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Breakout - Miley Cyrus

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10 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Miley Cyrus / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2008-07-28 at Hollywood

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    10 Reviews
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      04.07.2012 11:27



      great album

      Released in 2008, this album 'Breakout' has been a huge success for disney star Miley Cyrus. This album is very girly and Miley's american accent comes through prominently in her tracks, emphasising her American roots. Guitars are one of the main instruments used in the album, creating a slightly rocky sound to some of the tracks, especially the track '7 Things.' Miley has redone Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' as one of her tracks in her album, however the rest of the tracks haven't already been written and released. Also in 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' that has been redone the guitar sounds like a electric guitar. The genre of this music album would fit pop/rock well. One of Miley's tracks from the album, called 'Fly On The Wall' is quite raunchy though which is a good twist for the pop/rock disney star. This track has a lot of attitude and this is powerful. In 'Breakout', Miley's first song from the album, Miley shows her positive and youthful attitude in her lyrics that state 'We're gonna breakout let the party start, we're gonna stay out break some hearts.' Again there is evidence of an electric guitar in this track. Overall, if you want a youthful, positive, american, and slightly teenage but fun album, buy 'Breakout.'


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      07.06.2012 16:50
      Very helpful



      A bubblegum pop album for the younger peeps

      This is a pop album from Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus.

      The album is basically bubblegum pop aimed at the younger generation. The album is upbeat and it has a feel good aspect to it. It cheers me up and I often find myself singing along to it. It is a little infectious to be honest. The album is easy to listen to. The lyrics are easy to understand and each song has a different melody to it. It has a decent running time and it only contains a couple of weak tracks (fillers).

      There's both upbeat dancy numbers on here and slower songs, the ballads. Miley has a good voice but she isn't the strongest singer in the world and she sometimes fails to hit those higher notes. This gives the album a samey feel throughout (in terms of vocals) as it's all on the same level. Also a few of the songs are a little cheesy to say the least!

      It isn't a bad album though. It is catchy and fun. I bought this a few years ago when I was younger. I am now 26 and I find the album a little immature, although I do still like it.

      Breakout is a good opening track to the album. It's fast paced and addictive. Fly On The Wall is mainly autotuned but I like it's style and the song is a great track overall. 7 Things is another catchy pop number and Miley sounds great on the track, it fits her style perfectly.

      The only poor song that I find myself skipping is Bottom Of The Ocean, which is far too cheesy for my liking...


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      26.05.2009 01:03
      Very helpful



      An brilliant album by Miley Cyrus and a must have for all fans!

      Hannah Montanna or should I say Miley Cyrus is now a worldwide superstar and this album further proves this umbelivable status that she has obtained! This album is absolutly brilliant and I would throughally recommend getting this if you are a fan of her music. The album is becomming cheaper quickly with the 'Platinum' edition available for just £5.99 on iTunes.

      I found that this album by Miley Cyrus really offers a true vareity in music which is exactly what i was looking for from this superstar.

      Track 1 - 'Breakout' is a really upbeat song that really is a great hit, of course it gives its name to the album. It is very typical of her music and definately makes you feel good about yourself!

      Track 2 - '7 things' which was available as an EP (Single), it is a mixture of pop and rock. What I love about this song is that the lyrics have true meaning. It is describing her and her boyfriends relationship and is delivered through a great melody.

      Track 3 - 'The Driveway' this is a less upbeat song that has an excellent chorus and is generally a tunefall track.

      Track 4 - 'Girls just wanna have fun' is a really fantastic cover of the orginal by Cyndi Lauper. Miley Cyrus adds her personality to the music which is what I like most about it.

      Track 5 - 'Full Circles' which is another very 'Pop' style song that is particularly catchy. The chorus is simply magical !!

      Track 6 - 'Fly on the wall' is another track that is available as a single. I have to admit that I am not so keen on this song. I don't think the lyrics are up to the standard of the other songs in the album however, it is a catchy song.

      Track 7 - 'Bottom of the ocean' has a much slower tempo and is a nice contrast to the rest of the album. The lyrics are again describing her relationship and have meaning making it really quite a relaxing song to listen to.

      Track 8 - 'Wake up America' I must say I didn't initally like but I quickly grew to like it. The lyrics are trying to make America aware of the effects of global warming but through her music. I think that this is a great way to do it and who better than Miley Cyrus to do it. It is quite 'Pop Rock' like and is a very good melody again with many catchy motifs throughout.

