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Be Here Now - Oasis

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42 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Britpop / Artist: Oasis / Import / Audio CD released 1997-08-26 at Sony

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    42 Reviews
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      09.05.2013 15:33
      Very helpful



      worth a re-listen if you don't love it already

      Track listing:
      D'You Know What I Mean?
      My Big Mouth
      Magic Pie
      Stand by Me
      I Hope, I Think, I Know
      The Girl in the Dirty Shirt
      Fade In-Out
      Don't Go Away
      Be Here Now
      All Around the World
      It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
      All Around the World (Reprise)

      Be Here Now is iconic Manchester greats Oasis' third album, released in August 1997. It was a massively over-hyped album, by the press and the Gallaghers alike and when it thrust itself onto the music scene, it was met with mixed reviews and disappointment. I was only 3 at its time of release so I'm going here on what my dad told me when he was lining up to buy it. Many fans, even hardcore ones, accept that this album is an over-long, hyped up, drug fueld mess. But that doesn't mean it isn't a brilliant album. Be Here Now became the fastest selling album to date: it sold 350,000 on its first day.

      Most bands hit a wall with their second album (and with a debut as good as Definitely Maybe, you'd expect their follow up (What's The Story) Morning Glory? to not be as good as it is) but I'd say that with the success going their heads, they may have hit a wall with this one instead. At around one and a half hours to listen from start to finish, it is a massively long effort, compared to most records which stand at about 40 minutes. It does in places sound like they forgot to stop recording and ended up with a track that was 7 minutes long when it was meant to be 4. That doesn't mean to say that the songs drag on, in some places they do, but on the whole, I wouldn't say that by the half way mark you're itching to skip them.

      As a massive Oasis fan, I'd have to say that I love most of the songs on this album for what they are: long, with random solos and la la la's and overproduced in places. But the lyrics haven't suffered: I'd even say that the opening track, D'You Know What I Mean?, lyrically, is one of my favourite Oasis tracks. The Girl In The Dirty Shirt is also a rather sweet song: that, and All Around The World, definitely show that this album has some anthems, albeit long ones. One thing that Oasis did well was anthems. And saying shine a lot.

      However, there are some duds: even a big a fan as I am, I don't tend to bother with Fade In/Out for example and couldn't even tell you how the chorus goes. But on every good album, there are a few that are a let down. Doesn't mean that the albums no good. All in all, listening to this album now, without the massive over-hype, is a different experience than it would have been around the time of its release. It's got some great anthems on it, and even though the songs are long, it's definitely not as bad as some people say it is! And you can probably pick it up for about £2-5!

      Best songs: Be Here Now, D'You Know What I Mean?, The Girl In The Dirty Shirt
      Skip them: Fade In/Out, All Around The World (Reprise), It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)


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      20.07.2011 17:54
      Very helpful



      Oasis at their peak. Followed by a slow meander down towards mediocrity :(

      I've been a big follower of Oasis since (What's The Story?) Morning Glory was released. I was too young to get into Definitely Maybe when it first came out, but by the time Be Here Now was released, I was a fully fledged fan. That was in 1997, and I've had 14 years to consider this album, so here we go...

      Be Here Now is the 3rd studio album from Oasis, released in the UK in August 1997. At this point, Oasis were renowned worldwide, and arguably at the height of their fame - the amazing success of their two previous albums meant this was a hotly anticipated release.

      However, the album received a mixed response, with many believing it to be a totally over-the-top, self-indulgent, drug-fuelled mess of a record. However, I beg to differ (very slightly)... YES it's over-the-top, it's definitely self-indulgent, Nobody can argue that it wasn't drug-fuelled, but it is an awesome album, full of brilliant songs, and remains a testament to how good Oasis used to be.

      Although Noel Gallagher might be a long way off the quality of many songwriters today, Oasis always had the ability to produce crowd-pleasing music, memorable tunes, swagger and style. With Be Here Now, I feel they pushed this to the absolute limit.

      <<< Tracklist >>>

      "D'You Know What I Mean?" - 7:44
      "My Big Mouth" - 5:02
      "Magic Pie" - 7:19
      "Stand by Me" - 5:56
      "I Hope, I Think, I Know" - 4:22
      "The Girl in the Dirty Shirt" - 5:49
      "Fade In-Out" - 6:52
      "Don't Go Away" - 4:48
      "Be Here Now" - 5:13
      "All Around the World" - 9:20
      "It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)" - 7:00
      "All Around the World (Reprise)" - 2:08

      I love each individual song on this album, it's peppered with great tunes, and I don't have the time now to cover them all, so I'll talk about a few of them here:

      Monumental album opener "D'You Know What I Mean" sets the standard. It's a ground-shaking, epic, wall of sound that sums up the swagger and style of Oasis. It reached number 1 in the UK too!

      "Magic Pie" is the only song on the album which features Noel on lead vocals, and it's one of my favourites. It takes on quite a different sound from the other tracks, with a slow and subdued build-up before breaking into full-blown over-the-top magnificence.

      "Fade In-Out" features a great cameo from actor and Oasis fan Johnny Depp (yes, that one) on slide guitar. Noel Gallagher has described this as his favourite part of the album, and it is up there with the best.

      "All Around the World" is one of the most clearly Beatles-influenced songs Oasis have ever done. It's an uplifting song and a great sing-along, although it probably goes on a bit too long (especially if you include the reprise at the end of the album) but I love every minute of it. It also reached number 1 in the UK!

