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Born This Way - Lady Gaga

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14 Reviews

Artist: Lady Gaga / Audio CD released 2011-05-23 at Polydor

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    14 Reviews
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      18.04.2012 20:47
      Very helpful



      She's so damn talented!

      I love this album because it teaches you to be happy with who you are. This album is very inspiring.

      The song Born This Way explores this in a very clever way. The song is a happy pop/ dance number with a good dance beat and addictive riffs. However the song has a meaningful message. Born This Way is a song meant for people who aren't happy with themselves. It explores self esteem and insecurity. I love the song and I do find to very inspiring and motivating. I love the message behind the song and my best guess is that it's inspired many people to be true to themselves.

      I also love Edge Of Glory. This song is very uplifting with it's dance beat and thumping chorus. Lady Gaga's amazing (and powerful) vocals really make this song, no one else could sing it quite like her. I also love Marry The Night and You And I. The album as a whole is very well produced and it contains a mixture of different styles and genres. There's pop, dance, RnB and electro pop on the album and a mixture of upbeat numbers and slower songs. As usual the ballads are on top and her vocals shine throughout.

      Lady Gaga has made this album very personal to her. I follow her on Twitter and she says that she writes about personal experiences, these experiences feature on this album. You get to hear her sing about love, life, faith, bullying and friendship.

      I love this album. It's just as good as her debut.


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      22.02.2012 21:01
      Very helpful



      Disappointing follow up from Lady Gaga. Worth a listen, but not worth a purchase.

      There was a lot of anticipation for what the newly crowned Princess of pop, Lady Gaga, would release after the astronomical success of her debut album 'The Fame'. After a rerelease with an extra CD including the hit 'Bad Romance' and 'Telephone' (with everyone's favourite bum shaker, Beyonce) the popstar/crazy lady could do no wrong. Then she released 'Born This Way'. Accused of similarities between the title track and Madonna's 'Express Yourself', the politically socialist, liberal and equality spouting anthem made many exhale with a resounding sigh of "is that it?".

      I used to like the Gaga. When she first came on the music scene, she seemed whimsy, light-hearted, kooky, fun and harmless. Then all of a sudden, quicker than you can say ra-ra-ra-ahh-aaaah-roma-ro-ma-ma-gaga-oh​h-la-la Gaga started developing and caressing a political flair - fighting for equality and justice for all. Now don't get me wrong - I'm all for equality and taking a stand, as much as the next man, but when it's chanted at you so directly, it becomes annoying. As a consequence, I feel her music has become inane, irreverent and yes, annoying. You can see her on the album cover, half lady, half motorbike (and 100% gaga). I did hear what it's supposed to symbolise, but I don't care enough to research. Shame.

      In my opinion, the Album is bookended with reasonably good tracks, but the album as a whole, just doesn't seem to have much meat its bones. There is something of a rather generic similarity throughout, because most of the tunes share a similar metallic, grinding synthetic sound (including 'Born This Way') that doesn't sit well with my well attuned ears, listening out for the perfect pop ditty. Unsurprisingly with that statement, it's clear to see that these bookends from the album, are the songs that have been released. The padding in between sounds like Gaga has spent too much time in the euro trash clubs of the continent, filling the CD with songs like 'Americano' and 'Judas' (the somewhat forgotten second release, although charting bizarrely well), which sound like Eurovision rejects, if ever I heard them. Where as 'ScheiBe' (yes, that means the "S" word in German) sounds like a hardcore remix of a Venga Boys flop, fresh out of Ibiza. If you like the German language she bangs on about being "Mother Monster" in the deutsch tongue, so you might enjoy it. Dullness also oozes from 'Bloody Mary', 'Highway Unicorn' and 'Heavy Metal Lover', give these a skip.

      So, that's 6 tracks I've scrapped so far. However, there are a few saving graces, the electronic 'Government Hooker' is worth a listen (if you can get through the avant garde attempt to stand out with the irreverant and oh-so-irritating Gaga operatics at the start). If it weren't for the controversial title, this one may have been a worthy release. What a lot of people liked about her last album is that flirted unashamedly with fun bubbles of shameless pop pleasure ('Boys Boys Boys' being the prime example of this) and fans of that will be pleased to hear that there is one on here that strikes similar on this album (albeit giving a lick of political overtone of self empowerment) with 'Bad Kids' - super catchy and will have you singing along on first listen and for days after. The retro 80s pop echoes are a joy. Whilst on the subject of joy, Hair deserves a mention for it's poppy charm also - although it annoys me somewhat that it's a song about teenage rebellion and wanted to be accepted for who she wanted to be, and to be as free as her hair - but I can forgive her that does of cheese for the melodic beauty.

      Other released songs that I quite like and feel I should mention are 'Marry the Night' (have you seen the spic 15 minute video for this? If not, don't waste your time), and 'You and I'. Both solid tracks. I have a love hate relationship with the title track 'Born This Way' though, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't, sometimes I just want to tell Gaga to put a sock in it and play we something with a little more je-ne-sais-quoi...unequivacal escapist pizazz, rather than putting the world to rights. But hey, someone's got to, right? Thus starts my love/hate relationship with the Gaga.

      One thing to say about this album, is that it certainly gives a nod to the 80s, some good nods, some not so good. 'Electric Chapel' being the latter. The 80s feel is never clearer than in the successful release (and probably my favourite song) 'The Edge of Glory' and definitely the former of that statement. If ever the saxophone was to make a comeback as the staple ingredient in a pop tune, now is it's chance. Saxotastic moments are rife!

      I've had this in car for a number of weeks and find myself skipping tracks all the time, to the point where I only listen to 7 of the 15 tracks. Everyone says the 2nd album is the toughest (especially if your first one was a hit) and here it certainly feels like she succumbed to that pressure and clobbered together any old bunch of audible scraps, that were lying around on the Euro pop's cutting room floor!

      Your quick guide to the album, is as follows:

      PLAY Marry The Night
      PLAY Born This Way
      PLAY Government Hooker
      SKIP Judas
      SKIP Americano
      PLAY Hair
      SKIP ScheiBe
      SKIP Bloody Mary
      PLAY Bad Kids
      SKIP Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
      SKIP Heavy Metal Lover
      SKIP Electric Chapel
      PLAY You and I
      PLAY The Edge of Glory
      SKIP SKIP SKIP...and lastly a pointless and crappy remix of Born This Way

      Needless to say, there are special editions, and remix versions of this collection also available. If you want to try this album, I'd recommend borrowing it from a friend or spending as little as possible on it, to avoid disappointment.

      Recommended? Meh...

      Thanks for reading

      © MarcoG 2012


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        12.01.2012 20:03
        Very helpful



        === Lady Gaga - Born This Way ===

        === Lady Gaga - Born This Way ===

        Lady Gaga suddenly became world famous with her debut album in 2008. This is her second album Born This Way.

        === General information ===

        Name: Lady Gaga
        Album: Born This Way
        Year: 2011
        Duration: 61.07 minutes

        === Who is Laday Gaga? ===

        Lady Gaga's real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and was born in 1986 in America. I guess you could say that her whole life has been involved around music including writing songs and performing. But she really broke through in 2008 with her first single Just Dance and soon several hits followed. Since then she suddenly was at the top of music charts and performing around the world.

        === Lady Gaga - Born This Way ===

        Born this way is the second album by the famous singer Lady Gaga and she goes on the same route as her first album. The album is full of numbers that fits the synthetic pop and dance genre.

        Marry The Night

        The song starts quietly, especially with the voice of Lady Gaga in the foreground with a somewhat dramatic singing. After about half a minute, however, the synthetic pop beat comes well forward and the pace of the song is turned up. It's a pretty catchy song. During the song you have some quiet moments, but still present a clear beat.

        Born This Way

        Born This Way is dramatically deployed with Lady Gaga says you 'Born This Way'. The song sets the tone in the same way with a dance beat so clearly that it gives the song a young and fresh feel. You definitely get the feeling you want to dance when you hear this song.

