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Beto Vazquez Infinity - Beto Vazquez Infinit

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Beto Vazquez Infinit / Import / Audio CD released at Jvc

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    1 Review
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      22.03.2008 16:42
      Very helpful



      Beto Vázquez Infinity's first album (2001).

      Beto Vázquez Infinity is the somewhat pompous name chosen by ex-Nepal bass and keyboard player Beto Vázquez to describe a band consisting of him, a couple of session members, and a bunch of famous vocalists from the world of symphonic power metal. This first release doesn't sound so much like an impressive and confident debut as a compilation of B-sides from the likes of Nightwish, Edenbridge, Rhapsody and Blackmore's Night, as it's the vocalists from these bands who pretty much dictate the way each song will end up sounding.

      Thus, Tarja Turunen's impressive tenure across tracks 1, 2, 4, 10 and 11 causes those songs to take on a distinctly operatic flavour, most retaining the melodic rock background but some such as 'Sadness in the Night' going all the way to piano-driven, synthesised string orchestration. I've never been a big Nightwish fan, though I'm not averse to operatic vocals in bands with greater creativity (I bloody love Therion), but these songs never sound as impressive as even the least inventive Nightwish anthem from their later years.

      Candice Night is next up, being given the customary duty of Medieval-styled folk revival rock type music exemplified by Blackmore's Night, which ends up sounding rather out of place amidst the melodic rock and spacey synthesisers of the surrounding songs here. The three-part 'Through Times' doesn't really convince as a trilogy, the first being a mere acoustic and flute introduction and the others being separated unnecessarily by the intervening songs, and 'Golden Hair' might as well be included as a fourth part - the same way every single Blackmore's Night song sounds the same.

      Rhapsody's Fabio Lione puts in his usual reliable performance in 'The Battle of the Past,' a song that's very clearly trying to sound like Rhapsody in its fanfare-style keyboards and optimistic double bass drumming, but doesn't have the energy or force to really see it through, though fantasy metal geeks will probably still love it. I was similarly pleased to hear Vazquez go overboard on the spacey synthesisers in the opening of 'Until Dawn' and the self-explanatory instrumental 'Infinity Space,' bowing to Arjen Lucassen's work in Ayreon to some degree, but still sounding mighty fine if you're a complete nerd like me.

      Meanwhile, Edenbridge's Sabine Edelsbacher performs a satisfactory but uninspired duet with Turunen on the dull fantasy narrative 'The Wizard' before the three ladies all get together to sing out the finale, which is a bit of an anticlimax. There's nothing truly original or distinctive about this album, but fans of female-fronted rock should find it a pleasant little collaboration with some esteemed alumni.

      1. Until Dawn (Angels of Light)
      2. Wizard
      3. The Battle of the Past
      4. Sadness in the Night
      5. Through Times Part I (Instrumental)
      6. Through Times Part II
      7. Golden Hair
      8. Infinity Space (Instrumental)
      9. Through Times Part III
      10. The Laws of the Future
      11. Promises Under the Rain


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Until Lawn (Angels of Light)
    2 Battle of the Past
    3 Sadness in the Night
    4 Through Times, Pt. 1
    5 Through Times, Pt. 2
    6 Golden Hari
    7 Infinity Space
    8 Through Times, Pt. 3
    9 Law of the Future
    10 Promises Under the Rain

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