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Black Music For White People - Screamin' Jay Hawkins

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Genre: Rock - Classic Rock / Artist: Screamin' Jay Hawkins / Audio CD released 1997-12-15 at Demon

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2001 21:02
      Very helpful



      Pay attention Class, its yet another Screaming Jay Hawkings Opinion to devour with wild abandon......... This Album will apeal to anyone clever, 0nly the best people in the world will like it (Well it worked in the story 'The Emperors New Clothes'....). Black Music for White People is not only one of the best titles to be seen, it is also a Really good album, a 'two-thumbs-fresh', 'Bargins' much-goodness' blast of blues, Screamin' Jay Style. THE RECORDING DETAILS The Sessions for this record, and the following album 'stone crazy' (i think) were all between October and December 1990, and mixed in Febuary 1991. All this was at Tracks II recording in Hollywood USA, for Bizarre Records. The record was Produced by Robert Duffy, with (acording to the sleave notes) Herb Cohen the executive producer 'under duress. You can see parts of the recording sessions and get a glimps into what it must have been like working with a man on the edge like Screamin' Jay in the C4. documentary '57 Screamin' Kids'. THE MUSIC / SONGS. THe selection is good, there is not really a bad track on it. THe dance version of 'I put a spell on you ' and the Paul Robeson (ask your Grandparents / see endnote for details!!) inspired rendition of 'Ol' Man River' are the two hardest to handle tracks, but each are wonderful in different ways. 1. Is you is or is you aint my baby? This is real good. Starting with lead GeeTar and drum brushes / snare and then horns and then Jay and the piano comes in after 8-10 bars (numbers may well be off, long time since I practiced music). THe start is Bliss!! Jay comes in so smooth you think it is Tom the Cat sliding in from the ZOOT SUIT episode (tom & Jerry cartoon- remember?). At 2mins 54 it stops before the magic wears off. 2. I feel Allright. Another Corker. Bouncese along making you feel
      completely 'Swing'. The Guitar is let loose on this one, as are the sax players. Makes you want to dance like your grandparents (see the film 'Grease' for details). Comes with Bop-u-wah-ee backing! An extra at the end, after the song we get a 20 second blast of Jays Vocals on a song from the next album. Bliss. 3. I put a Spell On YOu. (dance version.) Stunning. Sax leads, then Guitar, with Drums keeping it all going. Jay Belts out his Classic track, but this time we have RAP from 'Tonio'. If you like Screamin Jay or early bobby Brown you will enjoy it!! - makes me think of Bobby Browns title song to the second ghostbuster when the rap comes in.... 4. I hear you knockin' REAL GOOD. Starts off with 4 bars of music & then Jay blasts us with the vocals all theway through. THis is a good version of this classic blues track, with Jay making you belive the words. Listen to the bit where he seems to get his words tangled! Sounds like he was havin fun & that makes it full of good energy. 5. Heart Attak and Vine This is a wonderful Tom Waits song that I have used to convert people to Screamin Jay before! Starts with guitar, and the feel of it makes your spine tingle. Really Good, I prefer this rendition to the original - and thats almost perfect. The way he sings it convinces you of the story in the words. A real feel of a dirty, sleezy stroll down the wrong side of town. Plus I went out with a girl from New Jersey and always smile when they are refered to! The Guitar does well in this, as do all the instruments 6. Ignant and Shit. Great fun. This to me is an inside seat to a Screamin' Jay domestic with some musical backing. Dont want to explain it any more as it will ruin the fun. Jay does some real good blues piano in it (the best sort of piano). I like the reference to Errol Flynn (ask your granny!) 7.
      Swamp Gas. Old school screaming Jay. Wicked rythems make you feel all Voodoo. Good drumming, Good backing Wails! Lyrics, as always, are neat to listen to. '...behind every leaf, there's eyeballs peekin' at you....' 8. Voodoo Prietess More hammer house of horror perfection from Mr. Hawkins. The 20 seconds of Jay' talking to the singer at the start is good. have to admit it is worth buying just to hear Jay sayin 'some people are afraid of ghosts, some people will not walk through the graveyard.' The song is about Jay being seduced by a voodoo Priestess. guitar and Drums keep it creepy & the sax adds the sleeze as Jay takes us along the journey in the song. GOOD. 9. ICE CREAM MAN Another song people may know from Tom Waits. A true Highlight. As soon as it comes on with its cool rythem you feel smooth, smooth enuff to move in on the girl (or guy/ or both {blimey - hell of a night for you eh? Vroom Vroom!}) at the bar. I LOVE THIS TRACK. I used to play this at work & the guy who got me into the Wu Tang Clan would glide round the office singing this one! 10. I want your body. A real good Blues shout, with Jay stating sentiments we all can relate to. Lovely Piano, and old school blues. BBKing style of thing. 11. Ol' Man River. Jay in opera mode. I like this, but this may well be the track most people skip! Very Over THe Top, like a naked Cheggers, but great. THe bit after the fade out where Jay apologises to everyone for getting carried away is Great. 12. Strokin' Fast paced funky blues. Again something we can all (hopefully!) relate to. The drumming is wonderful in its complement to the song. Which is quite rude in its context. THis is not only Good but GOOD FUN. 'I bin' Strokin... have you ever made love watching the late, late show?' I presume he is
      not on about that Irish chat show. Listen to the bit where the drums help cover the biggest innuendo. The Cd ends with Screaming jay asking to carry on and sing some more songs ! All in all this is great. Its a real good blues / R'n'B album. The band are good enuff to enable the quality of Jay to come out and the CD is CHEAP!. BUY IT I DARE YOU... ;)


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
      2 I Feel Alright
      3 I Put A Spell On You
      4 I Hear You Knocking
      5 Heart Attack And Vine
      6 Ignant And Shit
      7 Swamp Gas
      8 Voodoo Priestess
      9 Ice Cream Man
      10 I Want Your Body
      11 Ol' Man River
      12 Strokin'

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