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Boy - U2

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - New Wave & Post-punk / Artist: U2 / Audio CD released 2005-05-30 at Mercury Records Ltd (London)

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    5 Reviews
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      11.06.2012 17:07
      Very helpful



      U2 - Boy


      U2 is an Irish band formed in 1976 and consists of four members, including Bono (vocals and guitar), The Edge (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Adam (bass guitar) and Larry (drums). U2 has been known for more than thirty years, and already started in 1976. The band members met at school and decided to start a band. They have since then grown in terms of music and had influences of rock, alternative rock, punk, dance and pop. Especially in recent years was increasingly criticized for being too much inclined to Pop music and less focused on rock. Eventually, they released 12 albums and more than 150 million albums sold worldwide. The best part is that the band still consists of all original members.

      Boy is the first album by the Irish band U2. With this first album as they broke through and went on tour in Europe and America. The album has spawned two singles including I Will Follow and A Day Without Me. The influences on the album are rock and funk. Below is a discussion of some numbers:

      I Will Follow
      I Will Follow is a powerful song right from the start where the use of the drum and guitar come forward. Soon you hear the raw voice of a young Bono. It is a powerful up tempo song with a good time and speed tricks that makes the song just a little more power. A very good start to the album.

      The song Twilight begins with a beautiful reasonably quiet guitar work and after about 20 seconds you hear the drum. They complete each other nicely and soon you hear the voice of Bono. It is a fairly mid-tempo song and rock influences come to the fore. It remains a mid tempo song with here and there some quiet instrumental moments. A nice fairly quiet song.

      Into the Heart

      Also this song starts with a nice light guitar work and drumming in the background. It is a beautiful beginning, but perhaps a bit too long for only 1.5 minutes after you hear Bono sing. The song is on the slow pace with here and there a slight increase in the tempo.

      A Day Without Me
      A more powerful up tempo song with especially in the beginning a powerful drumming and guitar work. Bono's voice is louder and the volume is a bit thrown up compared with the previous numbers. Here and there the song quietly then suddenly the tempo increases. A fairly good song, but certainly not as strong as I will follow that sounds a lot more powerful. Again with this number a few pieces with just the guitar and drum.

      I must say it is a good album with especially a few strong songs and certainly the highlight of the album is I Will Follow which is a powerful song from the beginning and a wonderful use of the guitar and the drums. Not al tracks are that powerfull but still good enough. It is a good rock and definitely a good debut album. A must!


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      02.11.2008 13:17
      Very helpful
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      U2's awesome debut album

      Nearly a quarter of a century ago, U2 released their debut album, hailed as one of the best debuts ever. It combination of raw innocence and youthful sounds hints at a maturity beyond its years, and the album is very well put together, with not one track seemingly out of place.

      What is special about this album is that none of the tracks would be considered overly mainline commercial famous tracks, and as such it is untainted by a commercial scene where so many bands and artists play to the audience as opposed to making music from their hearts.

      The album starts off powerfully and emotionally with 'I Will Follow' and 'Twilight', and you get a really powerful feel of the roots of the four band members: Bono, Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton and The Edge. Furher into the album there are hints of nostalgia for the band, with tracks such as 'Stories For Boys' and 'Day Without Me' hinting at their Northern Irish roots.

      What is special about this album is that the quality is very high, particularly for a debut album, and the fact that it is hailed among U2 fans as one of their best and that it remains unspoilt by commerciality, means it will remain an appropriately respected debut album for years and years to come.

      The tracks:

      I Will Follow
      Cat Dub
      Into The Heart
      Out Of Control
      Stories For Boys
      Day Without Me
      Another Time, Another Place
      Electric Co
      Shadows And Tall Trees

      I highly recommend this album. IT doesn't have the commercial feel to a typical U2 album of the past 15 years or so, but it retains raw talent and innocence, traits which are often alcking in debut albums these days.


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        22.05.2006 04:17
        Very helpful



        Full of passion and fire, suggesting the start of something huge.

        (Also published on my U2 forum.)

