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Beverly Hills Cop - Soundtrack

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Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various Artists / Soundtrack / Audio CD released 1999-03-20 at Universal / Island

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    2 Reviews
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      03.07.2008 12:18
      Very helpful



      Those were the days..

      I have a confession to make, and it's a cheesy one. In 1994 I took the tape of the movie to America on one of my backpacking trips so I could deliberately play it on the tape-deck as I cruised down Hollywood Blvd to Axel Faltermeyers iconic Euro pop tune. This is surely a worse offence to owning up to having a Scorpions album in my collection! I was only 25 though. It's not clever but it was just something I wanted to do after my arduous road trip across America from Miami lasting some 54 days, appropriate to finish the end of the Route 66 leg to Santa Monica in style. In my defense I had hired a Ford Mustang Coupe and I had a cute New Zealand chick on the other seat stopping the sweets and map's blowing about. She didn't believe me when I said I had found the tape in the glove box. You had to have been there. What can I say guys...

      I love soundtracks, especially from the 80s, not only because they had more rocky stuff on them but because a lot of great bands used them to get their music out there, the days when album sales were the only game in town and the internet and downloads was a mere glint in Bill Gates eye. I used to have hundreds of soundtrack tapes and would go out of my way to get the ones from my favorite movies. The all time best soundtrack from the 80s has to be Top Gun, a suitable mix of great soft rock tracks and cheesy ballads, essential ingredients of the soundtrack, although I would put Footloose only a whisker behind. Beverley hills Cop gets the third spot in my all-time list.

      It's just great to listen to these things when you're out and about as you can put the images you have seen in the movie to the songs, giving you an extra bounce in your step. And I like I said before the music mix of famous bands and the more obscure ones on the CDs and LPs can get you interested in their work. I'm not the funkiest of guys and the fact this soundtrack mixes rock-the reason I bought it in the first place-and the more funky early 80s disco stuff is great as it makes me more interested in different genres. Unfortunately sports cars don't play tapes anymore so this has been relegated to the walkman (yes, I have a portable tape player too!), summer days like today bringing back all the memories of my American road trip, let alone a great movie. The soundtrack won a Grammy Award for Best Album of Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Special (1986).

      = = =The tracks = = =

      * Side one *

      -New Attitude-

      Performed by Pati Labelle, a traditional Diva from the 80s when only the big lungs and voice mattered, absolutely bellows out this up beat high-energy track to get things underway. You can just imagine the power women from films like 'Working Girl' doing their step classes in aerobics to this in NY. It's very of the decade and somewhere American music could well revisit after this overdose of gang rap and dance trash to being back the innocent mood of the 70s and 80s.

      -Don't get stopped in Beverley Hills-

      An album track if there ever was and performed by English band Shalamar, the bass guitarist once living in my street. It was my street back then as they hadn't had any hits. As I say there's not much to it and merely a funky tune to keep the movie rolling along, I think overlaying the scene where Eddie Murphy goes to the club with the two cops and pretends one of them is ex president Gerald Ford to score free drinks.

      -Do you really (want my love?)-

      Again another filler song that keeps things rolling along, performed by 'Junior', which I also believe was a British soul/funk performer. It's nothing special on the record but still fun and not out of place.


      Rockie Robbins, not the best name for an artiste, sings this one. A bit of guitar and bass in there to liven things up...

      -Neutron Dance-

      A cracking track from the brilliant Pointer Sisters finishes of the side and I believe opens up the film where Axel stops the cigarette robbery on the truck, being chased all around town to this high energy tune. They don't make soul sistas like these anymore.

      * * * * Side 2 * * * *

      The Heat Is On-

      Glen Fry used to be in the Eagles, of course, and many of you will know this track from the radio (especially if you listen to Virgin Radio that plays it every twenty minutes!!!). Its not bad tune but that constant playing makes you not like it. I still like it.


      Not sure who Danny Elfman is but this is his song. When he's drunk in a bar or out with friends and this comes on the juke box he can at least say he wrote and performed the 6th best track on the Beverley Hills Cop soundtrack. The guy has a good voice but clearly no career to date.

      -Stir It Up-

      Patti LaBelle is back and using those fine lungs again, this very high energy track would fill the disco floors around the world in five seconds. I love this track, it cheers you right up. Bring back the seventies disco tunes! At least you could dance to those.

      -Rock n Roll Me Again-

      'The System', not exactly Grammy award winners, brings us song number nine. A gentle mood piece brings the album to a close. But of course they are Grammy Award winners after this.

      -Axel F-

      If you don't know this one you must be from Mars. The German techno classic from Harold Faltermayer is almost as iconic as the film. It's only heard these days by tits playing it on tape players rolling around the streets of L.A at 2 A.M. in a very boostable (car jack) soft top in the wrong part of town.

      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


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        13.10.2001 05:21
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        I happened upon Beverley HIlls Cop on Paramount recently and found myself singing all the way through it, or at least trying to do guitar impressions a la 'Never Mind the buzzcocks! EIGHTIES HEAVEN I have recently bought a lot of the retro albums that are springing up but now feel compelled to go to a car boot sale and dig out the soundtrack to the film. If you like sassy electric pop and rock with Chaka Khan style divas belting out gusty lyrics you'll enjoy every song featured in the film! The classic 'The Heat Is On'which starts the film is one of those songs that should I have children I would play to them as an example of a time when 'music was music'. I'm actually getting very possessive over my retro tastes now! Imagine me going into HMV in the morning asking for the theme to beverley hills cop and going 'that one that goes - der der dum dum dum dum dum der der dumde dumdumdum - and the eighteen yr old behind the till saying - send this granny to the soundtrack section! The music also happens to be essential to the mood of the film - as a car chase beings or a covert operation kicks off you get the der der dumde dum dum dum or some belting piece of saxophone thrashing eighties drum machine exploding eighties classics. It wouldn't be the same with some of the non descript music that accompanys contemporary cop action thrillers. Hook this one up to your surround sound!


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 New Attitude - Patti LaBelle
        2 Don't Get Stopped In Beverly Hills - Shalamar
        3 Do You Really (Want My Love?) - Junior
        4 Emergency - Rockie Robbins
        5 Neutron Dance - The Pointer Sisters
        6 The Heat Is On - Glenn Frey
        7 Gratitude - Danny Elfman
        8 Stir It Up - Patti LaBelle
        9 Rock 'N Roll Me Again - The System
        10 Axel F - Harold Faltermeye

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