        Judas begins quietly with the word Judus often repeated with a good beat setting in around 20 seconds. Around the 40 seconds the song gets more up tempo and you hear Lady Gaga singing more original lyrics. With the chorus it becomes clear it's a synthetic pop song with a very catchy beat.

        Americano has a more Spanish influence and starts more with a beat in terms of clapping hands. You hear Lady Gaga in the background with 'lalalala lalalala "and then then with the lyrics ' Americano'. She also sings the song partly in Spanish. For this is the perfect example that not every song becomes a hit when you put a beat under it. The song feels a bit chaotic and loud. It's a number I like to skip.

        Bloody Mary
        Bloody Mary starts quietly with some vague piano tones, and then you hear the quiet serious voice of Lady Gaga, but it remains slow speed. It is a bit like a ballad, but the beat too fast and to clearly present. During the song you hear now and then a kind of choir. The number will remain calm and I'm just waiting for it to speed up.

        === Conclusion ===

        The album certainly has some strong songs like Marry The Night, Born This Way and Judas. But the album has certainly less good songs that are often slower. Lady Gaga is obviously good when it comes to powerful upbeat dance tracks. When the song becomes slower it feels a bit dull with the same synthetic beats in the background. It's obvious she is trying to experiment more with the album, but overall it doesn't work for me. I'd rather prefer the first album. Three stars for me.


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          23.12.2011 10:47
          Very helpful




          I bought this CD the day it came out back in May this year. I do like lady gaga's music and I went up to Asda on my way to work the day this launched so I had it to listen to in the car on the way to work. This album came out in a single Cd and double cd version and I have stated the tracks and what the double ones have compared to the single cd. I bought the double being a fan.

          I paid £14.97 for the double and the single was £9.97. You can get this a lot cheaper thesedays due to this being out for a good few months now.

          1.Marry the Night
          2.Born This Way
          3.Government Hooker
          8.Bloody Mary
          9.Black Jesus (extra track on double cd)
          10.Bad Kids
          11. Fashion of his love (extra track on double cd)
          12.Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
          13.Heavy Metal Love
          14.Electric Chapel
          15. The Queen
          16.You and I
          17.The Edge of Glory

          CD 2 - obviously comes with the double cd version.

          1. Born This Way (country road version0
          2. Judas (white shadow remix)
          3. Marry The Night (Zedd Remix)
          4. Scheisse (remix)
          5. Fashion of his love (Fernando Garibay remix)
          6. Born This Way (Jost and Naaf Remix)

          So how do I find this Cd? I do really like it, and I would say I find all the songs listenable and none that I dislike, but there is ones that I like more than other.


          This is the latest song to come out in the charts from this cd. This song is a good chart song with a bit of a beat to it.

          BORN THIS WAY

          The first song to be released from this cd and 1 of my favourites. This is just a great song and I like the pumping beat from this song. I put this song up loud. A good chart song.


          This song took a little to grow on me and the chorus is the best part of the song. The rest of it is alright. I can't see this being a normal chart kind of song.


          The 2nd song to be released. A good song which is just a typical Gaga chart song. 1 of my favourites on the cd but I did get a little bored of it after a while and had a break.


          I would say 1 of my least favourite ones. The beat is good, but I just don't like the style of this song. It is a hard song to say what it sounds like. I think it has a kind of Latin sort of beat to it but it is still an uptempo song.


          I like this song. People have said this is like a cheesy pop kind of sound, but it is just the kind of song that you could sing along to. I couldn't see this being a chart song, but I think it would make a good chart song.


          1 of my favourite songs. The start sounds a bit miss-mash, as the beat sounds out of tempo, but then it all goes together and this has a great beat and I always turn this way up in the Car.

          BLOODY MARY

          Another track that took me a bit to like, but I really like this one. A slower song than the rest that is on the song, but by no means a ballad. Just a simple slower song.

          BLACK JESUS

          I'm not keen on this one. Another slightly slower song, but I always just skip this one as this is a little boring.

          BAD KIDS

          A good song and I think this song should get released. A good pop song and very listenable.


          I had heard a sample of this song but it was called earthquake. but a part of Earthquake is in this song and although I thought Earthquake was a slightly better song, I still think this song is good. A good uplifting chart kind of song.

          Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)

          A song that I do like but for some reason I don't listen to this one all that often. A good beat, good lyrics and a bit guitars thrown in.

          Heavy Metal Love

          1 of my favourites. A good solid beat and not a slow song, but not dance-y either. It's so hard to try and describe songs, but this is just good.


          I'm not keen on this song. It is still listenable, but just I can't get into this song. I feel that this sort of pads the album out a bit.

          THE QUEEN

          At first I wasn't overly keen on this song, and I don't listen to this song all that often, but i've found recently that i've been listening to this a bit more thesedays. This song features Brian May from Queen on Guitar and I find the Guitar solo good along with Gaga singing at the end of the solo. It's a good tune, but a little bit of a mixed up beat which isn't such a bad thing.

          YOU AND 1

          Another song that has been released into the charts. A little bit of a slower song, but not really a ballad. A good slower kind of song.


          Yet another song that has came out in the chart. This song has been likened to a kind of Eurovision song contest entry type of song, and yes, it may sound a bit of a sing along kind of song but it's good. It's up there in the top few favourite songs on this cd, but I have to say I went off it a bit after it getting played to death on the Radio.

          I'm not going to review the Remix cd, as the songs on it are just the normal songs but with different beats and a bit jazzed up. Looking back I myself wouldn't buy this double cd if I had heard the 2nd disc as I am just not all that interested in these remixes, but some remixes can be pretty good. I like the extra songs that are on the 1st disc though (well most of them), so I would recommend the 17 track cd before the 14 track normal disc.

          A good CD and Gaga doing good as usual in my view.


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          26.07.2011 11:29




          what a fantastic album ! Personally im not narmally a 'pop' lover however the melodies and hooky tracks on this album just pull you in and you find your self not being able to resist tapping your foot or bouncing your head to the very well arranged and produced music and vocal beats of what i believe to be our new lasting pop princess ! i have a few favs on the album ...those being the title track 'born this way' / 'hair' / 'you and i' / 'judas' and 'edge of glory' . Those tracks alone are worth the weight of buying the album , i guess there are a few 'album fillers' in there but they are kind of exused due to the power of the massive tracks i mentioned ... whilst listening to the album you cant help but feel you are listening to a superstar with a long career ahead of her , very madonna in her (in my opinion) much better earlier days ...... please rate , kind regards , thankyou


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          21.06.2011 03:09



          The Queen of Pop makes a breathtaking dance on the stage

          This avent guard album is her new masterpiece within pop culture. If you are not a fan of different music which seems outwith the norm then please look away, because this is certainly an abstract masterpiece.

          Gaga has gave birth to her own creation of genius, in which she states that all these songs came straight from not only her heart, but her soul. Bearing this in mind, this seems to be a constellation of songs she created which have an expressed deep meaning to her.

          To name but a few of my favorites out of the album, Bloody Mary, in which she dones the image of Mary Magdelene and looks at the view point of being strong against the crucifixion of Jesus Christ - your lover. The Edge of Glory was also written about her Grandfather passing, in which we are at the edge of life between this world and the next - a very good poppy song.

          You of course have her hits such as Born this way and Judas, and her new video of the edge of glory has just been released featuring the late Clarence Clements from the E street band.

          Overall I would say that this is one of the top albums of 2011, however if you are a Gaga fan then get the enhanced version as this has more tracks than this does.


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          13.06.2011 22:48
          Very helpful



          For once, believe the hype and enjoy some of the best commerical pop music around.

          Lady Gaga - Born This Way (2011)

          Producer: Various

          Marry the Night
          Born This Way
          Government Hooker
          Bloody Mary
          Bad Kids
          Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
          Heavy Metal Love
          Electric Chapel
          You and I
          The Edge of Glory

          Released in May 2011, Born This Way is the second album by pop star Lady Gaga. For the past couple of years Lady Gaga has been demolishing everything in her path, going from commercial strength to commercial strength, to the point where she now has complete artistic freedom and individuality - something which is increasingly rare in the spoon-fed musical climate we have currently become accustomed to.

