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At Your Inconvenience - Professor Green

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap / Artist: Professor Green / Audio CD released 2011-10-31 at Virgin Records

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    3 Reviews
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      28.06.2012 16:48
      Very helpful




      Professor Green
      Stephen Paul Manderson, better known by his stage name Professor Green is a twenty eight year old rapper who was born and raised in Hackney, East London. He became well known on the grime scene after uploading his first mixtape onto Myspace in 2007 and he has since released two studio albums - Alive Till I'm Dead (2010) and At Your Inconvenience (2011). He's shot to fame and become a very well known music artist worldwide since his first album was released and he has won several awards including Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Best Hip Hop/Grime Act.

      I love Professor Green as he has a really distinctive voice; I'm sure most people will know what I mean! His voice has a really cheeky, fun vibe and his personality seems to flow into the music amazingly well and I feel that all of his songs are genuine rather than forced and fake just to get onto the charts if that makes sense. Although a majority of his music is pretty grimey, his voice is versatile enough for his music and rap style to never get boring and he has released a couple of more 'serious' songs - eg Read All About It.

      I like that his music style ranges from your average dance track that is easy to dance around to like a mindless idiot to really heartfelt and in-depth, truthful songs which makes me like him even more as a lot of rappers don't seem to rap about important issues and instead prefer to rap about purely drugs and sex.. Professor Green mixes things up and has a varied style which is why I love his music. Plus, he's gorgeous! If I had to compare his music to any other music artist it would probably be Ben Drew (Plan B). His amazing rapping abilities match Ben's and his one liners are genius, his lyrics really are hilarious at times and overall I personally think that a majority of his songs are incredibly unique, catchy and pretty much flawless.

      At Your Inconvenience
      This is Professor Green's second debut album. It was released in October 2011 and recieved mixed but generally negative reviews from critics, with some describing his music as 'lewd brags' while others stated that his music style was too 'secondhand to be effective'. Despite this, around 100,000 copies of the album were sold within a few weeks of its release and as a result it gained a gold record award. The album has fifteen full length songs on the original album while there are three bonus iTunes tracks available for download. Professor Green collaborated with an impressive range of artists on this album including Kobe, Luciana, Ruth Anne, Emile Sande and many more. To be fair, I had never heard of some of the artists featured on the album, but it was nice hearing some new voices and styles of music.

      This album, like his first, has plenty of Professor Green's trademark laugh-out-loud silly songs, although it does have a few more emotional, serious and in-depth songs on it. Professor Green stated in an interview that writing and recording the album and putting his feelings into the songs really helped him deal with his father's death, as his Dad commited suicide in 2008. Don't be put off though! The album isn't depressing or dark and some of the songs are a really heartwarming listen.

      This album will probably appeal to grime and rap lovers, however if you're into hardcore gangster rap then this isn't for you as it's not really got any violent or gang related themes in it. A majority of young adults and teenagers will also like this as it's a nice cross between pop, dance and rap - there aren't too many 'serious' swear words, nor are there really any extremely graphic references as far as I know and I've listened to every song a number of times. Due to the swear words I would be careful letting a child or young teenager listen to this and twelve out of fifteenth tracks are marked as explicit on iTunes.

      Price and Availability
      At Your Inconvenience can be purchased from music stores such as HMV and CEX, as well as a majority of supermarkets. It is easily available online from sites such as Play, Amazon and ofcourse iTunes. I purchased my digital copy from iTunes and paid £4.99 which considering how many songs are on the album is a bargain in my opinion! The songs can be purchased seperately and retail at 99 pence each on iTunes.

      The Songs
      At Your Inconvenience is the first song on the album. To be honest, as soon as the song started the first thought that popped into my head was Eminem. It has the same kind of vibe and pace to it as a classic silly Eminem song (eg 'Bully'), and to be honest the more the song progresses it starts to sound more and more like Eminem, and not for the right reasons. Despite this, the song could probably be a pretty entertaining listen for more immature people (probably teenage boys) as we hear Professor Green rapping about throwing a grenade for a dog, calling a bulimic girl fat and more immature antics. The chorus is okay, nothing special. To be fair I really do not like this song and it's a dissapointing, unmemorable and unenjoyable intro in my opinion.

      DPMO is the second track on the album. This is much better than track one and it has such a fresh feel to it with lots of one-liners, eg 'I'm only intrested in spooning if it leads to forking'. The song is fast paced with quite unusual instrumentals, it's a catchy song and the type that sticks in your mind for a while after listening and it's pretty easy to get addicted to. I've replayed this absolutely loads and I'm still not bored of it. There are a few references in this that made me smile and I love the way he changes his tone of voice eratically like he's full of excitement and cockiness. This is a really good song overall but the repetitive swearing in the chorus may put some people off.