      Be Here Now is very different to the band's previous albums, and I would say that it almost measures up, but not quite. It's on a much grander scale, and does take big risks. But in rock 'n' roll, when has anyone ever asked for 'more of the same please'? It's just not an option - Oasis had to try to make something bigger and better than before, and I think this was a great effort.

      The real shame is that, a few inspired moments aside, Oasis have never been this good since, and now never will be. If their last album was anywhere near as good as Be Here Now, they would still be the biggest band in England... :-(


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        25.03.2010 13:52



        3rd best oasis album ever

        coming 2 years after the release of Whats the story Morning glory this album was eagerly awaited as criticics waited to see if 'Be here now' would be as successful as Oasis's previous two classic albums.

        Although this album did not recieve as high critical praise as their first two albums it is still a classic my mind and has produced some amazing tracks. I think at the time this album was look on as a failure as it was seen as a step down from there previous efforts. However looking back I think most fans and critics will agree this is another classic Oasis album an is a must have for anyone.

        The opening track, ' d'ye know what i mean', has a feel of come and have a go if you think your hard enough, sets the tone well for any album and gives the boys the feel of rebels. I think the album kind of lulls in the middle with tracks like, Fade in fade out and My big mouth not really hitting the mark. While songs like I hope I think Iknow and the girl in the dirty shirt are good and keep the tempo of the album up they just miss something from being a true classix Oasis track. However the album does produce some epic songs, Stand by me is a classic and the same can be said about all around the world. However I think the real stand out track is the beautiful 'Dont go away' it sounds fantastic and often gives me hairs standing up on end.

        If you ignore the first 2 albums critics would have been lavishing this effort with praise, however as the first 2 were works of art this album does not get the same Praise. However it is a fantastic album and it is Oasis's last true classic album.


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        26.02.2010 00:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        interesting curio

        Well here it is in all it's bombast, quite possibly the most overhyped album in the history of music - the level of build-up was so unprecedented that me & my sister actually went to Virgin Records in Newcastle, which was simply playing back the album at a certain time. Essentially, a few hundred Oasis fans turned up & stood (or sat, or lay), in the shop & listened to the album, all 74 minutes in all it's long & drawn out boredom.

        I also recall staying in HMV for over an hour as they were playing the album in it's entirety ahead of it's release. The secrecy was such that reviewers had to sign a disclaimer before they were allowed to listen to the album, once. Strangely the reviews were initially overwhelmingly positive, all the major UK music magazines & papers gave it a good review, many of them declared it the equal of it's predecessors, one review in the now defunct magazine Select boldly declared 'Be Here Now is so good it will make the hairs on the bak of your neck stand up'.

        Suffice to say it failed to achieve this with most listeners, the album was bizarrely released on a Thursday, yet it still racked up 750,000 sales in just 3 days, giving it the highest 1st weeks sales of any album in the UK, by a distance. However, while many reviewers had slated Morning Glory, it was the public which overwhelmingly accepted the album & the songs within, again it was the public that chose to reject Be Here Now. The word got out that it wasn't much kop & by the end of 1997 following Oasis had ceased to be the in vogue thing to do.

        I recall the day of it's release very well, as it was the day my GCSE results came out & also the day I intended to travel to Reading Festival. Unperturbed I ventured into Solid Sounds in Darlington at 8am, when shops had been permitted to open early to sell the album, which many did. I got the bus home & insisted on listening to the entire album twice before going into school to collect my results.

        In the event I did ok, & headed down on the train to Reading in the afternoon, the word was out around the festival that the album was a let down & the mood never quite returned for Oasis from that moment on. They were the toast of the UK music scene for quite a while, but once it was over they never got the magic back.

        Listening to this album 13 years after the fact, it can be safely said that it is in fact, pretty much a rubbish record. It has it's moments yet every track is too long - each song has a huge intro & an even bigger outro, with 5 minutes about the shortest thing here. A couple of the tracks soar over 7 minutes in length & All Around the World almost breaks the 10 minute barrier. It has to be a very good track to last that long, & the material here just isn't strong enough.

        The frustrating factor is that several of the songs have the bare bones, but have been ruined by indulgent arrangements - Don't Go Away & D'Yer Know What I Mean are both good tracks, but they drown in the lengthy renditions found here, stripped down to the bones, both tracks would work. All Around The World, a track that dates back to 1992, also has potential, but it given a bombastic 9 minute arrangement & tried much too hard to be the 90's answer to Hey Jude. There are some real plodders here & the likes of the title track, I Hope I Think I Know & The Girl in the Dirty Shirt, the less said about the better.

        This album will ultimately be remembered as a symbol of hedonism & for signaling the death knell for the Britpop era. The years that followed taught us that Shed Seven, Sleeper, Echobelly & Black Grape actually weren't very good. Oasis have endured & their best material has dated well, but this is not their best. More of a curio of it's time than anything.


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          19.02.2010 20:10
          Very helpful



          Definitely deserves a place in your CD collection

          Be Here Now certainly divides opinion amongst both Oasis fans and generally music critics. It's such an intriguing album that you have to consider the hype surrounding the album and the way the British public was at the time. Considering the songs on their own, however, is somewhat difficult.

          D'You Know What I Mean is such a loud and aggressive song, it shouts out its own arrogance. Its chorus has silly lyrics but you just don't care; even the overlong intro and outro are great when you crank the volume up to 10. My Big Mouth is a little bit like its sister, it's loud but shorter, although like all other songs on the album it could do with being cut down by a minute in length.

