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Between Two Lungs - Florence + The Machine

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Florence + The Machine / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2010-11-15 at Island/Moshi Moshi

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    4 Reviews
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      10.10.2012 08:29
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      Deluxe edition of Florence's debut album

      I first came across Florence + The Machine, aka singer Florence Welch and her band, back in 2009 when I went to see Blur in Hyde Park. Florence + The Machine was the supporting act and I was less than impressed by the singer's wailing. This was a shame, as I wanted to like it - on the surface it seemed like the kind of music I would love, and I really admired Florence's style.

      Fast forward a couple of years and I began to change my mind. I'm not entirely sure why - perhaps it was the cover of You've Got The Love, played everywhere, that convinced me that Florence can actually sing. I ended up purchasing the original album, originally released in mid-2009, on Amazon for something like £4-£5, followed a couple of years later by this special edition, which includes an extra disc.

      ***Main Album***
      1. Dog Days Are Over
      "Leave all your love and your longing behind, you can't carry it with you if you want to survive"
      This song always suggests, to me, a cross between Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Alice in Wonderland, perhaps because of the video which is full of characters dressing up in a meadow and wood. With harps and Florence's echoing vocals the song is very summery and incredibly catchy.

      2. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
      "Here I am, a rabbit-hearted girl..."
      In a similar vein, this song has the same ethereal quality with a piano-laden chorus.

      3. I'm Not Calling You A Liar
      "I'm not calling you a ghost, just stop haunting me"
      Slightly more down to earth than the previous two tracks, this song still has Florence's strong vocals.

      4. Howl
      "I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hallowed ground"
      Possibly my favourite song on the album, this is a fantastic track making use of beating drums and violins.

      5. Kiss With a Fist
      "A kiss with a fist is better than none"
      This song is a jokey track about (mutual) domestic violence. I'm not keen, perhaps because it reminds me of Kate Nash, whom I detest. A fast-paced guitar-laden track, it lacks the extra touches that make the rest of the album so special.

      6. Girl With One Eye
      "I said hey, girl with one eye, I'll cut your little heart out, 'cause you made me cry"
      This is an atmospheric indie song with slightly dark lyrics.

      7. Drumming Song
      "Louder than sirens, louder than bells, sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell"
      A song laden, naturally enough, with drums, this is a track about the feeling of being in love, with a repetitive and memorable chorus.

      8. Between Two Lungs
      "Between two lungs it was released, the breath that passed from you to me"
      This track brings back the ethereal quality of earlier tracks. It's light and summery but the drums keep it grounded.

      9. Cosmic Love
      "The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out"
      A lovely song which has quiet verses and a dramatic chorus laden with drums.

      10. My Boy Builds Coffins
      "He's made one for himself, one for me too, one of these days he'll make one for you"
      A dark, eerie and rather bizarre track - the title says it all really! It's quite haunting and it does get into your head.

      11. Hurricane Drunk
      "I'm going out, I'm gonna drink myself to death"
      This song makes strong use of strings to create a track that sounds uplifting, until you listen to the lyrics.

      12. Blinding
      "No more dreaming like a girl so in love with the wrong world"
      This song sounds a little like Kate Bush, slightly 80s.

      13. You've Got The Love
      "Now and then it seems like life is just too much, but you've got the love to see me through"
      A cover of the Candi Stanton classic, this is a great song with a singalong chorus and, as usual, lots of strings.

      ***Bonus Disc***
      1. Heavy In Your Arms
      This is the song that featured on the Twilight soundtrack. Despite not being a fan of the Twilight saga, I really like this song; it's a dramatic, sweeping effort and at times Florence sounds like she is under water. It has a strong verse and a memorable chorus which is powerfully sung.

      2. You've Got the Dirtee Love
      This version of You've Got the Love was performed with rapper Dizzee Rascal at the 2010 Brit Awards and became the soundtrack to the Glastonbury Festival that same year. The mix of Florence's ethereal vocals and Dizzee's rap actually works really well. I was at Glastonbury that year but wasn't a fan of Florence at all at that time. It's a shame as I missed out on my chance to see her.

      3. Hurricane Drunk (The Horrors Remix)
      This is a gentle version of the original album track, with delicate bells and a laid back atmosphere. I prefer the original but this is a nice change.

      4. Strangeness and Charm [Live]
      The first of two songs recorded live at the Hammersmith Apollo, this is a strong track that wouldn't have sounded out of place on the album proper. It shows how Florence's vocals have improved as she holds the notes with ease.

      5. Swimming [Live]
      The second song from the Hammersmith Apollo, this isn't as strong as the previous track but is a slower, reasonable effort.

      6. Dog Days Are Over (Yeasayer Remix)
      A remix of the song from the original album, this has been remixed to a dance beat. I'm not keen personally as I find it a bit dull and repetitive.

