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Bitch Betta Have My Money - AMG

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Gangsta & Hardcore / Artist: AMG / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 1999-04-13 at Select

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    1 Review
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      09.09.2009 16:44
      Very helpful
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      AMG's debut album

      "B***h Betta Have My Money" was the official 1992 debut album from the rapper AMG. It found that the New York-born, West Coast rapper coming with some intense Gangsta Rap material to reflect what the style of Hip hop was like in his surroundings at the time by dropping this hardcore record.

      1. "The Vertical Joyride"

      The album gets going with a track which really stands as a tune to fit in with the trends of the West Coast scene of the time where there was a lot of experimentation with more local Funk material as this end of the country was attempting to do what the East Coast had before in on their way to making a full style to fit in with their alternative surroundings. It is a big tune and gets you hyped up for what is to come.

      **Five Stars**

      2. "Word 2 Tha D"

      There is suddenly a massive shift in the way that the music is don as with this one you find that it suddenly goes from the distinctive laid-back pace of the West Side, to a tune which seems to take from the speed raps final moments of massive success as it had been worn out since around 1988 once everyone from LL Cool J to Big Daddy Kane to MC Hammer had been there and done it with the Breakbeats-based raps.

      **Four Stars**

      3. "I Wanna Be Yo Ho"

      With this one you find that although the pace of the material doesn't change, as he stays with the high-tempo stuff, you find that the content of the music is able to change somewhat as you see that he is able to get down to one where chooses to get much more explicit with his rhymes to carry on the sort of thing which led to Gangsta Rap making such a bad reputation for laying down lyrics which could be said to taken as misogynous.

      **Three Stars**

      4. "When She Calls" (Lude)

      5. "Once A Dawg"

      With this one you get the Fun being brought back in the material and a bit of a slap form the beats to get tit moving towards the kind of thing which saw great levels of popularity over the years and peaked a little while later out on this side of the country. It is important to note that the lyrics aren't really all that (when compared to the funkiness which came from popular artists such as Snoop Doggy Dogg, DJ Quik and those who were in, or were affiliated with, N.W.A. However it is still a strong tune.

      **Four Stars**

      6. "Jiggable Pie"

      Things move on as you see him move into this jazzy composition and get down to one of his most popular joints. With it, you see that he is able to balance his smooth East Coast influence with lyrics which seem to go deep into the sort of things which made these ends what they ar and why they built up such notoriety as 2 Live Crew had before them on behalf of the earlier 'Dirty South' Hip hpi material.

      **Four Stars**

      7. "P-Funk" (Lude)

      8. "Mai Sista Izza B***h"

      Here you see him getting the proper swing back in the material as he gets onto a funky groove and moves things on so that he is able to show a different side to his music as he gets into some hardcore material which is seen to come off the hype of having a female rapper lead the way and push him into things to just let loose and deliver even strong raps to how that there is more power in the humorous flows which he delivers.

      **Four Stars**

      9. "La Queena" (Lude)

      10. "Vertical Interlude"

      11. "B***h Betta Have My Money"

      Here he is seen to get down into th most popular track from the album, and the one which the album would be name after as a result. It is a heavy tune and one which appears to take on the sort of freshness which was brought as N.W.A burst on the seen with Eazy-E leading them (nd also the same sort of thing as what was received with DJ Quik's solo debut) as here he gets down o a funky Gangsta rap tale, but makes it unique with his funny approach to telling it.

      **Five Stars**

      12. "Lick 'Em Low Lover"

      The nastiness in his music is seen to come through once more through this one as here you get him moving his way in on laying down a track where he moves onto the explicit bedroom raps where he makes no attempts to create a sensual atmosphere, or anything of this nature, and so instead you see that in it he simply gets right on down to it and does it in a manner which seems fitting (based on the way the rest of the album has gone up to this point).

      **Four Stars**

      13. "Sylk's Cellular" (Lude)

      14. "Nu Exasize"

      With this one you get a fresh cut from him as you find that in it he works his way into a funky one where he is able to make full use of the grooves which he has been given by DJ Quik (who is on the beats) so that he can come out with such strong results and get the most out of the material to excite the listeners. It is one which doesn't have particularly strong rhymes, but seems to be just right for him.

      **Four Stars**

      15. "Backseat Queenz"

      On this you have him returning to much more high-paced material, and as he appears to really be putting his rapping abilities to the test as he must attempt to take it all beyond his capabilities towards somewhere that perhaps he isn't best suited to. However it appeared that as he was able to remain calm throughout, he could ensure that it didn't flop (as this would be quite difficult to do with such strong beats supporting him along the way).

      **Three Stars**

      16. "Givva Dogga Bone"

      His is a fly cit on the album which I felt really got the energetic side of his music as here you are able to see how well he is able to cope when he jumps on top of some of the killer beats which Quik saw as fitting for AMG, rather than himself, to work from and come up with something which is bound to appeal to those who were waiting around to see whether the N.W.A reunion (minus Eazy) would materialise.

      17. "Yo Momma Told Me..."

      On this one you have him performing a track where he is able to go right into the type of thing where he is able to fully immersed himself in the more humorous side of his music t display the extent to which it can be done by him,. But in this case I felt that it went down to a place where it really lost its quality as you find that with it he doesn't really do any raps at all and relies upon the comedy to support him, but I don't think it really did much.

      **One Star**

      18. "Truck O'Funk"

      The raps return as he moves things on wit this one and once again is able to get on top of some heavy beats to really make full use of the sort of ting which was bound to appeal to the biggest audience at the time as he does a Gangsta rap cut where he rhymes on top of some hardcore beats which are seen to really do the job for him and come out with great results for him (as the quality of the music swings form a low back up to where you see it here).

      **Four Stars**

      19. "Tha Booty Up"

      On this one you have him jumping on top of some up-tempo Funk material to push him along as he gets down to things and ensures that listeners get an idea of how effective the music can be at times. However by this point, the lack of lyrical quality seems to prevent him from really getting off the ground again and it means the standards just don't seem to get much higher than they previously could in the early stages of the album.

      **Two Stars**

      20. "My Ho, My Kids" (Lude)

      21. "D. Control"

      As the album ends we find that he tries out something completely new here as with this he chooses to turn the music in a completely new direction and have it take on a comedic format once more, and this seems to fit in with the make that he gets some House beats backing him, but I can't say that I enjoyed this side of the music and I felt that it made for a final dip in the standards to finalise things in a manner which doesn't represent the album well.

      **One Star**

      I felt that in comparison to other West Coast albums which were popping at the time, such as "Quik Is The Name", "Livin' Like Hustlers" and, of course, the classic "Chronic" album, this album just didn't compare and seemed to take things back a step for this side as although DJ Quik was seen to advance it through his beats, it wasn't a full transition and it seemed to fall apart at times as a result, but it still does have some pretty strong material within it to look out for.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Vertical Joyride
      2 Word 2 tha D
      3 I Wanna Be Yo Ho
      4 When She Calls
      5 Once a Dawg [Janine 2]
      6 Jiggable Pie
      7 P-Funk
      8 Mai Sista Izza Bitch
      9 Queeda
      10 Vertical Interlude
      11 Bitch Betta Have My Money
      12 Lick 'Em Low Lover
      13 Sylk's Cellular
      14 Nu Exasize
      15 Backseat Queenz
      16 Givva Dogga Bone
      17 Yo Momma Told Me...
      18 Trunk o' Funk
      19 Tha Booty Up
      20 My Ho, My Kids
      21 D. Control

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