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Breathe In Breathe Out Ep - Cities of Glass

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Cities of Glass / MP3 Download released 2010-01-24 at Record Union

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2010 19:54
      Very helpful



      Awesome 3 track EP

      Cities Of Glass are a brand new rock band from Basingstoke, UK. You probably haven't heard of them yet, and I'm not surprised, they're far from famous. Upon listening to their music, they may seem like experienced, talented musicians, as their music is very good, but the surprise is, they're only 16.

      Cities Of Glass are in Year 11 at my school, and have been going for a couple of years now, but only started becoming big since the released of this 3 track EP. They are now playing small gigs in the South of the UK, and they deserve publicity, because once you listen to this album, you will be surprised at how much talent they have for students who haven't sat their GCSE's yet. I think they could become very big in their future, this EP really is incredible, and they are great live too.

      I would highly recommend searching for them on MySpace or Youtube, to listen to their stuff, it's very impressive.

      Cities Of Glass are:

      Richard Hutchinson - Vocals, guitar
      David Cuzner - Lead guitar
      John Williams - Bass
      Imran Mair - Drums

      1. Clever My Dear

      A fantastic intro track. It is hard to say which is my favourite song on the album, as they are all so brilliant. They have thought ahead when writing this song, as rather than just the main instruments, they also have an intro on organ (which is actually just the organ setting on a keyboard!) which Richard Hutchinson plays before his guitar parts comes in. The organ is then joined by some light guitar, with a great high-pitched guitar sound and a fantastic riff too. The drums suit the guitar, as they aren't heavy, and are very cymbal-y. The vocals are low, and brilliant, as they are throughout the album, and then after a quick drum roll, the bass comes in, and everything picks up. The lead guitar is amazing, and very catchy, and the vocals are excellent, as well as the lyrics, which make it even catchier. The chorus is very catchy too, and an all round brilliant song.

      2. Something About It You Like

      Another nice guitar sound intro, joined by the great vocals that are in every song. The guitar picks up as the song builds up, then the sound changes just before it drops. The bass then comes in and everything picks up. This is another brilliant song, although it's not the catchiest. This is my least favourite song on the EP, but I still really like it, and it's only their first proper EP. With 3 songs of this quality, it won't be long before they get a record deal, so listen to them now!

      3. Breathe Out

      A drumming intro, which is good, because the drumming in this EP is great throughout. The guitar then comes in which is great again, followed by the vocals, which as I have mentioned before, are great. This another amazing song to summarise an amazing song. It is amazing how a band of this age have such talent, and please don't be put off by their age, they've got more talent than a lot of more experienced bands, and are onto something big with their music. This is an incredibly catchy song, with great lyrics too, an all round perfect album.

      Definitely worthy of the 5/5, please do listen to them on MySpace or YouTube!

      Although this EP is not available to buy from shops yet, because they do not have a record deal, I'm sure it will become available soon in shops. In the meantime, you can buy it on iTunes for the normal song prices of about a quid, which is a good deal for a great EP.

      If you're lucky enough to live near a Cities of Glass gig, they sell their EP's at their shows, so if you really like them, why not go? Tickets are cheap too. The album comes in a little plastic wallet with the album cover that you can see above, and the track listing on the back, and it's only £1!


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