      7. Drumming Song [Live]
      This song and subsequent tracks were recorded at the iTunes Festival 2010. This song works well as a live track.

      8. Girl With One Eye [Live]
      Another live song, this one begins with a stripped down guitar accompaniment and Florence's vocals sound eerily threatening.

      9. Hurricane Drunk [Live]
      Again, this is a more subtle version of the album track, backed with guitars and with a relaxing sound.

      10. Dog Days Are Over [Live]
      A live version of the album track, this is gentle and appealing.

      11. My Boy Builds Coffins [Live]
      This song, from the original album, sounds quite haunting live, even more so than the original.

      12. Hospital Beds [Live]
      This is a previously unreleased track, something to end the album with.

      I love the original album and am surprised it took me so long to discover it. I love the sound and Florence has a great voice. My favourite songs are probably Howl, Hurricane Drunk and Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) but I love almost every track. If you don't own the original album, it's definitely worth buying Between Two Lungs rather than Lungs itself as the bonus tracks, particularly the previously unreleased songs, are definitely worth having. If you do have the original album, you will have to decide for yourself if this version is worth getting.


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        08.07.2012 04:05



        A stunning album bursting with enchanting music from one of the best female vocalists around!

        With fans said to include Prince Charles, Florence & The Machine were always going to be ones the watch, and the debut album "lungs" does everything possible to leave it's magical stamp firmly on the music world.

        Some brand her a monumental show off where as others are branding her a modern day musical genius and I have to agree with the latter. At first listen "lungs" is certain to silence any critic as it's haunting melodies, enchanting vocals and gritty lyrics keep you hooked from start to end. Her quirky songs conjure up imagery of dark gothic fantasies, which understandably might put some off. Song's such as "Howl" telling in perfect, beautiful dark detail, the macabre passion of a werewolf.

        Above all I found it hard not to enjoy the stunning lyrics that this album produced and it has succeeded in making Florence a new personal favorite of mine.

        Stand out tracks on the album include - Cosmic Love, Blinding and Girl with One Eye.

        This album has most definitely set the path for this flame haired South London songstress to take over the charts and I can't wait to see more of her!


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        12.04.2012 23:25



        All florence and the machine fans must own this

        The English indie band Florence + The Machine present to you their first album Lungs.A chart success with it's flagship single "You Got The Love " catapulted Florence Welch and her backing band The Machine to multiple awards and over 3 million album sales worldwide(X factor statistic as of late 2011).

        At first glance the album shows that Flo has an impressive vocal range , being able to go from a powerful sound in "You Got The Love" to a calmer and more gentle sound at the start of "Cosmic Love.

        1. "Dog Days Are Over"
        2. "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)"
        3. "I'm Not Calling You a Liar"
        4. "Howl"
        5. "Kiss with a Fist"
        6. "Girl with One Eye"
        7. "Drumming Song"
        8. "Between Two Lungs"
        9. "Cosmic Love"
        10. "My Boy Builds Coffins"
        11. "Hurricane Drunk"
        12. "Blinding"
        13. "You've Got the Love"
        iTunes bonus tracks
        14. "Swimming"
        15. "Dog Days Are Over" (Video)
        Deluxe edition
        Disc 2
        1. "Bird Song Intro"
        2. "Bird Song"
        3. "Dog Days Are Over" (Demo)
        4. "Falling" Welch, Summers
        5. "Hardest of Hearts"
        6. "Ghosts" ("I'm Not Calling You a Liar" demo)
        7. "Girl with One Eye" (Bayou Percussion Version)
        8. "Swimming" (Australian bonus track[42])
        Special box set edition
        CD 2 - Live from Abbey Road
        No. Title
        1. "Between Two Lungs"
        2. "Kiss with a Fist"
        3. "Hurricane Drunk"
        4. "Cosmic Love"
        5. "Oh! Darling"
        6. "Dog Days Are Over"
        7. "Drumming Song"
        8. "You've Got the Love"
        9. "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)"

        CD 3 - Remixes, Covers and Rarities
        No. Title
        1. "Halo" (Recorded for Radio 1's Live Lounge)
        2. "Hurricane Drunk" (Acoustic Version)
        3. "You've Got the Love" (Fraser T. Smith's Mix)
        4. "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" (P.E.S.T Remix)
        5. "Drumming Song" (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
        6. "Flakes" (Mystery Jets cover)
        7. "An Offering" ("Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" demo)
        8. "You've Got the Love" (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Remix)
        9. "Cosmic Love" (Acoustic Version)
        10. "Are You Hurting the One You Love?"
        11. "Swimming"
        Bonus DVD