        It's only fitting U2's first album was called Boy. The band's debut effort is a collection of songs displaying an abundance of innocence and youthful optimism in the face of adversity. At the time of the album's release, Gavin Martin in NME dubbed it "one of the finest debuts ever released."

        The Boys were still working on their band image at this point - 22 years down the line, it's quite amusing to see the liner notes credit 'Bono Hewson, Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton, and "The Edge" Evans'. Soon enough, though, no surnames would be necessary. A scant 13 years after this, the same foursome would be the hands that built Zooropa; 20 years later they'd still be topping the charts, collecting awards, and aiming to change the world one song at a time (while "****ing up the mainstream", obviously).

        While the band's popularity would eventually extend far beyond the north of Dublin, the same character on display in this album still echoes in the band's work today. On Boy in 1980, Bono sings of returning to childhood innocence in 'Into the Heart': during the Elevation Tour of 2001, he would find himself surrounded by thousands of passionate and devoted fans as he performed on a heart-shaped stage.

        Also telling are the lyrics to 'A Day Without Me', which includes the lines, "I started a landslide in my ego. Look from the outside to the world I left behind." Such are the themes that would, in part, constitute U2's canon.

        The album is a snapshot of a band that, like a boy, has yet to find its own voice and identity. An odd mix of pop, goth, and rock, the album represents in equal parts the band's early talent and the musical climate in which they started - one in which major acts like The Rolling Stones and David Bowie continued at the top of their game, PiL arrived, and a new sound was emanating from bands like Talking Heads and The Cure. Nonetheless, there are some genuine U2 gems in the package. 'I Will Follow' and 'Out of Control' offer a glimpse of the stadium band yet to come and, even now at the age of 46, Bono's brave enough to constantly rehash these distinctly youthful songs in live performances. During U2's historic second night at Slane Castle in 2001, Bono introduced the latter tune with the same words he had used 20 years earlier, opening for Thin Lizzy at Slane: "We're U2, we're from the north of Dublin. This is our first single. We hope you like it!"

        After 10 years of song crafting, U2's catalogue would become so strong and diverse that only 'I Will Follow' wound up on the final set list for The Best of 1980-1990. 'Out of Control' and other early tracks from Boy ('Stories for Boys,' 'Twilight,' and 'An Cat Dubh' were relegated to B-side status on different versions of 'The Sweetest Thing''s single release. Released in support of The Best of 1980-1990, that tune was itself originally a B-side to 'Where the Streets Have No Name', one of the massive hits from 1987's The Joshua Tree.

        Based on the strengths of Boy, U2 could be seen as a band holding a lot of musical promise. Based on the strength and character of the bandmates, though, U2 could be seen as a force to be reckoned with in due course.

        1 I Will Follow (3:36)
        2 Twilight (4:22)
        3 Cat Dubh (6:21)
        4 Into the Heart (1:53)
        5 Out of Control (4:13)
        6 Stories for Boys (3:02)
        7 Ocean (1:34)
        8 Day Without Me (3:14)
        9 Another Time, Another Place (4:34)
        10 Electric Co. (4:48)
        11 Shadows and Tall Trees (4:36


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          10.08.2005 19:20
          Very helpful



          U2's First album, Some Great Tracks

          First Up is U2 - Boy, which was released in 1980, i got this as a birthday present and was suspicious at first, as everyone i know tells me that U2 only became good with "War". However after listening to it i have to say that everyone was wrong. Boy is a pretty good album and has some great tracks. However there are also some real stinkers.

          Track by Track Reviews

          1) I Will Follow - (3:36)

          "I Will Follow" is an awesome song and a great opener to what would become one of the greatest bands of all time. To say their career started off with a bang is an under statment, maybe due to the advantage of hindsight. In my view this song is one of the best songs ever. The beat is mesmerizing and will have you dancing along within seconds, and also evident here was Bono's great vocals, although not as refined as it is now you can't help but be awe struck.It is easily the best track on the disc and the only song from this album to get on to the Best of 1980-90 album.


