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Beautiful Awakening - Stacie Orrico

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4 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Stacie Orrico / Audio CD released 2006-08-28 at Virgin America

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    4 Reviews
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      19.02.2010 20:04
      Very helpful



      A good album but not the best for the 3rd

      Beautiful Awakening is Stacie Orrico's third album.

      ~~~ALBUM COVER~~~
      The album cover is quite artistically done, and is her best album cover to date. It is very creative and dream like despite the name of her album! I really like the cover and it gives the album a very classy and glamourous feel.

      The album contains twelve tracks as follows:

      1. So Simple 4/5
      2. I'm not missing You 5/5
      3. Dream You 4/5
      4. Easy To Love You 4/5
      5. Save Me 3/5
      6. Take me Away 4/5
      7. Babygirl 3/5
      8. Wait 3/5
      9. Is It Me 4/5
      10. Don't Ask me To Stay 4/5
      11. I Can't Give It Up 4/5
      12. Beautiful Awakening 5/5

      TRACKS TO LOVE: I'm Not Missing You, So Simple, Is It Me, Beautiful Awakening
      TRACKS TO AVOID: They aren't tracks to avoid as such, but they're not as strong- Wait, Save Me, Babygirl.

      The album starts and ends extremely well with great songs sandwiching a chunk in the middle that just doesn't fare as well. This album moves away from the very pop genre of her previous album, Stacie Orrico, and becomes much more 'R n B', which works quite well. However, I do think they could've done more to show off Stacie's voice, as a bunch of these songs "sound" generic, and the meaningful lyrics Stacie co-writes does not shine through.

      Many of the songs are upbeat and have a great rhythm to them, with Stacie's controlled and soothing voice over the top. I like listening to most of these songs as they are catchy, but there is something missing... it is because most of the tracks sound soft and not powerful enough as we have seen previously with Stacie.

      This item can be bought for around £5 on Amazon.

      As much as I love Stacie Orrico and her music, this album just doesn't do her justice. The beginning and end of the album is great, but a select few in the middle sound like fillers. Despite the strong meaningful lyrics, they just do not captivate unlike her previous album, of which I loved every track.

      Nonetheless, the album as a whole is strong and contains many strong tracks, and shows the potential Stacie has, which we hope can be fulfilled in her next album coming mid to end of 2010.


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      10.10.2006 20:22
      Very helpful



      The third album release from Stacie Orrico.

      At the very young age of 20 Stacie Orrico has already made a name for herself in the music world – quite an accomplishment really considering she’s now releasing her third album. It’s got a much more mature and calmer feel than her previous two albums which seemed to focus quite heavily on the upbeat pop world. The three year break that she’s recently taken from the music scene seems to have done her good as she’s now returning stronger than ever, with a more mature sounding pop and r n b feel to her songs. There’s also a soulful element to her songs which make them just that bit more irresistible.

      “So Simple” is the first song up and it’s got such an innocent, refreshing feel to it that it’s a definite improvement to any album I’ve heard recently. The track clearly belongs to the pop field but rather than being an irritating cheesy pop song it’s much more relaxed with a catchy beat throughout. The song provides an honest look at her life in which she talks about how she doesn’t want all expensive things but would rather stick to the simple things to make her happy, “We’ve got one life to live, It’s only what you make it, every new days a chance so take it.” It’s a song you won’t be able to resist singing along to. This is followed by her current single “I’m Not Missing You” which in a single word is… fabulous! Again it’s a low tempo pop song that manages to avoid the annoying essence that some pop songs contain these days. Without dwelling on the past or sad emotions it captures the upside of a break up in a sense – how after a while you realise that you’re fighting a loosing battle and it’s actually better to break up, “But I’m not missing you, I’m not going through the motions waiting in the hope that you’ll call me, I’m not missing you, you might have had me open but I must be going because I got life to do.”

      “Dream You” opens slightly oddly with an almost hip hop gone wrong beat in a sense before going into a softer feel with Stacie’s voice flowing over. Her voice flows over the beat rather than going along with it which shows off her true vocal talents. It’s a slightly wishy washy song in my opinion and isn’t as memorable as the former two tracks but by no means is it a bad track, “And I picture you and I for always in our lives it’s like we’re intertwined, you’re always on my mind.” The fourth track up on the album is “Easy to Luv You” which is another of my many favourites on the album. It does sound a little similar to the previous track in that the beat is very soft throughout the track, with pianos and guitars providing the backing music while her voice adds a little more soul than in the previous tracks. The lyrics are honest and something anyone who has ever been in love will be able to associate themselves with, “I wish you could be here all the time, cos baby you belong at my side, hey, what more can I say, I’m always thinking of you, you make it so easy to love you.”