        Live from the Rivoli Ballroom
        No. Title Length
        1. "Between Two Lungs"
        2. "My Boy Builds Coffins"
        3. "Kiss with a Fist"
        4. "Hurricane Drunk"
        5. "Cosmic Love"
        6. "Drumming Song"
        7. "Howl"
        8. "Blinding"
        9. "Dog Days Are Over"
        10. "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)"
        11. "You've Got the Love"
        [hide]Acoustic Sessions
        No. Title Length
        12. "Cosmic Love" (recorded at the Rivoli Ballroom, 7 July 2009)
        13. "Between Two Lungs" (recorded at Metropolis Studios, 29 April 2009)
        14. "Dog Days Are Over" (recorded at Metropolis Studios, 29 April 2009)
        15. "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" (recorded at Metropolis Studios, 29 April 2009)
        No. Title Length
        16. "Dog Days Are Over"
        17. "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)"
        18. "Drumming Song"
        19. "You've Got the Love"


        Japanese bonus tracks
        No. Title
        14. "Bird Song Intro"
        15. "Bird Song"
        16. "Are You Hurting the One You Love?"
        17. "Falling"

        Asian bonus DVD
        No. Title Length
        1. "Cosmic Love" (acoustic live performance)
        2. "Between Two Lungs" (acoustic live performance)
        3. "Dog Days Are Over" (acoustic live performance)
        4. "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" (acoustic live performance)
        5. "Dog Days Are Over" (music video)
        6. "Kiss with a Fist" (music video)
        7. "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" (music video)
        8. "Drumming Song" (music video)
        9. "You've Got the Love" (music video)
        10. "Dog Days Are Over" (2010 version, music video)
        11. "Hurricane Drunk" (music video)
        12. "Cosmic Love" (music video)

        No. Title Length
        1. "Dog Days Are Over"
        2. "Drumming Song"
        3. "Kiss with a Fist"

        Live at the Rivoli Ballroom
        No. Title Length
        4. "Dog Days Are Over"
        5. "Drumming Song"
        6. "Kiss with a Fist"

        At first glance, Florence's beautiful voice with some of the haunting music are a match made in heaven with a lot of drum, violin and harp swirled in too.

        *Sorry for this being so long but I think that Florence deserves recognition

        I would recommend this to anyone that has heard the powerhouse that is Ceremonials and that wants to see the beginnings of F +TM.


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        06.01.2012 14:17
        Very helpful



        Pure talent and timeless

        I was recommended Florence and the Machine by my neice. If I am honest I was not a fan at first and it took me a number of attempts to really get into the album but I am really glad that I did give it the time and attention Lungs deserves.

        I bought the album and like many people originally stuck to the songs I had already heard of, these were 'Dog days are over' 'Rabbit Heart' and 'Kiss with a Fist'. I must say I did like these songs and the more I listened to them the more I enjoyed them. Florence has a unique voice which you are unable to compare to anyone else. I have heard Florence sing live and all I can say is WOW, she has an amazing talent. Her songs are haunting and the lyrics are clear and really reach out the listener.

        After listening to the album I started to enjoy different tacks on the album. Now I know there must be more than just me who does this but when I am listening to a CD I very rarely listen to the whole CD. I will skip through to the songs that I like and other songs on the album will just get pushed aside unless I am not able to skip them. I was driving to work one day and got to the final song on Lungs and realised that I had not skiped one song. I can honestly say every song on the album is amazing and I love each and every one.

        The album Is full of songs that suit every mood. When you listen to a CD you are going through different emotions and either need a pick me up which on this album I think 'Drummin song' is perfect for. The beat is constant and really gets you tapping your toe. I dont know if you have seen the video for this song but in it florence and her dancers seem to be jumping around dancing and just letting the music take control. I feel this sums up how I feel when I listen to the music. At other times (especially in the mornings) I need a chilled out song. I find that 'Between two lungs' and 'Cosmic love' fit this catagory perfect. The gently rhythm of the melody and the peacful melody of Florence voice totally compliment each other.

        I must say this album totally made me into a Florence and the Machine super fan I find her music timeless and is always a plesant addition to my day. The main plus to Florence and the Machine is that they are talented and have built up a lot of respect due to that. If you have not heard the album I strongly advise that you do. I know everyone has different taste in music but if you have taken the time to read this reveiw and shown a slight interest in the group them I advise you get hold of the album as soon as possible. Enjoy !


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Dog Days Are Over
        2 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
        3 I'm Not Calling You A Liar
        4 Howl
        5 Kiss With A Fist
        6 Girl With One Eye
        7 Drumming Song
        8 Between Two Lungs
        9 Cosmic Love
        10 My Boy Builds Coffins
        11 Hurricane Drunk
        12 Blinding
        13 You've Got The Love
        14 Enhanced Element

        Disc #2 Tracklisting
        1 Heavy In Your Arms
        2 You've Got The Dirtee Love
        3 Hurricane Drunk
        4 Strangeness And Charm
        5 Swimming
        6 Dog Days Are Over
        7 Drumming Song
        8 Girl With One Eye
        9 Hurricane Drunk
        10 Dog Days Are Over
        11 My Boy Builds Coffins
        12 Hospital Beds

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