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Avenged Sevenfold: Parental Advisory - Avenged Sevenfold

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17 Reviews

Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Avenged Sevenfold / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2007-10-29 at Wea

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    17 Reviews
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      19.05.2012 10:25
      Very helpful



      An excellent album. Avenged Sevenfold's best work.

      "Avenged Sevenfold" is an album from the Californian metal band of the same name. It was produced by the band themselves and released in 2007 on the Warner Bros. label. The line-up for the album was M. Shadows (vocals), Synyster Gates (guitar), Zacky Vengeance (guitar), Johnny Christ (bass) and the Rev (drums).

      This was the last full album Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan performed on before his untimely death in 2009, and the follow-up to 2005's "City of Evil". The band released 5 singles off an album which peaked at No.24 on the US Billboard Top 200.

      "Critical Acclaim" sets the tone for the rest of the album with a haunting keyboard intro before the guitars take us in to a full-on assault led by M. Shadows' screams. The highlight of this song is the Rev's singing of the chorus, but to be honest the whole song is pretty good and it's pretty obvious that Shadows has been taking singing lessons because he's absolutely spot on here, backed up wonderfully by the twin guitars of Synyster and Zacky. As far as opening songs go, you don't get many better than this.

      "Almost Easy" showcases what the Rev is capable of as he takes double duty on the keyboards and drums, but it's the pounding of the drum kit that deserves special recognition as it's relentless throughout with good use of the double bass pedals. The chorus is a great harmony with the backing vocals helping along Shadows' lead singing and the guitar solo after the bridge is monumental. This is one of the best songs off the album.

      "Scream" is up next that begins with a scream and an intricate guitar riff that continues throughout the song, although it does change to a standard riff for a chorus that doesn't fail to get you pumped. It's a song about all things to do with vampirism, or rather the hunting of prey for a vampire. There's a really good solo about half way through with galloping triplets being played at an impressive speed.

      An orchestra is in effect at the beginning of "Afterlife" which quickly jumps into some great riffing from both guitarists, Synyster playing a solo riff while Zacky plays the main riff, all while the rhythm section is pounding away. The narrator is saying how he's no longer alive and is now in the afterlife, all the while plotting to escape. There's an excellent vocal harmony duet between Shadows and the Rev during the bridge which doesn't fail to make you think how sad the drummer's untimely death at the age of 28 due to an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

      "Gunslinger" is up next and is what you would call a ballad that begins acoustically until the chorus that then hits the power chords with a vengeance as Shadows sings with a passion. The guitars sound really good on this song but I think with the acoustic and electric guitars and an opera singer doing the melody in the background with the Rev, I think there's too much going on. It's a really good song but it doesn't quite tick all the boxes.

      "Unbound (the Wild Ride)" is a fast-paced song with lyrics that have a lot of feeling. It's a song where the narrator is saying that life's choices are never easy and mistakes can and will happen but you just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again. The chorus is played with an intricate Synyster guitar solo leading off some great riffing by Zacky and it's once again sung brilliantly.

      "Brompton Cocktail" starts off a little strange but once that's out of the way it rocks to the core before switching styles into a funk-laden verse that mutates back into out and out heavy metal. The chorus is very sing-a-long and you can't help but do so on a song that feels simple yet has its technical moments. A Brompton cocktail was pain medication given to patients at the Brompton hospital in London, England, which consisted of heroin, cocaine, ethyl alcohol and chlorpromazine.

      On "Lost" Avenged Sevenfold change the script with melodic guitar strumming bringing in the main stay of the song and some very fast guitar playing, accompanied by the insane speed of the drums. The verses are good but it loses itself in the chorus with monotone vocals and backing vocals. It's the fastest song on the album by far, but it still doesn't make up for that chorus.