          Having caught everyone's attention with her debut, The Fame, and its tremendous salvo of singles, Gaga then went on to augment her debut with an eight-track expansion entitled The Fame Monster. With this move Gaga perfected her brand of electronic pop and infused it with a sense of theatre and flair which hasn't been seen since... well, forever. The last pop stars to truly fashion such extravagant performances - both in the studio and live - were David Bowie, Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson, all of which would see you casting an eye back several decades.

          Yes, the music industry was ready for another diva, if not crying out for it.

          Easily the most anticipated album of the decade, Born This Way - for the best part - manages to live up to the hype placed upon it. I was extremely nervous upon hearing the record for the first time but with the exception of a few sidesteps and unnecessary filler, the album is a tight electro workout, which is as likely to influence future artists as it is to decimate the careers of her lacklustre peers.

          Marry the Night fires a flare into the starry skies and becomes the beacon to which this fan warms. Better highlights would come later but as far as room-shakingly brilliant openers come, Marry the Night has few rivals. Leave your prejudice at the door and there is no reason why you, too, will not enjoy this pleasingly disposable euro-trash and its lavish production values. It's quickly becoming apparent that Gaga can dispense these big-budget 'hit the dance floor' monsters with little-to-no-effort and still come up smelling of roses.

          I do, however, contest that Gaga is releasing a peculiar choice of singles from the album. One can reason why the 'be happy in your own skin' title-track was chosen as the launch anthem, but as to why one would choose the uninspiring and controversial wrecking-ball Judas over the dominating electroclash likes of Government Hooker - which positively sizzles with filth and features a chorus to get genuinely hot under the collar about - is beyond me. Likewise, The Edge of Glory makes perfect sense within the context of the album but outside of its proper circumstances it becomes little more than a harmless pop ditty.

          Americano ties unstable flamenco rhythms together with Gaga's seductive Spanish-speaking talents. Gaga's once attention-seeking holler becomes a full on guttural roar during the chorus, a transformation which truly has to be heard to be believed and defines the majestic levels of stage drama so often achieved throughout the album. That said, as a man without a chromosome imbalance, there is simply no way I can fully enjoy the next track, Hair, without cracking a wry smile. What more can be said other than it's superfluous - a guilty pleasure - but fundamentally harmless and falls just the right side of the 'cheese' fence.

          Scheiße is my personal favourite from Born This Way. "When I'm on a mission, I rebuke my condition; if you're a strong female you don't need permission!" 'YES, I'M A STRONG FEMALE AND I REBUKE MY CONDITION!' *cough*, sorry, lost myself for a moment there. Back to the music, Gaga devises a dense musical landscape full to the brim with shifting synths and cutting edge techno expertise, delivering a skull-rattlingly awesome musical maelstrom which rips up all debris in its path.

          Alas, it's about time we discussed some of those sidesteps I mentioned earlier, most of which take place during the latter third of Born This Way. Electric Chapel lacks the amps to push along the volts it aspires to incur upon the listener, with an uninspiring 'rising' chorus bridge technique which we have heard many times before. Not even the dirty guitar shreds can save this insipid mess. Similarly, You and I shines a disappointingly dim light but will no doubt be adopted by stadium goers everywhere because if ever there was a lighters aloft anthem, this is it. Oh, and apparently Brian May of Queen plays guitar on the song. Not that you'd notice.

          The Edge of Glory is an end-of-album cool-down and draws the curtains with an emotional high, providing a reminder that Gaga has a voice to match her ambition. Just as you think the chorus has hit its final crescendo, Gaga belts out one more sentimental war cry and takes this listener to cloud nine. You'll soon be there with me, too.

          My only real beef with the album is the erratic nature of the censorship throughout. I'm not one for needless profanities throughout an album, however, the scales which deem what is and is not shocking seems to be off the wall here and inattentive. Why would swearing - integral to songs such as Government Hooker and Bad Kids - be censored but the lyrics, "I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south," (Heavy Metal Lover) be left untouched? Even stranger, Scheiße slips under the radar without any sort of condemnation! I must have forgotten that SWEARING DOESN'T COUNT IF IT'S IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE! It simply makes no sense and makes a mockery of the entire censorship system - roll on the inevitable uncensored edition of Born This Way, I say.

          Yet, despite my ranting, the censorship is implemented tastefully, so much so that it actually took me several listens before actually realising that Born This Way has only been released as a non-explicit version.

          And that, folks, is Born This Way. Taken as a sum total - as all albums should be - it arguably lacks the standout singles which made The Fame stand out from the crowd, but it more than makes up for this by being a more mature and wholly rounded affair, yes, a more consistent record.

          I can only hope Lady Gaga now releases the Born This Way Monster.



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            12.06.2011 21:08
            1 Comment



            Overall a brilliant album

            Lady Gaga has quickly become one of the music industries best know artists.Back when her very first single,"Just Dance" was released,nobody could have anticipated the success she was going to have.Now on her second album Lady Gaga is thriving.Her videos combined have reached over one billion views on youtube and she has over ten million followers on twitter.

            Gaga has become renowned for her crazy music videos and dress code.I love her latest album "Born this way".It features the following tracks:
            Marry The Night
            Born This Way
            Government Hooker
            Bloody Mary
            Bad Kids
            Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)
            Heavy Metal Lover
            Electric Chapel
            You And I
            The Edge Of Glory
            Born This Way [Jost & Naaf Remix]

            The album is a bit different from her first but just as good all the same.Both "Born This Way" and "Judas" have been released as singles and have been huge successes."Born This Way" is my favourite track on the album.It's about being yourself and not who someone else wants you to be,because everyone is perfect in their own way.


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              01.06.2011 10:59
              Very helpful



              A fantastic album, I love it!

              I am not usually someone who reviews music albums, I struggle with how to review them but for this one, I'm just going to do a track by track review as that is how I prefer to read reviews about albums myself, so that's how I'm going with this one, sorry to anyone who dislikes that style! Born This Way is the third studio album by American pop singer Lady Gaga, and went straight to Number 1 in the UK album chart, selling a whopping 215,000 copies in its first week, outselling the rest of the top 10 albums put together - no mean feat when that same top 10 also includes her first album The Fame, and Adele's hugely successful albums 19 and 21. The album has been a while in the making, and Gaga is keen to point out that's she made a record - this isn't just a bunch of songs, they are all personal and she put her heart and soul into them. Without further ado, here is my review of the fabulously ecletic Born This Way.

              Track 1 was not what I expected - I expected the album's title track Born This Way to be first, but instead Marry The Night. It begins with Gaga's vocal with a church organ behind it, but then it kicks into a fantastic electro-pop song that has a really catchy chorus and powerful sound behind it. This is one of my favourites on the album, it's really easy to listen to and Gaga's voice is very strong over the synths. After that follows the album's title track, the amazing Born This Way. I have to say this song took a while to grow on me but now I adore it. The message behind it is fantastic, and I love that someone with Gaga's influence is preaching such a message of universal acceptance. It's been likened to Madonna but to me, Gaga is her own artist, she writes her own music (more than Madge) and this song is a perfect pop song, with a catchy chorus and great moral.

              Next comes the song you don't want to belting out around your parents! Government Hooker is one of the oddities on the album but the more I hear it, the more I love it. However, I'm not sure singing out Hooooooooker while in my car is a good idea. It has a really catchy riff though, has that electro pop sound that the previous songs have had and I think this is one of Gaga's naughtier songs. The operatic style beginning makes it a bit different too! Just over 4 minutes later we arrive at Judas, Gaga's second official song and probably one of her most controversial. It has a sound of "Bad Romance" but this is powerful pop song, with a very catchy riff again and really goes for it with the electro song. This has fast become one of my favourite songs of Gaga's but Harry has taken to calling me Judas because I play it so much... not good!

