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Breakdown: The Very Best Euphoric Chillout Mixes

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Genre: Dance & Electronic - House & Garage / Artist: Various Artists / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2001-03-17 at Telstar

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    2 Reviews
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      23.12.2001 22:33
      Very helpful



      This is actually about the second version of this album that was released on the 26th of November 2001. It is 2 cd's with quite a varied mix of music on them. This is by far the best of the Euphoric Chillout albums to date. If you do not know much about Euphoria then they generally release mixed albums from some of the best dj's and artists that are around but most follow the more Hardcore Dance feel. The difference with these compilations is that they go to the radically different other end of the scale and produce these albums designed with relaxation in mind. This is a great album for those times that you just want to turn the lights down low and let your worries drift away. Something we all could do with a bit more of. Saying that though not all of the tunes are true slow relaxation music some are still more like a slow dance tune that you can enjoy listening to. Some are more like slow trance tunes as well. With some haunting tunes like Elysium taken from the movie Gladiator where he starts walking through the Elysium Fields to meet his family sre true works of art. Nice melodies from the likes of Jean Michel Jarre help give this album a good feel and you can easily drift through different tracts of thought while listening to it. It also has many remixes of songs that you may well recognise from the charts but generally these are slower mixes of those tracks. Many you may recognise from tv as they seem to love to put these style of mixes to a lot of ads. Probably upon listening to it yourself you will have the same dilemma that I have faced where you sit there and you recognise a tune but for some unknown reason you can never quite seem to remember where you have heard it from. I have no doubts that this album will have some tunes that you will love and some that you will hate as it follows no true fixed genre but rather a mix of smother slower remixes from all different genres of music. It is itself a great album for listenin
      g to when you have been for a night out and come home wanting to unwind for a bit before you hit the sack. Would be even nicer if you can talk your partner into giving you a massage at the same time. Personally for me I love this style of music when I am out in the car late at night with few people about. I sometimes just pull into a layby or parking area and put the seat back with the engine running for warmth while studying the night sky. This can be when I truly feel at peace and relaxed, well being a bit of a stargazer I like this sort of music as I find it helps to relax and I get that bit more patience from it. As this is somewhat different from the tracks listed in the category I will give you a track list but with there being 44 different tracks I think that I will hold back on a track by track listing. Track Listings Disc: 1 1. Last Of The Mohicans (main title) - Various Artists 2. Here with me - Dido (Rollo's chillin' with the family mix) 3. Elysium (Gladiator) - Lisa Gerrard 4. Das glockenspiel - Schiller (Schill out mix) 5. Chase the sun - Planet Funk (ambient radio mix) 6. Smoke belch II - Sabres Of Paradise (Beatless mix) 7. Into the dawn - Accadia 8. No ordinary morning - Chicane 9. Inside - Moby 10. Eugina - Salt Tank (Sargasso Sea mix 2000) 11. Belfast - Orbital 12. Early - Chicane 13. Building a fire - James & Brian Eno 14. Resurection - PPK (Node Instant mix) 15. Jabberwock - Solar Stone (chillout mix) 16. Another chance - Roger Sanchez (Afterlife mix) 17. Under the red sea - Lost Tribe 18. We come 1 - Faithless (Elliot J remix) 19. First - Private Taste (Ashtrax ambient score) 20. Strange world - Push (Underwater Kingdom remix) 21. In a landscape - William Orbit Disc: 2 1. Oxygene (part 2) - Jean Michel Jarre 2. Overture - Chicane 3. Beachball - Nalin & Kane 4. .3.2 - Humate (Bedroc
      k ambient mix) 5. American dream - Jakatta (Tranquillo dawn over New York remix) 6. B - Datar (Am 'B' ient mix) 7. Helsinki - Ashtrax (ambient mix) 8. Dirty epic - Underworld 9. Strings of life - Plank 15 (Soul Mekanik remix) 10. 21st century - Weekend Players 11. Slide - Agnelli & Nelson 12. Bob and Rose (theme) - Stewart & Bradley James 13. Stella - Jam & Spoon 14. Don't leave - Faithless (Euphoric mix) 15. I won't let you down - WIP & Emmie (Jay Welsh 'Black Ice' chilled remix) 16. Finished symphony - Hybrid 17. Beautiful strange - Bedrock 18. Children - Robert Miles (original mix) 19. Dream on - Depeche Mode (Dave Clarke acoustic version) 20. When it's cold I'd like to die - Moby 21. Kiss (The Last Of The Mohicans) - Various Artists 22. Para mi - Motivation (Friends Lovers & Family mix) 23. Elegia - New Order


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        24.04.2001 05:18
        Very helpful



