but see the scene from Sean of the Dead when I listen to this song, and the beat just reminds me of them hitting a zombie. It really is an amazing song and the lyrics are very strong and are amazing if you can manage to sing every word of it.

          Rating: 10/10 (How the hell can Brian May not like this song? It's amazing and one of the best Queen songs)

          Track 12: Killer Queen

          3/10 (I haven't really heard much of this song, so my review of it won't be as good as the previous songs, it's one of the weakest Queen songs in my opinion, it never really gets anywhere near the brilliance of Don't Stop me Now etc)

          Track 13: These Are the Days of My Life

          To help me write this review, I'm using Last.fm just to get some facts about the songs to stop me from gushing how amazing they are, I was shocked that on the list this was number 47 I believe out of the top Queen songs. This is the last song released from the band with Freddie appearing in the video and singing the lead vocals before he lost his battle with Aids. It's one of my favourite Queen songs, it's got gorgeous simplistic lyrics and Freddie even though he must have been in a world of pain, sung it amazingly well.

          Rating: 9/10 (One of the best Queen songs, so simple, so beautifully sung and as it's the last song released from Queen with Mercury, it adds a lot more emotion to it.

          Track 14: Who Wants To Live Forever?

          The song was written by Brian May for the film Highlander, and the first verse is sung by Brian May before Mercury takes over for the remained of the song. If you listen to the version in the film, you will find yourself listening to a unique version, as it's completely sung by Mercury. I love this song, like quite a few of them, it's been blended into the background behind their more popular songs but this is stunning. I love everything about it, and it is one of the only songs from the band that actually gives me chills when I listen to it.

          Rating: 9/10 (A brilliant song, just pure brilliance, sung amazingly well and it does still give me chills every time I hear it)

          Track 15: Seven Seas of Rhye

          Rating: 1/10 (This is one of the weakest songs on the album, I don't remember listening to it before, but on my previous Queen review (platinum collection) I gave this track a 4/10 so I wasn't expecting much)

          Track 16: Heaven For Everyone

          Rating: 7/10 (I had not paid too much attention to this until a mate directed me to it a few weeks ago, and I love it now. Written by Roger Taylor it originally appeared on his album before joining Queen's Made In Heaven album. A very good song, beautifully sung and a great vocal from everyone involved)

          Track 17: Somebody To Love

          I have heard thousands of covers of this song, but you can't beat the original, like most of the tracks, a lot of technical ability in the studio went on, to create the gospel choir they multitracked their voices which creates that impression. Very talented to do this. I love this song, it is one of Queen's most powerful songs and it's got some of the best lyrics and of course the amazing guitar riff in the middle makes it even better.

          Rating: 9/10 (One of the best Queen songs ever, just truly powerful and very, very catchy)

          Track 18: I Want to Break Free

          It starts off sounding like you are going to hear a ballad, before the strong drum beat joins in. Written by John Deacon, this song has great meaning for me, as it's probably one of the only Queen videos that I've really watched. The parody of Corrie is brilliant and it works with this song and of course the song is just pure brilliance for Queen, with great lyrics, great riffs and amazing vocals, it's another very strong hit for the band.

          Rating: 8/10 (One of my favourites by a long shot, very strong and sounds brilliant on your speakers)

          Track 19: The Show Must Go On

          Like Who Wants to Live forever, this song really does give me chills, this song was primarily written by Brian May about the struggles and effort it took for his friend Freddie Mercury to keep performing throughout the 80's despite the fact that he was losing his battle each day to fight his illness. It is one of Queen's most emotive songs and for me, the lyrics are so powerful, so poignant and Freddie sings them with so much emotion that it is one of their best.

          Rating: 9/10 (A chilling song, the story behind it makes it even more chilling. So much emotion is delivered throughout Freddie's voice. Just amazing)

          Track 20: Bohemian Rhapsody

          This is one of the weirdest but most amazing 'pop/rock' songs to ever be created. It has no chorus, and consisted of what to me sounds like about 8 different songs joined together to create one masterpiece. I think this is a favourite among fans due to the fact that it is so amazingly complex, it has EVERYTHING that Queen are known for, all in one song. Just perfection, but for me, I do prefer others to it, so it's not going to get the 10/10 that you might expect from it.

