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Audio CD released 2006-09-04 at SonyBMG

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    6 Reviews
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      10.06.2009 02:43
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Worth a listen

      B-day is Beyonces 2nd album and was released in 2006, it has more fun tracks on it than her 1st cd Dangerously In Love and is one of my favourite albums, its great to have on stand by when I am getting ready to go out at the weekend and need to get in the mood for a party!

      You can buy B-day in most good music stores for around £5 to £10 which is a great price as it really is a great cd, especially if you are a fan of Beyonce or Destinys Child.

      The track listing for this cd is as follows:
      1.) Deja Vu featuring Jay Z
      2.) Get Me Bodied
      3.) Suga Mama
      4.) Upgrade You featuring Jay Z
      5.) Ring the Alarm
      6.) Kitty Kat
      7.) Freakum Dress
      8.) Green Light
      9.) Irreplaceable
      10.) Resentment
      11.) Check On It
      12.) Encore for the fans (hidden track)
      13.) Listen (hidden track)
      14.) Gettin' Bodied Remix (hidden track)

      My favourite tracks:
      Get Me bodied
      This is a great fun, energetic and sexy song about getting dressed up, going out and having a good time, its one of my favourite songs as when it comes on I always think about heading out.

      Upgrade You
      This is another great confident song about upgrading your man and becoming a team, it was a single off this album and did quite well on the charts.

      This is a slower but still very confident song about throwing out your cheating partener and moving on, as no one is irreplaceable and at the end of the day you could probably do better. I really like this song as it is good for women to know that break ups arent the end of the world, after all there are plenty of fish in the sea.

      Green Light
      This is another great song on the album, its about letting someone go if they want to leave, because at the end of the day theres no point in staying with some one against their will, its another confident song and has a great beat to it.

      Ther isnt one track on this album that I dislike, they are all great, though I have named only my favourites, I think that its well worth the money and definitely worth a listen to if you like Beyonce as an artist.


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        04.07.2008 23:40
        Very helpful



        Great album.


        Beyonce Knowles is one of the world's most recognisable celebrities after carving out a career with Destiny's Child in the late Nineties she has become one of the hottest solo artists on the planet thanks to a huge debut album Dangerously in love which was released in 2003. Move on three years to 2006 and Beyonce Knowles released her second solo album entitled B'day as it was released on her 25th birthday on 4th September.


        You may be thinking it is a strange name for an album and french toilets may come to mind but wipe those thoughts from your mind as the reason for the album title is it's meaning of Birthday. as Beyonce released the album on her 25th birthday. Beyonce worked with a mix of experienced producers like The Neptunes and Rodney Jerkins aswell as newcomer Neyo. Beyonce is also the executive producer of the album.

        **Track by Track**

        1.) Deja Vu

        This is a funky hip hop track with a great bassline to start off the album. This is a track featuring Jay-Z and the combination works as well as it did on her debut album. This track provides a real test for your hifi. Her voice sounds excellent as usual and Jay Z even sounds ok even for him. Great start to B'day

        2.) Get me bodied

        This is an extremely catchy track with a great bassline that kicks in after twenty or so seconds. the track develops with a funky backing and this track moves through very well and has many interesting changes which come in at great times. One of her best uptempo tracks so far in her solo career.

        3.) Suga Mama

        This is another uptempo track but this time it has an old school soul feel with a screaming electric guitar which moves along throught the whole song. This doesnt quite have the same impact that the previous two tracks have but it is by no means a bad track. A very good one to dance to in the club.

        4.) Upgrade U

        This is an answerback to your partner if they are acting a little arrogant and self important. Basically telling them that they can be replaced by someone if they don't change their ways. This is another funky uptempo track with a thumping bassline. This is better than the third track but not quite the best on the album.

        5.) Ring the alarm

        This is a very interesting uptempo track which opens with an air raid shelter alarm and then the thumping bassline comes in with Beyonce's vocals. One of the most interesting and different tracks on the album. From what I can gather this about the end of a relationship and not wanting it to end. A unique twist on the story.