      Read All About It is the third song on the album and it features Emeli Sande. This would of been a more appropiate album introduction song in my opinion as it shows a totally different side to Professor Green. The song starts with Emile Sande who opens the song beautifully with very powerful vocals and lyrics and she goes on to sing the chorus later in the song. Professor Green raps passionately in this song about his relationship with his Dad and you can really hear the genuine emotion in his voice. I grew up without a Dad for most of my childhood so I can really relaet to the lyrics, eg 'to think, I used to blame me, I wonder what I did to you to make you hate me?' The song has lovely instrumentals - a piano, bass and drums as well as backing vocals. This is definitely one of my favourite songs on the album.

      Trouble is the fourth song on the album. It features Luciana and is very fast paced with drum based instrumentals and it's ideal for clubbing/dancing. It has an almost hippie weird tone to it which switches with the drums from time to time, which works well. The song is basically about Professor Green talking to Luciana and assuring her that he trusts her and knows that she isn't a groupie and doesn't want to be with him just for his fame and money. The chorus is okay but I find Luciana's vocals a bit 'off' - her voice is a bit too OTT and whiney in my opinion but that's just my personal opinion, haha. This is overall a pretty catchy song although it is certianly not one of my favourites.

      Spinning Out is the fifth song on the album and it features Fink - a songwriter, guitarist and DJ. I love this song as it has a bit of a darker tone to it and I prefer the more serious songs to the silly songs. The song has a very unique sound and I love how he collabs with Fink on this song - the chorus - 'where is my mind' is really catchy and I absooutely love the contrast between Professor Green and Fink's voices. I personally think Professor Green sounds amazing against the guitar and the odd little chords now and again add a nice touch to it. The song is basically about how Professor Green's life's changed since becoming famous - girls, drugs, money etc. It's a really good song and it is one of the best on the album in my opinion!

      Remedy is the sixth song on the album. This song is beyond epic! So catchy, so easy to dance to and it makes me feel unbelievably energised so it is fab for adding to a running/jogging playlist. This song has been playing in the clubs and on the radio non stop just lately and each time it comes on I turn it to the full volume and dance around like a mad woman, even my boyfriend shakes his bootie to this haha and he likes folk music! The song features a girl called Ruth Anne who has an amazing voice. She basically sings over energetic mild dubstep about seducing professor green in a club and giving him what he needs while Professor Green raps about her seducing him and various other things. He really shows his rapping abilities off amazingly well in this song and I can't fault it - so catchy!

      How Many Moons is the seventh song on the album. The intro is really bizzare, although the song soon gets going with fast lyrics and an impressive drop and the bassline is orgasmic haha. The song is much grimier than the other songs on the album. I'm not keen on the chorus to be honest, I am not keen on the backing singer's vocals and I find 'how many moons have I got left to breathe' quite depressing, and this isn't a song that I often listen to as I prefer the faster paced and less repetitive songs. There are some absolute gems in the lyrics of this song though with plenty of one liners as usual! I can see some similarities to Eminem again in this song but it is not as blatant as it is in track one.

      Avalon is the eighth track on the album. It features Sierra Kusterbeck and it is quite a unique sounding song with a reasonably fresh and new sound to it. I quite like Sierra Kusterbeck's vocals as they're really powerful and she's actually a pretty good singer unlike some of the other female vocalists that feature on this album. There is no hint of the usual cheeky chappy professor green in this song, his voice is more agressive with a vulnerable and hurt kind of undertone. The chorus and instrumentals are pretty good. The song isn't really my kind of thing as I don't think that agressive suits professor green's vocals, it sounds a little put on at points if that makes sense and I don't particullary feel that this is a very relatable song (for me personally). The ending with the talking made me cringe a little as it sounded like Professor Green is trying to sound American/like Eminem, and overall this isn't really my kind of thing.

      Astronaut is the ninth song on the album. I absolutely love this song, Professor Green's vocals are stunning and he sings in this song over drums, a piano, violin and backing singers. This is a really sad and shocking song, it's about a young girl who gets raped on her way home and turns to drugs to escape from the mental pain. The girl's described as a young brave astronaut and she takes the drugs to 'reach the moon'. The song's very catchy and although the vocals are gentle, it's a very powerful song and I especially love the piano. I was really suprised at how serious the topic of discussion in this song is and how senstively he handled the topic, as Professor Green's songs are normally fun and silly - it shows a totally different side to him and he is a brilliant singer.

