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Alive Till I'm Dead - Professor Green

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap / Artist: Professor Green / Audio CD released 2010-07-19 at EMI Music

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    5 Reviews
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      26.06.2012 22:35
      Very helpful
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      A great album

      Alive Till I'm Dead was British rap artist Professor Green's first album and was released in 2010. Professor Green is a rapper from Hackney and his music has a really cool and Rap/Rock/Garage sound to it and it he is one of the better British rappers in my opinion.

      Track Listing
      The track listing for this album is as follows:
      4. CITY OF GOLD
      7. DO FOR YOU
      12. GOODNIGHT
      Favourite Tracks
      Falling Down
      This is a song where Professor Green describes how he had trouble when he was starting out in the music business. Basically it goes through how he was skint and selling drugs for money and when he first got signed he was caught and arrested and how this gave him trouble. This song is really catchy and I can't help but find myself singing along to it when I hear it, it is definitely one of my favourite songs on the album.

      I love this song, it has a really cool dance/rap feel to it and a really cool beat to it. This song features Example, who is one of my favourite artists, I think that this is quite an interesting collaboration and they definitely make great music together. This song is basically about being a monster and out of control, it has quite a comedic feel to it as there are quite a few jokes made at a few different well known celebrities and because of this it can be quite rude in parts.

      Just Be Good To Green
      This was the first song that I heard by Professor Green and I was instantly a fan after this. This song features vocals by Lily Allen and this suits this track really well as she and Professor Green have quite similar music styles. This song is about having a relationship with someone who doesn't have a great reputation but not judging them by their past actions. I really like this song because it has a really cool beat to it and it is quite catchy.

      I Need You Tonight
      This song is really funky and has a real comedic feeling to it. It is about a man who thinks he is a bit of a player, falling for a girl who isn't really that interested in him and the chase that follows. The background music on this song is really cool and this song uses l background music from the INXS song also named I Need You Tonight, however they modernise it a little.

      Rest of the Album
      I can honestly say that there are no songs on this album that I dislike, I really like Professor Green's style of music and how there is a good mix of fun and faster songs and slower, more emotional songs. One thing I should probably warn is that some of the lyrics are less than savoury on this album and it is not really suitable for kids (without parents checking it out first).

      Price and Availability
      You can buy this album in HMV for £7, which I think is a really good price for an album as good as this one. I have owned this album for a few years and still listen to it quite a lot so I think that I have definitely got my monies worth out of it. I would definitely recommend this album to anyone who likes British rap or are just Professor Green fans.

      Overall I think that this is a fantastic album, there are lots of great tracks on it and it is a must have for Professor Green fans. Overall I would give this album 5 out of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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        30.10.2011 11:08
        Very helpful



        Not a classic

        Lauded as a match for Mike Skinner it is safe to say that in my opinion that over inflates his ability as a rapper and while this album has a couple of passable tracks on it the rest of the album is rather so so and it did not last long on my play list before being consigned to gather dust in a cd storage box.

        Just be Good to Green was the track that sort of hooked me into this album, a duet with Lily Allen it had a nice feel to it and the two lyrical styles of Allen and Green worked well together however after a number of listens even that song began to grate on me.

        One track I do like is Monster which features Example, this is a powerful anthem and the south London twang of Green works well on the lyrics while the underlying beat to the song really acts as a powerful hook. Oh My God is another track that I enjoyed. It has a crescendo of an opening and has an Eminem feel to it with the intensity of the lyrics and there are some nice creative lines in the verses. The backing vocals from Labrinth also add an extra bit of quality to this tracks.

        I Need you Tonight has a great opening hook but to be honest it is a rather flat predictable track and that is the problem for me with this album, there are too many bland tracks that sort of merge into one another and the album lacks sufficient variety in my opinion. I also find his accent rather annoying on some of the tracks such as Goodnight and Jungle.

        Personally there are a couple of tracks worth downloading but I would not really recommend the whole album as it lacks sufficient consistent quality to justify the expenditure.


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        26.11.2010 11:25
        Very helpful



        Very good album that reveals alot about the Londoner.

        After being totally hooked by his first two releases I need you tonight (feat Ed Drewitt) and Just be good to Green( feat Lilly Allen), I was totally looking forward to the release of the album Alive till Im Dead and I have got to say what a good album.Professor Green's clever lyrics and quite upbeat music really connect and thus brought out a brilliant debut album.

