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Adrenaline Rush 2007 - Twista

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Gangsta & Hardcore / Artist: Twista / Import / Audio CD released 2007-09-18 at Atlantic

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2008 17:51
      Very helpful



      Nice new album from Twista with a lot of originality

      "Adrenaline Rush 2007" (AD '07) is an album from the Chicagoan rapper Twista. Twista is known mainly for him style of spitting, with a quick pace and delivery which make it unique. This gave him the name Tung Twista in his early years. The year added to the end of the title is due to the fact that this album was released one year after the original "Adrenaline Rush" came out. The latest is his seventh studio LP, something many casual fans will not know as he only found mainstream fame from "Kamikazi, with "Slow Jamz", a single which featured Kanye West in his early years.

      1. "Adrenaline Rush The Saga Continues..."

      This is merely an intro, however it is not a music track. It has Twista and some others speaking about how they just escaped a situation. I feel that it displays how Twista still leads a similar life to what it was like before mainstream fame and he doesn't go around everywhere with hundreds of bodyguards, as others who gain fame with whilst they have enemies.

      2. "Charged"

      **Three Stars**

      This is a good track for the album. I feel that it isn't capable of reaching the levels of some of the better tracks on this album, because it isn't as universal as other tunes he has made before.

      This has Twista contrasting with a slow-motion voice, his style compliments the other as he maintains his fast-spitting ways to hit us with lots of lyrics, it shows that he has to think more about what he is saying because the more you say, the more likely you are to say some clich�s, which makes the originality fall.

      I feel that as this is the first full-length, it should be something that is likely to enjoyed by many, but I feel that it just isn't universal enough to have everyone get into the album this early, this could detach the listener from the music before they have really got into the LP, not a good thing to do.

      3. "What T Is?" (Skit)

      4. "I Ain't That N****"

      **Four Stars**

      This one was done by Toxic, a producer that I am not familiar with, but the sound he made sounds to be influenced by Dr. Dre's G-Funk as the whistling is heard coming out as certain parts of this song, as many tracks out of the West Coast in the early to mid nineties.

      This one is just a pure rap; it doesn't have a particular theme which expands further than himself and what he stands for as a person. It is one that I liked a lot because he raps on this subject from anyone will be the purest. These will also have the most content to them because they will have the most information to condense down.

      Twista says how he is a 'thug', but he never claims to be a legitimate 'killa'. I found this information surprising as I know that he had affiliation to the Chicago-based street gang, the Vice Lords. He also doesn't claim to be a 'playa', even though many would argue that the way he lives his life gives him a right to name himself this if he wanted to.

      5. "Say Say" (feat. Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha & Big Zak)

      **Three Stars**

      Jazze Pha produced this track, and as most of his other work, he chose to grab the mic9rophone) and spit on it as well. Cee-Lo green of the Dungeon Family, or more accurately the Goody MOb and Gnarles Barkley. I am not familiar with the other featured artist Big Zak, who also lends his lyrical talent to "Say Say".

      This one feels as if you are in water, the music flows in such a natural way, with little flow. It isn't much like other production from Jazzy Phizzle, but it was nice.

      This one was originally called "Trapper's Delight" I feel that the decision to change the name was correct as many would get excited and think that a cover of the Sugarhill gang's "Rapper's Delight" would have been found on 'AD '07". A trapper, the person they refer to many times, is a term for a drug dealer, this slang is more common in Chicago, and therefore it isn't a surprise that you were not familiar with this prior to this review.

      6. "Whip Game Proper" (feat. Lil' Wayne)

      **Four Stars**

      This one has Lil' Weezy appearing as a featured artist. I like this Cash money artist, so I was quite excited to see him appear on this album. This one has feels disconnected from Twista's region of America, the Mid-West. Instead he has taken influence from the South and Houston in particular, by having an artist from this area of America aids him in his efforts.

      As Lil' Wayne is from New Orleans, Louisiana, you can feel the influence of jazz, as this city was one of the pioneering locations for it. It makes this track very funky, and forces you to boogie along with it.

      I felt that this was one of the stronger tracks from the album, as Lil' Wayne is having his most successful year, being named as The #1 Rapper in The Game 2007 this year, being included on this album is only improving Twista's album.

      7. "No Pistols" (feat. Slipknot Mobstaz)

      **Three Stars**

      This is another Toxic production, with the Slipknot Mobstaz as featured artists. I had never heard of these before, and I cannot find any information on them, so they must be new-comers to the game.

