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Beyond Good And Evil - Atma

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Artist: Atma / Audio CD released 2006-12-15 at geomagnetic.tv

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2008 23:25
      Very helpful



      Andre Oliver Brasovean as Atma (2007).

      Romanian electronic musician Andre Oliver Brasovean allegedly spent three years composing this trance odyssey, which is staggering considering how little there is to it. Drenched in the same levels of techno rhythms, sequencer loops and arbitrary film samples from the likes of 'Dark City,' 'In the Mouth of Madness' and whatever else happened to be in his DVD collection, this is a psychedelic journey that starts out full of promise and excitement and gradually becomes more tedious and repetitive as the tracks plod on.

      My main disappointment is that I was lied to by whichever desperate internet advertisement proclaimed this to be an innovative mix of trance and exotic world music, as there are really no natural instruments in sight, and the dance elements significantly dominate from 'Deviant Behaviour' onwards. Before this it's mostly enjoyable and fairly relaxing and thoughtful, if you're into that sort of thing, but still nothing particularly special. This isn't mere mindless ambience by any means, and each track features enough internal progression to remain interesting while never straying too far from its core sound, but the end result is rather unsatisfying.

      The best elements merely remind of seventies Jean-Michel Jarre mixed with a pulsing techno beat, and although this is a highly consistent album, that only adds to its tedium. This will likely be of interest to die-hard fans of psychedelic trance in all its forms, but it won't put Romania on the map in the way that only Bram Stoker seems to have achieved.

      1. We Will Rise Again
      2. Beyond Good and Evil
      3. The Other Side
      4. Deviant Behaviour
      5. The Ganzfeld Experiment
      6. The Doors of Perception
      7. Psychedelic Visionars
      8. Eternal Cycles
      9. There Is Still Hope


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