      "A Little Piece of Heaven" is an 8-minute opus of epic proportions. It's this song alone that shows the diversity of Avenged Sevenfold as it begins with strange time changes, and a sound that you'd normally associate with the ghost house levels on "Super Mario". The story of the song is about two lovers with the man proposing to the woman. She laughs at him for even suggesting it, so he kills her and preserves her. In the fantasy world of the song she rises again and takes out her revenge, leaving him to feel remorseful and both return once more, amongst the living, yet eternally dead.

      "Dear God" brings the album to a close with an acoustic song with a little slide guitar and an almost country feel to it. Save for Shadows' brilliantly sung vocals, there's not much going on here that keeps me interested. For a band like Avenged sevenfold I expect heavy songs but this is just so diverse that it's unlike their style. Now maybe if they had changed the running order and put it in the middle it could have worked as a filler but not to end the album.

      In summary, this is the best Avenged Sevenfold album. The band had grown up from their previous work and this is where, in timeline terms, they have left school, gotten a job, and become family men, settling down to hard work to provide for their families. There are some really good songs here and you would be crazy not to buy this album.

      RIP James 'the Rev' Sullivan.

      1. Critical Acclaim
      2. Almost Easy
      3. Scream
      4. Afterlife
      5. Gunslinger
      6. Unbound (the wild Ride)
      7. Brompton Cocktail
      8. Lost
      9. A Little Piece of Heaven
      10. Dear God

      My rating: 9/10


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      12.05.2011 14:49



      The perfect album

      I cannot stress enough how brilliant this album is.

      The track listings are as follows
      1. "Critical Acclaim" 5:15
      2. "Almost Easy" 3:54
      3. "Scream" 4:48
      4. "Afterlife" 5:53
      5. "Gunslinger" 4:11
      6. "Unbound (The Wild Ride)" 5:11
      7. "Brompton Cocktail" 4:13
      8. "Lost" 5:02
      9. "A Little Piece of Heaven" 8:00
      10. "Dear God" 6:37
      Total length:

      The album features songs which are classic in the style of rock/metal, such as 'Scream' and 'Critical Acclaim'; these songs are heavy and punchy. The thing I like most about this album, however, is the melodic element that the band have introduced into some of their songs. Some track stray away from the elements most commonly found in rock music and take influence in pop culture and more classical styles of music. 'Gunslinger', for example, starts off acoustically, 'Unbound' features both a choir of adults and a choir of children in the final stages of the songs and 'Lost', interestingly, uses an auto tuner to create a whole new sound in terms of Matt's vocals.

      On a personal level, this album features two of my favourite Avenged Sevenfold songs ever in the shape of 'A Little Piece of Heaven' and 'Gunslinger'. Neither of these songs were released as singles (from this album, the songs that were are 'Dear God', 'Afterlife' and 'Almost Easy') though they are definitely fan favourites.

      I cannot stress enough how worthy of a listen this album is!


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      18.05.2010 04:14
      Very helpful



      One major mother of a rock romp you desperately need!

      Being a major heavy rock and metal fan for a few decades now, it's quite astounding that I never heard of Avenged Sevenfold until recently. In fact, M Shadows from the band sings vocals on a song on Slash's new album and I like the song so I decided to check out Shadows' band. I was immediately impressed, blown away in fact!

      Slightly reminiscent of the melodic harmonies of Iron Maiden combined with the thrashy powerchords of Metallica added with the progressive element of Guns 'n' Roses, Avenged Sevenfold seem to have brought heavy rock music through an evolutionary step in the right direction which should have happened long ago. Every song I've heard so far is a masterpiece shining in pure rock glory.

      I won't go into the details of each and every track because they all tend to follow a similar route - that's not to say they all sound the same because they don't, but they are all hugely progressive running through several variations and big changes combined with melodic lead guitar performances, the aggression of thrash combined with decent vocals and originality oozing from the depths of real musicianship.