      This track has a Hispanic feel to it as the instruments used for the beat includes traditional Latin American musical instruments. This gives the Latin atmosphere seem to be more realistic and genuine.

      The message here is basically to not get caught up in situations were you have weapons, such as firearms on you. This is a step in the right direction for Twista, as he is quite an established rapper; his word is likely to reach a wider audience faster. However I doubt that his effort of a positive influence to young gang members will be enough to prevent this type of crime.

      8. "Phone" (Skit)

      9. "Love Rehab"(feat. R. Kelly)

      **Four Stars**

      This one has another Chicago native, R. Kelly, and sings along with Twista. The backing music has a lovely sensual feel to it, it seems to be very rich with red and gold coming immediately to mind as it begins. As this has Kells in it, this is no surprise; his presence just brings out all of these extra senses.

      The tune reminds me of "Slow Jamz", where Twista said "No matter how much of a thug you see, I still spit it like its R&B." this is still relevant here, as even though his style is to bring the lyrics fast, he still makes it seem smooth and not forced.

      This one is about getting over old flames. It seems as though Twista and R. Kelly have collectively let the listener go in a tender way, this isn't apparent until when the track is finished and you feel as though you need them back. It is a very effective song which I enjoyed listening to; I found it more appealing than their last collaboration, "So Sexy".

      10. "Seven Day Hustle"

      **Four Stars**

      This track is an exciting one and it is much more closely associated to Twista's style, from the way he raps to the hook everything has the Chi Town vibe, keeping it how it should be, his own, not trying to recreate something that others specialise in.

      The beat for this one has a lot going on in it, there is to over-powering, but Twista's words are able to break through the hook. I feel that this is as important thing to have if the beat is strong, the ability to take the attention off the beat, so that the listener can heard the lyrics.

      He hits us with some of the fastest raps that had been done up to that point in the album, that excites me, as this is his key feture, distinguishing him from other artists.

      11. "Creep Fast" (feat. T-Pain)

      **Four Stars**

      This was the second single from "AR '07", and has T-Pain featured on it. T-Pain has been found on many albums lately, collaborating with most established musicians who perform in the urban genres. I feel that this is a clever thing to do, establishing many relationships with a lot of top performers.

      The beat for this one is one that one could not dislike, but its not about the beat. This one is all about Twista, this one has his top performance of his fast spitting lyrics.

      I'm not sure what he says, but I'm sure that there's a lot in here, he would not make a track like this if there wasn't a reason to hit us with so much. I enjoyed this one, and I'm sure it will do well.

      12. "Wrist Stay Rocky"

      **Five Stars**

      This one reminded me of Lil' Scrappy's "Money In The Bank", from last year as the effect of having a slowed down voice was brought in just as in that tune the ATL rapper, Lil' scrappy. I believe that this specific technique was first done by mike Jones, but his influence will have come from other producer from Houston as this is where 'Screwed and Chopped' originated. I know that Twista enjoys this alternative Hip Hop style because his last album, "The Day After" got released as a 'Screwed and Chopped' version on its second release; this was done by Paul Wall.

      What the title refers to is the fact that he makes sure that he has constantly got diamonds on his wrists with his bracelets or watches. I feel that this was a good way to present this to the audience, as the South in particular has rap artist who insist on buying the most elaborate jewellery, as 'Screwed and Chopped' in a southern style, this is where the similarity fits together.

      I must say that as the Dirty South is my favourite style of rap, I enjoyed this one a lot more than the rest of the album, it contrasts heavily to the other tunes on 'AD '07', making it stand out.

      13. "What Would Twista Do If He Wasn't Rappin'" (Skit)
      I enjoyed this a lot. This skit trials Twista's second choice of a job, something he already has the skills for, but is completely disconnected from Hip Hop: being a commentator for horse racing. This is a great skit as you hear Twista bringing his signature speed raps as he describes a horse race.

      14. "Give It Up" (feat. Pharrell Williams)

      **Four Stars**

      This was the first single to be released from the album and Pharrell, of N*E*R*D and The Neptunes, is included in it. This one has the full Neptunes treatment to it, as one of the members of the production team collaborates with Twista. The sound of the beat is very much one that I would associate with them, even before reading it, so if you like other things that The Neptunes have produced this is likely to be one that you enjoy as well.