              After 4 amazing tracks, I'm sad to say I really am not keen on track 5, Americano. It has a Spanish feel to it, with the flamenco guitars but it just doesn't work for me that much, especially when the 4 previous tracks have been so strong. A lot of places have said this song is quite "Eurovision" and I have to agree. It's not the highlight of the album, and I do tend to skip this one. I admire Gaga's Spanish singing though, brilliant! After this comes "Hair", a song which Gaga released to iTunes in her countdown to this album, and has been a commercial success, reaching number 13 in the UK charts without any promotion at all which is fantastic. I love this song, it's very empowering and was written by Gaga about her parent's dislike of her own hairstyles growing up. It's a good one about expressing yourself in your own way and being free. It's very electro, just like its predecessors, but I love the bridges with the piano, it adds another dimension to the song and the chorus is super catchy!

              Track 7 is Scheiße (translation: "s**t"). I was determined not to like this song because of its title, but I love it lol! Gaga's German speaking at the beginning is brilliant (I have no idea what it means, google it!) but this song is just superb overall. The chorus is powerful and very rhythmic, and the backing track is great and suits the song perfectly. Gaga plays with her vocals over this, using German, powerful singing and also softly spoken English too, it's a very ecletic song but one you'll quickly find yourself humming. Bloody Mary is track 8 and the first time the album really slows down, but sadly this is another of the songs that I skip straight past. It's very much electro but I don't think it suits the slower sound and the song just sounds a bit of mish mash to me, and I'm not keen.

              Bad Kids is a bit of a change of pace again, a bit more of a mid-tempo electro song. The verses on this one have a very catchy tune again and is very easy to pick up on. I didn't listen to this one much at first, but the more I hear it the more I like it. I like the lyrics behind this one, and the chorus has quite a sweet and pure sound to it with a nice message to it too. A good track. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) is next up at track 10, and this isn't a track I listen to very much to be honest. I think there are much stronger songs on the album and this one just doesn't stand out to me. I can't say Gaga's vocals are particularly outstanding either, something I always look for in her music, but the riff once again is pretty catchy. Probably one of the album's weaker tracks.

              Heavy Metal, track 11, is a bit samey sounding compared to some of the other songs, although I think Gaga has gone for a more rocky feeling to this one. She's played about with her vocals again on this one and has some catchy riffs in there, and while it's a pleasant enough listen, there is nothing to make this one stand out, and I think it is well placed nearer the end of the album. Track 12 is Electric Chapel, a superb song which deserves much higher billing on the track listing. Everything from the guitar, to accompanying piano and fantastic tunes throughout come together to create a great piece of pop music. I love this track, and often skip to it, it's a really good song.

              Track 13 is You and I, a song I first heard Gaga sing at the Radio 1 concert in Carlisle earlier this month. She was fantastic and while it wasn't my favourite song at the time, it has really grown on me and I think it's a brilliant ballad song for her. It was produced by Mutt Lange, a very well known and respected producer, he was married to Shania Twain until recently and was responsible for her global hit cross-over album Come On Over. It's a great song, has a nice sound to it, and while its not as good as Speechless, the ballad from The Fame Monster, its still one of my favourites on the album. Next up is the album travesty - this song should be near the top of the track listing. Edge of Glory is a song I have fallen in love with since I first saw Gaga perform it with just a piano at Carlisle again as it seems to fit the message of it more, but still this version is great too, and it has been a commercial success already, reaching number 6 in the UK charts again without promotion. The song was written by Gaga for her grandfather who died last year, and if you aren't singing that chorus within a few listens, then there's something wrong! Finally, the album is rounded off with a remix of Born This Way, the Jost and Naaf remix apparently. I'm not a fan of remixes so pretty much skip this song, it doesn't add anything to an already brilliant song and I don't know why its been included on the "normal" CD release!

              I think this album is most definitely a triumph for Lady Gaga and out of 15 tracks, there are only a few I don't like, and I even tend to leave those on when I'm driving and don't exactly hate them! The stand outs on the album are Judas, The Edge of Glory, Scheiße, Hair and Government Hooker, and the title track of course. It's a musically diverse album, with a bit of bad language but it isn't overly rude throughout. The album really does try to tell a story, the songs are all written by Lady Gaga and are all very emotional, powerful and best of all, great pop music. This is my favourite album of hers to date and has totally been worth the wait. It's one of those records I can never see myself getting bored of, her voice is outstanding, the morals and powerful lyrics throughout and catchy choruses and riffs make a superb album and I highly recommend it. Brilliant!

              Track Listing:
              Marry The Night
              Born This Way
              Government Hooker
              Bloody Mary
              Bad Kids
              Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)
              Heavy Metal Lover
              Electric Chapel
              Yoü And I
              The Edge Of Glory
              Born This Way [Jost & Naaf Remix]

              Available as a CD and MP3 download from all major retailers. RRP: £9.99.

              Thank you for reading.


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                31.05.2011 17:30
                Very helpful



                If you like her recent singles, you'll like it!

                Oooh! Lookout! Lady Gaga....she's back with a brand new album!! What's it like? Find out here!!

                Born This Way is the second album from Lady Gaga. It was released in the United Kingdom in May 2011 and so is very recent. The album is available to buy from Amazon for a price of £8.93 which I think is great value for money.

                ~* Tracklist *~
                1) Marry The Night 2) Born This Way 3) Government Hooker 4) Judas 5) Americano 6) Hair 7) Scheibe 8) Bloody Mary 9) Bad Kids 10) Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) 11) Heavy Metal Lover 12) Electric Chapel 13) You and I 14) The Edge of Glory 15) Born This Way (Remix)

                I was really excited when I heard that Lady Gaga was releasing her second album, as I had really enjoyed her first album (The Fame). However, I was a little 'worried' that this album would not live up to the 'fantastic-ness' of the first one.

                After having a good few listens to the album, I still can't really make up my mind whether or not I like this album or not. I think it depends what mood I am in.

                It is definetely a brand new change of direction in terms of musical style for Gaga, and the album does indeed have a very modern and up-to-date sound with it's special effects and use of electronics. Although, whilst for the majority of this album it works well, there are a lot of parts on the album which I think relied to heavily on the use of 'special effects' which resulted in some 'poor songs' in my opinion.

                Songs which stand out the most for me are 'Judas' and 'The Edge of Glory'. None of the songs are as good as 'Pokerface' and 'Bad Romance' though which is a shame. I would however say that the album is indeed a grower; at first I really disliked the album, now my interest in the album is improving slightly!

                The album does seem to have quite a religious theme to it. A lot of the songs, for example 'Judas' seem to have some 'religious' themes going on. This album seems to be quite serious and has a much darker tone to it! There is also some mystery surrounding the songs on this album!!

                One thing which I feel that I must give Lady Gaga some praise on is the fact that this is all of her own work!! She hasn't had to rely on other artists (such as rappers) like a lot of artists (Rihanna, J.Lo etc) seem to do. So good on Gaga for doing it all herself.

                I have always thought that Lady Gaga has a fantastic voice and this album is no exception. She is brilliant! I like her voice as it is original and you can always identify her voice when you hear it on the radio. It's such a nice clear-sounding voice. Well done Gaga!

                Whilst I have come to the conclusion that this album is good, I can't help but feel that it is not as good as her 'Pokeface', 'Just Dance' and 'Paparazzi' days! To me they were better songs; more catchier and definetely songs you could play over and over again without getting tired.

                I used to be quite a fan of Lady Gaga, although I think that she has been overtaken with some new artists. In a way, I think that her 'need to be different' has kind of got a bit boring now; everyone else is also trying to be different (Katy Perry, Jessie J etc). So, now I don't think that the whole 'crazy' thing is as good as it was first. Now it's just stupid!

                If you like her singles (Judas, Born This Way etc), then you will probably like this album! The album is good, but I just want the old Gaga back!!