          Magic Pie is a song hated by many, mainly for its stupid length and its slow and dull chorus. But its verses are filled with lyrical passion by Noel and the intro is exciting. It is long, three minutes or so too long really, so skip the second half and move on to Stand By Me. Stand By Me is a beautiful song, especially the acoustic version. It's not loud and, although it too could do with shortening, is ok in terms of length. Its like Oasis of old and feels a bit weird in the place of the other very, very loud and long Be Here Now tracks. But it's good, easily one of the best on the album.

          For many, the next two songs are missable, although I personally like the catchiness of The Girl In The Dirty Shirt. It's a strange thought that at "just" four and a half minutes, I Hope, I Think, I Know is the shortest song on the album (that consists of words that is). Fade In-Out is long, like Columbia in a way, and it needs a lot of volume to be appreciated. Don't Go Away is a beautiful song, much like Cast No Shadow, and is not stupidly long like its neighbours. Beautiful words and tune to this song.

          Be Here Now, the title track, is not the most necessary of songs, but it has fun and catchy lyrics. It's not serious, much like She's Electric and Digsy's Dinner, but it uses a good variety of musical instruments. All Around The World is a unique song and, I feel at least, the strongest on the album. It's over nine minutes long and yes, people say that's four too many, but listen to it and you will be put into a better mood. It reminds you of Hey Jude, but that can't be a bad thing to most people. Finally, It's Gettin' Better (Man!!), the song with a fantastic guitar solo, overlong exit and fun, uplifting lyrics compiled into one. This song could have done with some shortening but it goes well with All Around The World, and its reprise.

          Be Here Now was never going to live up the hype. Nothing could've lived up to the expectations of the eager public. It's worth a buy though, it's too long but, if you think positively, that just means more music for your money. Give it a try and, if nothing else, enjoy the coke filled extravaganza of the last great Britpop album.


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          05.09.2009 16:29
          Very helpful



          another good oasis album

          Be here now is the third studio album form the rock band oasis. I don't think that the album is their best work and it wasn't as commercially successful as their first albums or some of the later albums that followed it and some were saying that oasis had lost their form, however personally I still think the album is pretty good, it doesn't have some of the massive hits that the two albums before it had however its still a pretty good consistent album.

          The first song off the album is called D'you know what I mean, its got a long opening but eventually begings with a nice singing verse with guitar and drums, the verse is quite good lyrics wish however I think it fails to have a really well written melody part in terms of instruments.

          Stand by me is the fourth song off the album and it opens with a really amazing guitar solo going over the drums before the lyrics come it. Its quite a peaceful relaxing song, and its sung pretty nicely as well. I like it because of the good guitar all the way through mainly.

          Me favourite song off this album though is don't go away, it's the eighth song off the album and it begins with another really cool guitar intro as well, I don't this is as catchy as some of their other songs and probably not even the catchiest off this album however I just really like the lyrics to this one and I think its sung really well.

          All around the world is another really great song off the album, I think is one of the more catchy ones from the album and while its fairly slow it isn't really a sad song and it always makes me happy when I hear it.

          1. D'You Know What I Mean?
          2. My Big Mouth
          3. Magic Pie
          4. Stand by Me
          5. I Hope, I Think, I Know
          6. Girl in the Dirty Shirt, The
          7. Fade in-Out
          8. Don't Go Away
          9. Be Here Now
          10. All Around the World
          11. It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
          12. All Around the World (Reprise)

          This was the third album from oasis, I guess that with the success and how good their first two albums were it must have been hard to try and top them yet again, and they didn't manage it, however they didn't fail as they still managed to record 12 more fantastic songs and make another really good album.


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            10.08.2009 00:19
            Very helpful



            Too lengthy but the quality of the songs overlook this

            Be Here Now is Oasis' third album and it consists of 12 songs. It is a great album on the whole but there are a few negatives to point out, mainly that some of the songs are just too long and so needlessly, e.g. All Around the world has like a four and a half minute guitar solo at the end of it. What is the point!? Unfortunately, although most of the album consists of very good up to standard Oasis songs, there are a few pretty poor songs at the same time. The songs and my ratings are as follows:

            1 - D'You Know What I Mean - Another great start to a great Oasis album, this song is right up there with the best. It is a hard thought out lively song with some great lyrics. Terrific song but there is no need for it to be 7 minutes long. 9.5/10

            2 - My Big Mouth - Not one of the best on the album but its alright for an album song. As long as your in the mood for it, you'll enjoy it. 6/10

            3 - Magic Pie - Errmmmm . . . I'm still undecided as to what to make of this song, i don't think its bad but i'm not sure if its that good either, i suppose its not bad for an album song but there can't be too many of them on an Oasis album, surely. 6/10

            4 - Stand By Me - Now I do know what to make of this. This song is quality, one of the most recognizable Oasis songs worldwide, thoroughly enjoyable song , maybe they should cut a minute off though. 9/10

            5 - I hope, I think, I know - A very under-rated song, it is a very bubbly song and is a personal favorite of mine and this time they get the length just right. 8/10

            6 - Girl in The Dirty Shirt - People usually try and steer me clear of this song but i really enjoy it. Its a great song despite the unusual name. 8/10

            7 - Fade In-Out - A pretty average song, perfect for padding out an album. Very loud and lively, this song you to have to be in the mood to listen to it. 7/10

