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Absolution - Muse

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    19 Reviews
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      26.05.2012 19:30
      Very helpful



      Muse at their best

      Muse's 3rd studio album, released in 2003 is, in my opinion, Muse's best album, combining their unique futuristic rock sound with a more mature finish. This album brought them into the mainstream and to the forefront of rock music at the time as well as starting their growth into the MP3 players of a wider audience.

      --Intro and Apocalypse Now --
      A short 23 second intro consistently of a building beat of big drums sets the tone for this album and what makes Muse's music so great, epicness. This leads straight into Apocalypse Now where the drums disappear but piano chords take control. Lead signer Matt Bellamy opening line is to "declare this an emergency" makes for a striking opener. His vocals soar in the chorus, showcasing his ability as a singer. A synth arpeggiator comes in at the breakdown before Matt uses his vocal range to soar over the synth and bring the song to a close.

      --Time Is Running Out--
      First single of the album and one of Muse's best ever songs, secondly only to Plug in Baby, Time is Running Out has a fantastic sing a long chorus. In the verse, drum beats and bassline combine effectively before the drums kick up a notch in the pre chorus and bring us back to the fantastic chorus.

      --Sing For Absolution--
      The first quieter song on the album, with a strong piano lead melody that Matt then beautifully sings over. At the 3 minute mark, his signature tone of heavy fuzz guitar comes in to contrast the piano and although a slow guitar solo, it works perfectly with this song.

      --Stockholm Syndrome--
      This song is one Muse's heaviest songs. It has a fantastic guitar riff to start followed by driving drums that make this an amazing live song. Another great guitar solo appears at the end but this time Matt shows off his great technical ability with fast guitar work. The term Stockholm Syndrome refers to a condition where some taken hostage becomes attracted to the people that took them hostage.

      --Falling Away With You--
      After the energy of Stockholm Syndrome, a breather is needed and this song provides that. Another slower song, without any fuzz guitar but instead arpegiated synth that Matt sings over and reaches one of the vocal pitch highs. This song is about heartbreak .

      The half way point in the album is divide by a40 second interlude which a melodic but heavily fuzzed guitar sings. This song is like the calm before a storm

      Starting off with one of the best basslines ever written this song is another superb song. This song is full of energy and features a fantastic guitar solo. One of the things I love about Muse is Matt Bellamy's ability to write fantastic guitar solos and riffs without having to use speed which means they are easy to learn and play along with.

      A combination of strings and acoustic guitar make this a slow but epic song. They work beautifully Matt's vocals. Half way through the song fuzz guitar comes in to raise the song to new heights. Any one who has seen this song live will now that although it at first does not jump out as one that will be great, is incredible.

      --Butterflies and Hurricanes--
      This song builds slowly but once it reaches it's climax it surprises you with not more guitar but a beautiful piano solo and Matt arpeggios up and down the keys .

      --The Small Print--
      Probably the worst song on the album with a slightly jarring opening guitar riff and least mature sound. To me this song would feel more at home on their previous album Origin Of Symmetry.

      A love song, this is where the album should stop in my opinion. I think the lyrically content and positive nature work well to contrast what has been an album of frustrated sounds and lyrics.

      --Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist--
      Although a good song, it sits uncomfortably between Muse's good slow songs and good energetic songs. Fast guitar riffs and a guitar solo return but don't work as well as on previous songs.

      --Ruled By Secrecy--
      The last track on the album is unsettling in its combination of synths and vocals and is another song that although good, doesn't match previous ones.

      Muse are an amazing live band, and built a reputation through their amazing live shows. In this album they have managed to capture some of the energy and epicness that they have live which makes for a great album.


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      22.09.2011 08:04
      Very helpful



      Third studio album from Muse

      As I've already stated in previous reviews, Muse are my absolute favourite band of all time. Absolution, released in 2001, was their third album, although it was the first one I bought, as it had several songs I recognised on it. I got into Muse at uni when the club I used to go to kept playing Plug In Baby (from Origin of Symmetry) and Time Is Running Out (from Absolution) and I realised I really liked these songs. I also had a friend who was really into Muse, who persuaded me that it was worth getting hold of their music. Muse is made up of Matt Bellamy on lead vocals, guitars and piano (who also wrote all the songs on this album), Chris Wolstenholme on bass, and Dominic Howard on drums.

      This album is even more ambitious, bigger and louder than its predecessor and many of the songs deal with apocalyptic themes. It was met with more success than the band's previous two albums, reaching Number 1 in the UK album chart.

      The aforementioned Time Is Running Out is one of my favourite Muse songs. It's on a par with Plug In Baby as an incredibly catchy rock song with a distinctive riff. Hearing this song live is amazing. Other fantastic songs that are incredible live include Hysteria and Stockholm Syndrome, another two songs that I absolutely love.

      The album includes three love songs, Sing for Absolution, Falling Away With You and Endlessly, which marks a bit of a change from their last album. These are lovely songs, particularly the former, which has haunting repetitive piano work. Despite the different kinds of song, however, the album hangs together really well as a whole.

      Muse have always been distinguished by their classical influences and use of piano and this really comes out on this album. Opening track Apocalypse Please uses piano to great effect and Blackout is a slow song with a very classical sound using strings alongside guitars. Butterflies and Hurricanes is an epic standout track that is often played live.

      Track Listing
      1. Apocalypse Please
      2. Time Is Running Out
      3. Sing for Absolution
      4. Stockholm Syndrome
      5. Falling Away With You
      6. Interlude
      7. Hysteria
      8. Blackout
      9. Butterflies and Hurricanes
      10. The Small Print
      11. Endlessly
      12. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
      13. Ruled by Secrecy

      Overall, this is a fantastic album. I love all of Muse's albums and would find it hard pressed to choose a favourite, but if someone put a gun to my head and forced me to choose then it would probably be this one. The album as a whole works really well and there are several standout tracks. Five stars from me, of course!


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      19.08.2011 17:05
      Very helpful



      Muse at their best!

      Absolution is the third studio album by Muse, the rock trio from Teignmouth, Devon. Their debut, 'Showbiz' made a strong impression, and the follow up, 'Origin of Symmetry' brought them more widespread acclaim. However, it was 'Absolution' which saw Muse really take off and become superstars.

      Following on from their previous successes, there was so much anticipation surrounding this release (especially from myself), and the band definitely delivered. They managed to create something which was distinctly 'Muse', but simultaneously was distinctly different from what they had done before. This is where Muse have succeeded on each album; they haven't really 'reinvented' themselves, but they have evolved and offered something fresh and new each time.

      Matt Bellamy, playing lead guitar and lead vocals, is an incredible front man, and his performance on this album is excellent as always. There are some fantastic piano pieces, with the clear influences of Rachmaninov and Chopin (which are frequent in the band's music) really coming to the fore again. This is particularly true in 'Butterflies and Hurricanes' and album-closer 'Ruled by Secrecy'.