                Thanks for reading!
                May 31st 2011
                xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonzx on ciao).


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                  31.05.2011 09:33
                  Very helpful



                  A great album that showcases Lady GaGa's talents like never before; she has bloomed with this album

                  Is it possible for an artist to have this much growth in such a short amount of time? I mean Lady GaGa has grown from an unknown to anywhere but the Lower East Side in New York City to the single best-selling artist in the world. It is really hard to believe.

                  In her new album, Born this Way, she showcases her talents better than ever. Now that she has shown the world what she is really made of, she is able to focus on the musical side of things and really allow the world to give here credit for her MUSIC.

                  The album is great. It has many, as always, self-empowering tracks, but also has a number of possible club favorites. Many of these songs are tracks that I believe can become singles and will lead to a great deal of commercial success for Ms. GaGa. For example, "Marry the Night" and "Edge of Glory" are songs that can be some of GaGa's greatest songs in her legacy. She has already stirred up a great deal of controversy with "Born this Way" and "Judas", but they may be minor stepping stones for what people ultimately think about this album.

                  The year is young, but I expect at least a Grammy nomination for this young artist. I think that she deserves to be rewarded more than ever for artistic efforts and I believe that this album is her ticket. If you like Lady GaGa, and want to see her at her best, buy this album. There are many stores where you can buy it on sale. So go out and buy it today.


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                  25.05.2011 15:18
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                  A fantastic album for those [like me] who pick songs to pieces.

                  "The album is a marriage of electronic music with major, epic, dare I even say, metal or rock 'n' roll, pop, anthemic style melodies with really sledge-hammering dance beats. It's finished and all, it's just fine-tuning everything. It's kind of like the post-operative stage of the album. I've already done the full heart surgery. I'm just sewing myself back up again. I think that lyrically this album is more poetic. It's really written by the fans, they really wrote it for me because every night they're funneling so much into me. So I wrote it for them. Born This Way is all about my little monsters and me, mother monster." -- Lady Gaga

                  - - - - - - - - - - -
                  The artwork
                  - - - - - - - - - - -

                  "The vision is of me in an endless journey. I am a vehicle. I am a vehicle for all of the ideas. And I'm not riding away or towards anything, I'm just in endless state of creativity" -- Lady Gaga

                  Nick Knight is the photographer behind the artwork for the album and singles. The fashion director for Haus of Gaga and creative director for Mugler Nicola Formichetti styled Lady GaGa and artists who work with her regularly - Sam McKnight and Val Garland - did Lady GaGa's hair and make-up.

                  When the photo for the regular album edition cover was released it was a case of WTF? Is she meant to be a transformer? She's half human, half motorcycle - like a Hell's Angel centaur [the deluxe edition cover is just a closeout of her face mid growl]. After a while the covers grew on me; she's not bothered about simply looking all pretty and sweet - every last little detail of the album has a message.

                  That being said, I do prefer the photo on the back of the album booklet, where she's a, umm, slime fairy? I think would have made a awesome cover.

                  - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                  The track credits
                  - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                  Lady GaGa has fully wrote You And I and has co-wrote every other regular and bonus track. Her co-writers are RedOne, Jeppe Laursen, Fernando Garibay and Paul Blair [aka DJ White Shadow]. Lady GaGa has referred to her co-writers/friends and herself as the "Banditos".

                  Vincent Herbert is Born This Way's executive producer, Robert "Mutt" Lange has produced You And I and Lady GaGa and her co-writers are the co-producers of the other tracks.

                  - - - - - - - - - -
                  The music
                  - - - - - - - - - -

                  "Beyoncé said: 'Where the f*** do you get these ideas from?' And I was like: 'I don't know Bee, it was just the way I was born'." - Lady GaGa

                  [Am I the only one scandalized by the thought of Beyoncé using a naughty word?]

                  * Marry The Night *

                  [was going to be the third single, now may be the fourth]

                  Lady GaGa says this track is about her not assimilating to Hollywood and moving back to New York and returning to her friends and family in her old apartment, and I'll have to take her word for it because the lyrics meaning isn't clear to me, until we get close to the end of the song. The heavy, rocky synths to the music do set the tone nicely for what this album is all about though, so it's a OK album opener.

                  I don't skip this track, but I don't think that it's anything special, and admit that I hope that it doesn't end up getting a single release.

                  * Born This Way *

                  [lead single, went to #1 in all 23 countries with Itunes within hours of being released]

                  I admit that the first time I heard BORN THIS WAY I was disappointed. Her singles from The Fame and The Fame Monster seemed to get gradually darker and grittier, so I had built myself up for more of the same, so when her new light and poppy single dropped, I was far from impressed and dismissed it as selling out for radio airplay.

                  But when I really listened to the lyrics I was simply blown away; All of today's music seems to be centered around partying, chasing girls/boys and 'bling', but Lady GaGa aims to spread love and self respect amongst her fans by telling us that we are are beautiful and shouldn't be ashamed of who we are, no matter our religion, race, sexuality or disability. I've been playing this on repeat over and over and love it more each time I hear it.

                  I genuinely don't get the comparisons to Madonna's 'Express Yourself'; the music's lighter and poppier than GaGa's previous releases sure, but the content is still pure GaGa.

                  * Government Hooker *

                  I'll let Lady GaGa explain this one; "The humour is that a machine tells me what to do and I happily do it as long as I get f****d. It a relates to how our government f***s us over, but it makes fun of the plastic popstar - I'll do anything as long as you f*** me and pay me."

                  The music for the track begun life as a hip hop beat, but they decided to speed it up and add in a 'pervy robotic' voice for a club feel [The voice on the track is Lady GaGa's security guard (he's not a perverted robot, he just has a heavy dutch accent)].

                  I wasn't expecting to like this political track, but it's one of my favourites on the album - no, scratch that; it IS my favourite track on the album. I'd love for it to be a single - God knows what the video would entail.

                  * Judas *

                  [second single, reached #8 despite the backlash and resulting lack of airplay]

                  She's saying that Judas is the bees knees! Totally blasphemous!! Pass Katy Perry the smelling salts...

                  When everyone calmed down and actually listened to the lyrics it instantly became obvious that the song is actually about being in love with the wrong/evil person and/or lifestyle and trying to move away from negative influences and aspiring to be a good person. She's saying that Jesus is her virtue, but she clings to Judas because she's in love with the bad guy, even though she knows that it's wrong.

                  The heavy beats and synths are gritty and have a dark, rocky vibe to them. Even though I love the lyrics to Born This Way, the music to this means that I prefer this song out of the two singles.

                  I'm sure that she sings "or wear a ear condom next time" in the breakdown. I guess she means to protect yourself against negative comments, but it makes me think of Tom Tucker in Family Guy; "Once you go black, you go deaf"...

                  * Americano *

                  At first listen this sounds like a light love song between GaGa and a girl, but when you really listen it becomes clear that she is singing about gay rights and immigration laws [she thinks that they're unfair].

                  I love the contrast between the serious issues in the lyrics and the mariachi inspired pop music. It sounds like a mismatch typed out, but it works beautifully.

                  * Hair *

                  [Buzz single on Itunes where it reached #9 on the singles chart, is one of Lady GaGa's favourite tracks]

                  When Lady GaGa was a girl her parents would always tell her to go back to her room to change her clothes and hair, which made her feel like they were stifling her identity. So this song is her telling the world that she is now as free as her hair = love her as she is and don't try to change her. What's the St Elmos Fire theme song? Hair reminds me of that for some reason.

                  This is another lighter, pop number. There is a saxophone [Clarence Clemons from the E Street Band] and piano playing alongside the club-lite synths.

                  Like with Born This Way I was underwhelmed by this at first, but the inspiring lyrics are fantastic - I've caught myself singing the words to this at random times on several occasions.