        6.) Kitty Kat

        This is the slowest track so far on the album and is one of the best on the album, A laid back track about leaving your partner and again it is a unique way of telling it as it talks about the sexual side as in the ex not having them in that way anymore. This song works even though it is very different from the previous tracks,

        7.) Freakum Dress

        We had a slower track for track six but now the album goes back to an uptempo feel and I love the bassline and sounds in the background of this track. Another sexy song this time about an item of clothing that your partner loves to see you in. I'm sure every couple has that one piece of clothing like that.

        8.) Green Light

        This is a funky mid paced track with a catchy bass hook and some nice drum machine effects. This track has many different moods and soon changes into a fast paced track with horns and trumpets in the background. Not quite up there with the best on the album but certainly very good nonetheless.

        9.) Irreplaceable

        This is a fine ballad which has a great message to anyone who cheats on their partner. I love the way she moves through the song with a great authority, I love the video and it really tells the story of this song to great effect. The song is basically saying "ok you cheated on me, I will move on and find myself someone who will treat me right.

        Bonus hidden tracks within one track

        10.) Resentment

        Another track about being cheated on, This is more about the effects of being cheated on. A wonderful ballad which is one of her best songs of her career so far, her voice sounds stunning on this track. One of her best vocal performances of her career. In summing up this is a really wonderful song.

        Check on it

        This is a track that was featured in the Pink Panther film which Beyonce starred in. This is another uptempo hip hop tinged track which has a great feel. Beyonce's voice flows in various vocal styles and this is one of the catchiest tracks on the album and one of the best uptempo tracks on the album.

        Get me bodied

        This is an extended remix of track two and is a worthy addition to the album. It expands from the first version and the extension of the best bit in the track makes this a great club track with a relentless beat and a great feel.


        This is the final part of the fifteen minute final track. A staggering ballad which features on Dreamgirls where Beyonce played the lead role Dina. A wonderful ballad which you need to listen to as no amount of praise on this review will give the song justice.


        They say the most difficult album is the second but This is a fine second album which has it's fair share of catchy hip hop based tracks but I would have liked the album to have a couple more ballads as there needs to be a good share of both.


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          28.09.2007 00:42
          Very helpful



          An ok album..not her best

          I just bought this album after i heard De javu and Irreplaceable - These two songs i loved.. so went and bought it from virgin megastores..heres wat i think of each song

          1. De javu - This was her 1st single which she realeased here in the uk and rightly so..its a catchy upbeat tune ---8/10

          2. Get me Bodied - Didnt like this one..again another upbeat one - i always skip it -----4/10

          3. Suga Mama - another average upbeat song- didnt like this one either..tune wasnt catchy at all----3/10

          4. Upgrade U - I loved this one..it has a great tune to it really catchy -----9/10

          5. Ring the alarm - This was her 3rd release in the uk I HATED this one as all shes doing is shouting and screaming..and dont like the tune either - ---3/10!

          6. Kitty Kat - This is sorta slow..its kinda nice after hearing it a few times..-----7/10

          7. Freakum Dress - Love this one has a great beat you just wanna get up and dance----- 9/10

          8. Green Light - Great upbeat song..(love the remix of this too) ----10/10

          9. Irreplaceable - This was her 2nd release in the uk has great lyrics i listened to this one about 100 times and havent gotten sick of it..i love it..gotta be the best song on the album---- 10/10

          10. Resentment - Ballad...is a lil boring this is a victoria beckham cover - 4/10

          11. Check on it - Great upbeat song ..catchy chorus makes you want to sing along...is the soundtrack to the pink panther movie---- 10/10

          12. Listen (hidden track) - love this one..is off the soundtrack to dreamgirls..its a balland..she really shows off her voice in this..the lyrics are lovely and meaningful..---10/10

          Can get it for around £12 on amazon..but im sure if you look around it might be cheaper..

          The cover isnt exactly eye-catching.but she looks nice on it

          This is an OK album Most of the songs sorta sound alike..and what i dont like is that shes screaming on half of them instead of singing..beyonce has an amazing voice..and hasnt really showed it off in this album..there are 2 ballads..and the rest are upbeat so if you want somthing like that then buy this album.In my opinion this album isnt as good as her first solo album..

