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Burning Japan Live - Arch Enemy

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Speed Metal & Thrash / Artist: Arch Enemy / Enhanced / Audio CD released at Dream on

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2008 15:13
      Very helpful



      Arch Enemy's first live album (2000).

      There was no real need for an Arch Enemy live album this early in the band's career, but due to either a contractual obligation or the departure of vocalist Johan Liiva, this 1999 live performance from Tokyo was cobbled together with hasty cover art (the same as the previous studio album 'Burning Bridges,' but tinted red and with a live photo clumsily overlaid) and would ultimately represent the end of the Liiva era and the band's relative obscurity.

      The sound quality here is excellent, but there's really very little to discern these songs from the three studio albums they hail from, apart from rather pointless crowd interaction between that merely introduces the next one by title, and Sharlee D'angelo's similarly dull bass intro to 'Tears of the Dead.' The only real advantage is that by mixing some choice pickings from the ever-so-slightly different albums, the end result is a little more diverse and less repetitive than the original albums themselves, particularly the previous 'Burning Bridges' and its incessant TV game show guitar solos that are only represented on four tracks here.

      'Burning Bridges' was one of my first death metal albums, so it's nice to finally hear those songs in a different environment -even if there's only a very minimal change. The choice of song is fairly obvious and intelligent, more so than for the two earlier albums which could have been scoured for better material in some instances, and their ultimate mixture of compelling aggression and eighties cheese in 'Silverwing' sounds just as good here, with a couple of nice and very minor slip-ups confirming the authenticity of the live recording. The heavy breakdown section that comes out of nowhere in the middle of 'Pilgrim' probably went down a treat at the gig, though there's no real evidence of that here, while there are still some remnants of the old Carcass sound in 'Dark Insanity' for old-school death metal fans to mourn over.

      I'd only recommend this to someone who didn't already own the three previous albums and was looking for a sampler - considering these are pretty much identical to the original versions, this might as well be a Liiva years best-of that makes a couple of notable mistakes (where are 'Bury Me An Angel' and 'Sinister Mephisto' for instance?) Liiva is as average as ever on this recording and would never really be missed, but the Amott brothers and particularly drummer Daniel Erlandsson are all at their best.

      1. The Immortal
      2. Dark Insanity
      3. Dead Inside
      4. Diva Satanica
      5. Pilgrim
      6. Silverwing
      7. Beast of Man
      8. Tears of the Dead
      9. Bridge of Destiny
      10. Transmigration Macabre
      11. Angelclaw


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Immorta
    2 Dark Insanity
    3 Dead Inside
    4 Diva Satanica
    5 Pilgrim
    6 Silverwing
    7 Beast of Man
    8 Bass Intro/ Tears of the Dead
    9 Bridge of Destiny
    10 Transmigration Macabre
    11 Angelclaw
    12 [CD-ROM Track] [Live][Multimedia Track]

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