      Track 9 - 'These four walls' is anoher slower tempo song which has a very nice intro with the acoistic guitar. I think that it is a great track to listen to when in an inspirational mood! It has a very good contrast between the melodies and the music has great depth.

      Track 10 - 'Simple song' I was not so keen on, it uses a mixture of the piano and the guitar to create the impact. But I don't think this song is up to the standard set by the other tracks. A very good piano melody though!

      Track 11 - 'Goodbye' has a fantastic inspirational intro and the lyrics are very powerful, it can be applied to many things, though she is describing her relationship once again. A fantastic song, that is of the genre of 'Pop' again with a slower tempo.

      Track 12 - 'See you again' has a initially a different style to it, it takes a while to build up to the quick tempo chorus. I did not feel as grasped to this song as the others in the albumn.

      After listening to this album many times now, I think that it really is an excellent one. Miley Cyrus once again deliver's on all levels, the standard of music in this album is exceptional. I think that the lyrics contain meaning throughout which is always inspirational to listen to and is what I like most about this album. A lot of effort has gone into making these tracks and it is easily noticable because many of them are well worth becomming hits. I would through rally recommend purchasing this CD, I am so glad I did and for £5.99 for the platinum edition it would make a great present for someone! Thank you for reading this and I hope it was useful!


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      25.05.2009 04:08
      Very helpful



      Debut by Hannah Montona's Miley Cyrus!

      DISCLAIMER - i don't like Miley Cyrus one bit, i think she's spoilt and rich and dont think she's a great singer, writer or artist for that matter.

      Breakout is one of my fave songs on this brilliant album really, its a pop song with appeal all around the world. It's a good album opener, really uplifting. 7 Things i have to admit is something different and that chorus sticks in your head indeed. I think Driveaway, could be a potential future single and i think it has some great verses although i'm not so crazy on the chorus of Girls Just Wanna have fun, that needs work. Full Circle doesn't match artist with song to me, so i'd rather they left that off. I think Fly On The Wall is just out there, and a great single choice - it's superbly catchy and i in particular like the album and wierd vocal effects. Bottom of the Ocean, is a different type of song for Miley one i really really like, it's not what you'd expect from here, i think she shows her vocal range off really well in Wake Up America, and i think it has somewhat a hidden meaning in that. These Four Walls, has great verses but a chorus that lacks oomph. Simple Song is a simple song ahem, it's not good enough to be on this album. Goodbye is a brilliant way to end a great album i think for a debut, and come on this could have nothing on and still be a huge hit thanks to her success on hannah Montana. The See You again remix didnt impress me too much.

      A good album, although it's fun and good it overally sounds rushed and i think she's more of a better actor than a singer, it's best to stick to what your best at and i think Miley the acting's the only good thing you can do. A good pop singer, but a musical artist she ain't!


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        02.05.2009 20:51
        1 Comment



        Worth a listen

        I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this album because most of the songs are alot more mature than I would've expected from somebody associated with Disney. I'm not too keen on the cover of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", but there are some real crackers on there. My favourite song on the album is "the Driveway" which Miley cowrote with two other people. I also love the cover of Cheyanne Kimball's "These Four Walls", it is a fantastic version with a slightly more country twang than the rest of her songs, and towards the end of the song she shows off her singing skills to the best I've heard from her yet and she really belts out the last verse. "Wake up America" is all about global warming and how people should look after their country, which may prove to be a wake up call for some people who are wasteful and could do a bit more to help save the planet. If you expect this to be a mediocre album you'd be wrong, if you like pop music give it a listen and there's bound to be a song or two that gets stuck in your head. In fact, I challenge you to not get "Fly on the Wall" stuck in your head!


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          06.02.2009 16:24



          came at a great time

          Hannah Montana you probably have heard of if you have kids that watch disney channel makes rock songs for kids, mostly girls. I have never been a fan of miley cyrus after all of the bad media attention she got but when i listened to these songs i realised she really isnt that bad.
          I cant wait to see you again and 7 things are probably the most popular songs out of the album and i can see why, they are very catchy and fun to dance around to.
          other songs like the drivway are more on the sloer side but really good to listen to. This album i think has helped her get more positive wich is a definate help to her career.
          even if you dont have young children who are fans dont be afraind to go out and buy the album my mother loves some of the songs and shes in her late 30's :)


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          01.02.2009 18:25
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          deffinatley recommended

          Miley Cyrus: Breakout

          For me this is a major change...a major MAJOR change. i wasn't keen on this type of music at all till my music teacher suggested listening to the album...i thought he was going crazy at first but then he explained i might be good at doing one of these songs for my singing exam...so i listened to it and was pleased with what i heard.

