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American Tragedy - Hollywood Undead

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Hollywood Undead / CD / Audio CD released 2011-04-04 at Polydor Group

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2011 21:55
      Very helpful
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      Great album!

      American Tragedy is the second studio album from the American rap rock band, Hollywood Undead. It was released in 2011 and is their most recent album. In my opinion, this one is better than their last one, Swan Songs, because it seems to contain more raw lyrics in some of the songs, particularly in Bullet, which is probably my favourite song from the album.

      The cover art for this album is an image of the members of Hollywood Undead (masked, of course!) on a red background. The writing on the album cover contains the typical Hollywood Undead logo and then graffiti style writing for the title, the words 'American Tragedy'.

      The tracklisting for the standard version of this album is as follows:
      1. Been To Hell
      2. Apologize
      3. Comin In Hot
      4. My Town
      5. I Dont Wanna Die
      6. Hear Me Now
      7. Gangsta Sexy
      8. Glory
      9. Lights Out
      10. Coming Back Down
      11. Bullet
      12. Levitate
      13. Pour Me
      14. Tendencies

      On the deluxe edition of the album, the following songs are also included:
      15. Mother Murder
      16. Lump Ya Head
      17. Le Deux
      18. S.C.A.V.A.

      On the album download from Itunes, there is an additional track:
      19. Street Dreams

      The songs from this album which have been released are:
      "Hear Me Now"
      Released: December 21, 2010
      "Been to Hell"
      Released: March 15, 2011
      "Coming Back Down"
      Released: March 15, 2011
      "Comin' in Hot"
      Released: April 9, 2011

      Out of all of these songs, my top three would have to be Street Dreams, Coming Back Down and Bullet. These three are three of the darker songs on this album and while I do like the other tracks, these three just really stand out to me.

      Coming Back Down is about losing someone and the way it can feel to lose someone. Judging from the nature of the song, I would say that the song may be about suicide; a topic which is often ignored in many songs. However, other elements of the song suggest it is simply about losing a loved one, whether that is through them moving on and loving someone else or through death, I don't know for sure. The song itself is quite a slow one and I feel that this makes it seem even more likely that missing someone is indeed the intended idea of the song.

      I like the way each of the singers has their designated role in this song and, as I often seem to find, the parts sung by Johnny Three Tears, or J3T as he is sometimes known, are my favourite parts of the song. I like his voice the most out of them all, I think. I can usually pick his parts of the song out without even having to check if it's him singing it now which is a good thing. He seems to have a more prominent role in the songs in this album which I feel is a good thing. However, Charlie Scene seems to play a much less significant role than he usually does this time which I think is odd. It does show how good the other members of the band are as well though.

      Street Dreams is another of my favourite tracks on this album. I like the way this song has a strong beat right from the start. I like the way the voice changes from verse to chorus and then to verse again. I think this works particularly well because it shows the 'voices' that J-Dog (or Jorel Decker, as is his real name) mentions right before the end of the first part of the song. I think that this makes it all work well together. I think the lyrics in this song are very good because they are quite descriptive and allow you to imagine everything that is going on as the song progresses.

      However, Bullet is by far my favourite song on this album because I can sort of associate with it to some degree. One of my friends committed suicide and I can see how they would have liked this song. It centres on the idea of ways to kill yourself and such, although it is done in a light hearted way, with lively, happy music in the background. I think this is interesting because while I understand the severity of something like that, people who feel that way often hide the way they feel and act happy, even though things are pretty bad in reality. And therefore I feel that this is probably one of the best songs in the history of good songs because while many people seem to be seeing it has Hollywood Undead making light of the evidently serious subject, I think it is actually showing the side of people when they try to hide it.

      Overall, I think this album is a pretty good album. I particularly like the song "Bullet" and I think this has somewhat influenced my opinion of the rest of the tracks. Some of them are far from what I would normally listen to (such as Comin' in Hot which is more a rap song than rap rock) but I think this album is a very good one.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Been To Hell
      2 Apologize
      3 Comin? In Hot
      4 My Town
      5 I Don?t Wanna Die
      6 Hear Me Now
      7 Gangsta Sexy
      8 Glory
      9 Lights Out
      10 Coming Back Down
      11 Bullet
      12 Levitate
      13 Pour Me
      14 Tendencies
      15 Mother Murder
      16 Lump Your Head
      17 Le Deux
      18 S.C.A.V.A.

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