                  * Scheiße *

                  [AKA Scheisse, Scheibe, or Shiza]

                  So what is this song about? Erm, I've got no idea. Being a strong person is my best guess. Lady GaGa tells us at the beginning that ""I don't speak German, but I can if you like", and then she launches into a mix of English and German. My understanding of German is very basic: I think scheiße means sh*t and she refers to herself as mother monster, but that's the extent of my knowledge. Every website that I've looked at has different lyrics listed, so there's no point in trying to translate them; I've just assumed that she is repeating the English lines.

                  Update; apparently Lady Gaga revealed on twitter that the song was written a day after going to a 'dirty party' in Berlin, and that it was about wanting to be bad without permission.

                  We have techno euro club beats to go with the lyrics, it is a good fit and gives everything a playful, carefree tone - a nice break from the heavier, serious tracks.

                  I can't decide if I love or hate this track; on one hand I keep listening to it because it is different, but on the other hand it's all over the place and I'm not clear about the meaning of it.

                  * Bloody Mary *

                  Lady GaGa does call her car Bloody Mary, but this track is actually inspired by Mary Magdalene [don't tell Katy Perry that]. The lyrics refer to a woman who is both divinely strong [a superstar] and a real person at the same time.

                  NME magazine has called the music "dark, pulsing and atmospheric, almost funeral electroballad" and I'm going to go with that, as I'm not sure how else to describe it. The song is quite ballady, but the music does have a hauntingly, clubby beat to it. Very 'Blasphemous Rumours' era Depeche Mode.

                  * Black Jesus+Amen Fashion *

                  [deluxe edition only track]

                  By this point I've decided that Lady GaGa is messing with Katy Perry... But seriously I think she is saying that in her earlier life she had been taught to view religion and Jesus in a certain way [as being white in other words], but as she's got older she now has adopted a new way to look at it [he wouldn't have been white]. For the Amen Fashion part I cheated and read Gagapedia (yep, it's a real thing) and read that she's saying that "the Amen Fashion part of the song is about having a new way of seeing the world around you is as easy as changing your fashion.

                  This track would fit on The Fame musically; It's lighter and much more dancier the almost everything else on offer here. I do like this track, but the music and the lyrics don't seem to fit together for me.

                  * Bad Kids *

                  Bad Kids is about accepting and celebrating your perceived flaws. So it's lyrically similar to Born This Way in it's overall message, but it is different in delivery; it's a mix of street-tough and sadness in tone and Lady GaGa is rather self-defecating whenever she refers to herself. Apparently she was inspired by fans tales of their rough starts in life when she wrote this.

                  The music also differs to the Born This Way single; adding weight to the differing lyrical delivery. Thumbing drums and sharp synths give this song a sense of anger of a hurt kid who is playing at being tough.

                  * Fashion Of His Love *

                  [deluxe edition only track]

                  Lady GaGa has said that this track is a tribute to her friend the late Alexander McQueen. This is another simple song which could almost be a ballad; She's telling Alexander that she loves him and won't forget him.

                  As it's a tribute to someones life, the music is upbeat and almost poppy to diffuse the sadness in the lyrics somewhat. This is another track that would fit on The Fame musically.

                  [Apparently a verse of the song is taken from a unreleased song she wrote titled Earthquake (aka Then You'd Love Me)].

                  * Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) *

                  Another firm favourite of mine. Another respite from the heavier tracks, this song is about Lady GaGa chasing her lifelong dream and travelling all over to achieve it.

                  Lady GaGa wanted the saxophone in the music to recall some of her favourite artists when she was younger - such as Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel - to reinforce the representation of her youthful innocence. The music is quite 80's power ballad; even though the lyrics are simple pop, the combination is awesome.

                  This is also something that I'd love to see get a single release.

                  * Heavy Metal Lover *

                  Compared to the rest of the album this is a simple track - lyrically at least. She's telling someone that she wants to be their groupie. This is one of those songs that gets stuck in my head, so I need to be careful not to shriek "I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south" in Sainsburys...

                  The heavy guitar and dark, gritty synths in the music reminds me vaguely of Dave Gahan 'Deeper And Deeper', so this is automatically elevated to the position of being another standout track for me.

                  * Electric Chapel *

                  Lady GaGa says that this was one of the tracks that she wrote on her tour bus. I can believe that she did write as this details her search for security and love and leaves me with a impression of loneliness and isolation.

                  With the title being 'Electric Chapel' you expect electric guitars and thumbing bass and we're not disappointed. The guitar riff reminds me off another song - it's at the tip of my tongue and it's winding me up that I can't recall it.

                  * The Queen *

                  [deluxe edition only track]

                  This is another uplifting about coming out of your shell and showing the world what you can do, not really much explaining to be done here. Don't get me wrong - it is a nice track, but I think it's more B sideish.

                  It's a musical hodgepodge; it opens with bells, builds up in the verses with a steady drum beats, before bursting into retro synths and having an electrical guitar breakdown. I really don't know what to call it.

                  * You And I *

                  [was on the set list for later Monster Ball concerts]

                  This is different from every other album track in both lyrics and sound. The song is about when Lady GaGa briefly reunited with an ex, trying to rekindle the lost love between them.

                  As it's the track produced by Mutt Lange, it's no real surprise that the track mixes pop with country/rock-lite style guitar twangs [Queen guitarist Brian May plays the guitar for this track], resulting in a sound not to dissimilar to a Shania Twain 'Come On Over' era release [am I the only one that hears 'Honey I'm Home' when I listen to it?].

                  * The Edge Of Glory *

                  [was a 'buzz' single on Itunes, but will now receive an official single release after high sales - it reached #6 in the UK]

                  Rolling Stone magazine call this a "massive power ballad", and it is hauntingly beautiful lyrically. Lady GaGa says that she wrote it after the death of her grandad; she said he'd been on the edge of life and knew what had to happen next [I do kinda think of it as a sex song though].

                  I'm not sure how to describe this track musically; it's not quite pop, not quite dance and it has a saxophone solo. I think it's most reminiscent of trance/pop type artists/groups which were popular in the mid nineties, such as Grace, Strike and N-Trance.

                  - - - - - - - - - - -
                  Mixing it up
                  - - - - - - - - - - -

                  As well as having three extra main album tracks, the deluxe edition of the album also comes with a six track remix disc:

                  Born This Way (The Country Road version)
                  [released as a download only single]

                  Judas [DJ White Shadow Remix]

                  Marry The Night [Zedd Remix]

                  Scheiße [DJ White Shadow Mugler]

                  Fashion Of His Love [Fernando Garibay Remix]

                  Born This Way [Jost & Naaf Remix]
                  [Europeon bonus track]

                  My laptop has eaten my second disc and won't spit it back out, despite repeated swearing and being stabbed with a butter knife. If I don't get electrocuted, I'll update the review at a later date.

                  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                  To buy or not to buy
                  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                  All of the albums I've bought over the past few years have left me disappointed to varying degrees, so BORN THIS WAY had a lot to make up for. Plus my yard stick for judging this is The Fame Monster, so in all honesty I had been preparing myself for disappointment.

                  Lets begin by talking vocals; who knew she had that kind of vocal ability? I've seen her live supporting The Pussycat Dolls [in my defence I did only go to see Lady GaGa] and in her Monster Ball tour and whilst I thought she had a good pair of lungs on her, I didn't think that there was anything special about her.

                  But seriously, the change of musical styles has shown that whilst she can't reach the higher octaves like Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera, but she has otherwise as powerful lungs as them. She can hold and/or draw out her notes just as ably as either of them.

                  Several album tracks do have a strong religious overtone, but I don't find them remotely preachy or blasphemous. She's voicing her personal opinions and musings, how can her personal thoughts be so easily judged right or wrong? Sorry to stand on a soapbox, but it annoys me when a few people go all judge and jury on others - are they really so perfect themselves?

                  A quick roundup; we've got a progression in both lyrics and vocals, plus she's wrote every song and co-produced everything. Can't argue with credentials like that, plus I love the heavy slightly retro synths and general rockier sound.