      I was so impressed with the album that I also bought their previous album, City Of Evil which I was almost as impressed with. It's a shame that band member The Rev died in 2009 and Avenged Sevenfold announced their final live performance. However, it was announced in April 2010 that tracking of their new album was complete with the first single being released today (18th May 2010) - I can't wait to get my hands on it!


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        11.03.2010 00:53



        Buy it

        Awesome album! This was the first album of theirs I listened to and I thought it was great!

        It begins with Organs introducing the song Critical Acclaim, one of the best songs of the album, with backing vocals that really stick in your head.

        Next is Almost Easy, one of the most popular songs on the album, featuring some awesome guitar work.

        Then we have Scream, a cool song with a catchy chorus. Afterlife is next, one of the most famous tracks on the album, with a great guitar solo in it. The next 3 tracks aren't as good as the others.

        Lost is a fast beat song with a really catchy chorus. A little Piece Of Heaven is in my opinion the coolest track on the album, so make sure you check it out!

        Dear God is really nice acoustic song which finishes off the album. The artwork inside reflects what the band want to say about them selves.

        This album is a good album, highly recommend as something new to listen to.


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        05.08.2009 11:14
        Very helpful



        A very good album that should be heard by everyone.

        This was a brilliant album. It took me a while to adjust to their new style of singing and playing but once i had i was lost in their music. A very big change from City of Evil but a good one i feel.

        The guitar riffs and solos are just as good as they always used to be. A good variation of songs and styles within this album made it interesting and fun to listen to.

        There is a combination between slow and fast music soft and hard. This album might be better for someone who has never listened to A7X before as people who are good fans and have heard their old albums may dislike this album as it is not their usual playing or singing style.

        I didn't think that it was possible but there was a huge improvement with sounds quality from the City of Evil album. Synyster Gates (lead guitar) has got a new guitar for this album and you can really tell the difference. All the notes are held longer and sound much cleaner than ever before. This was ideal for this album as there was not as much distortion to cover any little mistakes or uncleaness.

        Overall i view this as a very good album and would recommend it to fans and non fans. The lyrics are brilliant! They really do make this album and they are particularly interesting on the track 'A Little Piece of Heaven'. They make this album fun and interesting to listen to.


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        28.06.2009 12:06
        Very helpful



        A brilliant album.

        Avenged Sevenfold are an American rock band which was formed in 1999 in California. The self titled album is the bands fourth album, and has won awards such as the 'Kerrang! Album of the Year award' 2008.
        The Band Members:

        - M. Shadows (Lead Vocals)
        - Synyster Gates (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals)
        - Zacky Vengeance (Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals)
        - Johnny Christ (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals)
        - The Rev (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Piano)

        "Avenged Sevenfold" (The Album) was released on October 30th 2007, although two singles were released prior to the full album release.

        The band took a different direction to their other albums in terms of genre, including experimentation with a country style, a broadway show style, along with the bands metalcore roots. This album really shows how far the band has come, and how diverse they can be.

        [Album Cover]
        The album cover traditionally sports the bands logo - the 'Deathbat' and is a very simple design, contrasting to that of the bands previous albums, which were very artistic and featured full colour complex designs. I do feel that the artwork compliments the album, and it is my favourite Avenged Sevenfold artwork thus far.


        1. Critical Acclaim (5.14 Minutes)
        2. Almost Easy (3.54 Minutes)
        3. Scream (4.48 Minutes)
        4. Afterlife (5.53 Minutes)
        5. Gunslinger (4.11 Minutes)
        6. Unbound (The Wild Ride) (5.11 Minutes)
        7. Brompton Cocktail (4.13 Minutes)
        8. Lost (5.02 Minutes)
        9. A Little Piece of Heaven (8.00 Minutes)
        10. Dear God (6.33 Minutes)

        [Track Reviews]
        Critical Acclaim - Rating: 7.5/10
        I feel this song kicks the album off well. It begins with a church organ powering through a gothic melody, with the guitars slowly kicking in with a hair prickling riff. This song then features several of the band members singing backing vocals, the most notable in this song being The Rev taking the forefront with quite a lot of vocals in this particular song. At five minutes long, Critical Acclaim is quite long, and the lyrics are quite political in nature. M. Shadows' unmistakable voice comes through clearly, and really sets the tone for the rest of the album. The reason that this song only received a 7.5/10 from me is that I feel there are stronger songs on the album, although I do feel that this is a suitable song to kick the album off.