        Picture this, you’ve been out dancing the night away for at least 6 hours, your full of the joys of alcohol (or other things…) and just don’t want the night to end. When you get home and pop the kettle on you don’t feel like sleeping but with the ringing ears that the club gave you, you don’t fancy the uplifting sounds of hard house and ‘bang bang’ music well then this is the album for you. (I also found it brilliant for going to sleep too and just generally unwinding and chilling and a female friend of mine likes to get ready to go out with this in the background, something about ‘preparing’ herself for the night ahead, I don’t know women are a mystery to me!) After deciding that my CD collection needed bringing up to date, the last CD I bought prior to this months wage packet was Moby’s ‘Play’ shamefully last year, I was on a mission. Along with a few other dance compilation CD’s (there are some good tunes out there at the minute) I opted for mellowness, with my disappointment of ‘The Chillout Sessions’ (see a previous opinion) I listened to this CD with a certain level of shall we say caution. Imagine my horror when I got my nice new CD home, ready to be enthralled I placed it into my stereo and nothing, it didn’t work! Another trip to Woollies, the third of the day and the second returned CD I wasn’t a happy bunny. Off I trundled home and sat down preparing myself for the music… Anticipating something much along the same lines of the disappointing ‘Chillout Sessions’ I was pleasantly surprised, this album blew me away, which is something difficult to do, especially seen as how I am a hard house type of person. Scanning the songs on the CD, that’s how I like to be introduced to them you see, listen to a bit of each song and then go back and listen fully, I was surprised by the number of big club tunes that ap
        peared, and the quality of the chilled versions. I was delighted to see the song ‘Silence’ By Delerium, as this is one of my favourite songs of the minute and always gets me up onto the dance floor, the remix, by Michael Woods is mind blowing. It will transport you out of yourself, as stupid as you may think that sounds and at the risk of coming across as a bit ‘sad’ I have never heard anything like it before. The voice of Sarah McLachlan shines in this version of the song and you can get lost in her every word. Every song on this album is brilliantly mixed and superbly mellow, although every song will not please everyone I think it does have the utilitarian appeal (the greatest good for the greatest number – will appeal to a mass audience). There are chilled versions of big club anthems of the minute and the just gone past such as: Thrillseekers – Synaethesia Lustral – Everytime Energy 52 – Café Del Mar Matt Darey – From Russia with Love Delerium – Silence Massive Attack – Teardrop Prodigy – Poison To name just a few and fans of the movie ‘Gladiator’ will recognise the first song on CD1, after wondering what the hell it was all the way through the film I now know and have it to hand! A very good CD that I would recommend you go out and get if your into dance music but want to unwind!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Wheat - Zimmer, Hans & Lisa Gerrard
      2 Jillanity - LSG
      3 Singing For The Future - Agnelli & Nelson
      4 Composure - Junk Project
      5 Invisible - Tilt (2)
      6 From Russia With Love - Darey, Matt & DSP
      7 Every Time - Lustral
      8 Awakening - York (2)
      9 Love Stimulation - Humate
      10 Seven Days And One Week - BBE
      11 Higher Than The Sun - Primal Scream
      12 First Cool Hive - Moby
      13 Cafe Del Mar - Energy 52
      14 Greece 2000 - Three Drives
      15 Galaxia - Moonman
      16 Sister Bliss - Sister Bliss
      17 Seven Cities - Solarstone
      18 Deadline - Dutch Force
      19 Synaesthesia (Fly Away) - Thrillseekers & Sheryl Deane
      20 Silence - Delerium
      21 Anomaly - Libra & Taylor
      22 Sweetness - Xstasia
      23 Drifting Away - Faithless
      24 My Soul Is At The End Of The Universe - Rados
      25 Adagio For Strings - Orbit, William
      26 Saltwater - Chicane (2)
      27 Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) - Watergate
      28 Age Of Loneliness - Enigma (2)
      29 9pm (Till I Come) - ATB
      30 Deliver Me - Sister Bliss & John Martyn
      31 Baja - Sasha (1)
      32 Teardrop - Massive Attack
      33 Touch Me - Da Silva, Rui
      34 Poison - Prodigy (1)
      35 Song Of Life - Leftfield
      36 Supernatural - Madagascar (2)
      37 You're Not Alone - Olive
      38 Go - Moby

      Disc #2 Tracklisting
      1 Silence - Delerium
      2 Anomaly - Libra & Taylor
      3 Sweetness - Xstasia
      4 Drifting Away - Faithless
      5 My Soul Is At The End Of The Universe - Rados
      6 Adagio For Strings - Orbit, William
      7 Saltwater - Chicane (2)
      8 Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) - Watergate
      9 Age Of Loneliness - Enigma (2)
      10 9pm (Till I Come) - ATB
      11 Deliver Me - Sister Bliss & John Martyn
      12 Baja - Sasha (1)
      13 Teardrop - Massive Attack
      14 Touch Me - Da Silva, Rui
      15 Poison - Prodigy (1)
      16 Song Of Life - Leftfield
      17 Supernatural - Madagascar (2)
      18 You're Not Alone - Olive
      19 Go - Moby

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