      The fifth track on the album is “Save Me” and has a more upbeat feel to it than the previous tracks, not quite a dance song by any means but something that does have a little more life. It’s also much more r n b sounding with her voice showing yet another area of music that she’s managed to master quite exceptionally. It’s the first slightly pessimistic song on the album as the previous have all been about the highs and the ups of her life, “I can’t trust the truth be told, but you can make it right, if you can come and save me save me.” The next song up is “Take Me Away” which has a slightly Ashanti or Christina Milian feel to it with some brazen, strong beats and sexy sounding lyrics. It still maintains it’s innocent feel which makes the whole album that little bit more appealing to the younger generations. However the suggestive side is still there, “A love like yours is hard to find, can I be yours will you be mine, I think it’s time please take me away with you.”

      “Baby Girl” is the next track on the album and as suggested by the title the song has a hugely angelic feel to it. “And he said she says, you’re too young there’s no way, but who cares what they say cos no one can judge you at all, baby girl take it one day at a time, you can’t just grow up over night.” It’s clearly about the negatives she’s faced trying to launch a successful career while being so young and thankfully it’s a change from most songs that dwell on love and heartbreak. Probably the song I’m least fond of on the album yet not one that I tend to immediately skip which shows the high quality of the tracks as a whole. “Wait” is a brilliant song, it starts off very slow and sultry – almost like something that would be found in a jazz club before moving on to mix in some pop. It sounds a little like a Disney soundtrack almost, but more mature sounding than that in a sense. It could also be seen as a slight follow up to the previous track where people are telling her to slow down in growing up and in a sense wait. “I just need a friend, and you’ve been so good to me, I want to make sure you just wait.”

      “Is It Me” has a much more quirky upbeat feel to it than any of the tracks on the album and is one that you could dance around your room to, almost! Her voice shows its true range here from soaring up high to going down quite low in the verse. “Is it me am I so complicated, is it me or is love overrated, is it me cos I don’t quite understand, why it never turns out how I thought I’d planned.” It’s quite fast paced in the initial verse before slowing down for the chorus which gives it a much more relaxed feel to it. The song is quite an honest reflection of the music industry and how every guy seems to have an idea of her already through her fame, and how none of her relationships ever seem to last because of them. The final track on the album is the title track “Beautiful Awakening” which has quite a contrasting sound to any of the previous songs. It’s got a much calmer and more spiritual feel to it, which again can be shown in the somewhat sacred sounding title. It’s a bit of a miss track in my opinion, although it is beautifully sung and does have a certain possessive feel to it it’s rather slow and a little mundane for my liking, “A beautiful awakening has happened in my soul, a beautiful awakening that only I can know,” it does have a slight religious take to it which could be off putting to some people but on the other hand it could merely refer to the new album signalling a new start and new era to her life.

      So what’s my opinion then? I actually really like this album, my music taste has become quite diverse and I have been steering away from the pop field recently but this has ignited my interest again in a way. The first half of the album does seem to be somewhat stronger than the second half and there are a couple of really addictive and brilliant songs which I absolutely love. The three year break she has taken from the music industry seems to have done her good, her new sound is more mature and soulful and in turn, more likeable. This mainly pop album shows off her vocals to their best extent and creates an album that is optimistic, soulful and most of all – good!

      If you like any of her previous music then I’d definitely recommend this as it’s similar but more mature at the same time. If you like your pop music and softer r n b then it’d also be a good buy for you – anyone that likes Tamia, Beyonce’s more laidback music or even something like the Sugababes music would surely find something they like on this album.

      So overall I find it a calm and soothing collection of pretty good songs – 4 stars from me!

      Thanks for reading!


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        01.10.2006 21:06
        Very helpful



        Definitely worthy of a place in your collection, I recommend this CD

        After her previous self-titled album, I was expecting a lot from Miss Stacie Orrico with her 2006 album, "Beautiful Awakening". "Stacie Orrico" is one of the best pop records in my collection - she is one of those pop artists who can actually sing well and is talented.

        I was certainly not too disappointed with this CD. "Beautiful Awakening" is still pop, but it's so much more mature than its predecessor. Stacie has grown, not only as a woman but as a musician. When I first heard this CD, and then read reviews, I was confused by the mixed reactions to this CD. In my opinion, it is mature, talented pop and Stacie Orrico has unleashed a great CD onto the pop table.