          Hope this helps :)


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          07.08.2007 14:48



          this is a shocking album. dont buy it

          Beyonce- B’Day

          Déjà vu ft JayZ
          Get Me Bodied
          Suga Mama
          Upgrade U ft JayZ
          Ring The Alarm
          Kitty Kat
          Freakum Dress
          Green Light

          Terrible. I cannot believe how such a great singer has turned into such a load of drab in one album. I used to like Beyonce, I mean who didn’t. Her brilliant songs such as Crazy In Love etc were just fab, but this album just shows how far down she is going and that she really should quit while she is still riding high. Some songs on this are good. Note I haven’t used the word exceptional yet, what we would normally use for Beyonce. Because none of the songs are 10/10 songs. It really is a below average album and I would rather listen to a newcomer who isn’t so bigheaded as Beyonce. She really should just give up now.

          Déjà vu, Upgrade U and Irreplaceable are the best songs on this album and if you look on the Deluxe version you will also find Beautiful Liar.
          Déjà vu is typical Beyonce and that is why it is good. But correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t artists supposed to get better after every album?
          Upgrade U is the only real song in this album that deserves to be there. This song is up a class from the others, but the rest of the album is back in a time warp. The songs on this album would have been good 5 years ago, but not today when you have Nelly Furtado and Rihanna breathing down your back.
          Irreplaceable is emotional Beyonce. It is a good song but after a few listens, you just get bored.

          This really is a poor album and wish I could lie about it and big it up, but it really is terrible. I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, buy her old singles, which are very good.


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            30.09.2006 21:15
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            B'Day is definitely worth the money and is worthy of a place in your collection

            Beyoncé Knowles is one of the most popular artists in the world today. She is talented, beautiful and seemingly perfect. Her debut album, Dangerously In Love, was a massive success. But does her sophomore solo album match up?

            I think it certainly does. The album kicks off with the successful lead single, "Déja Vu" featuring Beyoncé's partner, rapper Jay-Z. The tune is catchy and Beyoncé sounds good - even Jay-Z's part is bearable. A great and promising way to start the album.

            "Get Me Bodied" follows. This is one of my favourite tracks out of the ten on the album - I kind of see it as Déja Vu meets Baby Boy (one of the singles from her first solo album). The song is a little erratic but it does make you want to dance - to get "bodied" (whatever the hell that means). This is a really good song and it would not be a bad single choice for Beyoncé.

            The soul-filled Suga Mama comes next as track 3. I love this track, but I can't help but feel like this song is unoriginal. I can't put my finger on it - but the song sounds extremely familiar. Nevertheless, the track is really good and catchy and gives Beyoncé another chance to show off her vocal talents.

            Upgrade U, track 4, also features Jay-Z. I quite disliked this song at first, but it has grown on me. It sounds like typical r'n'b/hiphop. Anybody could have pulled off this song - it's good, but it's nothing special.

            Beyoncé shows her aggressive side in track 5, Ring the Alarm. Rumour has it that this song is dedicated to Rihanna, as a warning to get her mitts of Jay-Z. Whether this is true or not (I actually doubt it is), the song is catchy and one of the most original tracks on the album. Definitely a highlight of the album.

            Kitty Kat, track 6, if definitely nothing special. It seems extremely mundane to me. It's nice r'n'b, but it just doesn't grab your attention whatsoever. Nothing special to report on this track - it's skippable.

            Track 7 is a catchy tune called Freakum Dress. I suspect this song will prove very popular and would be a wise single choice. It's about having to look extremely beautiful and stun your partner every once in a while. Nothing exactly deep, but it's fun nonetheless.

            Another highlight of the album is track 8, Green Light. It's catchy, poppy and definitely one of the best tracks on the album. Quite similar to Freakum Dress, the previous track, but much better

            At this late stage in the album, Beyoncé begins to experiment more and become more original with the forthcoming second UK single, "Irreplaceable". The song is a catchy ballad and Beyoncé sounds great on it. This track has proved extremely popular with critics, with good reason, and has been dubbed the highlight of the album.