          As the opening track i must say i was gripped at Miley's Voice. She is amazing. I love the use of bass just enough to stabilize the rhythm.

          7 Things:
          Starting off with acoustic guitar and a minor beat you think its going to be one of those slowish songs...oh how wrong the mind is. it speeds up. in this song Miley's tenesse accent stands out and makes the song amazing.

          The driveway:
          For a fifteen year old Miley has a remarkable talent. This song has a dixie chick(female country band) feel to it and is awesome.

          Full circle:
          This song has a good Beat and tempo. its also got a bit of a bounce to it, great for young teens and some adults if your one of those people.

          Fly on the wall:
          Not sure what to say about this track...It has its points but the chorus reminds me of an ashlee simpson song...and i also can see a bit of avril in this album.

          Bottom of the ocean:
          This is one of my favourite tracks off this album. It is slow but thats what makes it good...every album even the heavy metal ones have to have a slow song on it.

          Wake up america:
          Very good beat to this one. Amazing lyrics and again Miley's tenesse accent stands out and makes this song better than it would if an english person sang it.

          These four walls:
          The song i chose for my exam (along with Leona lewis' Run song) it was a difficult choice. i listen to this album about a million times to get to this choice and still im unsure but cannot change my mind now. I think the reason for chosing this song is because it is simple but effective and not to bouncy bouncy pop pop for me XD.

          Simple song:
          Yes simple song indeed, simple beat simple piano simple lyrics haha good track name in all fairness.i think the Track name sums it up in one.

          My nan likes this song :s. It is a good song got a slight country feel to this one too. great acoustics.

          See you again [Rock mafia remix]
          This is another song that reminds me of ashlee simpsons new album. Good one though. i actually thought this was off her programme Hannah montanna. But my little cousin informed me that i was wrong.

          She also did a cover of girls just wanna have fun which i didnt listen to whilst i had posession of this CD only because i have heard the version she does sing it well but i still don't like the song.

          thanks for reading :D


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            20.01.2009 20:12
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A Great Pop Album!

            If you have children , then I am sure that you are familiar with the name 'Hannah Montana'. Well for those of you who don't know , Hannah Montana is a children's television programme which is broadcast on the Disney Channel.
            Miley Stewart is a secret popstar ; everyone is a huge fan of Hannah Montana , yet no one knows who she really is when she's out of costume ; not even her closest friends. Well , the actress Miley Ray Cyrus who plays the secret popstar 'Hannah Montana' , has stepped out of her characters shoes and is now an actual popstar rather than pretending to be one. Here debut album ' Breakout' is out now.

            Miley Ray Cyrus was born on November 23rd 1993 to parents Billy Ray Cyrus (remember the popstar with the hit 'Achy Breaky Heart) and Letisha Finley , in Nashville , Tennessee , USA. It is amazing to think that she's achieved so much and is worth $58 million yet she is still only fifteen. With her talent , She is definitely someone who is going to be in the charts for a long time!

            Breakout is the debut album from Miley Cyrus as herself (she has had a couple of albums as Hannah Montana but this is her first 'real' one.) The CD was released in the United Kingdom on September 1st 2008 where it reached number ten in the British album charts. There are twelve tracks on the album. The length of the album is thirty seven minutes and forty seven seconds.
            I had never liked the show Hannah Montana and I never liked the actress that played her either. It wasn't until however , that she came out as herself , that I became to take notice of her. She has had a lot of press recently ; many interviews in magazines (where I saw how honest and genuine she is) and is a regular in celebrity magazines' gossip columns. As soon as I knew she had an album out , I immediately went out to my local HMV to buy it.

            * See You Again *
            This is definitely my favourite ever song by Miley Cyrus. It's incredibly catchy and is an example of pure modern pop. This song is a great party song with its thumping beat. This song definitely potrays what it's like to have a teenage crush , with it's rhyming lyrics of. I like how this song is based on personal experience ; we know this from the phrase "My best friend Leslie said : oh she's just being Miley." Overall a great song!

            * 7 Things *
            When I first heard this song I didn't like it , although after hearing it a couple of times on the radio , it grew on me and now it's one of my favourite songs in the charts right now. This song is quite energetic : matches Miley who actually wrote this' personality. This song is quite 'Hannah Montana-y' .