      However, 'Absolution' is full of so many examples of the great skill and musicianship of both drummer Dominic Howard, and bassist Chris Wolstenholme. My particular highlights would be the brilliant drum rhythm which begins half-way through 'Time is Running Out', and the incredible bass lick on the intro to 'Hysteria' - Muse really are a trio of top quality creative musicians!

      'Absolution' is an album I can still listen to quite happily from start to finish, even having owned it since it was released in September 2003. The mood and style of the album is constantly shifting, and the songs flow well together. There are some real powerhouse songs driven by guitar and bass, some softer melodies, great piano work, and many rousing choruses. Here's the track listing:

      1. "Intro" (0:22)
      2. "Apocalypse Please" (4:12)
      3. "Time Is Running Out" (3:56)
      4. "Sing for Absolution" (4:54)
      5. "Stockholm Syndrome" (4:58)
      6. "Falling Away with You" (4:40)
      7. "Interlude" (0:37)
      8. "Hysteria" (3:47)
      9. "Blackout" (4:22)
      10. "Butterflies and Hurricanes" (5:01)
      11. "The Small Print" (3:28)
      12. "Endlessly" (3:49)
      13. "Thoughts of a Dying Atheist" (3:11)
      14. "Ruled by Secrecy" (4:54)

      It's difficult to pick stand out tracks on such a great album, but the first mention has to go to 'Time is Running Out'. I think this may have sat better towards the end of the album, but either way, it is without doubt one of the band's best songs. It's a staple of their live set, and incredibly popular with the fans, and one of the bets examples of the Muse sound.

      The album opener 'Apocalypse Please' is a powerful song with pounding rhythms which really makes you sit up and pay attention. With it's lyrics announcing "This is the end of the world" it works as a strong statement of intent for the rest of the album. 'Stockholm Syndrome' was released as an online-only single before the rest of the album, and is an intense, driving track with a great main riff. 'Blackout' is one of Muse's softest songs, which may not fit with many people's perception of the band, but I found it to be quite touching and emotional.

      All things considered, this is a rich and engrossing album from a band at the top of their game. You will be able to pick it up now for a bargain price, and I would thoroughly recommend it to every single person on the planet!


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      11.02.2011 10:42
      Very helpful



      One of the best albums out there

      The album to end all albums as it was said when this album was released and it's easy to see why, highly regarded as Muse's best album although their latest album Resistance has been heavily praised. Absolution covers fear, mistrust, and joy. The album consists of 14 tracks. This is Muse's 3rd studio album (4th if you include Hullabaloo B-side/Live CD) it's also the first of Muse's albums to be released in the USA.

      ------Intro------ 4/5
      The intro sets up this album perfectly a marching sound. The apocalypse is here.

      ------Apocalypse Please------ 5/5
      The piano and drum beat for this song is very powerful, especially when the lyrics kick in. You actually get a sense the end of he world is here, the song is occasionally broken up by a loop synth sound with some oooo's from Matt. I don't think Muse could have chosen any other song on this album to start with, a biblical track.

      ------Time Is Running Out------ 5/5
      A nice groove bass intro leads into Time Is Running Out with some clapping and clicking of the fingers. This song is probably the catchiest on the album in my opinion. As with many songs they can mean different things to different people, to me this song is about someone who tried to give up being a musician but they were to addicted and made the big time, then they ask themselves how it came to this.

      ------Sing for Absolution------ 5/5
      Eerie and uplifting are the words I would sue to describe this song. It starts with a piano piece with Matt singing very subtly before a uplifting guitar piece leads into the chorus which rises in volume and you sort of rise inside and feel the emotion of the song. After the chorus has been sung for a second time we lead into a heavy metal distorted guitar piece which is the pivotal moment of the uplift of this song. I think its right for this song to be named as the Album title as it defines all the other songs on the album, fear, forgiveness, joy, and mistrust.

      ------Stockholm Syndrome------ 5/5
      Inspired by System of a Down, Stockholm Syndrome is the most energetic song on this album, when you listen to this song its best to turn up the volume and prepare to be blown away. The drum beat is incredible and holds the piece together perfectly; the guitar and bass basically seem to play the same notes really fast until the chorus, which is lead into by a increase in volume and a repetitive deep bass sound, followed by a piano piece leading start back into the fast energetic riff. The guitar solo is pretty simple the same notes over and over but my god does it sound good. This song has many aspects which make Muse, Muse, the fast paced music , the piano pieces, the bass, drums, vocals all work together seamlessly to create a song which you will surely listen to again to make sure what you actually heard was real.

      ------Falling Away With You------ 4/5
      This song is one of the only song's Muse never play live, the song is basically a slow guitar piece with a synth being played through the chorus. The song is very deep in emotion to me its about breaking up with someone you love and trying to get over it by saying your lives have just began, but your falling away because of it like the person you love is.

      ------Interlude------ 3/5
      This is a very short heavily distorted guitar piece which leads into the next song.

      ------Hysteria------ 5/5
      The intro to this song is simply amazing and in my opinion one of the best bass riffs out there. The bass holds this song together no question about it. The drums and guitar are also awesome and hold the rhythm nicely. The guitar solo is amazing and one of my favourite guitar solo's by muse. The vocals on this song are slightly distorted which works well with the instrumental.

      ------Blackout------ 5/5
      One of Muse's classical pieces, I wish muse would make an album fully on classical music they are so adept at it. This song is very inspirational in my opinion and makes you question life. The song orchestral piece is fairly repetitive but it sounds amazing and is broken by a heavily distorted guitar playing the same tune as the orchestra eventually getting higher and higher pitched. When you listen to this song then Stockholm Syndrome you can really see Muse's versatility as musicians.

      ------Butterflies and Hurricanes------ 5/5
      Get ready to turn the volume again this song is piano and bass driven with some orchestral overlays. The song gradually builds up more and more until it reaches it peak which lasts until a small interlude. The small interlude in this song is an amazing piano solo with a violin before it slowly builds back up into ending on a blast of sound. I was never one who liked classical music until I started listening to Muse now I love it and I have many classical CD's. I would say it was this song which made me appreciate it a lot more mainly due to that piano solo.

      ------The Small Print------ 4/5
      A fast paced song with a great rhythm I love this song but I never find myself listening to it that often. When I do I ask myself why I don't listen to it more. I think that fact that it's a good song on a very good album has something to do with it, it's easily overlooked. I would describe this song as rock n roll it just has a big rock vibe; I love the guitar parts to this song in between the singing they are very unique and imaginative. I would recommend listening to this simply due to the fact it's a really good song which is overlooked so often.

      ------Endlessly------ 4/5
      I would say this song is sort of R&B style it's quite a repetitive song but its fairly addictive, it's a song I don't really listen to that often, however this is one of my friends favourite songs, he say's that the rhythm is catchy and the lyrics are amazing. I agree with it being a catchy song but I wouldn't say the lyrics are amazing.