            If Beyoncé didn't have this final track, Resentment, on the album, I would have only rated it as 3 stars. I was totally blew away by this track. It sounds like a classic Aretha Franklin - I actually thought it was an Aretha cover at first (it's not). Beyoncé pulls this tune off, she sounds absolutely formidableand I still can't believe she pulled this out of the bag. One of my favourite tracks of 2006, to listen to Resentment alone is a good enough reason to purchase this album. A perfect way to round off a great album. If the whole album had been as good as Resentment, it would have been the best album on earth.

            Overall, this album is really good. It's perfect R'n'B, but nowadays you can't just have one theme throughout. Beyoncé tries to experiment, but she just doesn't do it enough in this album. The album starts getting fantastic at track 8 - just three tracks from the end. I highly recommend this album to anybody, it's a must for r'n'b fans. I also think everybody in the world should listen to track 10, Resentment, and be blown away just like I was.


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              11.09.2006 13:48
              Very helpful



              The second solo album to be released by Beyonce.

              “B’Day” is Beyonce’s second solo album and is the follow up to her huge first solo album “Dangerously in Love.” Prior to her solo career Beyonce made up of a third of American r n b girl group “Destiny’s Child” and even from the start was clearly the leader both vocally and talent wise. Her first album found her great success as a solo artist worldwide but even prior to this album being released in the UK there was an immense amount of criticism flying about regarding the quality of it. I was a huge fan of her first album and so decided to have a listen to her second album to see if it lived up to my expectations…

              “Déjà Vu” is the first song up on the album and it’s as catchy and sexy as I imagine any opening track of Beyonces to be. It’s an upbeat song that you won’t be able to resist dancing around the room to, not completely different to her previous hit “Crazy in Love” it’s a duet with Jay Z. Their two sounds complement each other perfectly, her more upbeat soulful voice partnered with his smooth rapping tones of r n b. It’s not the most relaxing tune to listen to but would make an ideal song on a night out or to lift your mood. It’s about trying to get over someone and the fact that sometimes you just can’t as almost everything creates a sense of deju vu in that it reminds you of the past. “Baby seems like everywhere I go, I see you, from your eyes, your smile, it's like I breathe you, helplessly I reminisce, don't want to compare nobody to you.”The next track up is “Get Me Bodied” which is much less pop sounding than the opening track and focuses more on the r n b sound. It sounds like a typical r n b club track which suits what it has been produced for – dancing to, albeit somewhat inelegantly unless you have the moves of Beyonce. There’s very little backing music to the track apart from a guy continuously repeating “hey” about every three seconds which ruins the song somewhat in my opinion. I have to say I was disappointed by this track and it will be one that I tend to skip from now on. “Mission one, I’m gonna put this on, when he sees me in this dress I'm gonna get me some.”

              “Suga Mama” is next up and has a somewhat softer, calmer feel than the previous two tracks – it’s still one you could dance to but also one I could see myself listening to while in the car. It does sound strangely like “Work it Out” at times and in my opinion is another slightly weak track on the album. “Let me be, I wants to be, gots to be, your suga give mama some suga mama.” This is followed by her second duet with Jay Z on the album entitled “Upgrade U.” Again I have to add some criticism to this track as it just wasn’t really that big a hit with me, it just feels like it’s lacking a certain spark that I’ve come to expect from Beyonce. If I’m honest this is something that I feel with quite a few tracks on the album. In contrast this song is one that I could listen to and is an improvement on the previous two tracks of the album so it does bring some slight relief to the ear drums. “Notice you the type that like to keep them on a leash though, I'm known to walk alone but I'm alone for a reason, sending me a drink ain’t appeasing, believe me.”

