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Bad Blood - Bastille

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Bastille / Audio CD released 2013-03-04 at Virgin

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2013 13:46
      Very helpful



      a godo album


      Bastille are a 4 piece rock type of band formed in London 2010, the members are - Dan Smith who is the lead singer then Chris Wood, Kyle Simmons and Will Farquarson. The name "Bastille" comes from Bastille day 14th July in which leader singer Dan Smith was born on. The band was offered a recording contract late 2010 and have recorded and realised limited material up until the Bad Blood album.

      I first became aware of Bastille around this time last year when the Dancing on Ice promo advert used "Of the Night" song they had remixed, I was instantly drawn to it and I was keen to download the track, at the point they had only realised on sound cloud. March 2013 I heard a few other songs of theirs and really liked them, and upon looking on ITunes I noted that a debut album Bad Blood was due to be realised so I pre-ordered it, without even listening to any of the tracks. The album came out and I was pleased I got it because it is a great album.

      Album track listings

      1. "Pompeii"

      Probably the most recognised song of theirs, this hit number 2 in the singles chart back in March and features the well known "eeoeo eeoeo eeoeo" which some people know it by. The track doesn't actually feature the word "Pompeii in it but it does refer to a city which has its "walls tumbling down" and stuff so it easy to understand why its called Pompeii. It is a very upbeat song with lots of drums and up tempo beat. This song is often their last song on a set list for gigs and festivals.

      2. "Things We Lost in the Fire"

      A slightly slower song to Pompeii, this is quite a nice easy listening one and I think has quite a bit of meaning to it as it talks about things lost in a fire, almost as if a relationship is lost. Dan normally performs this with his keyboard and a selection of violins. One of my favourites on the album. This was realised in August 2013 and reached number 28 in the UK charts.

      3. "Bad Blood"

      The album name as well. This is quite a rocky type of song and features more instruments from the other band members. Again quite a deep meaning to it talking about letting bad blood dry and letting things lie, I think it refers a lot to feuds and other disagreements. The track was realised in August 2012 but peaked at number 90. I really like the beat to this and this is almost always performed during gigs and festivals.

      4. "Overjoyed"

      Quite a slow song off the album. Overjoyed is referring to the singer being "overjoyed" that the person he is talking to is listening to his words. This is a nice one to listen to and Dan sings this well live but not always performed.

      5. "These Streets"

      I think this follows on from Bad Blood as it refers to "these streets" almost as if its territory and about keeping them. Its a good track, not my favourite but a good addition for the album.

      6. "Weight of Living, Pt. II"

      I believe this is off FIFA 2013 and according to many people online this got them into Bastille. The track hasn't been released but due to it being of FIFA it is often played in gigs. I myself wasn't aware of this until later on but I do think its a good track, its very upbeat and no so much of a deeper meaning but it does still refer to "liking the person you have become" so the weight of living deals with the stresses of life and how we deal with them.

      7. "Icarus"

      Icarus is a mythical creature who flew towards the sun but his wings melted and he died. I think its about being cautious in life, it refers to hands protecting the flames, as if you protect yourself from things in life. The track is very up tempo and one I like to listen to.

      8. "Oblivion"

      A nice slow song which Dan preforms on the keyboard. It refers to "aging with grace" which suggests to me about acting your age and maybe taking responsibility to things you have done.

      9. "Flaws"

      The song was released in October 2012 and is a fan favourite. It refers to "all of our flaws" we as humans has flaws and its talking about some people wearing them on their sleeve whilst others bury them deep. It has quite abit of meaning to it because we all have our flaws, its how we deal with them is what makes us who we are. When I saw Bastille live Dan got into the crowd and sung this.

      10. "Daniel in the Den"

      According to a recent interview with the band this is actually one of their older written songs. Daniel in the Den refers to being felled in the night by the ones you love, It deals with disappointment and how to deal with that. A good album track.

      11. "Laura Palmer"

      One most upbeat tracks on the album and one of my personal favourites. This song refers to "your beating heart" and was inspired by "Laura Palmer" on a show called Twin Peaks. I think its about letting go and living, feeling the blood through your veins, its a song you can just belt out whilst nobody is listening and is often featured in set lists. The song was realised in June 2013 and reached number 42.

      12. "Get Home"

      Get home is quite a dark song, It refers to the person getting back home as if depressed or lost in the world. I think it has a deeper meaning than just finding the way home after a night out. It is quite slow and the band do play is on gigs.


      This for me is the best albums of 2013. It reached number 1 and is classed as a platinum selling album. The genre of music is given as rock and I suppose some of their songs have a rock edge to it but I'm not normally a fan of rock so I'm not so sure they are fully rock. The lead singer Dan Smith is so eye catching and preforms the songs with great passion. I was lucky enough to see the "Bad Blood" winter tour a few weeks ago in Birmingham and it was a great tour to see. I would say that this is an album for those who do like something different, it has a mixture of slow, deep and meaningful songs to upbeat light hearted songs but overall the album is clearly as a whole quite meaningful to the band, it does deal a lot with human feelings, insecurities and desires. As a debut album I think its great and I expect great things from Bastille.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Pompeii
      2 Things We Lost in the Fire
      3 Bad Blood
      4 Overjoyed
      5 These Streets
      6 Weight of Living, Pt. II
      7 Icarus
      8 Oblivion
      9 Flaws
      10 Daniel in the Den
      11 Laura Palmer
      12 Get Home

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