      ------Thoughts of a Dying Atheist------ 5/5
      This is one of my favourite Muse songs, I love everything about it. The song gets you to question life and death. The vocals make this song in my opinion it is sung perfectly and the guitar solo is sensational. It's a song that seems to be quite often overlooked, Muse never seem to play it live since the Absolution tour which is a shame as I think its one of there best songs personally.

      ------Ruled by Secrecy------ 5/5
      My favourite song from this album, it's classical piano driven. The song is about everything that has happened in the past, everything that is happening now and everything that is going to happen in the future. There aren't too many lyrics in this song but they have a very deep meaning. One of the reasons I absolutely love his song is because of the vocals they are so eerie and send a shiver down my spine. The piano solo sounds simple but fits perfectly into this song. The album couldn't have ended on a better song it summarises the meaning of the album nicely.

      For those of you who haven't heard much or any Muse before I would recommend to listen to this album or The Resistance album. This album is certainly an album for all music lovers it would be a great asset to anyone's CD collection.


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        09.09.2010 14:58
        Very helpful



        14 songs of pure genius. A must have.

        Released in 2003 this is Muse's thrid studio album, and is regarded as their finest by many - including myself. This is pure rock goodness on a CD wih enough variety and scope to entice those who wouldn't usually listen to this type of music. This is end the world music - with style.

        This was the album that made Muse one of the best bands on the planet. They were knocking on the door with their previous albums but with this they crashed through it. every sounds is unique and makes for a variety of styles which few band can pull off.

        Hysteria and Stockholm Syndrome are standout tracks for me. With the bass on hysteria being one of the best bass lines ever written in my humble opinion. However there are so many good track on it that you will have different favourites. Whether its the beautiful melody of 'endlessly' or the groove of 'time is running out'. This gives the album a balence of heavy and light music.

        This is 14 songs of pure genius. A must have for any fan of good music and the album has something for everyone and any occasion - from chilled out to pure headbanging!


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        11.03.2010 01:36



        Listen to it

        Another great album by Muse! The last album by them that had some decent music in it. This album moves on from the previous album and adds more rcok style elements in. It features the hits: Hysteria, Time is Running Out and Stockholm Syndrome, all of which contain catchy guitar riffs.

        It also features: Sing for Absolution, Falling Away With You, Blackout and Butterflies & Hurricanes, a group of lighter slightly depressing songs.

        The last group of tracks on the album are all very similar to the music of Showbiz. The combination of these is perfect and makes a good album.

        I would say that this album is not one of their best, but much better than their two most recent albums and so if you are a fan of their older music, this album is for you.

        The album artwork is quite cool. A favourite track off of this album would most likely be either: Hysteria, because, even though it was played on the radio, it was their last song with a decent guitar riff in, or; Stockholm Syndrome, because once again, it features a really good guitar riff.

        Don't have too many high expectations of this album, its good but Muse have done better.


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        03.01.2010 14:32
        Very helpful




        Though perhaps not the success that Origin of Symmetry was, this is a great album and better than their recent The Resistance. Here are my favourites:

        Time is Running Out = by now a classic of their back catalogue, this song was a single and big hit at the time of its release. It is a thoroughly romantic song about the end of the world, with a superb bass line in particular, accompanied by Bellamy's typically stellar vocals.

        Stockholm Syndrome = another single and one of the best, this is a frenetic and trippy song that's one of the heaviest on the album. It builds to a stunning climax and has quite an otherwordly feel due to the frequent use of cymbal on the drums.

        Hysteria = probably the best track on the album, this song begins with a cracking bass line, building to excellent verse and chorus lines. Again, it is quite a romantic song, about love and obsession, with a very memorable music video in particular. Bellamy sings with intense passion and this is one of the best songs that Muse has ever written. It's a fun song to try and play yourself, but the bass is SERIOUSLY hard.

        Butterflies and Hurricanes = a slow-moving song that nevertheless has a lot going on in its sedate beginning sections, this eventually reaches a faster-moving verse that seems hopeless and frenetic, like an apocalypse. It isn't as great as the above tunes but it's very memorable and still very good.

        This is a superb album with plenty of now-seminal tracks for the band; it shows a certain growth in the band, both with regard to their creativity and also to their less-murky production quality.


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        04.11.2009 15:03



        Brilliant three piece create an album that literally buzzes.

        "Its time for something biblical" - Muse truly stand up to one of the opening lines of their apocalypse themed album.
        Muse are one of those bands that really do not understand subtle, and it is that that is their total charm. Opening with an intro involving footmarch soldiers, going into a song called apocalypse please, each song here represents an emotion, a feeling about the apocalypse that is surely coming to Earth, as Muse get paranoid for the world after the 9/11 attacks.

        Apocalypse please is a driving, upbeat anthemic beginning to the album, Bellamy's crashing piano chords sound like they're falling to Earth and nothing can stop them. Some brilliant drumming and bass work also mean that this sets the tone for the album with some panaché. Sliding into time is running out, one of Muse's most commercial songs, there is still an electrifying buzz around the song, helping to develop the paranoia feel, before dovetailing into Sing for Absolution, a song about one man begging for forgiveness before the worlds end. Stockholm Syndrome and Hysteria provide the majority of the 3-pieces rock staple on this album and are arguably Muse's two best heavy songs. The almost symphonic Butterflies and Hurricanes goes places you would never believe with swirling strings and piano, it is hard to imagine how a group of mid 20 year olds can create an album this full of paranoia, beauty and majesty. Long may it (and it has) continued.


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        01.10.2009 11:02
        Very helpful



        The third studio album from Devon three piece Muse

        In 2003 Muse returned with their third studio album at the top of the charts. The release of Absolution would be the moment the Devon three piece would really hit the big time. A year in the making, absolution wasn't just going to be another album and the band intended it to be the next step in their musical journey. Having been tipped as the next Radiohead, Muse were certainly trying to evolve and enhance their sound and it meant that like the album before it, this album would be an improvement on the last.

        With the success the band had achieved in building up a fan base with the first two albums they were looking for something to really kick things into life. The second album had peaked at No 3 in the British album charts and now lead singer Matt Bellamy, bass player Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard wanted to go a step further and get a number one. Linking up with producer Rich Costey, who has worked with the likes of Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters and Audioslave, they set about recording the new album. Splitting the recording process between London and LA they wanted to make music that would appeal to the masses and the result was this album, certainly the best of their 3 so far.

        This is an album that really started to cement Muse's places as one of the biggest rock bands in the world. As well as breaking into the UK album charts at number 1 the album was also their first to chart in America. It's fair to say that this album enhanced their sound, there are a few more samples used on a lot of the tracks but they aren't just used for the sake of it. Every sample seems to add something to the album, for instance on "Falling Away From You" there is a piano loop that is sampled and speed up just a little bit and combined with Bellamy's voice adds a real sense of atmosphere to the track.