              “Ring the Alarm” is set to be Beyonce’s second single from this album, her first being the opening track. It’s one of those songs that is quite loud and intense, with the sound of alarms frequently ringing and therefore will be one of those tracks that you either love or hate. I have to say I actually really like this song, although after hearing the alarm sounds a few more times this may well change! It’s upbeat and sassy with the added sex appeal that seems to be added to Beyonce’s voice when she’s singing a lively track. It’s about her seeing a boyfriend with another girl and how it rings alarm bells in your head, “I been through this too long, but I'll be damned if I see another chick on your arm, won't you ring the alarm.” The sixth track on the album is “Kitty Kat” which I really like; it’s got a slight jazz feel to it mixed in with the classic pop and r n b sound. It’s the first track on the album that you can clearly hear her voice and the lyrics as well so it’s a welcomed change in that it’s slightly more downbeat and softer. It’s quite mellow compared to Beyonce’s typical sound and works well to break up the album I think. “You know I hate sleeping alone, but you said that you would soon be home, but baby that was a long time ago.”

              “Freakum Dress” reverts back to the incessant and loud beat that is Beyonce’s typical sound on this album it would seem. It could possibly work well as her third single release off this album but I do worry that she faces the problem of all of her singles becoming somewhat monotone. It is more catchy that the previous club beats on the album and I do actually like it, however the whole feel of the track is somewhat samey in a sense to the rest of the album. It’s quite simply about a dress she has that “freaks” everyone, “Soon as you saw me, turned on by how the dress was fitting right, short and backless.” “Green Light” is next up and was produced by the Neptunes, it’s a little immature sounding in a sense to Beyonce’s typical sound and does sound more like something safe a newcomer may produce. It’s quite slick and could work as a dance track in a club but isn’t really one that sticks in your memory once you’ve heard it. It talks of green in a figurative sense like when she’s in a club and someone approaches her and she likes them, “You got the green light, you the king right, you holdin up traffic, green means go.”

              The penultimate song on the album is “Irreplaceable” and the album finally starts to show its true colours. This track is much more of a softer sounding ballad and is fantastic – you can hear her voice so pure yet sexy sounding and it’s a fabulous relaxing track that I can’t see myself ever tiring of. The guitar backing suits the mellow feel perfectly and really shows the true beauty of her voice, possibly the best song on the album in my opinion. “So go move your bags, let me call you a cab, standing in the front yard telling me, how I'm such a fool, talking bout how I'll never ever find a man like you.” The final track is “Resentment” which again is a softer ballad and features her Destiny’s Child band members also. It was actually created for Victoria Beckham but she never released it and talks of her heart ache over a previous cheating boyfriend. It’s pure and a great ballad to end the album with. The lyrics are so true and yet beautiful at the same time, “Loving you was easy, once upon a time, but now my suspicions of you, have multiplied and it’s all because you lied.”

              So what do I think of the album? Well if you regularly read my music reviews you’ll probably realise that this one is quite a bit shorter than the normal ones and the reason for that is that I simply don’t have as much to say on this one. The tracks don’t really appeal to me and I’ve found it quite hard to give an in-depth review of some of them as quite frankly I don’t like them. For me the final two tracks on the album are by far the best which is very unusual, normally the latter tracks of an album are generally the poorer ones.

              I also feel slightly let down by the length of the album, there’s only 10 tracks on this album which although it isn’t unheard of I do generally expect around 12 or more tracks for my money. Compared to her first release back in 2003 this one does leave me feeling short changed and more than a little disappointed with the quality of her music these days. The songs are somewhat likeable on the surface but it certainly isn’t an album that will be played over and over again in my collection. After hearing “B’Day” I can only presume she put more effort into planning her actual birthday than she did producing this album.

              Thanks for reading!

              www.amazon.co.uk £8.99
              www.play.com £8.95
              www.tesco.com £8.93


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            • Product Details

              1. Deja Vu featuring Jay-Z
              2. Get Me Bodied
              3. Suga Mama
              4. Upgrade U featuring Jay-Z
              5. Ring The Alarm
              6. Kitty Kat
              7. Freakum Dress
              8. Green Light
              9. Irreplaceable
              10. Resentment
              11. Check On It
              12. Encore For The Fans (Hidden Track)
              13. Listen (from Dreamgirls) (Hidden Track)
              14. Gettin' Bodied Extended Mix (Hidden Track)

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