        The album begins with Kids That Love To Dance ( feat Emeli Sande) really starts the album off to what we were used to with I need you tonight and Just be good to green, it's faced paced and lyrically friendly and starts fans off really anticipating the rest of the album. Then is followed by the two smash hits mentioned above, then from these blockbuster singles it starts to hit the real meaning of the album.

        From the album you can really sense the troubles the east londoner has had in his life, he really starts to reveal his troubles on the streets after being scarred on his neck after being slashed with a knife and also being involved with drugs in his life. You can really tell from his lyrics and strong hearted approach to certain songs ,that I will talk about in more detail soon, that his music is something he used to escape from this quite poor lifestyle and his life influence in his music gives the album a personal feel to it and after listening to the album fully you feel like you know him a lot more and you don't often get that just from listening to an album.

        Below is the track listing:
        1. Kids That Love To Dance - Professor Green & Emeli Sande
        2. Just Be Good To Green - Professor Green & Lily Allen
        3. I Need You Tonight - Professor Green & Ed Drewett
        4. City Of Gold
        5. Oh My God - Professor Green & Labrinth
        6. Jungle - Professor Green & Maverick Sabre
        7. Do For You
        8. Falling Down
        9. Monster - Professor Green & Example
        10. Closing The Door - Professor Green & Fink
        11. Where Do We Go - Professor Green & Shereen Shabanaa
        12. Goodnight

        After an interview with Professor Green, he talks about his album but on a personal level and talks about how the songs Closing the Door (feat Fink) and Where do We Go(feat Shereen Shabanaa) really talk about his troubled lifestyle and is evidently quite emotional for the artist to poor out his thoughts and reminising about his past. This is really shown in these songs as they are not so upbeat as the other tracks on the album they are really quite slow paced so you can really hear the words but not jus hear them but to understand them and he definately wanted to achieve that and thats quite a risky thing to do for an artist but his music speaks for him and thats quite refreshing as a fan of music.

        I have got to say listening to tracks 4,5,6 really give a kind of grimey and street like feel to the album they seem to come across loud and outspoken. For example City of Gold, really shows off his ability to try and show differences in his music, because you start with the upbeat professor green and from this song it changes straight away and I will say you may be slightly put off by it at first. It comes across quite agressive at first but when you keep listening to it you start getting a hang of it and start understanding his intentions.
        You really get the same feel from Oh My God (feat labrinth), again labrinth is known for a different approach to his music after songs with Tinie Tempah but although the music is different it works really well with the album.

        Now, for them quite light hearted Professor Green fans that enjoyed the feel to his first two singles, track 7 is definately a shock to the system. I had the feeling as soon as I started playing it, Jungle (feat Maverick Sabre) is very grime related. This track you would expect from a local not very well known artists that would just "spit" to his mates, but on a deeper level it shows that Professor Green is keeping to his background and it talks about London and the troubles younger people put up with in terms of gangs and weapons. The video has recently been released and again its a shock after the videos for I need you tonight , Just be good to green and Monster(feat Example). It contains really quite agressive behaviour and some scenes you may not expect from him. But it talks more than just the music which you can see the professor was trying to achieve, he's trying to show what he has seen in his life growing up in the hard times of London.

        Tracks 8 and 9 Do For You and Falling Down, are quite relaxed songs with good corus' with again another twist in the album because its not as upbeat as the first three tracks and doesn't reflect as such on his troubled upbringing. But they have more of a song you look forward to listen to because he returns with his clever and quick lyrics like the 1st few tracks but the music is slower so he seems to mix the 1st two sections of the album into these two tracks which is quite interesting for the album and spontaneous with his music.

        Monster (feat Example) has quite recently been released and has a modern twist to an old song that Example creates. The song really is fantastic, the video of the song which again is very recent late 2010 has a twist like the previous track Just be good to green and it's one of them songs you could quite easily play on a bus and pretty much everyone could sing along to, it can be quite easy to pick up and for them people that get an achievment out of learning rap lyrics that is also quite easy to pick up because as we know Professor Green is not one of them artists that rap to a song and be honest we just listen to the music and we try our best to rap to it but its impossible.