        Almost Easy - Rating: 6/10
        Almost easy is another high paced metalcore style song. It begins with a short riff which, if I'm being honest sounds like it's in the middle of the riff when it's only just started. I just think that the song seems like it doesn't really have a start. This may be the direction the band wanted to achieve though, perhaps to give the album a fast flow, although I don't feel it works that well, hence only 6/10. The rest of the song is pretty standard Avenged Sevenfold, good backing vocals, but nothing out of the ordinary or special.

        Scream - Rating: 7/10
        This track has a much slower pace to it than the previous two tracks. It begins with the sound of screaming, and then moves into an introductory riff. This song has quite a bassy feel to it, and is pretty easy listening as far as the genre goes. Once again, I don't feel this is one of the better songs on the album, but is very listenable - M. Shadows is very central to this song, with less focus on the guitars.

        Afterlife - Rating: 8/10
        This song replicates the alternative introduction that was used in Critical Acclaim, by using a violin instead of the traditional rock band instruments to introduce the song. I feel this is a very effective way of opening the song, and when the guitars kick in after around 17 seconds, the feeling is electric. The chorus of this song is brilliant, it is very melodic, and the instruments are all used to add to the effect. Overall, I rate this song at a strong 8/10.

        Gunslinger - Rating: 8.5/10
        Gunslinger also has an alternative start to the traditional guitar riffs that are regularly employed by metalcore bands. It starts out as a slow, emotional song with acoustic guitar and lead vocals taking the forefront. However after around a minute and a half, the band explodes into life. It is still a very melodic song, but now the entire band is involved. This is a great listen, and not just for people who like rock music. The vocals after around 2.5 minutes in the song are very inspiring, and M. Shadows voice is very pleasing.

        Unbound (The Wild Ride) - Rating: 9/10
        Unbound takes us back to the traditional Avenged Sevenfold style with a strong guitar riff. M. Shadows is much is much more restrained in this song however, using very melodic singing instead of the usual screaming and hoarse singing that is usually employed in this kind of song. I find that this works very well. The Piano that features in the background music works very well in conjunction with the melodic singing too. In the latter parts of the song, a syncopated guitar solo takes over and really spoils the listener. A choir is also used for backing vocals which is a real treat, and something completely different. I really like this song, and it is one that I have skipped back just to listen to several more times, over and over. For this reason, I give the track a stellar 9/10.

        Brompton Cocktail - Rating: 8/10
        This song has quite a quiet opening and builds up into a bassy guitar riff. Once again, melodic singing is employed, with strong backing vocals singing in the interludes between verse and chorus. The chorus is quite good, and is in line with the quality of the rest of the songs. I often find myself wanting to listen to this song several times over too. It's difficult to soak in, but I often lose myself in this song, singing along with the lyrics. Although, once again this is a great track, I only gave it 8/10, as I believe there are a couple of others on the album that are slightly better.

        Lost - Rating: 9/10
        This I have to say is my favourite song on the album. It begins with a slower paced guitar riff, with a call and answer between the guitars, until they begin to play together with one playing a harmony to the other. The drums then kick in at a fast pace and power this song forward. It's a good minute before the lyrics kick in, and being honest they are pretty standard Avenged Sevenfold. The chorus is excellent though, the vocals are altered with synth to give a more robotic effect, which sounds great. The backing vocals employed work really well too. Once again, I find myself repeatedly going back to listen to this track over and over again. I therefore give this track a very strong 9/10.