            * Fly On The Wall *
            This song is very rocky ; quite different to her other stuff. It has a really catchy tune although one thing I don't like about this song is how 'foggy' the vocals are. By foggy I mean that the vocals aren't that clear , it doesn't sound like Miley usually does either. At two minutes and thirty two seconds , it's quite a short song , which is a shame because I love it!
            * Bottom Of The Ocean *
            The song is ok , although I don't really think that Miley's voice suits this song ; I think her voice is much more suited to rock/pop songs rather than upbeat ballads. It's funny to hear her sing a slow song , as usually she is so energetic. It doesn't seem like it's her. This song is too samey and boring. Not one of my favourite songs on the album.

            * Girls Just Wanna Have Fun *
            This is a cover of Cyndi Lauper's song. This song definitely suits Miley's voice ; it's much better than the original.

            * These Four Walls *
            Miley's vocals are powerful on this track. A good song with a lot of emotions from Miley. This song is quite sad to listen to.

            My Overall opinion of this album is a good one! It's really hard to believe that she is only fifteen years old ; she sounds so mature. I like how she wrote most of the songs herself ; it proves that she is a true musician rather than just like any other old popstar who is told what songs they are going to release , what to act like , what to dress and so on... but you can tell than Miley's had a lot to do with this album.
            Breakout was definitely a good move for Miley ; a perfect way to step away from her 'Hannah Montana' image and a good way of introducing herself as herself to the music world. It's definitely much more mature than her Hannah Montana stuff.

            This album is mainly aimed at teenagers I would say, although I'm sure that there are some adults out there who will enjoy this CD (my mum loves the song "See You Again".
            I love this album ; I could easily listen to it on a regular basis without getting tired of it.

            One good thing about this album is that Miley isn't trying to be like anyone else : she is just being herself. She is different to everyone else in the charts right now.
            A great effort from Miley! I would definately reccommend this album!

            If you have teenagers ; I'm sure they will love this!

            Breakout - Miley Cyrus - £8.95 - www.play.com

            Thanks For Reading!
            January 20th 2000


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              18.01.2009 23:58
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              a great mixture of pop songs, and a great cover of girls just wanna have fun

              You're probably thinking 'Oh no, not another disney star turned singer', but this isn't the case. Miley Cyurs was bound to face criticism after releasing her own album which isn't connected to Hannah Montana but I believe it should be positive comments she should be receiving. Usually disney stars release any old material hoping for success and fame, but in Miley's case, I felt it was genuine, and it seemed she actually wanted to make decent material. And that's what she did, from the first track to the last, you have funky, dance-around-the-room songs that could uplift any sour mood. Her some what strange voice makes you enjoy her songs more, as she doesn't over sing any lyrics. Stand out songs are: '7 things' 'See you again' 'The Driveway' and 'Full circle'. Any fan of catchy pop tunes will love this album and dont shy away from it just because it's Miley Cyrus, she's just as good as anyone else whos currently in the chart. Give the album a go, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised as was I. She also does a great, current version of 'Girls just wanna have fun'


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                14.11.2008 11:49
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A good compromise for a mother and her Hannah Montana obsessed daughter.

                If you have a young daugher (or even if you don't), there's a good chance you've heard of Miley Cyrus. For the purpose of this review however, I feel I need to give a little background as to exactly who Miley Cyrus is.

                Miley (born Destiny Hope just in case that interests you) is the 15 year old (soon to be 16) daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. She is probaby more famous as her alias Hannah Montana. She has her own programme on the Disney Channel all about Miley Stewart (how many names can one girl have?) - a brown haired regular school kid who lived a secret life as blonde haired rock star Hannah Montana.

                This is Miley's second album as herself. Although she has released other albums as Hannah Montana, this is her first album with no connection to the Hannah Montana franchise. Hannah's music is what I would describe as classic "teenybop pop". My daughter also likes High School Musical which is a similar kind of music. You know the kind I mean - it's the annoying kind which you hear once and know all the words. The kind that sticks in your head all day and you occassionally need to have an outburst or your head will explode. The kind that people feel the need to sing along with regardless of their singing talents which of course adds to the annoyance!

                So, "why on Earth did I buy this album?" I hear you ask. Well, I love my kids and my daughter absolutely loves Hannah Montana. She hadn't asked me for this once, because she knows if she nags me for something I wont buy it. She'd also been exceptionally well behaved, so when I saw it on the shelf, I had a moment of weakness and decided to get it for her.