        The last remaining tracks as I mentioned earlier, Professor Green has obviously made a concious decision to pour his personal feelings into these tracks which can be risky for an artist but he makes it work and they come in at the right time, because we have had our upbeat music and now he starts to use his music to inform people about things he feels that he things people should know.I think if you really like Professor Green this is a chance to learn more about him but also get really good music and something I wouldn't be ashamed of playing quite loud on my phone.

        Thanks for reading and I hope I have been of some help if you were debating on buying the album because in my opinion don't give it a second thought you get all kinds of music and its utterly brilliant.


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          30.09.2010 18:12
          Very helpful



          If your a fan of English Grime or Rap or even Pop, Then get this album!

          Stephen Paul Manderson was born in Hackney, London on the 27th November 1983. He is known as Professor Green which is a nickname that was given to him by his customers when he was a cannabis dealer. He was signed to The Beats, a record label run by Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem, until February 12, 2008. He won the inaugural JumpOff MySpace £50,000 battle rap tournament in July 2008 which is when his music career kicked off.

          He first produced a mixtape named Lecture #1. The mixtape produced lots of praise in the English rap and grime scene. It took Pro another 3-4 years to become mainstream and well known throughout England. He released the song "Need you Tonight" which features singer Ed Drewett and samples INXS' version of the song. This song really kicked started Green's music career.

          On July the 19th 2010 Professor Green released his first stuido album Alive Till I'm Dead. The album reached the number 2 spot in the UK Album Chart upon the release.

          Alive Till I'm Dead tracklist:

          1. Kids That Love to Dance (featuring Emeli Sandé)
          2. Just Be Good to Green (featuring Lily Allen)
          3. I Need You Tonight (featuring Ed Drewett)
          4. City of Gold (featuring Lee Bailey)
          5. Oh My God (featuring Labrinth)
          6. Jungle (featuring Maverick Sabre)
          7. Do for You (featuring Sunny)
          8. Falling Down (featuring Lee Bailey)
          9. Monster (featuring Example)
          10. Closing the Door (featuring Fink)
          11. Where Do We Go (featuring Shereen Shabanaa)
          12. Goodnight
          13. Crying Game (featuring the Streets)

          The album has some very impressive guest features which include the Streets, Example and Lily Allen. The album has lots of differant kinds of music with some fast rapping, some good singing and a dubstep song tittled "Jungle" which I personally love!

          Pro has released the songs "Need You Tonight" and "Just Be Good To Green" which have both done very well in the charts. His new single "Monster" has so far done pretty well.

          After waiting many years for Professor Green to release his first album, im sure most fans will be quite happy at what they have recieved. Its clear that Professor Green is very down to earth, as you can hear on the album which makes the album even better! He also has a facebook page and frequently replies to his fans, and provides status updates through out his week. I was very impressed with this album. The only problem now is that I can't wait for his second album which is due for release in 2011.


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            29.07.2010 09:25
            Very helpful



            Professor Green's début album

            While it may be no surprise that another Eminem-inspired rapper has immerged, having an MC follow the same course as a successful battle rapper-turned-recording artist is. After a strong run in the underdeveloped British battling scene, Professor Green's attention soon turned to making real money out of his talent as a lyricist. While he may have had a number of false starts by getting signed to The Streets' label and recording little more than a couple of EPs, all changed for him in 2010 as he released a pair of smash hits and followed this up with "Alive Till I'm Dead": his début album.

            While he may have done a lot with successful sample-driven singles (using INXS' "Need You Tonight" on a similarly-named track and The SOS Band's "Just Be Good To Me" on a Lily Allen-assisted "Just Be Good To Green") casual followers of his are bound to want to see what he's capable of when he doesn't take on such a formula. Those were a pair of untameable bangers, but he needs more to stay in the game, and that's just the aim with the remainder of the release.

            He sets the album off extremely well. The first three songs consist of a lively Breakbeat-driven cut followed by the two major singles, and so after that point he needs to really prove himself as a musician. It seemed as though he did just this. Through much of the album he performs solidly. He joins forces with Example on "Monster" getting up over yet more fast-paced breaks (in a similar way to Wiley's "Never Be Your Woman) and he rides a commanding bass guitar on "City of Gold". Pro Green does a lot here and raps in a way that shows that he isn't forcing it at all. He has no trouble incorporating Jamaican patois into what he says as he confidently goes about his business to show that he knows that he should stand amongst the UK's best (just as Eminem did when he stepped into the mainstream Rap game in the late nineties).