        A Little Piece of Heaven - Rating: 6.5/10
        This song is completely different from anything else on this album, and sounds a lot more like what "Pinkly Smooth" (An Avenged Sevenfold side project) would produce. This song was written by The Rev, and he takes a major role in the main vocals of the song. It gives the feeling of a song that would be used in a show, sounding a little "cheesey". It features more classical instruments in the place of the guitars, and to be honest feels a little odd to listen to. None the less, it is listenable and therefore I give this track 6.5/10.

        Dear God - Rating: 9/10
        This is once again a complete contrast to the other songs on the album, and is the perfect end to the album. It is based on a country style, and acoustic guitars and melodic singing are part and parcel of the song. The chorus is beautiful. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I honestly believe if anyone heard this track, they would love it. It's so simple, and yet so brilliant. Definitely one of the best tracks on the album and really proves the diversity and talent that the band has. It leaves me flooded with emotions, and to understand you'll just have to listen to the track yourself.

        Every time I listen to this album the full way through, I feel disappointed that it's ended. I feel that's the mark of a truly great album. It really leaves you desperate for more. It's full of great tracks, and even the "link" tracks are very listenable. Being honest, when listening to the album the entire way through, there isn't a single track that I skip - This is a rarity for me, so really goes to show how great this album is.
        There are tracks that everyone should love on this album, but others may only be suitable for people who like rock music. Nevertheless, I recommend it as highly as any album I've listened to.

        Thanks for reading,


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          15.06.2009 15:47



          loves every second of this album

          oh my god! this album is incredible. it's a combination of avenged sevenfold from before and after. the songs are heavy, the lyrics are meaningful and the guitar is awesome ( go syn gates!). each song is different in its own way, each has a different meaning to it and you can listen to it whenever you want no matter what mood you are in. my favourite song is 'A Little Piece Of Heaven' which technically is about necrophillia but essentially is a love story. i love the way that the band mix classical instruments with their own music in this song as it just makes it seem so beautiful and really sweet. it's well worth every penny, even if you are not a fan of avenged sevenfold because the songs are deep n the compilation has obviously taken a lot of time and effort on their behalf. loves it!


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          18.03.2009 13:45
          1 Comment



          New or old this albulm has the potentail to blow you away.

          Avenged Sevenfold - Self titled
          This albulm is the newest albulm by orange county rockers, avenged sevenfold. It explores softer areas of music then previously employed by the five, however it is done expertly. The country ballad, Dear God shows that even lighter touches are not beyond the intense figures. The thrash songs almost easy, critical acclaim and scream show that whilst the old avenged sevenfold is not gone, there is a new direction. The band is moving towards a more rythmic place in music. This can only be a benefit to their already electrifyling live show which is already a breath-taking experience. If you are a metal, rock, alternative or punk fan then this albulm is for you. Purists may say the mainstream feel is over-polished, but remember the members wrote this albulm themselves with no input from warner brothers, and you will agree it is a significant achievement.


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            07.03.2009 18:20
            Very helpful



            good buy

            Avenged Sevenfold---

            I absoloutley love this album and it was well worth the money I have to say.
            Synyster Gates never ceases to amaze me with the riffs he plays tremendously, Syn is my Idol and has been for about 4 years now...no one has took his place yet.

            The band
            The band concludes of 5 members
            -M Shadows-
            Lead Vocalist
            His talent really shines in this album and his voice is amazing in Gunslinger

            -Zacky Vengeance-
            Rhythm Guitarist
            Zacky is a left hander and plays really well in this album I've learnt some of the stuff he does.

            -Synyster Gates-
            Lead Guitarist
            I think Syn should get an award because the riffs in this album are so hard and watching the making of the album it took him quite a while to perfect.
            The best fiff on this album by Syn has to be the one in Almost Easy.