      Doll is the tenth song on the album. This is a pretty good song, it's mainly rap and Professor Green talks about how he feels like a doll because everyone wants a piece of him - girls, the press and so on. You can really hear the frustration in his voice and it's a pretty catchy song. He comes across as a really down to earth guy in this song and describes that he's sick of being nice to people when they treat him like rubbish and backstab him. The song's not really one of my favourites and I get bored after around a minute of listening to it as the music's not very exciting and his tone of voice is pretty drab to suit the subject matter of the song.

      Never Be a Right Time is the elventh song on the album. It's a lovely gentle song, and I would class this as a love song. It's really relatable in my opinion and I love the chorus - I am not sure who sings it (it might be Professor Green - i'm not sure!)but he has a lovely voice. The song is just nice to relax to and listen to although some people who are perhaps fresh from a break up might not really want to listen to this because it's basically Professor Green debating with himself how/when/if he is going to break up with his girlfriend because even though he loves her things aren't going to plan. Although I do like the song, it gets a little repetetive after a while.

      Today I Cried is the twelfth track on the album. Gotta love the intro of this song - amazing! It's a guitar, drums and backing singers and then Professor Green raps in a steady pace about living the dream and how he's lucky and he doesn't know where he'd be if he hadn't become famous. The piano and humming backing singers make this come across as quite an emotional song, while the chorus makes it even more emotional haha. The guy who sings the chorus has quite a raw, truthful voice which I love. This song is quite indepth as Professor Green describes his journey getting to where he is fame wise. A lovely song and I really reccomend it.

      Nightmares is the thirteenth song on the album. This has a real mixture of genres.. it has a kind of trippy slash horror movie type instrumental with Royce Da 5'9 and Kobe Honeycutt rapping quite graphically about blood etc while there are sound effects of someone being stabbed. This is quite a disturbing song I suppose, there's a lot of references to stabbing people although it is still a pretty good song and I love the dreamy backing vocals and erratic electric music that bounces into the song out of nowhere.

      Forever Falling is the fourteenth song on the album. The intro instrumentals grabbed my attention immedietly and the song is fast paced with quite a positive vibe to it despite the negative vocals which sounds pretty bizzare I know but people who have heard the song will know what I mean lol. The song features a guy called Haydon whose vocals remind me a lot of Linkin Park. The chorus is really catchy and although the song isn't one of my favourites, it's not one that I ever skip when it comes up on shuffle.

      Into the Ground is the fifteenth and final song on the album. Just like the first song, it's a bit like a rip off of Eminem's 'bully'.. in my opinion anyway. The song makes several references to celebrities such as Katie Price and Amy Childs as well as certain footballers and because the names mentioned are all familiar, it's quite an entertaining song. The song is a nice way to end the album as it leaves on a positive note.

      Overall Opinion
      I highly reccomend this album and give it four out of five stars. There's a brilliant range of songs on it and although a couple of them aren't to my taste, I loved a majority of the songs and this will remain one of my favourite albums for at least the next six months!


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        25.06.2012 22:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a great album

        At Your Inconvenience was MC Professor Green's second album and was released in 2011. Professor Green is a rapper from Hackney and his music has a really cool and Rap/Rock/Garage sound to it and it he is one of the better British rappers in my opinion.

        Track Listing
        1. At Your Inconvenience
        2. D.P.M.O
        3. Read All About It-Feat. Emeli Sande
        4. Trouble-Feat. Luciana
        5. Spinning Out-Feat Fink
        6. Remedy-Feat Ruth-Anne Cunningham
        7. How Many Moons-Feat. Rinse
        8. Avalon-Feat. Sierra Kusterbeck
        9. Astronaut
        10. Doll
        11. Never Be A Right Time-Feat. Ed Drewett
        12. Today I Cried
        13. Nightmares-Feat. Royce Da 5' 9' And Kobe
        14. Forever Falling-Feat. Haydon
        15. Into The Ground

        Favourite Tracks
        Read All About It
        This is a very emotional song about Professor Green's unhappy family life as he had quite a bad relationship with his parents. In this song he owns his problems and comes out and speaks about them which I think is a great thing as it encourages other people who have had problems within their upbringing to come out and talk about it. This song challenges the media and describes how since he became famous that he has had no privacy. Emeli Sande features on this song and has a beautiful voice that is really easy to listen to. This is by far my favourite song on the album as I feel I can relate to it in some ways, even though I have had a really happy family life, I have came across people who have challenged me and made me feel the same as he describes in this song.