        The album kicks off with "So Simple". This is not a bad way to start the album, but it's not a fantastic way either. This song is very likeable, but it just doesn't particularly stand out. I'm quite disappointed that this song is going to be the second single from the album - it has far more potential. I often skip straight past to the second track, lead single "I'm Not Missing You".

        This is one of the best songs on 2006, and was recieved well across the United Kingdom. "I'm Not Missing You" is a mature tune, and Stacie sounds like a talented young woman. The chorus is catchy, and you are very likely to find yourself singing to this song with your hairbrush. One of the best tracks on the CD.

        Track 3 is a catchy little number called "Dream You". This is a simple song, one of the worst lyrically, but a personal favourite of mine. Very cheesy, but yet again Stacie sounds so much mature than in her last album. Some people may find this track quite boring, but I personally think it is a great song.

        "Easy to Luv You" follows as track 4. The music is nice and romantic, and Stacie sounds more husky than usual. This is a highlight of the album. The only problem with this song is after a similar previous track, you're already a bit bored of Stacie singing how much she loves somebody and dreams of them all the time. But there is much much more of this to come, so you better get used to it. This album, overall, is quite slushy.

        "Save Me". I despised this song when I first heard it, branding it the worst on the album and Stacie could have done much better. But it's grown on me a little, and it wouldn't be out of place on Stacie's previous album. I still dislike the end of the chorus (the actual "Save Me" part), I think it was put there to give the song a catchy edge, but instead it gives you a headache. Not a horrendous track, but not a highlight. Easily skippable.

        In track 6, Take Me Away, Stacie really uses her voice to her advantage, the verses are actually quite captivating. The chorus is quite catchy, and you'll want to fetch the album booklet for the lyrics to this. The music sounds quite old school, and after a while you'll get bored of the extremely repetetive sound and you'll be reaching for the aspirins. If Stacie replaced this awful sound (I can't really explain what it sounds like, like a trumpet or something?), the song would be one of the best on the album. But that sound really grinds on you. Am I going on too much about that sound? I think so, sorry. Let's move onto track 7.

        "Babygirl" is definitely not a highlight of the album. In the recent dip the album has taken, this is the lowest point. The chorus drones on and simply, the song is nothing special. Thankfully, with the next track the album really picks back up.

        Aaaaah... "Wait". This is one of my personal favourite tracks of the whole album. Stacie frankly sounds incredible, and the music is really lovely. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, is the best song on the whole CD and bumps my rating of it up at least a star. I'm listening to it right now, and I'm going all cold, I don't believe how much I love this track. I'm sure you will have heard Jamelia's "Stop!" - well, basically, this is almost exactly the same as that song, but for some reason it doesn't seem like an unoriginal copy. Maybe because my love for this track has made me blind. But really, the CD is worth buying to hear this track alone.

        "Is It Me?" follows. I like this track, it's nice. It doesn't stand out on the album, though, it kind of blends in with the rest of the mediocre tracks - but out of those, it's the best. Stacie sounds good as usual and the music is nice.

        Track 10, "Don't Ask Me To Stay", is another album highlight. It sounds like "I Could Be the One" part II, but despite that it's a lovely pop tune. It's dancey and it wouldn't have been out of place on the previous album. I like this track a lot. With this track, it seems like Stacie wanted to do something similar to her last album so fans wouldn't be completely unfamiliar with her new mature style. And while I think this was needless, Don't Ask Me To Stay is definitely worthy of a place on the album.

        When I heard "I Can't Give It Up", I sat back and stared at my CD player. Not particularly because it was such a good song it overwhelmed me, but because I was shocked. Never, since 2001, had I heard a song that so much resembled the late Aaliyah's fantastic "Rock the Boat". The music totally resembles this classic and Stacie even sounds like Aaliyah on the track. "I Can't Give It Up" is a really nice, mellow tune and any Aaliyah fans like myself would be surprised, I think.

        A lot of Stacie Orrico fans have described the final track of the CD, album-titled "Beautiful Awakening" as lacking. I couldn't disagree more. This song sticks out like a sore thumb on the CD, with its more alternative sound on an r'n'b influence pop CD. I love this track, it actually reminds me strongly of something off a Maltesers advert for some strange reason. A perfect way to round off a great CD.

        Overall, "Beautiful Awakening" is a great pop CD with a slight r'n'b tinge, and it really showcases Stacie's new style. The constant singing about relationships gets a bit tedious sometimes, and it's a very slushy album. It contains some really outstanding tracks, but also some very mediocre ones. The CD has its bland patches and dips, but overall it is a very high standard record and Stacie Orrico should be congratulated.


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        23.08.2006 22:41
        Very helpful



        Amazingly soulful and heartfelt.. welcome back Stacie!