                  But whilst I am loving BORN THIS WAY and think that is far superior to The Fame, I'm also aware that [in my view] every single track on The Fame Monster was single worthy, something that this hasn't quite achieved. There's nothing here that I'd dub as a filler, but if I heard that one track [Marry The Night] was receiving a single release I'd be "meh".

                  But when that's the only criticism available, I know that I'm onto a winner.

                  Oh - just wanted to add that I'm not sure how much you'll enjoy BORN THIS WAY if you love The Fame [the original one disc version] as this album is so different in sound and message. Personally I thought The Fame was good, but not anything particularly special and aside from it's singles, I rarely listen to it anymore.


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                    23.05.2011 17:52
                    Very helpful



                    Nobody's born THAT way hence why you should not get this album- just get the tracks individually

                    The highly anticipated follow up to Lady Gaga's debut album 'The Fame' and EP 'Fame Monster' has dropped, titled 'Born This Way'.

                    ~~~ALBUM COVER~~~
                    Lady Gaga has somehow morphed into a motorbike which would be perfectly acceptable if she truly was born THAT way, but given she's Human (I think, and hope) this cover is a complete mess, with the internet ablaze with rumours that this was a joke when it was first released.

                    I personally find her face stunning in the image and a crop of just that would've made a far better cover. What Gaga and her team were thinking, or if they were thinking at all, I have no idea.

                    Her album contains fourteen new tracks:

                    1. Marry The Night 3.5/5
                    The first track off the album, titled 'Marry The Night' has a very mysterious sound to the name which does not reflect the song, which is just another typical upbeat track which should, but doesn't grab me. This is a very forgettable song (which I feel I have heard somewhere else before) and whilst it isn't bad, just would not be one you would remember if asked to name a song off the album.

                    2. Born This Way 3/5
                    Lead Single 'Born this Way' did well commercially, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. Whilst it was upbeat and catchy in the chorus, the lyrics were just unappealing, far too preachy and ruined by the voice of her speaking during the "Don't be a drag..." bit. If that didn't ruin it for you, just watch the uncensored music video for this- absolutely disgusting. And she claims to be a role model... but song wise, BTW is average.

                    3. Government Hooker 3/5
                    If I was alone at night and someone just started blasting this song I would think there was a ghost somewhere. When the song finally gets going it sounds like something off Britney's Blackout album. And it sounds like Britney's singing in the back too- there's someone in the back with a scuba voice who sings "Government Hooker" repeatedly... This is a strange song- I give Gaga props for being different and this has the potential to grow on me but...

                    4. Judas 4/5
                    Second single Judas was coincidentally leaked just before Easter Sunday which sparked controversy and therefore boosted the publicity of this song. Again, it has a great pop beat and it's super catchy, but ruined by more speaking near the end, as long as a weird "Ew" she throws in. Her opening of "Juda- Juda-as" is reminiscent of her "Ra-ra-ra-a-a" in 'Bad Romance', whether this is a good or bad thing I'll let you decide.

                    5. Americano 2.5/5
                    Lady Gaga's entry to America's version of Eurovision, and be the gimmick entry.

                    6. Hair 5/5
                    The song begins with a jazz sound which crops up again and again throughout, Lady Gaga blows up into a meaningless pop song about hair. Catchy and addictive, this is what Gaga does best. By far the most addictive song on the album so far. Perhaps even generated for future hairspray, shampoo, shower gel, hair dye ads?

                    7. Scheiße 3.5/5
                    Whilst trying French is last pop hit 'Bad Romance' she now tries German in 'Scheiße', the sound of which immediately reminds me of 'One Girl Revolution' (well parts of it). Again, this is a catchy song but just doesn't grab me and starts to sound repetitive very quickly.

                    8. Bloody Mary 3.5/5
                    Another average track. I'm somewhat bored of this album by now and looking for something to lift this back up. I like the dark sound to this song but it's rather flat and there are bits which remind me of another song I cannot recall the name of...

                    9. Bad Kids 3/5
                    Minus the intro, this song isn't half bad, until it gets to the chorus and it's a bit too happy sounding to be about 'bad kids'. This is definitely missing that much needed dark sound. Regurgitation from the 90s. Even S Club 7 would pass on this track.

                    10. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)3.5/5
                    Just based on the name of the song, I could predict myself not liking this song. Even if it is amazing, who would want to be seen listening to a song called Highway Unicorn (Road to love)? It has that airy sound like rainbows and fairies dancing unicorns, which I'm not here for. It's again not musically bad, it's lyrically unlistenable and I'd personally have to name it to just 'Road To Love' if I'm keeping this track at all.

                    11. Heavy Metal Lover 2/5
                    Flat, uninteresting, again sounds like something Britney was forced to sing for her come back album. NEXT. Could not get through this track even once.

                    12. Electric Chapel 4/5
                    Finally a song that redeems this album from the dumps. I love the electric guitars in this track, but it's missing something explosive in the chorus which would make this track otherwise phenomenal. As it stands, it is lacklustre and anticlimatic. But after five dull tracks, this is water in a desert.

                    13. You and I 5/5
                    Arguably the best song on this album, You And I trumps previous ballad 'Speechless' in every way. This is a beautifully written song and I'm glad I stuck around for it.

                    14. The Edge of Glory 4/5
                    Promo single and a great end to her album, 'The Edge of Glory' is about her grandfather's death, which may not be immediately apparent from the upbeat sound of this track. There is just something fresh to this song and it did better than 'Judas' commercially which reveals a lot about her single choice.

                    SONGS TO LOVE: Hair, You and I
                    SONGS TO SKIP: Americano, Heavy Metal Lover

                    As a follow up album to worlwide hit 'The Fame', 'Born this Way' is no where near that calibre and does not even come close to groundbreaking. Lady Gaga's quick change of image since 'The Fame' into this darker element seen in 'Fame Monster' has definitely affected her songwriting and focus. The messages she writes about in her songs, whilst are encouraging and empowering, come across cheesy and cliched (Highway Unicorn/Born this way).

                    There is a clear development of her sound with the inclusion of trumpets giving certain tracks a jazz feel, but the essence of dance is very much in most of these tracks, though at times slightly excessive with a few of the tracks sounding like Britney Spears' rejects (Heavy Metal Lover/Government Hooker).

                    However, there are a few standout tracks to be found towards the beginning (Judas/Hair) and the end (You and I/Edge of Glory). When they say save the best till last, there is certainly some truth to it when it comes to this album.

                    Undoubtedly this album will sell insanely well due to her large fan base, but that may not necessarily be a true reflection of the quality of the music within. Get the tracks individually- you wouldn't want to be stuck listening to 'Americano'.


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                      21.05.2011 20:02
                      Very helpful



                      So I suppose the only question now is - what's for thirds?

                      Rah rah. Ooh la la. Ga ga. Her first album was a monster of a release in the form of 'The Fame', spawning hits such as 'Just Dance' and 'Pokerface'. A rerelease of the album was even more successful, and we were officially all caught in a 'Bad Romance' with Lady Gaga.

                      After an insanely hyped build up, the follow up to 'The Fame Monster' has finally arrived. 'Born This Way' is released just as Gaga's little monster followers on Twitter surpass ten million - a social networking record - and she is rightfully named as the most influential woman in the world.

                      ** "No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life." **

                      Since arriving on the scene at the start of 2009, many records have been broken by Lady Gaga. Her tour has grossed over $200 million, making it the most successful world tour by a new artist in history, and is amongst the top 10 highest grossing tours of all time. And all this from a girl who walks around in meat dresses and sings to the Queen on over sized pianos.

                      Promotion for the new project began whilst 'The Monster Ball' was still taking place, this involved singing lines from the title single during award acceptance speeches, and as the release got closer even tweeting the lyrics. This left American chat show host Ellen creating skits as to what the song may sound like. Gaga truly has transformed releasing new music into an event, similar to that of the legendary Michael Jackson.

