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Beast - V.I.C.

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Southern / Artist: V.I.C. / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released at Reprise/Wea

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2009 13:29
      Very helpful
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      V.I.C.'s debut album

      The rapper V.I.C. (taking his stage name from his real name of Victor) made his debut when he released "Beast" in 2008 to back up the young Atlanta rappers breakthrough single "Get Silly", which was seen to be a track that simply played on the popularity of alleged 'Ringtone Rap' of this period when the likes of himself, Soulja Boy and Lil' Wil gained success with dance-based Pop-Rap material.

      1. "Beast"

      2. "Bop" (Lude)

      3. "Bop Bop Bop"

      After giving the listeners a little something to give them a chance to understand where exactly he is taking this album, you see that he comes with a club banger of a joint, but one that already uses a sample from his breakthrough single (to show that in spite of just opening up the album, he's already running out of ideas). He does nothing but jack from others from this point on some heavy beats.

      **Two Stars**

      4. "We Ridin'"

      This was one of the most popular singles from the album, but one that I really couldn't see the appeal in as you find that here he works alongside more Pop-Rap talent out of the Dirty South with Louisiana's Hurricane Chris doing his thing alongside him on a track that is strangely based on Batman and really has nothing to it whatsoever (which is worsened with such wack, lifeless beats).

      **One Star**

      5. "Flawless"

      Here Mr. Collipark brings out some beats that I felt were able to show a great deal of growth (especially when compared to where he had come from the Crunk and Bounce that he had done from the early nineties as here he brings in something that lends itself well to R&B-tinged Rap material, but for me it was too blatant what the aim of things was here as V.I.C attempts to break into the mainstream.

      **One Star**

      6. "Get Silly"

      This was his debut single and features Soulja Boy (Tell 'Em) as a guest rapper on the cut too, you find that you get a straight-forward banger of a club joint that enables him to get his place in the game, but the standard of the joint shows that he doesn't really have any longevity and the fact that he does a Snap Music tune shows that is only really good for the odd jam, but can't really set good foundations for a future in this game.

      **Five Stars**

      7. "Jaw Jackin'"

      This was a completely unexpected inclusion on the record as you see that here you get a track that has V.I.C. showing who else h e has support from in the Hip Hop world with UGK's Bun B coming up to lend some of his own rhymes on the thing as he gets down to some club-based Gangsta Rap. It is a Crunk jam and it stands out significantly, although I can't see why Bun B would choose to work with someone like V.I.C..

      **Five Stars**

      8. "Beat That"

      You see that here you get another track that takes on the generic format for Dirty South jams and with this it appears that he thinks that he is in too comfortable a position to really make the effort to impress here, which I felt he was able to do for the last one with such a high-profile name on the jam, but this time around he simply cannot carry the track at all and it brings things right down again.

      **One Star**

      9. "Wobble" (Lude)

      10. "Wobble"

      This is just a wack track and I really can't see why he chose this one as a single as you see that you get one that has Mr. Collipark coming out with some African-styled beats which he attempts to force upon an audience who are only really in for the established club sounds. It doesn't go down well and I can't see where you can get anything out of it as it is such a huge step down from "Get Silly" and all that came from it.

      **One Star**

      11. "Blow My Mind"

      You see that for this one he decides to come out with one where he drops the pace down in order to come out with one where he is able to rhyme about how exactly he is able to satisfy a special female in his life. It is another wasted track on the album and this kind of thing always sounds so cheap when it comes from a Pop-based act to show just how desperate they appear to be in order to get their sound out there.

      **One Star**

      12. "Do You Know"

      The poor material doesn't stop coming through as you see that he gets down to this one and brings out a joint that has him working with Swole's Snap Music beats (during a time when it had apparently come to the end of its days). It sounds outdated and as a club tune it is nearly as catchy enough to do what it is designed to and so it did very little for me at all to show that he was going anywhere different this time around.

      **One Star**

      13. "By Faith"

      You see that with this one he shows that he's out to change his approach by speaking on much more serious things, but as a Hip Pop act you find that he isn't able to effectively keep this coming through the whole thing and he slips in the odd line that is completely out of touch with what the direction of the music is (not to say that it was really that impressive when he went in with his conscious work.

      **One Star**

      14. "Can I Get Her"

      He returns to the sort of music that he seems to be much more comfortable with here as you see that he breaks out with more club material but I felt as though after all that we had to go through it sounded so pointless going through this kind of thing as he has shown that he can do club stuff, but is only really good on the odd occasion. It is marginally better than what had come on his more serious tunes.

      **Two Stars**

      15. "Duck Off" (Lude)

      16. "Duck Off"

      Soulja Zack comes to collaborate with the rapper ass you see that there is another significant change to the way the music goes as we get one that brings in some alternative influence into the mix and has him offering a bit of a Funk jam to show that he doesn't have to just follow the trends and when he takes it in his own way, he will really take you by surprise but I can't say that the standard is really that high.

      **Two Stars**

      17. "Wifey Type"

      \He gets back to the love raps with this one and brings a track that shows that he still has very little to offer when it comes to this end of his material and so in spite of the blatant attempts to win the listeners over win Canton Jones' nineties R&B styled production, it didn't make for a tune that was really able to satisfy in the way that they had obviously hoped it would be able to with its overall feel.

      **Two Stars**

      18. "I'm The S**t"

      The album ends on a track that I can't say that I wasn't happy with as you see that he gets down to one where he returns back to the sort of thing that come through on "Get Silly" with a club tune that makes such a heavy impact in that has him powering his way through with some raw rhymes that support the Crunk beats that Swole offers to make for a strong closing recording on his debut record.

      **Four Stars**

      This is clearly a pretty weak album from V.I.C. and one that has him bringing through the odd banger in spite of the fact that he hasn't got any rhymes of substance to show that he's any sort of threat to the Hip Hop world. I can't see much more coming from him, and this album didn't bring out much to impress.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Beast
      2 Bop (Skit)
      3 Bop, Bop, Bop
      4 We Ridin' - Hurricane Chris, , V.I.C.
      5 Flawless
      6 Get Silly
      7 Jaw Jackin
      8 Beat That
      9 Wobble (Skit)
      10 Wobble
      11 Blow My Mind
      12 Do You Know
      13 By Faith
      14 Can I Get Her
      15 Duck Off (Skit)
      16 Duck Off
      17 Wifey Type
      18 I'm the Sh**
      19 Get Silly [Mr. Collipark Remix] - Bun B, Jermaine Dupri, , E-40, , Polow da Don, , Soulja Boy Tell Em, , , Unk, , V.I.C.

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