            -Johnny Christ-
            Johnny plays awesomely in this album and uses some heavy bass lines which is what the band wanted I like the bass line he does in Gunslinger

            -The Rev-
            The Rev really can play drums superbly he does some excellent drum riffs in this album my favourite being the one in Critical Acclaim next to the second part of the riff it sounds so amazing and The Rev really gives it his all and it sound a bit like a military beat.

            Track Listing
            -Critical Acclaim-[Good beat and awesome lyrics one of my favourites]
            -Almost Easy-[The riff is awesome and great vocals]
            -Scream-[Great Rhythm Guitar in this track]
            -Afterlife-[Awesome riff and sounds extra great next to the beat]
            -Gunslinger-[Vocals are brilliant and the bass line is excellent]
            -Unbound (The Wild Ride)-[Has a fast tempo and a flawless beat]
            -Brompton Cocktail-[Vocals are amazing in this track]
            -Lost-[Nothing to do with the tv programme!! amazing vocals in this track i like the fact they used different materials]
            -Little Piece Of Heaven-[ My all time favourite makes me laugh it was put together brilliantly]
            -Dear God-[Never thought I would say this to an A7X song but what a lovely track]

            I paid 5.98 for this album and it was well worth it, It is parental advisory but you can get the clean version. There is only two tracks on the whole album with swearing in them being Little Piece Of Heaven and Critical Acclaim.


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            13.02.2009 18:57
            Very helpful



            Deffinatley one you should get.

            Avenged Sevenfold:

            Released in 2007 by warner records

            M Shadows: vocalist
            Synyster Gates: Lead guitar/ Vocals
            Johnny Christ: Bass
            Zacky Vengeance: Rhythm guitar/ Vocals
            The Rev: Drums and some Vocals

            This is an album that was recommended to me, and my sister listens to this band all the time(she also posts on this site) so i gave them a try and i have to admit they are good.

            The band have a bit of country going on in a few songs like Gunslinger but in their song lost they have a kind of siked up cher thing which personally i like because it is different for this genre of music.

            They have put together some amaing riffs in this album my favourite is the one in Almost easy. Afterlife has become a classic for this band it is so popular this is probably my sisters second favourite song from all this bands stuff and i can see why.

            The Band have made their tracks to rougly 5:00 each except little piece of heaven which is 8:00 long.

            Track list:
            Critical acclaim 4/5
            Almost easy 5/5
            Scream 3/5
            Afterlife 5/5
            Gunslinger 5/5
            Unbound (the wild ride) 4/5
            Brompton cocktail 4/5
            Lost 5/5
            A little piece of heaven 5/5
            Dear god 4/5

            I can honestly say i am impressed by this album and am looking foreward to listening to their other stuff. This is a deffinate recommendation.
            all together my rating is five stars only because this band have got talent and they use it wisley. They also dont let the fame go to their head it annoys me wen bands do that.


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            13.01.2009 20:57
            Very helpful



            Any fan of metal should definatly buy this,

            Finally a new metal band that seemed to have moved away and sticks a middle finger and the awful emo rubbish that seems to be popular at the moment.

            Whenever any band are given the label 'metal' these days it instantly conjours up images of dreads, pink twisted beards head banging and a singer growling un-understandably down a mic (and they still manage to include lyrics with the booklet), but dont let this stereotype pigeon hole Avenged Seven Fold. They have some of the best vocals a have heard on any metel record, with as much range as the great sebastian bach. Great guitaring with riffs that would not be out of place in iron maiden or metallica with solos (yes actual solos) that even slash would be proud of.

            City of evil and The self titled album are the most popular of the avenged sevenfold albums, maybe due to the change in vocal style since the old days, this album is slightly more comercial than city of evil, but i actually perferre this album. The songs are well written and although less heavy and really allow the musical talent to shine through

            SONGS (10 no bonus tracks)
            This album opens with 'Critical acclaim' probably one of the heaviest tracks on the album and remenisant from the previous album (city of evil)

            Almost easy is an instant radio hit,its a no mess metal song has a great catchy riff and lyrics

            Scream is probably one of my favorites on this disc, it like all the songs has a great riff.

