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The Best Of Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Kid Creole And The Coconuts

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - New Wave & Post-punk / Artist: Kid Creole And The Coconuts / Audio CD released 1996-03-18 at Universal / Island

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    1 Review
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      22.10.2001 19:20
      Very helpful



      Kid Creole ? 'Are you Jokin??' is what I hear you think. But hear me Nay-sayers, it is damn fine & Good fun. Remember, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but if you disagree with me, you're wrong. Why I got into this CD. ------------------------------------------- 12 years ago my sister went out with a feller who liked it. I listened to it quite a bit when at there place & got used to the rhythms of the salsa / calypso/ latin funky haitian midgit (hes only at the bottom end of 5 foot). I also realised the lyrics were great fun and well worth listening to. A while later I saw Kid Creole and the coconuts playing on channel 4's Viva Cabarat - On the same line up as Harry Hills 2nd or third tv apperance. Kid Creole was ace, so I got the CD out, ignored the derision of my peers and injoyed the music. Now lets get to the Opinion, shall we?.... The CD. ------------------------------------------- Its round and flat and shiney, with a little whole in the middle, just big enuff to trap your little finger knuckle in and need to have cut away from your hand. In the time honoured tradition of CD's in my collection my version (entitled 'Cre-Ole') differs from the version in the picture. But It does'ne matter (as they say up North). All of the music is well played, with good horns and percussion helping drive the beats and atmosphere. All of the hits are on it and real cool. THe music creates a wonderful hedonistic, but not too self indulgent party-time tropical feel. I personally feel its the lyrics that make the tunes so cool - never unintentionally cheesy, always brass-balled and well crafted. The whole album makes you want to strut & wear a zoot suit (if a feller, or a butch lady), or look swave & Sexy like a 50's Movie goddess (if a lady, or a campfeller {I recomend Beckslayer for all makeup info}). 1.) Life Boat Party. Charge
      s right off into the over produced 80's party feel. 8(?) bars of big band rhythm and then Kid creole swings in. And the Swing Dont stop Till the tune ends. It Makes you feel like you have walked in on the greates party ever & they want you to be there. 2.) Stool Pigeon Again a musical start, but this time percussion lead with a coconut scream (the blonder one I think) to begin. THe rhythm still gets you, but this time its more laid back, the story of the song is in charge. 'there's a gentleman thats going round, Turnin' the Joint upside down, Stool Pigeon - Ha cha cha chaaa' Trust me- it sounds real cool 3) Gina Gina Such a cool idea. A slow paced song this one, its Kid trying to stop a coconut leaving to be with a Ski Instructor! 'Gina Gina, He's just a ski instructor' This track includes the great line 'There's been no action here since William Tell' and it goes through my head every time I go to Switzerland 4) Annie' I'm Not Your Daddy THis is one that is often on VH1, not sure why. Again this funky track has a story - one of the coconuts is asking Kid is he is her father, Kid denies it and tells the tale of her mother when younger... The song starts with horn, then percussion and the rest of the band followed by Kid Creole. Great lines again, I think I like the bit 'If I was in your blood, you would'nt be so ugly! ' best of all. THe backing from the coconuts is cool on this one. 5) Me No Pop I I like this a lot. Its a bit of a rap from Kid Creole, full of great lines, and matcho posturing (to be taken with a pinch of salt). Its a bit like Screamin Jays 'ignant and Sh*t' with Creole stating how it is. 'I wear baggy pants, and two tone shoes, I'm a gentleman, with me you cant loose...' The band is in the background in this one - the song is
      the thing not the tune. 'when I came from the VD Clinic, I swore our love was finished...' Classic fun. 6) Latin Music. This one is nice, it makes you want to sing along. The tune is laid back like a beach holiday. The Coconuts get quite a big part to play in this one, lovely. 'I'm so confused, this Latin music's got me, So So bemused, the accents worse than Cockney..' 7) Off the Coast of Me One for the LURVERS here, still very cool - intentionally dated. A very mellow tune, makes you feel like you are cruising the carribean seas. The vocals are sung as if down an old style phone line, the backing makes you think 50's style of wooooo along crooning. 8) I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby Erm. Clue is in the song title. I think this could not have been created without the decadence of the early 80's USA (written in 1982). Starts with oboe type wind and then percussion and a cool bass. Its basicly Kid acting cool and smooth & being a ledgend in his own pants. But this is still Ace. the only trouble is if you get caught singing it! 9)Dont Take away my coconuts THis one must have a story behind it. Its Kid begging Doris (who?) not to have the backing vocalist go. Some great lines, with a nice tune. The horn section brings us in & then Kid starts his rhythmic pleading. 10) Imitation A clever little ditty here, hiding a rant from Kid about plagiarism. We are lead in by drums, symbols and a petergunn theme reminicent horn break. THis tune tootles along quite rapidly, keeping a fast tempo throughout. 11) Maladie D'amour Horns first, played in a style that whisks you back to a 'bugsy malone' style speak-easy. THis is a shoecase for the Coconuts with Kid backing them. some lovely harmonies in this love type ditty. 12) Dear Addy A slow paced story here, starting with Kid taking the pl
      ace of a post man, reading a leter to 'Addy'. Its a good, well crafted little song. Part of the strings remind me of a mild version of the Tenko (ask yer parents) theme, if you listen you will see what I mean. If you have ever had a long distance relationship (that dosent include letching at tennis stars / kylie on the TV) you will find thew lyrics quite easy to relate to. 13) There's Something Wrong In Paradise As close as Cid Creaole will get to Billy brag here - a bit political. This one is a steel drum type of percussion driven calypso track. Good one. 14) Back in the Field Again No this isnt a cover of the Iron Maiden track (sorry metal heads). This one is a slow one, but I really like it. It has a more sombre fell, but also is full of determination & I think it is great. It starts of as a sort of lament, reminiscent of the walker brothers (no regrets) but then advances more towards gloria Gaynors (I will survive). I found it a useful song when I was freshly single & just ready to psyche myself up to go out on the pull again. SO TO CONCLUDE ------------------------------------------- Its great. Just listening to it makes you feel smooth, Like the mask movie - you want to dance with Miss Diez (?) on top of a police car in a Zoot Suit. The tunes are good, the CD is cheap, Treat yourself to something good and fight the thought police at the same time.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 The Lifeboat Party
      2 Stool Pigeon
      3 Gina Gina
      4 Annie I'm Not Your Daddy
      5 Me No Pop I - Coati Mundi, Kid Creole And The Coconuts
      6 Latin Music
      7 Off The Coast Of Me
      8 I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby
      9 Don't Take Away My Coconuts
      10 Imitation
      11 Maladie D'Amour
      12 Dear Addy
      13 There's Something Wrong In Paradise
      14 Back In The Field Again
      15 I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby

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