        This is a song about how hard it can be when you have finally made it and became famous, Professor Green describes how he has no control over his schedule and how he can be told to act in a certain way at times. This song basically says that fame isn't all it is hyped up to be, although it does have his perks and he is grateful for his success. This song is quite catchy and has a lot of energy in and of course is packed with attitude.

        This is a really sad song about a girl who falls in with the wrong crowd and becomes addicted to drugs, it is about how a happy, popular girl can fall through the cracks of society and end up at the bottom, in an apartment trading herself for her next hit. The story in this song is told really well and makes you really relate to the young girl and feel sorry for her and her need for drugs to feel warm and happy inside, the chorus is sang by a lady artist who is unknown, however her voice is amazing and the song really comes together well.

        The Rest of The Album
        I can honestly say that there are no songs on this album that I dislike. I really like Professor Green's style of music and think that this album has a good mixture of fun, fast and catchy songs and slower more emotional songs. I have definitely enjoyed listening to this album and would recommend it to any Professor Green fans or anyone who like British rap. One thing I should probably warn is that some of the lyrics are less than savoury on this album and it is not really suitable for kids (without parents checking it out first).

        Price and Availability
        You can buy this album in HMV for £7 at the moment, which I think is a fantastic price for this album. I would definitely recommend buying this album if you are a fan of rap/British rap or just a fan of Professor Green's music in general. I have really enjoyed this album and am really glad that I bought it.

        Overall I think that this is a great album, it has been on my playlist for ages now and I still haven't grown sick of it. I think that it is definitely worth a listen to and would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

        *also in ciao under lorrainek90


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          02.03.2012 10:26
          Very helpful



          Professor Green's second album


          There was a time when they couldn't take UK Rap seriously, and then Professor Green came along. Well, the story went a little something like that. The East London MC got a name for himself on the freestyle circuit before he turned that into a proper music career (in Eminem fashion). His first big great came in the form of a handful of singles, before he made his stand with the "Alive Til I'm Dead" album. It was followed in 2011 with "At Your Inconvenience", which marks a welcomed return to the revered Hip Hop talent out of Hackney.

          *Good Points*

          He begins the album with a big way. The first promotional single came in the form of the title track and it was massive. Produced by 16Bit, a heavyweight in this generation of Dubstep, it enables the artist to project his comical writing as best he can, slotting in funny punch lines wherever possible. He's able to keep that energy going into tunes like "DPMO" and "Into the Ground" too, where he plays the role of your typical rapper, but he's able to present his unique qualities and concise writing capabilities. He knows what he's best at and when he's not listening to what the label's telling him to make, you'll find great results from it.

          *Bad Points*

          For every time Pro Green gets into his element and it hitting listeners with funny bars about who he'd like to get into bed with, he gets tiresome with dry patches. One of the main ones is the biggest singles, "Read All About It", which is almost a remake of Eminem and Rihanna's "Love the Way You Lie", just with different subject matter. Everything down to the Emile Sande feature feels manufactured and it continues on into other parts of the album. "Remedy", although it doesn't have a direct reference track, is another which is put in there for the Pop appeal and makes you forget about the great bits of the record. Considering Royce Da 5'9" makes an appearance, you can't make it seriously when he spends half the time in cheese mode.


          Taking everything into consideration, it might not be an especially bad album from Pro Green, it's just that he can do a proper Rap album without having to go down the full Pop route. Considering the competition he's now joined with (since the likes of Wretch 32 weren't on the map when his first record dropped) it's a surprise to see that he actually cranks up the cheese factor with this release, which he should be trying to prove that he has as much credibility as the others on the rise. Instead, listeners are left with a body of work which any half decent rapper could have put together, the only difference is that his rhymes mean something when you take the time to actually listen.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 At Your Inconvenience
        2 Don't Piss Me off
        3 Read All About It Feat Emeli Sande
        4 Spinning Out Feat Fink
        5 Remedy Feat Ruth - Anne Cunningham
        6 How Many Moons
        7 Astronaut
        8 Avalon Feat Sierra Kusterbeck
        9 Doll
        10 Never Be A Right Time Feat Ed Drewett
        11 Today I Cried
        12 Nightmares Feat Royce Da 5' 9 and Kobe
        13 Forever Falling Feat Haydon
        14 Into The Ground

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