            Afterlife is another that could easily be a radio hit, it has lots of tempo changes.typical A7F song

            Gunslinger is quite odd, it is an excelent song but this is were the experimentation shines through and A7F seem to break there usual mouldas it has a very cowboy movie theme and sound to it

            The next songs are usual a7f hard riffs and fast solos Unbound, Brompton cocktail, Lost These always remind me of songs such as iron maidens stranger in a strange land or metallicas saniterium .. great songs .. but people always seem to forget about them .. no one has ever said 'my fav iron maiden song is 'caught somewere in time'

            Little peice of heaven has grown on me, it is a strange song and always brings images of a strange nursery rhyme villan with a big nose... not sure why .. maybe something hidden away in my self concious that i shouldn't investigate .. or maybe the strange nursery rhyme sound it has

            Dear god is a nice ine to end the album on,it is alot slower than the rest and ends the album in the old fasioned rock way of start with a heavy song making the song gradually slower to the last.

            The album art on these seems to me to be an attempt at the most famous metallica album.. (the black one) it has no title no one is eer sure what to reffere to it as and you really have to be looking for this album and know the bands logo to have any clue what it is. not sure of the point of this but hey, i havent sold millions of albums that didn't need a name to sell. Mine came in a jewel case with a booklet including all the lyrics and photograhs of band and the cd have an identical sticker to the album cover

            This is completly dependant on where you get it from I have seen it ranging from £5.00 - £15.00 so shop around

            a couple of songs can tend to sound the same as ea other (such as the aformentioned 'forgotten' songs.. and for quite a few listens if my missus said 'put the one on that goes like ...' i would not be able to instantly remember which song and would have to go through the 'is it that... no, skip, is t that? maybe ... skip' game.
            Also though i love the singing on this album he is not exactly what you would called classical trained, although there is alot of singing , there is also a fair amount of growls and screams which i appreciate is not everyones cup of tea.

            A definate must buy for fans of metal


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              10.01.2009 18:23



              Everyone should own this cd!

              This is the first album I have bought of Avenged Sevenfold's, the purchase being based on hearing "Almost Easy" on TV. The whole album is fantastic - there's such a mixture of songs: the hard rocking Almost Easy to the country sounding ballad "Dear God". Great to play air guitar to, the guitar solos are amazing. The singer is really talented and has a great voice no matter what style he's singing in. I saw them live when they supported Iron Maiden over here last year, and they are just as great live as they are on cd. My only regret is at the point when I saw them live I only knew "Almost Easy" (my favourite song at the time), and I wish I had bought the album beforehand so I could have sung along with all the other songs! If you like rock/metal/air guitar - its a must buy cd.


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              30.11.2008 00:38
              Very helpful



              A good solid album, but nothing classic

              Avenged Sevenfold have been around for a lot longer than you may think, having released their first album in 2001, however mainstream success was not acheived till 2005's stonker 'City Of Evil'.

              Now I hear you ask, 'How does their eponymous fourth album measure up?'

              And I can tell you my friends, very well indeed.

              First up, Critical Acclaim starts with a church organ sound kicking into one of Synyster Gates' signature licks. It is an absoloute belter of a tune to be fair, and as a moderate A7X fan, gets me well in the mood for the rest of the album.

              Almost Easy is the first single from this album, and you can tell in that its not really that good in comparison to the rest of the album, it's easily the shortest of all the songs and just seems a little disjointed to me, with the chorus disrupting the frenetic pace set by the verses.

              Scream is typical Avenged Sevenfold fare, with the given solo by Syn and admittedly great vocals by M Shadows, however not offering anything different from the material I have heard already.

