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Brujerizmo - Brujeria

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Brujeria / Audio CD released 2002-03-28 at Roadrunner

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    2 Reviews
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      25.01.2012 23:28
      Very helpful



      A blast of simple death metal with a unique identity

      Brujerizmo is the 3rd album by Brujeria, a side project by Dino Cazares the lead guitarist of Fear Factory, the line-up has changed considerably on different albums but Cazares usually manages to acquire extremely talented and well known artists to collaborate with ensuring that Brujeria are usually dubbed a super group.

      Whilst not as shocking as their debut album some 7 years earlier, Brujerizmo still dabble with taboo subjects, pretending to be a satanic Mexican drug and people smuggling cartel, a choice of image that was heavily influenced by certain acts in North East Mexico in the late 80s.

      Despite blasting out some heavy bass lines and some rather generic death metal and complimenting it with furious Spanish vocals, Brujeria have a distinctly novelty feel to them, you don't really believe in the characters any more than people thought Lordi were really monsters or that Ricki Martin wasn't gay.

      The album starts with a sort of cheerful Mexican children's programme that is bluntly interrupted by a powerful onslaught of metal, from then on it's an intense journey of short and fast tracks and aggressively shouted Spanish lyrics that are hard to make out with the exception of anti-cristo, the album is ended with the same children's programme theme music.

      As with most death metal, the songs are fairly similar and it's a close call whether you might be better off buying the album that followed it - the compilation Mextremist hits. Production wise it's much cleaner than the earlier albums and the band manage to sneak in some messages against racism and xenophobia which obviously might be hard to take seriously when they are portraying themselves as people smugglers! This is an album that is a pretty acquired taste by an act that don't take themselves seriously, I think that most lovers of heavy music will appreciate the catchy guitar riffs, even if it's not particularly groundbreaking.


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      25.06.2009 22:11
      Very helpful
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      Entertaining cyber-grind!

      Brujeria are a Mexican death/cyber metal band whose members consist of anonymous Mexican bandits on the run from the authorities.... well not really, but that is what they like to pretend: in reality Brujeria are a Metal supergroup whose band members at the time of the release of 'Brujerizmo' (2000) included Shane Embury, the bassist from Napalm Death, and ex Fear-Factory guitarist Dino Cazeres, with Nick Barker from Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth performing percussion duties.

      In keeping with the Mexican bandit theme, the lyrics are all in Spanish, and encompass the bands usual themes of Satanism, gang warfare and murder, and are conveyed by way of harsh but intelligable guttoral growls, with occasional screamed backing vocals. The songs themselves are very much influenced by the bands from which the different members come; half the tracks on the album are in the industrial/cyber metal vein of Fear Factory, complete with ominous, 'Terminator' influenced ambient intros, big, crunchy riffs and groove-heavy melodic bridges, whilst the other half are furious, punky grindcore numbers a la modern day Napalm Death. There are various sampled interludes in between tracks, including a heated argument in Spanish culminating in a burst of machine gun fire, the tinkly sound of a childs wind-up music box, and a spanish news bulletin on violent crime, all of which give the album extra character.

      Musically 'Brujerizmo' offers nothing really new, and a more unforgiving critic might call both the album and the band in general one big gimmick, but 'Brujerizmo' remains an entertaining and well executed album with some great riffs and numerous memorable songs. All in all great fun, and well worth a look for anyone into cyber metal or grind!


      1. Brujerizmo 03:50
      2. Vayan Sin Miedo 02:16
      3. La Traicion 01:57
      4. Pititis, Te Invoco 02:23
      5. Laboratorio Cristalitos 01:31
      6. Division Del Norte 03:51
      7. Marcha De Odio 02:48
      8. Anti-Castro 02:33
      9. Cuiden A Los Ninos 03:30
      10. El Bajon 01:59
      11. Mecosario 02:45
      12. El Desmadre 01:41
      13. Sida De La Mente 04:35
      Total playing time 35:43


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Brujerizmo
      2 Vayan sin miedo
      3 La traicion
      4 Pititis, te invogo
      5 Laboratorio cristalitos
      6 Division del norte
      7 Margha de odio
      8 Anti-castro
      9 Guiden a los ninos
      10 El bajon
      11 Megosario
      12 El Desmadre
      13 Sida de la mente

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