        This July, while doing work experience in London, I was lucky enough to attend a promotional gig where Stacie Orrico was performing a few of her new album tracks and endorsing her second album. As a big fan of Stacie and an admirer of her amazing vocal talent and lovely personality that comes across in her lyrics and interviews, I was very surprised and excited to hear that she was back after a very long break during which I had come to the conclusion that she must have, inexplicably, been dropped by her record company following the disappointing sales of her last two singles.

        Stacie, however, it emerged, had not been dropped by her record company at all but had simply, through her own choice, taken some time out from music. Stacie described how she had risen to success at such a young age, before even having had her first boyfriend, and it was too much for her. She wasn’t getting what she wanted out of life and was being pushed in directions that she didn’t want to go. Stacie decided to return to her roots, to her friends and her family, and lead, for while at least, a more simple life.

        Stacie performed at her gig the second single off her debut album, ‘More To Life’, followed by the first track off her new album, ‘So Simple’, explaining how the two tracks demonstrate where she left off
        (feeling that there was more to life than what she was doing, ‘searching for every temporary high to satisfy me’) compared to where she is at this moment. Stacie lived a simple life during her time away, seeing her family and working in a restaurant alongside her friend, and she loved every minute of it. She re-evaluated what was important in life and found a new inner peace and happiness.

        Stacie has always said that she was influenced by soul singers and, following her break from music, she has returned with a soulful sound that is more true to her roots. She has found her sound and has, in her own words, got an album that she is now genuinely proud to share with the world. I was amazed and incredibly impressed with her soulful sound and the clear inner beauty she transpired at her gig and, happily, this pop/soul album does not disappoint. Stacie has an incredible voice and this album is full of inspiring, moving and heartfelt songs that will uplift, reassure and, at times, even give you pause for thought.

        SO SIMPLE is the first track on Stacie’s album and also my favourite. The track begins the album with the beautiful, soulful sound that is carried on throughout. This is a track that genuinely means a lot to Stacie and the lyrics are beautiful and meaningful -‘Don’t need high heels for a good feeling/ you can keep the fancy clothes/ I’ll take walking in the rain/ over things material… Take it down and strip it to the core/ I don’t really need much less is more more more… give me family on a Sunday and I’ll be just fine/ there’s nothing in the world that is worth more of my time’. There is a strong drum beat in the background and beautiful string music accompanying Stacie‘s soulful vocals. It is a gentle and beautiful soulful track with a happy, carefree sound and strong, pure vocals.

        I’M NOT MISSING YOU is Stacie’s first and, so far, only single off the album and is one of the strongest and most soulful tracks. Stacie’s vocals are very heartfelt and assertive and she demonstrates her amazing vocal range. The lyrics are reflecting on a bad relationship where Stacie, presumably, has been hurt and messed about over and over but has finally decided to call it quits -‘I’m not going through the motions/ waiting and hoping you’ll call me/ I’m not missing you/ You might have had me open but I must be going because I got lots to do/ I know I’m usually hanging on/ I used to hate to see you go/ This time it’s different, I don’t even feel the distance/ I’m not missing you’. The music is beautiful (pianos and strings again) and Stacie’s vocals again sound pure and natural.

        DREAM YOU starts with strange sounding, slightly repetitive music before Stacie’s earnest vocals take over. The track is quite repetitive and the chorus sounds a bit whiny. It is, though soulful and tuneful, weaker than some of the other tracks. The familiar beats and piano music are present again but this track is very unmemorable and sounds similar to many other songs. Overall it is a standard, fairly bland song.

        EASY TO LUV YOU is one of the songs that I heard Stacie perform live with the simple backing of one guitar. It was amazing then and it is still amazing now on CD. This is a very soulful ballad with emotive music and vocals and Stacie sounds as dreamy and loved up as the lyrics suggest - ‘What more can I say? I’m always thinking of you, you make it so easy to love you/ It’s never too hard to revolve my word around you/ you make it so easy to love you’. Stacie’s wistful, powerful vocals complement the beautiful guitar backing perfectly.

        SAVE ME is my least favourite track on the album simply because after numerous listens of the album I still can’t even remember what it sounds like until it begins, and even then it is forgotten immediately after. This is the most R&B sounding track and is quite a standard and familiar-sounding song with a repetitive, bland backing track and weak lyrics - ‘I’ve been lied to, cheated on, but you can come save me, save me/ I can’t trust, the truth be told/ but you can make it right if you just save me, save me’. Although Stacie’s vocals are as soulful as always, she really doesn’t have much to work with on this track.