          Rating: 9/10 (It is by far one of the best Queen has created, and it is one of the most enjoyable to listen to and it's a great way to end the album, however it is beaten by a few that I prefer, so it doesn't just get the highest marks for me)

          My Opinion

          Out of writing nearly 300 reviews now, I have written at least 100 music reviews and I have to say, this for me has been the most enjoyable one. It has taken me about a week to write, which is very unusual as I can usually get one done within an hour, but I kept on finding myself wanting to listen to the amazing music rather than write about it. Writing about it was very enjoyable, I like to include a bit of research in my reviews, so learning a bit about Queen was amazing.

          I am not Queen's 'biggest fan', I can't be, I've never owned a Queen CD, this one is no different, I brought this for a friend and cheekily copied the songs onto my computer before wrapping it up for Christmas. I do however, know most of the song lyrics and always stick on my Queen Playlist when I'm being made to tidy up or something along those lines.

          Is the album any good?

          I once reviewed the Queen Platinum collection, which was 3 CD's and had been stored in my mum's collection for years. I think from each CD only about 5 were very good, and those 'good' songs are the ones that they have put onto this album. There are still a few on this album that I would skip if they came on in the car.

          We had a man in the other day asking about the album, he said is it good for newbies to Queen as his son was loving Don't Stop Me Now, and I had a little think and in reality, that's who I think the album is aimed at. People like me, who love Queen, but prefer their most popular songs like Don't Stop Me Now, Under Pressure and We Are The Champions, and are not too keen on their more un commercial songs like Bicycle or whatever it's called.

          If you are a newbie to Queen, then this album is going to get you loving them, there are only a handful that I'm not too keen on, but the rest are amazing and for me, it really is a list of the most popular Queen songs. There has been some complaints that this isn't a greatest hits album as it doesn't include X or Y or so on, but no, it's not a greatest hits album, it's called Absolute Greatest, it's the 20 best songs from Queen and I think they did a magnificent job.

          I think the fact that you get 20 songs, allows these newbies to listen to the music and really enjoy their best work before getting to their less commercialised work. I think the fact that it's only one disk works brilliantly as well, I think anymore would put the people that this album is aimed at off.

          Final Opinion

          If you are a diehard fan of Queen and have all of their albums, there really is no point in buying this album, however if you are like me, and have one or two songs that you brought from ITunes on your laptop, then this is the perfect CD to make you realise what you are missing for not having the other 18 on your Itunes.

          For me this album is just perfect, I now have the entire collection I want, buying 'presents' and stealing the songs is brilliant idea. I would recommend buying this album though. You are paying full price for it now which is about £8.99, or if you come to where I work you'll be paying probably double that, bloody rip off.

          A great album, it's not really dedicated at diehard fans, its more for newbies or ones that only like the commercial stuff Queen produced (like me). If you like all that then you should love this album. It's a great listen and I've had a great time writing about it, it's been a lot of fun, as for once, I'm listening to pure brilliant music throughout the whole album. Please remember rating this album was very difficult as I was having to give out very low rates to songs which would generally be rated quite high due to the brilliance of the best on the album.

          A perfect Christmas present and I'm sure most of you will love this album.

          (C) Kirsty 2009

          Now a small question to you, you brilliant people who have taken the time to read my review, what is the BEST Queen Song in your eyes and why? I would love to know. Thank you. Kirsty


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 We Will Rock You
          2 We Are The Champions
          3 Radio Ga Ga
          4 Another One Bites The Dust
          5 I Want It All
          6 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
          7 Kind Of Magic, A
          8 Under Pressure
          9 One Vision
          10 You're My Best Friend
          11 Don't Stop Me Now
          12 Killer Queen
          13 These Are The Days Of Our Lives
          14 Who Wants To Live Forever
          15 Seven Seas Of Rhye
          16 Heaven For Everyone
          17 Somebody To Love
          18 I Want To Break Free
          19 Show Must Go On
          20 Bohemian Rhapsody

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