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Back Of My Lac - J. Holiday

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Genre: R&B & Soul / Artist: J Holiday / Audio CD released at Capitol

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    2 Reviews
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      05.03.2009 17:16
      Very helpful



      Only buy if you are a big fan

      J Holiday released his debut album Back Of My Lac in 2007 after signing with Capitol Records. On the strength of his single 'Bed' he was able to gain some success although not enough to break through as a fully-fledged RnB star.

      I bought this album after hearing the song 'Bed' and hoped it was a sign of things to come from this album. The song is a catchy RnB track that was musically good and gave him the airplay and appeal to have a chance to make it into the big time.

      Unfortunately, while that 1 song was able to gain popularity the rest of the album let him down. The other released singles 'Be With Me' and 'Suffocate' were fairly decent records but neither was able to catch the attention of the general public. I liked Suffocate more than Be With Me and thought it would have done better than it did in reality.

      There wasn't really any attempt to try anything different with this selection of songs. Each follows the same pattern so maybe a slight variety would have benefited him.

      There isn't really anything on the album that you can't get from a better choice so I wouldn't advise you to buy it unless you're a particularly big J Holiday fan or if you can get the album for cheap. The 3 singles are worth listening to but the rest of the album isn't up to the same standard. Hopefully he can do better with his next attempt because I like his voice but he just needs better songs.

      1. Back of My Lac
      2. Ghetto
      3. Thug Commandments
      4. Bed
      5. Betcha Never Had
      6. Laa Laa
      7. Come Here
      8. Be With Me
      9. Suffocate
      10. Fatal
      11. Without You
      12. Pimp In Me
      13. Thank You
      14. Fallin'


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      19.03.2008 17:35
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A shame that an amazing single like 'Bed' would be featured on such a poorly produced album.

      J Holiday produces music to listen to on your holiday, aye?

      Being one of the newest faces in R&B isn't an easy job, especially considering it is an industry filled with the daunting prospects of 50 Cent's face in yours at an award show. Despite this J Holiday has been happy to attempt to get a crack at the spotlight, and despite in 2006 having to push back his debut album, 2007 eventually saw the release of 'Back Of My Lac' - an album that would go on to peak at #5 in the US Billboard chart for the Washington-born father of one.
      Unfortunately for J Holiday (real name Nahum Grymes) his first studio effort is still yet to go platinum, with disappointing sales of just 20,000 in the UK adding to the pressure he must be feeling from his record label. A deluxe version of 'Back Of My Lac' has also been released including five bonus tracks.

      1. Back of My Lac (4.49) - *
      2. Ghetto (4.11) - * *
      3. Thug Commandments (3.29) - * *
      4. Bed (4.35) - * * * * *
      5. Betcha Never Had (3.01) - * *
      6. Laa Laa (4.31) - * *
      7. Come Here (3.30) - * * *
      8. Be With Me (3.58) - * *
      9. Suffocate (3.40) - * *
      10. Fatal (5.16) - *
      11. Without You (3.47) - *
      12. Pimp In Me (4.25) - * *
      13. Thank You (4.23) - *
      14. Fallin' (3.42) - * *

      "Then there's the single "Bed" (as in, "I'm-a put you to"), a sex jam so gleefully horny, and hooky, that it ends up charming" - Rolling Stone Magazine
      As a first single release 'Be With Me' was chosen at the beginning of 2007, but as it failed to even enter the US Billboard charts this was one of the factors for the original delay to the album. The track was actually produced by Darkchild, who has worked with the likes of Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles, however it appears there was a lack of charisma from the artist himself to get units of this single shifted. 'Be With Me' is a love song singing to the woman who he believes should be with him, and whilst being a modest effort there is nothing groundbreaking about the song nor is the concept original or inspiring.

      'Bed' would become the second release from J Holiday, and was exactly the explosive new star that the star needed. Rolling Stone Magazine went on to name it the 70th best song of the year, as well as the video being named the 11th best of the year by BET. The track peaked at #5 on the US Billboard and became the one reason J Holiday has given us so far to trust that he does have any talent. Despite being the romance song of 2007, the UK market only accepted it as far as #32 in the charts. An uncanny amount of remixes to the track have appeared on the internet, and 'putting your to bed' has became a great line.
      'Suffocate' was selected as the third single release, however I get the feeling that most people are just listening to it and attempting to become fond of it due to his prior success. Currently the tacks highest position has been #18, which is fairly generous considering the premise behind the song is about suffocating when being away from your love.

      "Then I'ma rock your body, turn you over, love is a war, I'm your soldier, touchin you like it's our first time" - J Holiday

      'Back of My Lac' was probably one of the worst picks possible for an introduction to the album, as it is almost five whole minutes of complete boredom. I am sure that the title to the album has some sort of link to perhaps his teen years in the back of his car, perhaps it could be where his four year old daughter was conceived, but there is nothing as refined here as the miracle of child birth. I wonder how many others were tricked into purchasing this album by 'Bed' in the hope that J Holiday was going to be a brilliant slow song artist, unfortunately his songs get so slow and quiet that you will be torn between turning up the volume or switching the hi-fi off all together. And there is absolutely no attempt to be up-tempo.
      'Without You' is another track certain to dent Darkchilds reputation, and tells that if you go now you will miss the best part of what he has got to say, which is what just about convinced me to see through the final three tracks. 'Pimp in Me' - "You don't know how hard I try," it's almost getting too easy to rip into J Holiday's downward spiral of a career, but I suppose I shouldn't be poking fun at someones failing attempt at creating a livelihood for himself - and if he does come out with a huge track in the future I am going to be eating my words. From what I have heard so far, with the exception of 'Bed', there is very little chance of that - and it is his second single release alone that justifies the lowly one star rating for this disaster.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Back Of My Lac'
      2 Ghetto
      3 Thug Commandments
      4 Bed
      5 Betcha Never Had
      6 Good For Each Other
      7 Come Here
      8 Be With Me
      9 Suffocate
      10 Fatal
      11 Without You
      12 Pimp In Me
      13 Thank You
      14 Fallin'

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