      The beat reminds me a lot of African drumming; the snare changes it and gives it a more modern spin to it. Once you get into it, you have the typical speed raps of Twista, even quoting the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Give It Away". Pharrell's style in this seems to be much more laid-back, in comparison to Twista's 'in-your-face' feel.

      Pharrell asks lots of women to "Give it Up" as we wind down the track, so that he doesn't miss anyone off the list, the requests go out to Black girls, White girls, Spanish girls and Middle Eastern girls, are all asked the same thing.

      15. "The Come Up"

      **Four Stars**

      This is Toxic's attempt of creating something quite similar to 'Screwed and Chopped', the main difference with what he brings and what Bun B, Mike Jones and Paul Wall would bring is that there aren't any 'chops', when it seems that that there are glitches in the disc, making it jump and repeat lines again.

      The build-up you get from this one is very exciting as you feel as though you are going into a gloomy world. I find this to be a great way to increase the anticipation for the listeners.

      This one tells of the life of a 'hustler', where you have to rob to survive, bang just to stay alive and battle to become the greatest in the hood, making you practically immortal amongst the community.

      16. "Ain't No Hoes" (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

      **Two Stars**

      This one sounds very nice, it isn't very intimidating, as many of the other ones are, I feel that the influence for that has come from the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, who appear on this track.

      The hook for the song sounds as if it has a lot too much going on in it, but there are some parts to it which make it feel very pure. This contrasts with much of the content, as the rappers talk about their thug status and how they aren't afraid to come up and fight anyone they face up to.

      I felt that the contrasts went too far as they didn't share anything in common: one was saying that they were good at heart; the other said that they were 'stone cold killaz'.

      17. "Pimp Like Me"

      **Five Stars**

      This track can be likened to "Wrists Stay Rocky" because, the sound effects of slowing down the vocals is brought in here. This switches up as the beat is sped up for small sections of the tune. I found these to be original as usually you do not merge two polarized tempos as these, but as Twista is on the high side of this tempo, it works, this leads me to believe that it would be unsuccessful for any other rapper to attempt this.

      Twista tells us that this is his is one for the hood, one that most Hip hop fans will enjoy. I can say that this was true. Cuzo produced this one as well, giving an indication of his experimentation with different forms of rap and Hip Hop. I feel that he has found a good foundation for other big tunes that are based around the Dirty South variation of Hip Hop.

      Twista tells us how he's always pimpin', in this track. The contrasting tempos seem to make it seem as though its making you trip out and then come back to reality. I found this to be very effective as it mirrors the lifestyle he leads.

      18. "Ya With It or Ya Ain't" (skit)

      19. "Trouble"

      **One Star**

      Cuzo produced this song from the album. It sounds very much like a second rate single from Twista; it seems as if little effort was put into making this one, so there isn't much quality to it.

      Twista just reinforces his thug appearance by talking about how he will bring "Trouble" if people don't give him his money. I didn't like this, because it seems as though he has to say this otherwise people will think that he is a push-over, this isn't the case and in fact nobody would test him.

      I feel as though raps that are on this topic are very much what amateurs would come up with, Twista has been around making albums since 1991, so there isn't much point in making yourself seem immature, when you have been around for 16 years.

      In my opinion you should get this album if Twista is your thing, I wouldn't if you just heard songs like "Sunshine", "Overnight Celebrity" and "Slow Jamz" and liked those, because you can tell that he has advanced far from those. If you have heard more than his singles, and enjoyed those then you may find some tracks you like on heard, but I warn that you its not all quality music from Twista.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Adrenaline Rush the Saga Continues...
      2 Charged
      3 What T Is?
      4 I Ain't That Nigga
      5 Say Say - Big Zack, , C-Lo, , Jazze Pha, Twista
      6 Whip Game Proper - Lil Wayne, , Twista
      7 No Pistols - Speedknot Mobstaz, Twista
      8 Phone Skit
      9 Love Rehab - R. Kelly, Twista
      10 Seven Day Hustle
      11 Creep Fast - T-Pain, , Twista
      12 Wrist Stay Rocky
      13 What Would Twista Do If He Wasn't Rappin'?
      14 Give It Up - Pharrell, Twista
      15 Come Up
      16 Ain't No Hoes - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Twista
      17 Pimp Like Me
      18 Ya with It or Ya Ain't
      19 Trouble

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