        TAKE ME AWAY is one of the tracks were you an clearly see Stacie’s soul influences. The music sounds very familiar, as though I have heard it on some other soul track, but I’m not sure about that. It is another love song with powerful vocals and an R&B style interlude. It has a very laid back yet uplifting sound and is a great track.

        BABYGIRL is another track that I heard live and that I was very impressed with. The track is, in Stacie’s words, a shoutout to single mothers and I really like the lyrics which demonstrate Stacie’s empathetic and thoughtful nature - ‘He says, she says, she’s too young, poor thing, all on her own/ who cares what they say ‘cause no one can judge you at all/ it’s not a matter of who’s right or who’s wrong ‘cause you’re not alone/ Babygirl take it one day at a time, you can’t just grow up overnight/ baby girl I know you’re feeling butterflies but everything will be alright’. This is another soulful, melodic track with strong R&B overtones.

        WAIT is one of my favourite tracks on the album. The music is very bass heavy and soulful with drums and pianos and is a slow-paced, powerful track. Stacie is in loved up mode once more and her vocals are very expressive and heartfelt. I recommend giving this song a listen and I hope that it is released as her second single. It is a unique and truly beautiful track.

        IS IT ME sees Stacie return to an R&B sound. It is quite a moody sounding track with subdued, heartfelt vocals. It is an average track which is worth a listen but does get a bit repetitive; possibly one of those tracks that you sort of like but after a while think ‘is this one still playing?’ I do like the moody, heavy music and bass however and Stacie, needless to say, sounds amazing.

        DON’T ASK ME TO STAY doesn’t get off to a great start, in my opinion, with a very standard, laid back R&B sound. It does, however, pick up a bit towards the chorus, although it is still quite bland and unmemorable. Stacie is singing about falling out of love with a boyfriend and not knowing why or how to end the relationship. She sounds as though she means every word that she sings which is one of the best qualities of this song and the album in general.

        I CAN’T GIVE IT UP has admirable lyrics, with Stacie singing about staying true to herself and her values. Stacie sounds beautiful and natural and this is another soulful track with gentle backing music and R&B style beats.

        The first time that I listened to the album it was quite a challenge for me to get to the end as this is a very unfamiliar sound for me, being a die-hard fan of cheesy pop. I, to tell the truth, was not that keen on many songs on first listen (although now I have got a feel for them I love this album a lot) and many simply blended in to one. By the end of the album, therefore, I was partly relieved and partly exhausted from my efforts and BEAUTIFUL AWAKENING, being quite a gentle, slow track, was dismissed by me as a standard ‘last track’, ie. nothing special or unique, a bit of a rushed job to round off the album and make up numbers. However, after a few listens, this song really began to appeal to me and it is now one of my favourite tracks on the entire album. Stacie’s vocals are softer and more girly on this track and they complement the beautiful backing music perfectly. It is a gentle ballad with a powerful, soulful chorus and fittingly, the best word that I can use to describe this track is, in fact, simply beautiful.

        1. SO SIMPLE
        2. I’M NOT MISSING YOU
        3. DREAM YOU
        4. EASY TO LUV YOU
        5. SAVE ME
        6. TAKE ME AWAY
        7. BABYGIRL
        8. WAIT
        9. IS IT ME
        10. DON’T ASK ME TO STAY
        11. I CAN’T GIVE IT UP


        BEST TRACK- So Simple

        WORST TRACK- Save Me

        ALBUM UNIQUE SELLING POINT- Stacie’s amazing voice and the heartfelt lyrics


        ARTIST POTENTIAL- First time around Stacie released two hit singles then two relative flops and a middle-of-the-road (success-wise, not quality-wise) album. However, Stacie admitted that she was not being true to herself with her earlier sound and this time around she is where she wants to be, doing what she wants to do, and it shows. I think that Stacie deserves to do well this time around but, conversely, her new soulful sound is not as mainstream and ‘popular’ as her former pop/R&B sound. I that, bearing this in mind, Stacie’s success all depends on whether (fingers crossed) the public take to her this time and ‘get’ her new sound.

        SCORE OUT OF 10 FOR…
        VOCALS- 10
        LYRICS- 10
        OVERALL ALBUM- 10

        RECOMMENDED-Yes, definitely.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 So Simple
        2 I'm Not Missing You
        3 Dream You
        4 Easy To Luv You
        5 Save Me
        6 Take Me Away
        7 Baby Girl
        8 Wait
        9 Is It Me
        10 Don't Ask Me To Stay
        11 I Can't Give It Up
        12 Beautiful Awakening

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