              In all fairness, after the first listen, most of the songs are forgettable. However, one of the songs that caught my eye was Afterlife, the first real ballady type of song on the new album. While not being a real tear-jerking epic like Seize The Day (see City Of Evil), this song shows Shadows exerting some real passion into his voice, working in harmony with Syn's solo's throughout to give the first brilliant song on this album.

              The other song that really stood out for me was 'A Little Piece Of Heaven', which is the longest song on the album, being just over 8 minutes long. The style seems very surreal in comparison to the rest of the album, with Shadows and Rev (the drummer) sharing vocals on a song, detailing a man performing necrophilic acts on his murdered partner. A sick subject you may think until you view the animated video for this song, on youtube. The obviously Tim Burton inspired video is funny in its own darly humorous way and offers an insight into the mind of the A7X songwriting team.

              In Summary, the album isn't a 5 star effort like City Of Evil, however, it is solid enough and has enough in the new material to both draw new fans, and keep old codgers like me satisfied.


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              13.11.2008 15:55
              Very helpful
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              Avenged Sevenfold are by far the best band that I have ever heard and I think that they are quite possibly headed for immortality.

              Many people don't like the music on their latest self-titled album but I disagree most strongly, I think that the new album is purely excellent and I think that is because of the new places that the band are taking their music. As any true fans of A7X will know, M. Shadows had to have re-constructive surgery on his entire throat and trachea making him wary of doing all the heavy metal 'Screamo' that they used to do. I've met the man and he told me himself about the surgery and how he couldn't even talk at all for almost a month and understandably he doesn't want to have to go through that again.

              Now as for the music I think that the two best tracks on the album probably have to be Afterlife and Critical Acclaim because they are the most heartfelt and the songs with the most attitude if you like. The two worst in my opinion are Gunslinger and Dear God. I think this because I find that they are really dreary and boring, Dull if you will. And I know that really isn't there style at all so I just think that those are the two worst songs that possibly they have ever written but I think that the other songs on the album are pure gold.

              Avenged Sevenfold are my favorite band in the world and I am a drummer myself and I really strongly think that all of the music that they produce is sheer genius and they should keep going with everything that they have been going for there whole career. The drummer , The Reverend Tholemew Plague, once told me that the band's sole goal as a band was to create music that everyone could relate to and make music that everyone would love and I really think that they have managed that.


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                01.11.2008 23:45



                Worth hearing

                Well, this album was a dissapointment. After three brilliant records, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, Waking the Fallen and City of Evil, this one has to go down as a bit of a let down. Don't get me wrong this is really not a terrible album at all, its just that it is nowhere near as good as the older albums.

                I think the reason this is, for me anyway, is that they have just tried to be just too diverse. "City of Evil" managed to mix genres succesfully, with a more pop rocky side to even a bit of spanish flamenco thrown into the mix. This album tries to do this just for the sake of it. "Lost" and "Unbound the Wild Ride" are very poppy. "Dear God" the albums closer, is just really cheesy country and one of the weekest points of the album. They do branch out succesfully though. Gunslinger, my favourite on the album is kind of a spanish tinged epic.

                What I do like about this album and i think shows some further promise for the band is just how inventive they have been. The use of strings in Brompton cocktail works extremely well. Little piece of heaven is just completely bonkers in the most genius way. Nine minutes of the most topsy turvy music you are likely to hear.

                So this is not a bad album by any stretch just not what i was expecting after "City of Evil" as it is so different. I do appreciate the fact that they have tried to evolve and I think that is something that bands have to do. So this is definately worth picking up, theres always the skip button for those dodgy ones eh?


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            • Product Details

              Disc #1 Tracklisting
              1 Critical Acclaim
              2 Almost Easy
              3 Scream
              4 Afterlife
              5 Gunslinger
              6 Unbound (The Wild Ride)
              7 Brompton Cocktail
              8 Lost
              9 Little Piece Of Heaven
              10 Dear God

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