            8 - Don't Go Away - I don't know why Oasis didn't turn this into a single. A truly brilliant song in my eyes with great lyrics. I highly recommend it to anyone. 9/10

            9 - Be Here Now - it's not like Oasis to name an album after a song and certainly not after a bad song. I have never particularly liked this song and i dont think i ever will. Not for me. 5/10

            10 - All Around The World - Used to be my favourite Oasis song. I still like it now but the fact the song is 9 minutes long has started to put me off. Cut it down to 5 mins and it will be right up there with the best. 8/10

            11 - It's Gettin Better (Man!!) - A bit of an average song for me, but there is no reason why this song shouldn't be on the album. 7/10

            12 - All Around The World - Sort of a remix of the first All Around The World song. Its and extra so i'm not complaining. 7/10


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            27.07.2009 20:05
            Very helpful



            Oasis at their prime; high, arrogant, cocky, loud but making great music

            Be Here Now is the third album by Oasis. It was not greeted warmly by critics, as they were just waiting for Oasis to make a mistake because they disliked their attitude yet could not find any flaws in their first 2 albums. The ground-breaking Definitely Maybe, then the superhit What's The Story Morning Glory, preceded BHN and really the only way Oasis could match those previous albums was to have a perfect album. Noel Gallagher decided to make everything louder, longer and more arrogant than before. BHN is undeniably overblown, bloated, loud and aggressive.

            That is why it is one of my favourite albums ever. This is pure 110% Oasis. They were young, high, rich and in their prime and they just led everything out in this album. Let me get one thing clear about this album. If you don't like Oasis or are just getting into Oasis, don't buy this, because the chances are that you will not like it, go for a more accessible album first, like DM or MG, first. If you like Oasis then chances are you will love BHN.

            Here is a brief breakdown of what I think of the quality of the individual tracks:
            1 D'You Know What I Mean? 5/5
            2 My Big Mouth 4/5
            3 Magic Pie 4/5
            4 Stand by Me 5/5
            5 I Hope, I Think, I Know 5/5
            6 Girl in the Dirty Shirt 3/5
            7 Fade In-Out 2/5
            8 Don't Go Away 4/5
            9 Be Here Now 1/5
            10 All Around the World 5/5
            11 It's Gettin' Better (Man!!) 5/5
            12 All Round the World (Reprise)

            All the singles - DYKWIM, SBM, AATW, DGA - are amazing, some of Oasis's best work. DYKWIM is very arrogant and long, great opener and lets you know what your in for in BHN. AATW is really long, it is Oasis in their prime, there is even a reprise if you want some more, when you listen to it you feel like it could on forever and you would love ever second of it. DGA is a heart wrenching song, very honest song writing and an amazing vocal delivery, SBM is an Oasis classic, a really heart warming song. While hidden gems like 'I Hope, I think, I Know' and 'It's Gettin' Better' are classic Oasis songs. While songs like 'The Girl In The Dirty Shirt' and 'Fade In-Out' are good when your in the mood but when your not, you might think that's vulgar, what a terrible song, FIO is a massive grower. The title track is inexcusable, it is a complete mess. 'Magic Pie' is a calmer song, the only sung by Noel, provides good relief from the noise, perhaps there should have been more Noel sung songs as they tend to add a bit more soul, which is one of the sings that perhaps this album lacks. 'My Big Mouth' shows Oasis can do heavy and punk, it is a really good song.

            If you are not sure about getting this album yet, try and listen to; 'Stand By Me', 'All Around The World' and 'I Hope, I Think, I Know', through youtube or other wise, if you like them then I advise you to buy this album.


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            24.07.2009 20:11
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A very listenable album, but try the earlier material first.

            Following one of the most hyped album launches in the UK for many years, 'Be Here Now' was regularly slated in the following years by press and fans alike for not quite living up to the expectations of the band's first two albums.

            Hindsight, however, is a fine thing and like the Stone Roses' album 'Second Coming', the record went through something of a revival.

            One of the key differences between BHN and the first two of the band's albums is the more long-winded nature of many of the tracks. Instead of the immediacy of old favorites such as 'Roll With It' and 'Cigarettes & Alcohol', fans were greeted with seven minute tracks like opener 'D'ya Know What I Mean' and 'Magic Pie'. The psychedelia in many of the songs reflecting both a love for The Beatles and the high drug intake of the band at the time of recording.

            But that is not to say that this album is full of poor songs. 'I Hope, I Think, I know' is more familiar ground for Oasis, whilst the heartbreak ballad 'Don't Go Away' has the kind of familiar lyrics that virtually everyone can relate to at some point in their lives.

            This album is something of a document of Oasis as a band at the time of the recording. The biggest band in Britain, trying - with only limited success - to break America and its members perhaps struggling to control the unthinkable fame bestowed upon them over the previous three years of mainstream success. It is, without doubt, a drug-influenced record, like many great rock n roll albums are.

            Crucially, this album for me marked the beginning of the end for Britpop. Its most famous exponents for the first time not quite able to live up to the expectations of an adoring fan base. However it was not the end of the band; merely a progression to a new stage in the Oasis story.

            Still, the Gallaghers attract thousands upon thousands of fans to their gigs, and the songs from this album are often the hidden treats that make up their setlists.

            This is certainly not the album for newcomers to Oasis ('Definately Maybe' and '(What's the Story) Morning Glory' will always have this role), but it is still a great album from a time when music was changing away from Britpop.