        Over the years Muse have really proved that they don't just recreate the same sound over and over again and this album really seems to cement that. There is a more mature and adventurous sound to Bellamy's guitar playing. He seems to have moved on from the first two albums and used that knowledge and experience they have gained from touring to create an album with a more dramatic and edgier sound. The whole band have developed since the last album and the combinations of the guitars, bass and drums seems to be in almost perfect harmony. You can tell listening to them musically they are all very talented but the real backbone of this album stems from their ability to combine their talents and create something that sounds great.

        For me this is the album where Muse really started to break the shackles of the old Radiohead comparison. On previous albums I think there was something in it, but with Absolution they seems to destroy that theory with some particularly stunning tracks. Throughout the album there are tracks like "Hysteria" and "Stockholm Syndrome" that really show how far Bellamy's vocals have come from that debut album. His vocals seem to have improved with each album to the point where, his vocals seem to blend majestically into the songs.

        It's an album that really signalled the intent of what was to come from Muse. There is a good mixture of tracks with some heavier rock numbers blended and toned down by some slower more emotional tracks like "Butterflies and Hurricanes". It's probably the first album by the band that I've loved from first listen and I think that really highlights the progress they had made. The first two albums had a couple of weaker tracks that were skipped the first two or three listens but not Absolution. The time spent making this album seems to have been used incredibly well and shows the band for what they really are, three incredibly talented musicians who were destined for much bigger things.

        Overall I can't rate this album highly enough. It's one of those that once it's in your CD player you almost feel guilty taking it back out again. If you like anything you've heard by Muse then you'll love this album. With the newer tracks this is really the turning point for the band that got them to where they are today.

        Amazon: £4.98
        Amazon Marketplace: £3.25
        ITunes: £4.99


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          16.08.2009 17:07
          Very helpful



          Great purchase no matter what your musical tastes!

          This is the album that started it all of for me with MUSE. I had a piano lesson and my teacher recommended i checked out this album, after playing just a few bars of one of the pieces on the album i was intrigued! So it hit my christmas wish list.

          I sat and just listened to the album all the way through without skipping any tracks and it was easy to hear quickly that MUSE are one of the few bands these days that are completely unique.

          When listening to this album you will quickly discover that underneath the music is also a story which flows from track to track.

          1.) Intro

          A very short introduction into the second track of the album but the swelling stamping you hear quickly draws your attention!

          2.) Apocalypse Please

          The first song of the album, a hard hitting rhythmical song with hard hitting percussion and piano chords. This song describes as some of the lyrics say 'the end of the world' a great balance of hard hitting piano in the verses as well as soft synth parts in the chorus.

          3.) Time Is Running Out

          The song starts with a simple repeating bass line which is then layered upon with drums, vocals and then a solid wall of sound for the chorus, matthew bellamy (lead vocals, guitarist) really shows his vocal talent within this song. This track is a perfect example of how a 3 member band can make the equivalent sound of a symphonic orchestra!

          4.) Sing For Absolution

          The first 'mellow' song to be heard on the album, starting with a dreamy piano melody, the track is gently built up and up towards the huge solo/outro section at the end.

          5.) Stockholme Syndrome

          In my opinion, the heaviest song of the album! Starting straight away with a heavy distorted guitar riff to be shortly accompanied with hard hitting bass line and drums. Again another example of how just the three of the bands members can produce such a big sound!

          6.) Falling away with you

          The 'love song' of the album, a very laid back and mellow song consisting of many soft textures such as percussion and acoustic guitars. This song will grab your attention and leave you relaxed while you take in the heart warming lyrics of the song.

          7.) Interlude

          Another short 'intro' this time into the bands hit 'Hysteria' a simple 2 track guitar melody playing harmonies against each other.

          8.) Hysteria

          If you have not heard this song yet then you will have probably heard it from any bassist you know! it tends to be the first song most of them play when trying out a new bass or warming up! The bass line is the core of this huge sounding track! This track with its very tight drums and octave guitars will have you head banging like never before! Probably my most favourite track on the album and one i would recommend to everyone!

          9.) Blackout

          This is a bit of a change from what you will have heard on the rest of the album, very few layers in this song to give it is very mellow texture. It is the only song of the album which is string based. To be only joined with a soft swung drum beat and sliding backing vocals. Even when the solo comes in towards the end, teh song still maintains is laid back feel but will grab your attention and make you put the song on loop!

          10.) Butterflies and hurricanes

          In my opinion, the most musically diverse song of the album, this song incorporates all the little elements you will have heard before such as classical strings and piano alongside hard hitting guitars and vocals. The song goes through many phases where different parts of these elements are more prominent. definently worth a listen!

          11.) The small print

          When you listen to this song you can instantly pick up the delicate influences of dance, while taking minor elements of this genre the band have managed to adapt it into a hard hitting rock track built up of lots of small guitar motifs with tight rhythmical backings

          12.) Thoughts of a dying athiest

          The title alone got me on this track! What does a person who has no religious beliefs think when they are dying? very powerful stuff and just goes to show the time and thought that has been put into this album!

          The album so far has been hard hitting and powerful and this final track is no exception! Beginning straight away with a complex guitar part as well as powerful vocals at the same time, it is really only when you see the band perform this song live that you can fully appreciate the talent of Matthew Bellamy being able to multi-task like this!


          Overall i would recommend this album to absolutely everyone! As i said i hadn't really even heard of this band up till hearing this album but they have quickly become my favourite band and i have since purchased all of their others albums and look forward to their new one on the way!

          Go buy this album and you will not regret it i promise!


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          18.06.2009 22:15
          Very helpful



          An amazing collection of songs, if not an amazing album.

          Absolution is the 3rd studio album to be released from the British Alternative Rock trio Muse. I first learned of Muse through the album of Absolution, an old school friend brought it into school and I was blown away. It was something truly special and I was surprised how they had evaded me for all these year. Now, i'm not sur eif this is Muse's best album, but that would be a pretty superb feat considering the brilliance of their other 2 albums preceding this, but it is without a doubt a stunning album.

          I have to say, listening to this album first time through one might think "What thehell is this intro for" because there is a quite unnecessary intro to the album, that I still don't get. But you soon forgive the trio, as it kicks into Apocalypse Please. Matt Bellamy's voice has become synonymous with lyrics associated with grief over the years, with the main exception being Feeling Good, and this song is no exception. The lyrics in the song are beautifully written but painfully depressing, and this is Muse's style, and we love it. The music itself is slightly less heavy than some songs in other albums but quite aggressive in parts, with hammering piano sounds, rolling drumbeats and crashing cymbals. It's a very good way to start off the album and by the end you've all but forgotten the unnecessary intro.