          2) Twilight - (4:22)

          Twilight is agreat follow up to "I Will Follow". It has a fast and powerful beat and has a brilliant chorus

          "Twilight …,
          Twilight, Lost My Way,
          Twilight, Can't Find My Way …
          In The Shadow Boy Meets Man …"

          It also has easily the best Edge solo of the early albums. Also one of the best rock/grung song i've heard. Come to thing of it this is probably the difference between this song and most of their others that has led to this song being unceremoniously dumped and ignored (You ever heard it at a concert, I know i haven't) and this is a shame as it really is an oustanding song.


          3) An Cat Dubh - (6:21)

          "An Cat Dubh" is Gaelic for "The Black Cat",and it's one of the weaker tracks on the album. It's got a decent rythm however it's also a very slow song which at 6:21 is not something you really want as it makes the song seem to stretch on.This is also caused by the large gaps of time where there is no vocals and is carried by the rythem which although decent can't carry the song on it's own. All in all it's not as much a bad song merely a decent one without anything special to make it stand out.


          4) Into The Heart - (1:53)

          Got confused when i first heard this as it runs from "An Cat Dubh" onto this track without a break and so i thought it was the ending until Bono starts singing. Starts slowly, however after the vocals starts the song speeds up and quickly improves, as the rythm starts to become more upbeat and faster before it slows down again and ends. As with the song before it just doesn't have anything special going for it although i believe it is better than the previous. The only thing these two tracks have really done is severly slowed down the momentum of the first two tracks.


          5) Out Of Control - (4.13)

          A great song, which puts the album back on track after the last two. With it's powerful and fast beat this song becomes quite punky and works really well. Bono's Vocals are once again top quality and Larry is great on the drums. The Key Moment is 3:10 where after having the song slowed and quieted down for a few seconds you are suddenly hit with a wall of sound.


          6. Stories For Boys:

          Stories For Boys is another punky song. Once again it's got a great fast paced almost aggresive beat and it also has some of the better lyrics on the album. Also on this track Adam Clayton takes it up an notch and delivers on of his best performances.
          One other thing if anybody has this song and The Red Hot Chilli Pepper's "Zephyr Song" on their computer please listen to the first few seconds of each and please tell me if it's just me or if they do sound very similar.


          7) The Ocean - (1.34)

          A lot of sounds effects (creaking of a boat, splashing of water), and the mention of Dorian Grey (The man who's picture aged instead of himself) in the lyrics don't make a good song. And unfortunetly these are actually the highlight of the track. Easily the worst track on the whole album. The only good thing is that it's short, i believe that it was because of songs like this that the skip button was created.


          8) A Day Without Me - (3:14)

          The beginning of this track has some awesome guitar work and a powerful beat that makes it the complete opposite of the previous track. The song continues as it starts and quickly developes a happy upbeat tempo, which is quite weird when you consider it's about suicide.Bono's vocals are once again spot on, and it's just a great song that everyone should have.


          9) Another Time, Another Place - (4:34)

          Another weak track on the album. There is some good guitar work by the edge, however for me the beat just doesn't work. The song is also let down by Bono's Vocals. For once Bono had an off day (I guess he is human after all). the lyrics are hard to make out and there's a periods of about 20 seconds (starts at 3:30) where hes seems to be singing in a different language, thought i don't know which, could be german.


          10) The Electric Co. - (4.48)

          The Electric Co. Starts off with great guitar work and alot of energy. However once again i find it very hard to understand Bono, although in this case it actually works in the favour of the song and adds more energy to the song.I'm trying to think of more to say but it's hard to explain, the song is just overflowing with energy and it's this that makes it so good. Just listen to it and you'll know what i mean.


          11) Shadows And Tall Trees - (4.36)

          Another good track that is in my view extremly underated. The Edge's Guitar work is first calss here, while Bono returns to form. However the most important thing is that everything in this song works well together. It is a slow and moody track.However unlike those earlier in the album this one has a purpose and knows exactly where it going. Definetly their most mature and complete track on the album. Although i know alot of people hates this song as it is so dark and moody, i reckon if they gave it more time they'd start to like it.