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              22.06.2009 20:39
              Very helpful



              A great album by a great band

              Way back in the mid 90's Oasis came onto the scene and blew the world away. Their first two albums were inspirational, they really caught the mood of a generation and put it into music. So when they released 'Be here now' back in 1997 expectations were high. However the album was nowhere near as sucessful, critics slammed it, and it was a disapointment for many. But 12 years on I thought would dig this out and have a listen. Is it really that bad? Well here is what I think of the tracks.

              1. D'You Know What I Mean - Big start to the album. This is a real anthem and has a great sound. A very good start to the album. 9/10

              2. My Big Mouth - I do like this one. Its quite a heavy song, good rhythm and beat and Liam belts out the lyrics. 8/10

              3. Magic Pie - A slower song. Noel sings on this one. It's not a bad song, but it lacks anything speial. 7/10

              4. Stand By Me - Brilliant song. Another classic anthem that everyone has heard. This was only prevented from reaching number one by 'Candle in the wind' after Diana died. Some good strong lyrics and think it really is Oasis at their best. 10/10

              5. I Hope, I Think, I Know - Another upbeat song. Its another one that just flies along and you get swept up in the music. 8/10

              6. The Girl In The Dirty Shirt - A different sounding song. I am listening to it now, and still finding a enjoy it, even though when I first heard it I thought it was quite poor. 7/10

              7. Fade In-Out - A really good intro, and then Liam belts the lyrics out. The song builds up and gets heavier as it progresses. 8/10

              8. Don't Go Away - Another slower one. 'I don't wanna be there when your coming down, I don't wanna be there when you hit the ground'. Some good lyrics from the band and a nice sound. 8/10

              9. Be Here Now - Title track and a really good catchy one. Must admit this is another one I had forgotten how good it sounds. 'Kickin up a storm, since the day that I was born'. Liam certainly does that! Really good little song. 9/10

              10. All Around The World - Brilliant. Another slower song, has a really nice sound to it. So clever lyrics and this is another one that you still often hear played. The only flaw is that its 9 minutes long which is a bit much really. 10/10

              11. It's Getting Better Man - Brilliant again, some really powerful beats and rhythm, I love this song. It just oozes power, a great Oasis song. 9/10

              12. All Around The World (reprise) - Spectacular instrumental to finish off the album, think its a strange way to end the album, but it does sound good. 8/10

              Well, I've not listened to this album for many many years. But I had forgotten how good it actually is! Ok, so its not upto the standard of their first two, but if you forget that fact, its still a really good listen!

              Overall I'm suprising myself and giving it a 9/10


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              14.05.2009 10:13
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Brilliant..give it a listen

              This is the album that defined my life, it was the first time that I walked into a shop and bought my own CD, it was at the height of Oasis mania and it was not a dissapointment.

              Be Here Now had a lot to live up to, its two predecessors Definitely Maybe and What's the Story Morning Glory were by all accounts Great albums and both regularly feature in the top 10 albums of all time polls and on satellite music channels.

              So here it came late summer 1997 and it had arrived, the most eagerly anticipated album since, well to be fair probably of all time.
              You put this on and are blown away.

              1.D'You know what I mean?
              Mindblowingly brilliant song, from the helicopter at the start signalling Oasis arrival and the 5 piece drum intro. The guitars hit and then its Liam 's snarling voice ripping out of your cd player at you. This song straight away reminds you of what's missing in today's music charts, long songs that go on a journey and don't have any definitive purpose, they are just there, this is a great opener and arguably Oasis' greatest opener. 10/10

              2.My Big Mouth.
              Oasis at their snarling rocking best, from the start to finish with My Big Mouth you are bopping away bouncing away singing away, you get so caught up in this song you do feel disappointed when it ends though. 9/10

              3.Magic Pie.
              This is Noels first foray into singing on this album and he works himself and proves he can sing. This song starts slow and light for the first to lines then a cracking guitar rift lift this song right up and give it a rocky feel and like the opener this s lacking direction but that's what makes it, its just a good good rock song. A very unusual ending as it leads into song. 9/10

              4. Stand By Me.
              Anthemic sing along tune that only Oasis can mass produce. This is one of the standout tracks on a standout album its a song that everytime you here you sit up and listen, as a big Oasis fan having Liam back on this form is a dream. 9/10

              5. I hope I think I know.
              Along the same lines as Big Mouth and Magic Pie. This another rocking anthem a jump along to song and as it goes into the chorus, personally my favourite of all Oasis songs you again catch/find yourself perplexed and its a highlight of the album. Brilliant 10/10

              6. The Girl in the Dirty Shirt.
              Another very good song and another time on this album when you find yourself casting your mind back to other songs as with the start to this and theme running through it on an everyday album would have been the successor to Magic Pie but this album, is like this song a story that by the time you get here you are hooked on the album. 8/10

              7.Fade In/Out.
              Slow start to a rocking and brilliant song, 10 seconds before any music then a minute of guitar before a quick drum roll and the ever noticeable Liam snarl comes on, the song again dips away as it tries to be a melodic tune, but Oasis at this stage were making rock and roll songs and they eventually go for it with a snarling ahhhh halfway through the song when you actually think the song is fading out, drums guitars everything hits at you, its a great surprise and again shows the quality this album has. 9/10

              8. Don't Go Away.
              How do you describe this song, amazing!! Its a ballad of types along the lines of cast no shadow, a truly memorizing song from start to finish and is one of Oasis greatest songs. 11/10