            Although new to the commercial industry, it seems as though his time in the battle rapping scene matured his rhymes quickly. His abilities when it comes to the slick wordplay and playful delivery of weighty lyrics makes him seem too developed for his years. Coming out of Hackney, East London, you'd expect such a rapper to head in the Grime direction (as that's where the sound originated) so it's great that he didn't give into peer pressure and kept at Hip Hop. It means that his rhymes get more of the recognition they deserve and aren't swallowed up by fast-tempo beats which lead to quality lines being misheard.

            Labrinth (the Simon Cowell signee who was behind both of Tinie Tempah's 2010 smash singles) gets on the hook for "Oh My God". As a singer he's far from impressive, but acts as a perfect link to tie him with the UK's new wonder boy with a slick reference to "Frisky" midway through. Other than that, his appearance on the album seems unneeded. It seemed as though the problem with a shaky hook was reflected in "Do for You". In spite of these slip-ups, the release is generally solid.

            It seems as though Professor Green makes the album exactly what it should be. He represents the UK's musical tastes in 2010 perfectly. Aside from the '80s throwbacks on the singles, for "Jungle" he's backed by some monstrous True Tiger Dubstep production and the jittering "Falling Down" features some Fidget House-style beats. The rapper really shows off his versatility as he sinks his teeth into a range of various on-trend styles and challenges himself to make them work just as he hopes they will. It would be difficult to criticise him for that side of the music as it's obviously all done to a very high standard.

            With a tragic backstory to go along with his music, he's sure to frequently remind listeners about the many events which shaped his life. On the final track "Goodnight" he really lets his emotions out and offers a slow-moving song based around his deepest thoughts. He takes a look at his life and tries to work out where he's going with it. In spite of the cheesy nature of some of his tracks, it's never to the point where its dislikeable, but with this song he gives listeners a chance to take him as corny. With the final tracks he's apparently unable to carry more challenging themes in such a focused manner. Things aren't just left on a complete downer through. In order to show that there's no bad blood over the former label situation, Mike Skinner turns up for the bonus track and shows that he can still do Hip Hop like he did when his career began. It's not the best bonus listeners could have been offered, but it does still add a nice extra touch to top this Pro Green début off.

            The record as a whole is a strong one from the rapper. Professor Green may have wanted to get to album-ready stage years ago, but it would seem as though he's only just matured to the point where this is achievable for him. He's shown a fair range with this release and given an indication that he does wish to draw comparisons to Eminem's breakthrough work. There's a very solid Pop feel to this album. It's one designed to please the masses, but he's sure to do more of a Dizzee Rascal than a DJ Ironik by having lyrics to back up such a conquest into this field.

            1. "Kids That Love To Dance" (feat. Emeli Sandé) **Five Stars**

            2. "Just Be Good To Green" **Five Stars**

            3. "I Need You Tonight" **Five Stars**

            4. "City of Gold" **Five Stars**

            5. "Oh My God" (feat. Labrinth) **Four Stars**

            6. "Jungle" (feat. Maverick Sabre) **Five Stars**

            7. "Do for You" **Three Stars**

            8. "Falling Down" **Five Stars**

            9. "Monster" (feat. Example) **Five Stars**

            10. "Closing the Door" (feat. Fink) **Four Stars**

            11. "Where Do We Go" (feat. Shareen Shabanaa) **Five Stars**

            12. "Goodnight" **Three Stars**


            13. "Crying Game" **Four Stars**


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Kids That Love To Dance - Professor Green & Emeli Sande
            2 Just Be Good To Green - Professor Green & Lily Allen
            3 I Need You Tonight - Professor Green & Ed Drewett
            4 City Of Gold - Professor Green
            5 Oh My God - Professor Green & Labrinth
            6 Jungle - Professor Green & Maverick Sabre
            7 Do For You - Professor Green
            8 Falling Down - Professor Green
            9 Monster - Professor Green & Example
            10 Closing The Door - Professor Green & Fink
            11 Where Do We Go - Professor Green & Shereen Shabanaa
            12 Goodnight - Professor Green

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