                      ** "I'm gonna marry the night." **

                      'Marry The Night' is the opening track to the album. I read somewhere amongst the millions of Lady Gaga facts on the internet that this was originally intended to be the first single, I can't see that personally seeing as 'Born This Way' is so appropriate for what the majority of the album is about. 'Marry' is more of a party opener, with repetitive lyrics.

                      I don't like 'BTW'. Compared to the huge party tracks we've had from Gaga, to spring this on me, as her first new single was not ok. I felt she was trying too hard to steal Kylie Minogue's fan base with about how great it is to be gay. If you don't like songs with very obvious messages about being yourself, then you should probably turn the album off here. If you turn your mind off and don't take in the lyrics, you can probably find yourself humming along to this track pretty quickly.

                      ** "I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs." **

                      'Government Hooker' has got to have one of the most annoying openings of all time, and the screeching chorus could really drive you insane. It seems that this is the first track of many on the album that has been created around a concept that she hopes will shock. I thought it was always Gaga's videos that were designed to shock, not her music.

                      And on the subject of shocking, you have probably heard the uproar around the second single from the album, 'Judas'. Released days before Easter, the Christian religion saw this as a blatant attempt to cause controversy. It probably was, but we all love a talking point. A lot of people always grab a single off an album as their favourite track, and I feel like a holy fool to say that 'Judas' is my favourite. The accompanying video of biblical promotions where Gaga plays Mary Magdalene in a bathtub with Jesus and Judas only adds to my enthusiasm. 'Judas' is the new 'Bad Romance'.

                      ** "I don't speak your, I don't speak your, Languagono." **

                      When I heard there was a track on the album called 'Americano', I immediately thought Yolanda Be Cool and 'No Speak Americano', which was a popular European club tune last summer. This can draw similarities, and whilst it feels like the track doesn't actually mean anything, it should put a smile on your face.

                      'Hair' is another favourite of mine and I would suspect it's probably going to be the fourth single. Willow Smith can whip her hair, so why shouldn't Gaga enjoy her hair - and make herself as free as her hair. A track about letting go, putting your hair down, and having a good time. This is what Gaga is all about for me.

                      ** "I don't speak German but I can if you like." **

                      'Schiebe' I can't stand. I thought the opening line was funny at first but now it just annoys me. I don't know if Gaga is trying to show off just how many different languages she can speak or what her plan is, but she should drop it.

                      'Bloody Mary' continues the trend of name-dropping Jesus as much as possible. I didn't know Jesus said we should dance with our hands above our head, but if Gaga said he did then I'm inclined to believe her.

                      ** "On the runway, work it, black Jesus." **

                      'Black Jesus - Amen Fashion' is probably the oddest track name I've ever heard in my life, and the song itself is equally as confusing. There is just absolutely nothing to this song, and listening to it is more of a chore than enjoyable.

                      'Bad Kids' is one of my favourite songs from the latter half of the album. It's a nice throw back to being a child and doing what you want, showing that even in your mid-20's (and later) you can still act like a kid. One of the best feel good choruses on the album, although admittedly I did wonder if she was saying 'bigot' not 'bad kid' at first.

                      ** "We can be strong, follow the unicorn" **

                      On the standard edition of the album, things would be beginning to wind down here, but with an extended track list - the deluxe special edition is still going strong. 'Fashion of his Love' is one of the extra tracks for Gaga's diehard fans. Whilst a catchy tune that sounds like a throwback to decades past, it also sounds quite similar to what we've already heard on the album. And her use of the word fashion so often on this project is no surprise given her love for changing her outfits.

                      'Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)' is one of those album songs that no one is ever going to remember. There's some nice Gaga wales in the track, can't say more than that.

                      ** "I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south." **

                      'Heavy Metal Lover' is an example of Gaga's strong lyrical content, which isn't always suitable for her younger listeners. There might be a strong beat to the track, but it's not instantly recognisable to a Gaga song and it never hits a flow to be a singalong the likes of which she produced so often on her first album.

                      'Electric Chapel' would sound good as your driving along fast in your car (not that I'd do that sort of thing) as it's all about meeting and stealing a heart at the electric chapel. The majority of the album would actually make good background music on a long car journey, baring in mind you are hopefully having some stimulating conversation with the people in the car. Some of that conversation prompted by Gaga.

                      'The Queen' is the last of the tracks on disc 1 that you wouldn't get on the standard edition, and when I heard the title I immediately thought of Gaga's love for the English culture. Opening with bells similar to that of wedding bells, perhaps a reference to the royal wedding between William and Kate, the track isn't actually a dedication to our monarchy. I'm actually not a fan of this track; it's one of many that you won't really remember.

                      ** "Put on your shades coz I'll be dancing in the flames." **

                      'You and I' is to Born This Way, what 'Speechless' was to The Fame Monster. If you think you've heard this song, it could be because it was one of the first tracks to be heard from the project, including Gaga performing it live on tour. The only real ballad on the album doesn't hold a torch to her previous ballads, not that there's been a lot of them.

                      'The Edge of Glory' was originally released as a buzz single, but due to its success it was chosen to be the third single. Apparently written shortly after her grandfather's death, the critical reception for the track - and its saxophone solo - has been positive. To be ending the track on such a high note is a rarity, and the tracks content lends itself to being the closing song. I'm definitely a fan.

                      ** "I'm gonna be his first and last kiss, because I was born to be his." **

                      Disc 2 gives you five remixes of tracks from the first disc, including a country version of 'Born This Way' and a fist pumping version of 'Judas', which has had most of its lyrical content stripped out. It is always good to hear 'Marry The Night' again, and it really lends itself to a club remix - I would expect to hear this on future nights out. 'Schiebe' remix is not a positive experience and 'Fashion of his Love' remix is what it is. I wouldn't say the greatest known remixers have been pulled in to make this extra disc, as none of them improve on the original version of the track.

                      'Born This Way' topped the chart around the world, but not in the UK. I began to wonder if perhaps we were getting bored with Lady Gaga, but having seen the Top 40 Chart Update this week I have seen she has 4 tracks in the top 15 - 3 of which are in the top 10. But then again, it's not really the UK market that's the important one, as she's broken Britney Spears download records on the US Billboard. 'Judas' hasn't fared quite as well, but 'Edge of Glory' looks set to be a smash. And with Adele dominating album charts, she is sure to find her reign come to an end after Lady Gaga releases her second album on 23 May 2011.

                      Having just mentioned Britney Spears, it feels like the right time to mention the all out war between her fans and Gaga's monsters - why they can't all get along I don't know. Whether the artists try and one up each other I don't know, I doubt they do, but with two huge female stars bringing out new albums this year it draws comparisons. As far as getting her message across, Gaga probably defeated Britney. What 'Femme Fatale' did have was a lot of party tunes that Gaga has seemingly abandoned this time around, so depending on what you are looking for there are two average albums out on the market to choose from.

                      Because what 'Born This Way' is, is average. Whilst I would love to say it is as good as 'The Fame', it's not. I listened to Gaga's first album before writing this review and bar a couple songs, everything was memorable and you'd want to listen to it again. I don't know if the pressures of the project got to her, but it would have been good to see her take some time out to polish a few more tracks. The messages in tracks all seem skewed to me.

                      Still, a good effort and I'm only being ridiculously hard on Lady Gaga because I know what she can do. When you set the bar that high, how do you even attempt to follow it up? And having watched her recent performance at Radio 1's Big Weekender she is still one of the best live performers I can think of. I do sometimes wonder if the image she puts up is the real her, and if she really is as crazed as she appears, I do fear for how long she will be around for.


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                      Disc #1 Tracklisting
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                      3 Government Hooker
                      4 Judas
                      5 Americano
                      6 Hair
                      7 Scheisse
                      8 Bloody Mary
                      9 Bad Kids
                      10 Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)
                      11 Heavy Metal Lover
                      12 Electric Chapel
                      13 Yoü And I
                      14 The Edge Of Glory
                      15 Born This Way [Jost & Naaf Remix]

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