              9. Be Here Now.
              The title track and again a rock and roll classic. Loud abrasive and rude, Liam is shouting out at you here as this album produces another flawless song. 8/10

              10. All Around The World.
              A masterpiece to say the least and at 9 minutes long it is the mainstay of this album which is intent on taking you on a journey. This is a sing along a hand waver this is Oasis at there very best and is just shaded in the race for best song on the album.The chorus is catchy and like all Great songs, this has no ending, it actually just drifts out at the end getting lower and lower. Na na na na na nananaaaaaaaaaaa!! 10/10

              11. Its Gettin Better Man.
              Amazing rock song, one which is much more appreciated when listened to live. It gets those hairs standing up on the back of your neck, its a song that was designed for Defiantly Maybe, its so loud you feel like you have put your volume up tenfold. This song does not get the credit it deserves. 10/10

              12. All Around the World (Reprise). Instrumental version of song 10 and a fitting tribute to the end of a wonderful album. 8/10

              To really enjoy and savour this album you need to relax get a drink and get a good 2 hours alone time, lie down and listen, you will be amazed.

              Great Great album by a Great Great band.


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                22.02.2009 16:23
                Very helpful



                The album that marked the end of Oasis

                I have lost count of the number of albums Oasis have released but for me there is only 3. Since I have reviewed the first two, being Definitely Maybe and (What's the Story) Morning Glory I thought that I had better complete the trilogy and review the third album.

                "Be Here Now" was released back in 1997 on GCSE results day. I remember the day vividly because rather than attending my high school to pick up my results my mates and I were queued up outside HMV in Norwich eagerly awaiting to get our hands on a copy of the album. At that time the results didn't really matter, after all there was nothing we could do to change them and getting the results the following day (by post) would not be too much of a hardship. It put our results celebrations on hold for 24 hours but we didn't care, all we cared about was getting hold of that album.

                We had to wait two years for Oasis' third album, Be Here Now had really been hyped up. Being released after Definitely Maybe and the (now iconic) (What's The Story) Morning Glory it had a really tough job if it were going to live up to the expectations.

                I can remember Radio 1 had played a couple of the tracks over a few nights before the album was released and my mate eagerly listened to the whole show in order to tape the track on cassette tape. Looking back it was quite sad but I have to give it to him, he had the dedication to sit there poised and ready to press record.

                When Be Here Now was released it did get a bit of a hammering and it failed to capture the imagination of the general public. In my opinion it was hyped up far too much and there was no way that it was ever going to be as good as everyone thought it would.

                Virtually all the tracks on the previous two albums were true Brit pop and Indie anthems and everyone was expecting this to carry on. Unfortunately, Oasis seemed to have run out of steam and their contract to release a stupid amount of albums (I think it was about 7 or something) was looking to be a big mistake.

                Be Here Now has got some great and catchy tracks but they are not like previous Oasis tracks which only took one listening to get hooked. I found that these tracks were 'growers' and the more you listened to them the better they got. In addition there are some average tracks on Be Here Now, some may call them 'fillers' and these were not expected.

                The tracks on Be Here Now include:

                1) D'you Know What I mean
                2) My Big Mouth
                3) Magic Pie
                4) Stand By Me
                5) I Hope I Think I Know
                6) The Girl In The Dirty Shirt
                7) Fade In Out
                8) Don't Go Away
                9) Be Here Now
                10) All Around The World
                11) It's Getting Better (Man)

                The most well known tracks on this album are D'you Know What I Mean, Stand By Me and All Around The World. Whilst these are good, I think that most people will only remember them because of the video. D'you Know What I Mean included the band playing al fresco and an Airwolf style helicopter and All Around The World was like the Beatles Yellow Submarine.

                In my opinion these are not the best tracks on the album and I think this accolade should be awarded to I Hope I Think I Know and Don't Go Away.

                I Hope I Think I Know is an upbeat song with a catchy tune and lyrics. I find it a real driving anthem and it is a tune that requires lots of volume to really experience it.

                Don't Go Away is Oasis' attempt at a love/power ballad, and it is really good. The lyrics are really deep and meaningful and something you wouldn't expect from Liam and his 'Rock n Roll Band'. Like I hope I think I know this track requires lots of volume and it really is a sing along tune.

                Despite seeing Oasis live a few times they have never included either of the above songs in their set, which is a real shame. In fact, I have never heard any track from Be Here Now live. I guess this demonstrates how unsuccessful this album was and that previous albums contain so many anthems.

                Whilst I enjoy most of the tracks on this album there are some I just do not like, and no matter how many times I have listened to them, they just have not grown on me. These tracks include Magic Pie, The Girl In The Dirty Shirt and the title track, Be Here Now.

                It is difficult to give this album an overall rating. It has some amazing tracks, i.e. Don't Go Away and I Hope I Think I Know, some great tracks, i.e. D'you Know What I Mean, Stand By Me, All Around The World, some good tracks, i.e. Fade In Out and It's Getting Better (Man) and some awful tracks, i.e. Magic Pie, The Girl In The Dirty Shirt and Be Here Now.

                Whilst I really like this album, despite having to skip a few tracks, it is never going to be a classic like the previous albums since there are too many fillers. In addition, this album was hyped up so much that it was never going to live up to people's expectations.