          The first single on the album, Time Is Running Out, is up next. It is obviously created for commercial purposes, with some catchy clapping and finger snapping. It's a very well written song to catch attention from the public, however, this isn't saying it's a bad song because it was created with commercial purposes in their minds, it's actually very good, a different song than we are used to hearing from Muse.

          Sing For Absolution provides us with one of the best songs on the album and a quite evident link back to the Muse of old. It is quite a relaxing song altogether with great lyrics and nice music. Near the end all this pent up aggression Matt Bellamy is used to utilising in his song is released for the final minute of the song with some wailing guitars, more crashing cymbals and emotional vocals. One of the stand out songs on the album.

          Stockholm Syndrome takes us back to the heavy, hard rock elements of previous Muse elements with it's downtuned guitars and complex drum patterns. The verses are filled with fast drumbeats and faster guitar riffs before it kicks into the chorus where it becomes slower, louder and heavier with some very emotive vocals from Matt Bellamy. Another great song on this, so far, great album.

          Falling Away With You completely changes the mood of the album after the last frantic and heavy song. This song begins with some beautifully written acoustic guitar chords and Bellamy singing beautifully softly. It picks up the pace a bit after a minute or so, but it never gets anywhere near as frantic as Stockholm Syndrome. Another of teh stand out tracks on this album with very well written music, a beautiful melancholic set of lyrics sung amazingly by Bellamy.

          The Interlude between this and their next single, Hysteria, is also a bit unnecessary but again, we soon forgive them when that amazing first riff of Hysteria kicks in. This is much less commercial than the first single, Time Is Running Out, with it's downtuned guitars and heavy sound. It's a great song with a very fitting video to go with it. The solo in the middle of it is also very good. You can feel the anger that is meant to be portrayed when the chorus kicks in before breaking down into a wonderfully frantic guitar solo. Another of the stand out tracks, at this rate every song on the album will be stand out.

          Blackout takes us back to a ballad-esque song with a very sombre feel to the whole song. Very slow drumbeats, melodic, sad vocals and lyrics and an overall slow tempo to the song. It's a much needed break after Hysteria, but I can't help but feel Muse could have structured this album a bit better, with it constantly going from fast, heavy, frantic songs to slow, sombre, melodic songs.

          Butterflies and Hurricanes is, as you can guess by the title, about consequences to our actions. A butterfly beating it's wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the World, is the metaphor it's referring to. It's a slow start to the song before breaking into a faster paced song. This song seems heabily vocal and lyrics based, with them being obviously louder than the music in the background. This is no bad thing because the lyrics in this song are very relevant to today's world and are very well written.

          The Small Print, or TSP, continues in the fast paced, heavier vein of the last song, with the verses being filled with faster paced drum patterns before slowing down and becoming heavier in the chorus. The chorus to this song is amazing in my opinion, it's musically great, the verses are nothing special compared to the rest of the album but the lyrics are great as always.

          And back down to the other end of the spectrum with Endlessly, another ballad like song. This song is reminiscent of a few songs ago with Blackout. More slow drummbeats, soft, melodic vocals and depressingly beautiful lyrics. They truly are heartcrushing lyrics but you can't help but love them because of the way they are written and sung.

          Thoughts of a Dying Atheist lifts our spirits a bit with slightly less depressing lyrics and a more upbeat musical style. It's back to the heavy stuff again after Muse's standard momentary lapse into ballad form. This is another very good song, to go along with the rest of them really. Lyrics are pretty average for Muse but musically it's great, with a brilliant solo thrown in there.

          We end our musical journey with Ruled By Secrecy, and we move down on our "Up and Down Rollercoaster" of an album, with another slip into soft, ballad form. There are some great lyrics here and it says goodbye to the album in a fitting way, depressing lyrics,great vocals and great lyrics.

          Overall, this an absolutely brilliant album, with Matt Bellamy producing some outstanding vocal work with great lyrics, if a little depressing. The main problem I have with it is that it's not so much of a great album, but more a collection of great songs lumped together with little, if any thought. The constant up and down nature of the album makes it a little hard to listen to, one minute you're listening to heavy, downtuned guitars with vocals laced with angriness, the next it's acoustic chords overlain with beautifully soft, melancholic lyrics, then you're back again. This is why this is only getting 4*, if this was structured in a better way it would be, without a doubt a 5*album.


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            21.05.2009 22:09




            This has to be in my opinion the best album muse have produced to date. A significant improvement on its predecessor Origin of Symmetry in terms of both depth and quality. If you are to own only one muse album this should most certainly be it. No other band today provides such grandiose and exhilarating guitar riffs, and all this is driven by exceptional bass and drums from Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard. This is most apparent in the dramatic "hysteria" in my opinion the best song on the album with its massive bass riff and classic chorus. Matt Bellamy's interest in romantic piano composers is very much apparent in this album none more so than on the track 'Butterflies And Hurricanes', the dramatic and extravagant music of Rachmaninov captured beautifully by muse. Muse also demonstrate on this album that they can do mellow in beautiful fashion with tracks such as endlessly and falling away with you. People have often drawn parallels with muse and other great bands such as Radiohead or Queen, but this album clear shows a distinct and unique style played with incredible energy that is not quite like any other band out there.


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            31.01.2009 22:31
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Muse's finest moment?

            Titanic post Prog-rock band Muse reach new height with Absolution, track by track....

            1. Intro
            There's not alot to rate so I haven't, its a nice intro to Apocalypse please but does it really need to be a seperate track?

            2. Apocalypse Please *****
            The judgement day lyrics focuses the beautifully suspencious (is that word!?) backing, I love the breakdowns. Matt has literally a huge vocal range and he shows it off at every possible point.

            3. Time Is Running Out *****
            Probably the song that people will have heard off of the album, its a song that really does build, Muse seem to pull off the cleanly distorted sound perfectly. The chorus is immensely catchy, vocal themes are pretty consistent throughout the album so don't expect alot said on them.

            4. Sing For Absolution ****
            Matt Bellamy is a classically trained pianist and so you have to expect him to make use of this. It's a beautiful ballad, just perhaps not my cup of tea.

            5. Stockholm Syndrome *****
            One of my favourites, it knows where its going straight from the start, a real rocker, you can definitely hear the influence of some harder rock bands in there but there is more melody. Who ever produced this did a brilliant job, everything fits seemlessly.

            6. Falling Away With You ****
            Loud-Quiet mentality structure, its a great balladesque song in the undeniable Muse styling.

            7. Interlude

            8. Hysteria *****
            Another great track, Muse really do the rockers great, I think it would be a very bad move for Muse to put down the guitars on the next album. Take note also, not only is Matt a great vocalist he's an unbelievable guitarist.

            9. Blackout ***
            If you can't tell already I'm not really a fan of the Ballad-y tracks, I can appreciate them but they're not really my cup of tea.

            10. Butterflies and Hurricanes *****
            A great building song, this song comes dangerously close to a concept album in the lyrics, dangerously and I am not a fan of concept albums. The piano at the end is a personal highlight.