                Because I knew what Hannah Montana's music was like, I was really expecting to be tortured with the dreaded teenybop pop being blared in the car, in her bedroom, on the computer and anywhere else you can play a CD.

                I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. Miley's music is a lot more bearable. Sure, there's still the odd pop warbling, but there are a few good songs on there. I have decided not to review the songs track by track as I would end up repeating myself a lot. However, I have decided that because the music is so varied, I do need to list a few of the songs.

                Track 1 - Breakout
                This is the song I hate the most. Not much to do with the music, but mainly because Miley sings about how "school's so lame". Earlier this year Time Magazine put Miley in the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World, so the fact that she sings this in her album, which is aimed at young easily influenced children does not fill me with joy. However, the song itself is a typical pop song and the lyrics are quite catchy.
                Overall - One to avoid!

                Track 2 - 7 Things
                This is the first "rock" type soon I've heard from Miley. The song itself sounds like average pop, but the chorus has a distinct rock feel that my daughter can't stop herself doing the rock head shake to. I personally quite like this song and will happily listen to it and even sing along every now and again. There's no cringy lyrics like a few of the songs, nothing I'd be embarassed about if I caught myself singing along in public, so for me it's a definite thumbs up!
                Overall - A very bearable song, in fact, I actually quite like it.

                Track 4 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
                You all know the song, yes it is a remix of the Cyndi Lauper single and not a very good one at that. Miley has tried to turn this into a dance song. In my opinion she's not got the voice to pull this off and the remix to me sounds awful.
                Overall - Has ruined a perfectly good song.

                Track 6 - Fly on the Wall
                This is another song which I actually quite like listening to. It has unique music and quite catchy lyrics (not in a bad way like mentioned above). It's also one of the rockier songs on the album.
                Overall - Another good track.

                Track 8 - Wake Up America
                This song is all about global warming and God bless the girl for trying to get her message across to her fellow Americans. She sings all about taking care of the world and I think it really brings out the child in her and makes you realise that, at 15, she's still very young. Unfortunately, this makes the song very "Hannah Montana" like which I'm sure is not what she was aiming for.
                Overall - Good message, not so good in a song.

                Track 12 - See You Again
                This music sounds a bit dancy to me. I said to my sister that I could imagine it being played in the clubs and sure enough, she heard it when she was out clubbing last weekend. If you ignore the majority of the lyrics, the music is very good. I'd go as far as to say, it's my favourite on the CD. Unfortunately, it is one of those ones that stick in your head and I do feel a bit daft if I start singing "My best friend Lesley said, Oh she's just being Miley" in the middle of a shop or the likes.
                Overall - Good music to dance to and catchy lyrics.

                The rest of the CD isn't really up to much and I think they really have just been made as fillers. The songs I have mentioned above seem to bring out the real Miley and the ones I've said I liked she does sing very well, but I feel the album could've been so much better if she had stuck to that kind of music and not filled up the rest of the album with pop Hannah like songs.

                I have to give her some extra credit though as 10 of the 12 songs on the album she co-wrote which is very impressive for such a young musician.

                If you have no reason to buy this, I wouldn't bother. Although I would recommend downloading 7 Things and See You Again. If you're a mum who's child loves the likes of High School Musical and Hannah Montana, this is a great choice of CD as there are a few bearable, perhaps even good, tracks.

                I'd say this album is there to give all the young Hannah Montana fans something to move on to when Hannah Montana becomes a bit to childish and it will certainly fulfill that purpose.

                My daughter loves it so she's happy. I can put up with it so I'm happy. What more do you want when buying a CD for your child?


                Released: 22nd July 2008
                Label: Hollywood Records

                1) Breakout
                2) 7 Things
                3) The Driveway
                4) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
                5) Full Circle
                6) Fly on the Wall
                7) Bottom of the Ocean
                8) Wake up America
                9) These 4 Walls
                10) Simple Song
                11) Goodbye
                12) See You Again

                This is my first (and possibly last) music review, which I have found the hardest of all my reviews so far and I'd really appreciate some constructive feedback, so please be honest when leaving comments - I wont take offence!


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              • Product Details

                Disc #1 Tracklisting
                1 Breakout
                2 7 Things
                3 Driveway
                4 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
                5 Full Circle
                6 Fly on the Wall
                7 Bottom of the Ocean
                8 Wake Up America
                9 These Four Walls
                10 Simple Song
                11 Goodbye
                12 See You Again [Rock Mafia Remix]
                13 [CD-Rom Track]

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