                After Be Here Now I lost interest in Oasis and it has never been rekindled. The first three albums were fantastic and contained many anthems. Since then I think their tracks have gone downhill. Maybe it is because the Brit Pop and Indie scene died a death? Maybe Noel ran out of ideas for their songs? Whilst it is a shame I will always look back at the trilogy with many fond memories.


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                  23.11.2008 22:52




                  In retrospect, it's hard to see how Oasis could have possibly equalled the hype surrounding the release of this, their third album. Arriving as their popularity was at its peak, Be Here Now had an average song length of nearly six minutes, and with certain tracks flirting with the ten minute mark the album wasn't as accessible or as radio friendly as the previous two in many respects.

                  Neither was it brimming with hits and it was clear that the band had moved into a slightly different direction which came as a disappointment to many. Stand By Me was perhaps the best loved track of the record and with good reason too; it maintained much of the melodic rock style which had graced previous hit singles. Regardless of this, the album is still a Brit rock classic and remains a bench mark for many bands to strive for and even today, many of its influences are apparent in modern progressive music

                  Also worthy of a mention is the slower acoustic track Don't Go Away which would have made an excellent single, although pleasingly Oasis didn't issue half the album is single form, as they have done in the past. So overall Be Here Now has a slightly different vibe in places but it remains quintessential Oasis.


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                  17.08.2005 09:01
                  Very helpful



                  3rd Oasis album slatted wrongly by critics

                  When your first album was perhaps the album of the 90's, your second album gave it a good run for it's money you end up having to produce an album in the same league for your third album. That unfortunately didn't happen with "Be Here Now". Noel Gallagher called it the album written by "two gob shites on Charlie" and in places it sounds like it! Expectation would lead to the critics and the fan base demanding another album stuffed full of Wonderwalls, Rock and Roll Stars and Champagne Supernova's unfortunately "Be Here Now" failed to live up to the hype and was written off as dirge, mediocre at best and dire in some quarters. On first hearing I shelved it thankful I'd bought it on Ebay and not HMV. But it suddenly occurred to me What if it was the first album I'd heard? What if they'd released "Be Here Now" as the debut album? So I played it again, not comparing it to any thing released previously but listening to it as if it was the only Oasis album and you know something it went up in my estimation a good notch or six. Be Here Now's main problem is not the album it's self but the fact it came after two mega albums and it was assumed it would be mega too. Take "Be Here Now" as an album in it's own right and you know something it's not that bad, It's not mega good, it's B minus if you were to give it a school report mark. It's when you compare it to the proceeding pair that it runs into problems as it's then you know Oasis could have done so much better it's then you give it the " Could have tried harder" comment on the report card. It's never going to be a firm favourite and I doubt many Oasis fans if asked to name their personal favourite Oasis album would shout without hesitation "Be Here Now".

                  "Be Here Now", released in August 1997 was produced by Owen Morris who two years previously had produced "What's the Story Morning Glory". During the period 94 -97 Noel Gallagher had already written two albums and stuffed singles with B sides that could have been singles in their own right It is perhaps this generosity that led to a distinct lack of outstanding material for "Be Here Now". If you flip a few of the singles in the period prior to "Be Here Now's" debut you really will see some outstanding material that lesser writers would have hoarded to showcase on an album and not on a b side. Why such a great as "The Master Plan "- one of the best ever Oasis tracks was a B side to "Wonderwall" and not saved for an album I'll never know. If "The Master Plan" had been on "Be Here Now" along with other superb B side tracks like "Talk Tonight" and "Acquiesce" then just maybe "Be Here Now" wouldn't have been the tired third album or the album Noel Gallagher has referred to as " The Great Rock And Roll Swindle"

                  Before you assume that "Be Here Now" is a tired jaded album stuffed full of tracks written on the back of fag packets on the way to the studio it's not. It's like most albums, it has some good tracks, it has some ok and it has some bad tracks. As state previously "Be Here Now's" greatest problem is two fold, it had to compete with two mega albums and a distinct lack of outstanding material. Over production is an offender in places, "D' you know what I mean" is a classic example of this. It was rightly the first single of the album going to number one in the month prior to the albums release but it's a track the starts of as some kind of Art School meets psychedelia then goes into classic Oasis, to end again with a self indulgent Art School approach. At 7minutes 42 seconds it's far too long and the meat of the track is lost amongst the experimental intro and exit. "D' you know what I mean" could have been classic track if experimental over production had been left in the taxi on the way to the studio. It's a great track, it's got that pure thundering Oasis sound in places but it's gift wrapped with an arty approach that bares little relation to the track, which is a shame as it could have been up there with the greats you know!

                  Thankfully the Art School experimentation has been ditched on several of the tracks along with the excessive timings. Perhaps someone should have informed the band that it's ok to knock out a rock track in under 5 minutes, but don't try under 5 minutes in the bedroom. Unfortunately the longer tracks stand out for all the wrong reasons as to be honest they would have been a hellva lot punchier if a couple of the over indulgent sounding minutes had been lopped off in the studio. Why it was thought The wonderful "All Around the World" needed nearly 10 minutes I'm not too sure. The essence of the song got lost after about 5 minutes for me. A short, sharp and punchier version would have been so much better .

                  Don't get me wrong this is not an album full of long self indulgent tracks as it's not. We have the classic straight for the jugular tracks, the mean, snarling tracks that are something Oasis can pull off with a certain flare and on some they do it with flare, two that spring to mind are "My Big Mouth" and "Be Here Now" -They've both got that classic Oasis sound - it's about playing music and using the tried and tested pack a punch method . Others that you would stick into the back to basic mode are: "I Hope I think I know" and "Don't Go Away".