          Album Overall = 7/10

          Overall the album is really good and is just let down by a couple of really crap tracks. However the album is worth the Money when you consider some of the tracks on offer, namely "I Will Follow", "Twilight" "Out Of Control", "A Day without Me"and "The Electric Co.".

          www.amazon.co.uk = £6.97
          www.cdwow.co.uk = Unavailable
          HMV = £6.99

          Well thanks for the read hope you enjoyed it, have a good day. everyone


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            28.03.2001 01:08
            Very helpful



            The U23 EP announced U2 to the world in 1979 but 'Boy' provided the grand entrance the following year. And boy did they leave the blocks flying because this album captures an exceptional talent ready to impress the world with a truly powerful vigour. The unmistakable cover contains a picture of a young boy who was to return again, somewhat older, on the cover of U2's third album 'War'. Looking back Bono's vocals sound so youthful, a little untrained but feisty all the same time. It's hard to imagine U2 as kids but 'Boy' shows how some of the energy, fire and excitement can be lost on a band as they slowly evolve. That's not to say that progression is always a bad thing because youthful endeavour can only take a band so far. For better bands this energy is replaced by a knowing genius. Compare 'Boy' with 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' and you'll see what I mean. 'Out of Control' was the main song off the U23 EP but appears in a slightly more produced format on this album. Both versions are superb but the original has that spiky guitar ending that is irresistible. 'A Day Without Me' was also released as a single and was backed up by a likeable instrumental called 'Things To Make And Do'. As such for the first decade of their career U2 were incapable of writing a bad song as evidenced by a catalogue of b-sides that would have other bands hanging their heads in shame. The centrepiece on 'Boy' comes at the end of side one and is made up of 3 tracks including the aforementioned 'Out of Control'. The perfectly skewed melody of 'An Cait Dubh' (Irish for 'The Black Cat') is subtly superseded by 'Into The Heart', a paean to childhood. This beautifully recreates the innocence of youth. As childhood shifts to teenage years the tempo rises when Adam Clayton's bass echo is engulfed in a mirage of drums, guitars and vo
            cals and 'Out of Control' puts a cap on the adventure of a lifetime in just under 13 minutes. Sublime stuff and a unique picture of U2 opening their souls a la 'All I Want Is You'. 'A Day Without Me' has the immortal line 'Starting a landslide in my Ego', something Bono probably smiles at now when he reflects. It has a deft touch and the sweet la la's at the end are forgivable because his voice sounds about 16 (he was 19 at the time). 'I Will Follow' was yet another single and it's charm is it's simplicity. This is one of the few songs from the older albums that U2 still play at their gigs and you can see why as audiences erupt amid the edge's rabid fender see-saw. There are occasions when 'Boy' has an unstoppable momentum. 'Stories For Boys' and 'The Electric Co.' resembling frantic buffalo's stampeding and taking out everything in their path. The live album 'Under A Blood Red Sky' has a version of the latter that will knock you sideways. Elsewhere the pensive 'Shadows and Tall Trees' takes the album to its logical conclusion with a whimper rather than a bang. Is that a forebearer to the Adam Ant school of music going on? At times Bono comes across as brash, like on 'Twilight' which is a little too close to bombastic for comfort. This pious attitude takes a little from the album but in some way highlights U2's trait of near invincibility. Perhaps talent alone is not enough, the drive and will to succeed also needs to be present in abundance. Even now Bono can talk complete pants but it's obvious he's heart is in the right place. He's a decent guy in an industry where decent guys have short careers. Long may he and U2 prosper. 'Boy' is nothing short of an astonishing debut from fully 21 years ago. The landscape and times may have changed remarkably since it was released but it remains as intoxicat
            ing as it was back then for both old and new fans. It is essential (as are all the albums up to and including 'The Joshua Tree') listening for those sold on the idea of latter day U2 as fading rock stars. U2's back catalogue is all the glowing evidence required to prove why they are the closest thing to living rock Gods that we have.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 I Will Follow
            2 Twilight
            3 An Cat Dubh
            4 Into The Heart
            5 Out Of Control
            6 Stories For Boys
            7 The Ocean
            8 A Day Without Me
            9 Another Time Another Place
            10 The Electric Co.
            11 Shadows And Tall Trees

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