            11. The Small Print *****
            This is just great, non stop start to finish. Very simple but I'm a sucker for simplicity. Loud guitar and thundering drums. Anything else?

            12. Endlessly ***
            Another one of those quieter songs. Very repetitive keyboard part.

            13. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist *****
            Another favourite, Pixie-esque loud-quiet, with an absolutely brilliant guitar solo.

            14. Ruled By Secrecy ***
            Just don't get it, I can't review it. :)

            If it wasn't for the ballads that I don't really like it would have been 5 stars.
            Muse are a really great band. They are all brilliant musicians and there are only three of them! Obviously it's impossible not to compare them to Radiohead but who cares, I like Muse and Radiohead for different reasons.
            Also Muse would be a great band to see live, apparently.


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              29.07.2008 23:25
              Very helpful



              Good album, worth a listen.

              Following on from Abbey Road I reach my next album that I own, it isn't very much further through the alphabet and is Absolution by Muse (this is going to take a long while to get to Ziggy Stardust).

              Muse in the early days were often compared to Radiohead, though have since outgrown this, partly due to Radiohead's rather odd change of style (I saw them the other week at Rock Werchter and it was a bit strange). Muse have their own style of music which is apparantly called New Prog, though as this makes no sense to most people I like to think of it as Alternative Rock. Absolution is their 3rd album though I don't actually own their 1st, despite owning 4 others. Muse are a 3 piece band consisting of Matt Bellamy who mainly does lead vocals, lead guitar and keyboard (busy guy), then there is Chris Wolstenholme (Bassist and backup singer) and Dominic Howard (Drums). This albums spawned 6 singles, 4 of which made it into the top 20 of the Official singles chart, the other 2 were download only.

              Onto the album then...

              First track is a short 20 second Intro which gradually builds up the sound of people marching, which leads into the next track.

              Apocalypse Now (I mean Apocalypse Please), is the 2nd track and introduces the upbeat lyrics "This is the end of the world". The song starts with some thumping piano in the same beat as the marching. It also introduces Matt's powerful high end range, similar to Thom Yorke (Radiohead), it's a good song to start the album off properly and the thumping piano works well with the vocals. 8/10 (There's better tracks to come)

              Time is running out (quickly get on with writing this review), is one of 3 songs on this album that end up getting 10/10. I love this song, the chorus builds up into something that you have to rock to (ROCK!!!), some great drums and heavy guitar sounds along with some more great vocals at all ends of the scales, quiet to loud, soft to powerful, and of course low to high. It was the first fully available single and understandably so. 10/10

              Sing for Absolution is another great song with lots of high pitch singing from Matt. There's a great guitar solo starting after about 3 minutes and the last 2 minutes of the song are much heavier than the first 3 which until the solo are quiet restrained and gentle. 10/10

              Stockholm Syndrome is 3 seconds shy of being the longest song on this album (I only say this as I read the most recent review on here that said it was a short song...?). This is a great guitar song, which is reflected brilliantly in the fact that it's available for Guitar Hero 3 (which is a great game, to be reviewed at some point). I'd love to learn to play the guitar properly so I could learn to play this and Knights of Cydonia. Rock on! 8/10

              Track 6 takes the Rock down a level with the track "Falling away with you", it's also the first non-single track since track 1. This is a weaker song of course but by being less heavy does give the band a chance to show they can do something other than heavy and shouty. Though obviosuly there is a bit. 7/10

              The next track is an interlude (skip it), and then you get...

              Hysteria (always gets a massive cheer when you hear it played live), as it's instantly recognisable from the outset and then really kicks in after about 20 seconds. Another great rocky head banging chorus, and one you can definitely sing along to (not always easy with Muse). 10/10

              Well thats the end of what I consider the good stuff, there's 6 more songs that take up the next 25 minutes. But anyway on with the review.

              Blackout is first and is ok, there's some fairly solo singing from Matt at the start where he is accompanied by some light cymbal tapping and a bit of strings. This carries on throughout but builds up gradually until the end where it fades out again. 6/10

              Butterflies and Hurricanes, is of course about the Butterfly effect and how you doing a small thing can "change the world". Listening to it, I realise it's better than I gave it credit for. It's another single off the album, though it was the 6th and final one from the album. There's a brilliant piano solo in this song after about 3 minutes, which I like being than I can play the piano well, I'll have to get hold of a Muse Piano book I think. 7/10

              Tsp (The small print) is the next song and begins with some heavy drumming at a fairly high pace, the singing then kicks in and this feels a lot faster than anything before it (If I had a metronome I'd try and prove it, but I have better things to do). It's a decent song, it's the shortest proper song on the album so if you don't like it then there's not too long to wait, but it keeps going right till the end. 6/10

              Endlessly is the 12th song on an album that is apparantly only 52 minutes, but feels longer, in a good way. It's about endless love, so a bit more happy than the end of the world. 6/10

              Thoughts of a Dying Atheist is track 13 and is another decent song, maybe I haven't listened to it enough though. Looking on I tunes, tracks 12-14 i've only listened to once ever, compare this to track 3 which has had 18 listens. It's actually quite good as a song, but not a single. 7/10

              Ruled by secrecy is the final track and is a touch disappointing, there's some high pitched singing going on but unlike every other song that I could hear over my typing I can't make out much of the first couple of minutes lyrics. The piano kicks in after about 3 minutes and this feels like a good song that he enjoyed playing but maybe couldn't decide what to sing about. 6/10.


              So that's it for album number 2 in my collection. It's another good album (obviously). I hadn't really considered buying any Muse albums at all until about a year ago when I just randomly decided to download a couple of tracks to see what I thought. Luckily I downloaded Sing for Absolution and I was sold. It's a good album although the first half is far too strong for the second half not to sometimes want to be skipped, so that you can start over again.


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                09.01.2006 01:11
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                An epic concept album to admire, a brilliant musical feat

                For their third studio album in the fall of 2003, Muse entered brave new territory with the heralded "Absolution" release. Their previous two works had seen them take on a huge fanbase in Europe and it was always going to be a tough task to top the magnificent Origin of Symmetry LP. Have they done it? The jury is undecided. Regardless, the jury is still delighted with a complete sounding record and some fantastic operatic songs of extraordinary proportian. This is Muse cranked up to their eccentric best. Critics and fans alike have absolutely devoured the latest works from Bellamy and co.

                It all started so very differently. The release of Showbiz saw the Devon trio cop the unenviable tag which so many bands have received in the wake of their first album; Radiohead II. While it may be a privilege to be compared to such an accomplished act, such an anecdote has been thrown out so often by the media that it's become a mere statement of everything we've seen before. Admittedly, there may be more than a hint of Yorke-esque wailing to Bellamy's tone, but the music that Muse have produced with Absolution is very much an artifact of their own abstract talent. Never has an album cover name been more appropriate. This is absolution.