                  If Noel Gallagher can do one thing well it's write those tracks that I've heard him call " and there's something for the ladies as well" I'll not debate the overt sexism in that remark but yes "Be Here Now" does have those certain tracks. Unfortunately these tracks had to live up to the classic gentler, melodic tracks on "What's the Story, Morning Glory". It's unfair in a way because the bluesy sounding Magic Pie with Noel Gallagher on lead vocals is wonderful but of course it wasn't going to compare to "Champagne Supernova" or "Cast No Shadow" was it? No track was going to that at the time. Even "Stand By Me" which reached number 2 in the singles charts wasn't going to do make it. The trick I found is not to compare, see them for what they are and yes Noel Gallagher has managed to tuck in a couple of excellent tracks "for the ladies"

                  For all of you that wrote off Oasis after buying "Be Here Now" go back, blow the cob webs off it and play it again. Don't compare it to anything else, forget it's self indulgence in places and just listen to it because in places it's really not that bad at all. It had a lot to live up to, yes it might not be "Definitely Maybe Mark 2" but it's not the worse album I've ever heard, it grew on me. To call it the album that, finally sent Oasis to the bargain bin would be completely wrong. I'll not say it's a firm favourite of mine as "What's the Story, Morning Glory" will always be the best Oasis album EVER for me -well for this week……

                  Track Listing:
                  01. D'You Know What I Mean?
                  02. My Big Mouth
                  03. Magic Pie
                  04. Stand By Me
                  05. I Hope, I Think, I Know
                  06. Girl In The Dirty Shirt, The
                  07. Fade In-Out
                  08. Don't Go Away
                  09. Be Here Now
                  10. All Around The World
                  11. It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
                  12. All Around The World (Reprise)


                  Amazon: £5.97
                  Amazon Market Place - £3.29


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                    27.05.2005 10:35
                    Very helpful



                    The return of oasis in 1997 wasn’t quite what everyone expected. After 2 superb albums it was probably only natural that the third wouldn’t be quite as good. That’s not saying it was a bad album, because it wasn’t, it just didn’t compare to the earlier 2. They set the standard so high with the firs two albums that the expectation was extremely high. The more I’ve listened to the album the more I’ve appreciated it and I think that’s probably more what Noel was going for.

                    Rather than hook you straight away, Be Here Now is more of a grower. Again it had a couple of singles that were outstanding but the difference in the album was certainly with the album tracks. While “Stand By Me” and “All Around The World” were the fore runners for the album the rest of the tracks created a good overall sound. Again the production of the vocals is quite clear on every track and again Liam’s vocals seem to have improved a little.

                    Of course musically as well the album has evolved from the earlier efforts, but that seems to have lost part of the appeal. The songs are slightly different to the first two albums, with the production of the tracks really coming to the fore. For the first time there are even a couple of weaker tracks. Again throughout the album the guitars really form the tracks with the bass and drums providing the right blend to great enjoyable tracks. The biggest problem I had with it was in the quality of only a couple of tracks, which didn’t seem to really fit in with the rest of the album.

                    Again the album is well written and Liam’s vocals sound good. The more I’ve listened to it the more I’ve started to appreciate it. Despite a few weaker links, “My Big Mouth” and “Girls In The Dirty Shirt”, it is another album of decent songs. Even those two are pretty decent, but not quite up to the standard of the rest of the album. This album also sees Noel start to take over the lead vocals on certain tracks and it was from this moment on I formed the opinion that I preferred the tracks with Noel on lead vocals to Liam.

                    The guitars are the driving force behind each track and again Oasis show why they are considered to be one of the best Indie rock bands in the world. There is a higher tempo to this album than What’s the Story and with certain tracks that really works well. One of my favourite tracks on the album is “I Hope, I Think, I Know”, which provides the perfect blend of up tempo guitars and a decent backing drumbeat. As with all tracks on the album the vocals merge into the track nicely and that helps to make it a lot more listenable.

                    It’s another album that demonstrates Noel’s talents as a song writer and the bands ability on the whole to produce decent music. It was inevitable that they couldn’t keep up the same level of consistency from the first two albums, but that weight of expectation put a lot more pressure onto this one. Although they are regularly criticised for sounding like the Beatles or all the songs sounding similar, I think it’s more a case of they’ve found a style that suits them. For me each album and each track is different, not majorly in places but each track is slightly unique. That’s why I think Oasis have managed to sustain there presence in the music industry for so long.

                    On the whole it’s a decent album and another example of Oasis doing what they do best. Forget the Gallagher Brothers antics away from the guitar and mic stand, that isn’t the best way to judge them. Despite the way they come across in other situations I personally feel they are incredibly talented. Each album has it’s own plus points and on this one there are a lot of them, except that unlike the last two, for the first time there are a few negatives too. Overall it’s still a good album and well worth buying if you don’t already own a copy.

                    Amazon.co.uk: £7.99
                    Amazon Market Place: £1.19


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 D'You Know What I Mean?
                    2 My Big Mouth
                    3 Magic Pie
                    4 Stand by Me
                    5 I Hope, I Think, I Know
                    6 Girl in the Dirty Shirt
                    7 Fade In-Out
                    8 Don't Go Away
                    9 Be Here Now
                    10 All Around the World
                    11 It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
                    12 All Round the World (Reprise)

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