                Muse have blossomed over the last couple of years. They've been on the circuits for a relatively long time, but as performers in their mid twenties, we can hopefully look forward to bigger and better things. That said, the band will have considerable difficulty producing anything that sounds bigger than Absolution. Finding their niche quite clearly, this is one of the most exhilirating rock records of recent years. It makes just about everything in its wake look tiny in comparison to the gigantic riffs and chaotic choruses of impending doom. Bellamy is a song writer in the British mould. In person, he looks like a mad scientist. Twitching and convulsing with frighteneing vigour. For those of you who have yet to see Muse play live, you're missing out on a mind blowing experience. Bellamy, in particular, skips from instrument to instrument, racking up sound that you simply wouldn't believe possible from a three piece band.

                Dom is a master on the drums, and he gets the chance to shine in Absolution. Chris is as good a bass player as you're going to find in mainstream bands. Just watch his fingers rushing to the next note frenetically in the opening of Hysteria and you'll see for yourself.This is an album which doesn't just pass you by; it drags you through an epic hour of thrills and spills, highs and lows. And through it all, the theme is obviously. Muse are obsessed with the world ending, armies taking power and they do their utmost to leech every last drop of post-9/11 anxiety in to their music. "Come on, it's time we saw a miracle. It's time for something biblical." pleads Bellamy as the album roars in to life amid the sound of marching troops. Perhaps a fitting sign. While Absolution may not quite fit in to the realms of biblical folklore, it certainly is a once in a lifetime experience.

                Apocalypse Please - ( Declare this an emergency / Come on and spread a sense of urgency ) - 7.5/10

                The sound of a marching army grows louder and Bellamy blasts us in to the stratosphere with the drumming of his toy piano. "This is the end." he screams before the album has even finished it's first track. He really means it. We're introduced to Absolution with a hint of desperation that tells us immediately where Muse's intentions lie. They're as paranoid as ever and they produce such a ferocious sound that you're instantly elslaved to Bellamy's tortured screams. The chorus is uneducated by effective. Not a spectacular song in its own right, but by the nature of the album, it slots in perfectly. It simply wouldn't work anywhere else on the record.

                Matt: "There's been this religious fear in the air the last few years, a belief that religion could cause wars. … I'm not a religious person myself. But I wanted to put the mood into words, and I used the words of a religious fanatic.''

                Time Is Running Out - ( You can't push it underground / You can't stop it screaming out ) - 9/10

                The media's darling song. TIRO received a great deal of acclaim for it's poppy catches and lively chorus. It managed to heave itself a sixable share of play on the music stations, but it remains one of the less intricate works on the album. You get the feeling that as the first single, the band added this to try and spread their fanbase across to American shores. It's not particular heavy, it's a perfect little radio tune. While i have no problem with variation, i'm certainly glad that the rest of the album shies away from mainstream hooks and extras. Whatever the motives behind the song, it does what it says on the tin. A rip-roaring chorus which is guaranteed to please the ear after the deluded opener.

                Chris: "Time Is Running Out is one of those songs that is one of the most popular on the album. It was the first single and if there was a pop song that we have written that would be it. It was our first single in America and it was the first song a lot of people would have heard from the radio. It is one of those songs that has to be in the set. It is a key moment in the set and has to be there anyway".

                Sing For Absolution - ( Lips are turning blue / A kiss that can't renew / I only dream of you / My beautiful ) - 8/10

                An experimental song on a record where experiment is the name of the game. The sound is spooked and chilling with vocal distortian and haunting vocals from a ghost-like Bellamy. The song is a lot slower than most of the rest and it has a more measured approach where you're finally able to predict the next line. Some seductive lyrics make this a particularly memorable listen and the chorus oozes to life as Matt falsettos his way in to a pining cry of falling from our grace. By the end of the track, chaos has been unleashed. Heavy clattering guitars crash down on the parade and threaten to tear up your ear drums as Bellamy finally loses the plot and ascends in to a torrent of noise. Certainly an interesting song, with a great video. I personally prefer the Muse of OOS where roaring riffs were the preffered norm, but this is still a captivating product.

                Matt: "There is something oppressive in this song, with a gothic sound. The couplets speak about some kind of a dead relationship or something like that. There was a big improvisation part. Making music or singing for me is an act of exploring absolution. In fact, this is my own personal way of finding a way to understand myself, to understand all the confusing elements about me, those things that scared me and reappear suddenly of this song."

                Stockholm Syndrome - ( This is the last time i'll abandon you / And this is the last time i'll forget you ) 10/10

                Vintage Muse. Just when you begin to wonder whether they've said a lasting goodbye to the booming sounds of Origin, they come back with a rip-roarer of a rock song which tears apart just about everything you compare it to. Phenomenal riffs and incredible usage of the guitars make this an almighty track to be reckoned with. The chorus is perfect for the expansive festivals which Muse have made their own and there are a couple of solo guitar jams which will blow your mind. Bellamy wails and screams, continuing the vision of a dystopian world where the skies are falling in. The drums crash, the backing vocals harmonize perfectly and you're left with a hair raising anthem worth the price of the album on its own. One of Muse's finest tracks to date.

                Chris: "Ever since we have been touring Absolution we have been ending on that song pretty much every gig. It is just a blistering rock track. Wherever you are in the arena it just has this catchy kind of rock riffs that even if you don't like it, it just turns heads".

                Falling Away With You - ( I'll love whatever you become / And forget the reckless things we've done ) - 7/10

                A tender song in the middle of a battlefield. Gentle strings open this track beautifully as Bellamy sings rather than screams. I don't particularly like the bland chorus but the build-up to it is excuisite, showcasing the softer side of Muse which was evident in the ballads of "Falling Down" and "Unintended" on Showbiz. The meaning of the song is sad and reflective, the complete opposite of falling in love. Ever felt yourself slowly detaching yourself from a love which you once held so passionately? "Promise to hold you close and pray, watching the fantasies decay, and all of the love we threw away." ponders Bellamy, before launching himself in to another viciously rewarding stretch of the vocal cords with a falsetto chorus. Anothe rinteresting song for Muse, unlike anything they've produced before, but not particularly memorable. A shame considering the lyrics are beautiful.

                Matt: I don’t know why this song is tender, with this harmony that accords with the guitar. The song handles about the difficulty of recalling the good or the bad moments. Your memory selects certain moments of your life and switches them. What makes you have pain to do things of going forward
                It’s probably a good thing to forget certain moments

                An interlude follows before we skip in to the second part of the album.

                Hysteria - ( I want it now / Give me your heart and soul ) - 9.5/10

                Another track which roars to life with the clatter of guitars being plucked wildly and an incredible bass opening by Chris. This is another of the media friendly songs on the album, it's been utilized in several other mainstream industries - a testament to it's instant catchiness and ability to drag you to your feet. The riffs are spectacular and Bellamy is at his blistering best with verses of apathy before a blood boiling chorus. He tears in to the guitar and provides another vintage solo through the middle of the track. This is one of the songs that you recommend to somebody who's new to Muse. It's an instant grower and a fantastic piece of music in its own right. Always reminds me of Plug In Baby from OOC.

                Chris: "Hysteria was the second single we did in the UK [from Absolution] and I also think it is the next single that is going to be released in America. We always felt with that track was that it was very good track to open a gig with. It is just one of those tracks that is a simple song but has an immediate effect. It was one of those tracks that grabs attention from people. I think for that reason we chose to open the set with that. It is just a good, rocking track".

                Blackout - ( Don't kid yourself / And don't fool yourself / This life could be the last ) - 9/10

                A beautiful slow track which fizzes from the speakers as Bellamy mourns our own stupidity. I can depict a lot of religious overtones through the lyrics, a displeasure at the way we attach ourselves to the great hope of "something else". Bellamy insists that this life is indeed the last, and that we're all growing up too fast. Excellent song writing with a slightly melancholy feel to it, as if Muse have found their niche and they're pretty damn proud of themselves for it. Just when you think the track is going to explode in to another mish-mash of riffs and catches, it continues in to another emphatic yet gentle plea from Matt not to kid ourselves. One of my personal favorite songs on the album, for it's meaning alone. It also provideds a much needed break from the ear shattering volume of the previous hysteria.

                Matt: "The arrangements make you really think of a BO adventure movie. I listen a bit to classical music of the beginning 20th century. Prokofiev, Rachmaninov and Debussy. The style of those people have a lot of influence on the composers of films who mix it with traditional music on the place where the action happens. The music like the movie of Indiana Jones are very inspired on composers like Prokofiev and Rachmaninov. The traditional Egyptian music or North African music has influenced a lot of superb pieces."

                Butterflies and Hurricanes - ( Fights and battles have begun / Revenge will surely come / Your hard times are ahead ) - 10/10

                An epic masterpiece and the standout track on the album for me personally. Words can't express the majestic sound which Muse have concocted with this stunner of a song. It steals a trick from "Citizen Erased" and divides the song in to seperate sections, very much following the Radiohead formula but churning out an absolute gem. Bellamy's voice creeps in at a barely audible volume, but it soon ascends in an instantly catching bridge towards what's almost an unbreakable chorus. The sound is huge. Just about every instrument that could make a noise does in the six minutes that Butterflies and Hurricanes occupies your speakers for. Bellamy controls the guitar before skipping to the keyboard and mesmorising with a Rachmaninov-esque interlude where he literally makes the notes his own. Just when you think that the song is finally going to fade, it blasts in to top gear with a rehash of the chorus - a goosepimples moment. Hearing this song live isn't just a musical experience, it's an experience period.

                Chris: "We weren't sure whether to play that at first [for the tour with The Cure in the US, 2004] because it is one of the most experimental tracks on Absolution, but it is also out favourite track on Absolution. We actually recorded strings on there. It is one of the ones we do that has a strange arrangement. It is not really a conventional song as such. We were unsure of doing it but we decided at the first gig that maybe it was another side of the band that would be good to show people who are seeing us for the first gig. The reaction we got from the first gig was really surprising. The crowd seemed excited that we were playing that one song. We have played it at every gig so far on this tour. I'm not sure if we will keep playing it. We are trying to mix it up. At the moment that one song is going down really well".

                The Small Print - ( I'll sell your memories for fifteen pounds per year / But just the good days ) - 8/10

                A poppy rock song with more religious overtones. The Small Print tells the tale of a man selling his soul to the devil, and selling just about everything to go with it. It's a bit of a desperate track but it roars along at a frighteneing pace by the end of which you have to wonder whether the band are going to pass out. Bellamy's vocals are frantic and slightly distorted as he yells that he's the priest that God never paid. All kinds of strange and wonderful sounds crop up between the verses and the bass is extremely good, a trademark of the album. In fairness, it's not one of the best songs on the album, but it'll have you singing along regardless. There's a couple of inviting little hooks that'll have you replaying it over and over. One of those songs that falls just short of being a classic.

                Endlessly - ( There's part of me you'll never know / The only thing i'll never show ) - 6.5/10

                A delicate love song with more ghosty vocals from Bellamy and a strange synthesised beat that ticks along without ever really deviating from its course. The song packs no hidden punches. It is what it is. The chorus is touching in its own right but it won't win any medals for musical complexity. "I won't give you up, and i won't let you down." insists Bellamy, which is basically the theme of the track. Nice, but stick to what you do best, boys. Unintended was a fine little love number on Showbiz with much more appeal.

                Matt: "Endlessly is one of the two titles together with Blackout where we have used a symphonic orchestra. There are also parts played with a synthesiser. We wanted to do more like that, but we didn’t had the courage. It’s an ambitious title, that’s true, but I think that not even one rockband has tried to mix roc with symphony as good as we did."

                Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist - ( Look through a faithless eye / Are you afraid to die? ) - 8/10

                Slow singing to accompany a frantic messy riff. A nice sing-along with Bellamy's voice trailing off in to mere noises that accompany an attractive melody. More religious banter but done in such a way that you have to take notice of what's being said. The chorus is another simple touch, it refuses to change it's structure and will attract a lot of first listeners for that very fact. It's not a masterpiece, and it doesn't touch the "filler" tracks of OOS, but it does its job fairly well.

                Matt: "This song is inspired by The Smiths. And also a bit The Police. It's about what an atheist thinks right before he's going to die. "I know you're in this room", the "you" is representing the death."

                Ruled By Secrecy - ( You're working so hard / And you're never in charge ) - 8/10

                Possibly the heaviest influence from religion on a record which is full of references. The song takes on your typical spacey 'wind-down' closing elements. There's plenty of empty sound and it sooths you after a journey of emphatic rock. Bellamy takes up his position on the piano and taps out some final fragments of a melody that serve as an accompaniment rather than an attraction. His vocals escalate in to one final effort of a plead. He cries that "no-one knows who's in control" and that will remain our final remnant of a rollercoaster record.

                Matt: “The song is like about some geezer (guy) who comes back from work, and he has just kinda shot and blown everyone up, and then coming back to his wife with lots of blood all over his hands, and he said “I just blown it, I’ve lost it, I lost the plot!”, and the reason being because it’s slowly dawning on him that everything he’s doing is out of his power."


                To round up, Muse have taken their sound to a completely different orbit with this release. Absolution makes it's fellow pretenders look shallow and weak in comparison to the roaring riffs and epic blends. If you're looking for more of the guitar-orientated rock that you heard on Origin of Symmetry, you should be satisfied with what you hear from Hysterial and Stockholm Syndrome. The rest of the album is very much a concept piece, you'll either love it or loath it. I love it.


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