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Butterflies & Elvis

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Genre: Pop / Audio CD

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2009 19:19
      Very helpful




      I discovered Yohanna on Eurovision 2009 with her track "Is It True" which came 2nd overall. That was my first encounter with Yohanna, where her song was a strong power ballad, showing off her voice wonderfully.

      My expectations of this album were the same- strong, ballad to pop style songs, and I have to say, I am slightly disappointed!!

      1. Beautiful Silence 3:51
      This is an amazing start to the album, with a very upbeat and addictive introduction. This song is definitive of Yohanna's style, which makes this album opener PERFECT. ONLY very subtly, but it sounds slightly like Avril Lavigne's "I'm With you" during the chorus. The gradual increase in tempo and emotion is strong, you can really FEEL the song. 5/5

      Unfortunately, this does not last very long as the other tracks are somewhat disjointed and awkward put together as a collection...

      2. Say Goodbye 3:17
      A slow ballad type song, which is fine... the chorus isn't as powerful as it could be, which seems like a missed opportunity. The topic of the song doesn't really fit that well in my opinion, and would have made a good closing track. 4/5

      3. Indian Ropetrick 3:57
      This is another pop ballad, with slight dark and meaningful undertones... the chorus builds up to a "Delta Goodrem" style finish, which is nice. I don't feel this is completely Yohanna's own style, whilst it does utilise her range of vocals.

      I love strange lyrics and the song being called "Indian Ropetrick" automatically grabbed my attention. Overall, it DOES sounds quite similar to Delta Goodrem in terms of the vocal movements and style, and Yohanna does not necessarily make it her "own".

      Nevertheless it is a good song!! 4/5

      4. Butterflies and Elvis 4:51
      The start of this song is very strange. I don't feel this is at all Yohanna. It sounds very much like "Jamelia", especially the "I Know You know" part... also the song as a whole has a timeless quality, yet that isn't really Yohanna's voice or style. Someone such as Duffy or Paloma Faith should be singing this.

      I think this is a bad song choice for Yohanna, but she does manage to pull it off vocally, just that it does not FIT into the album that well. The track in itself is 4/5.

      5. Funny Thing Is 3:40
      The introduction and verse is a mix between Yohanna's own style and Delta Goodrem's, whilst the chorus sounds exactly like Delta Goodrem.

      It is a strong and powerful song, which is great, however similar it is to Delta Goodrem. The song is good, and relative to some other ones on the album, it gets a 4.5/5

      6. Worryfish 3:43
      Finally, after five whole tracks, we receive one which has Yohanna written all written all over it. The song is very simple, yet effective. It makes use of Yohanna's full range of vocals. The music is different, as is the lyrics, and whilst some people might see this as a more generic track, we can feel the style of Yohanna, which is most important in a debut album.

      This definitely gets a 5/5!!

      7. Lose Myself 2:19
      Just when we thought the album took a turn for good, we get THIS. The song starts off with a very disjointed backing and does not do anything to correct this. The whole song sounds very strange, slightly trance-like, and definitely does NOT suit Yohanna's Voice. It sounds a bit like "Overload" by Sugababes, where it constantly goes round and round in the same drone like state, that you just get BORED, and confused as to why it was there! 2/5

      8. Spaceman 3:36
      The intro sounds slightly more upbeat and dancelike. Once she starts singing, that is true, but ONCE AGAIN, DELTA GOODREM pops into my head. It sounds SO similar to Delta's recent style. However, once it hits the chorus, it is slightly more Yohanna, but Delta is still there!!

      The song is interesting lyrics wise, and overall is catchy and upbeat- 4/5

      9. I Miss You 3:51
      This is a nice ballad, although it sounds VERY similar to someone, I can't think of who just yet, the chorus I feel I have heard before... It is a good and interesting, although not as catchy, track. 4/5

      10. Rainbow Girl 2:49
      Here we have another strange track that feels like it shouldn't really be here. The verse is a bit strange, and starts to have a bit of a country slash folk feel... It isn't as disjointed as "Lose Myself", and as a track it gets a 3.5/5.

      11. The River Is Dry 3:34
      Where "Rainbow Girl" left off with it's country style, "The River Is Dry" continues. The verse is very Yohanna, but is shortlived once it enters the chorus into Sheryl Crow style. This sudden change in genre, slightly cushioned by "Rainbow Girl" is strange, and personally should not be written for Yohanna! Save it for Sheryl Crow or Taylor Swift! 3.5/5

      12. Walking On Water 4:13
      The verse is a slow ballad, yet there are still country undertones, then malgamates into a "Delta Goodrem" bridge, and the chorus is a mixture of the two!! This absurd and strange mix combines surprisingly well, although this still ISN'T Yohanna's style! However, it does bring something NEW to the table, which works, and makes the album slightly more interesting... 4/5

      13. White Bicycle
      Again, we are back with a "The River is Dry" style of country-ness, but this time, apart from Sheryl Crow, The Counting Crows are invited to the party. The "Nananananana" part is slightly annoying... This song really feels quite detached and does not fit in the album. It is definitely NOT an album finisher, and leaves the listener hanging and indecisive... It has not concluded the album, nor has it left it anywhere.

      The album can be purchased for around £10 on Amazon. Personally, I would recommend just buying the good tracks individually!

      I really like Yohanna's voice, and I keep rambling about her "style". What IS her style? Her style, her best, what she makes unique, is power ballads. Her Eurovision track, "Is It True", is a perfect example at what she does best, gaining her 2nd place in the contest. The start of this album set the bar amazingly high with "Beautiful Silence", which I love as it is strong and catchy... but did not continue for long.

      Tracks 2-5 were acceptable, although they have very similar resemblance to Delta Goodrem, which is fine, as Delta has an amazing voice, but you really want to make your own mark in a DEBUT album, which I don't feel Yohanna has done.

      Track 6 brought it back to life, only to fall REALLY flat with "Lose Myself", which definitely should've been omitted from the album.

      "Rainbow Girl" onwards start a new genre of country backed songs which sound disjointed, and really don't fit Yohanna.

      My favourite tracks are: "Worryfish" and "Beautiful Silence" as these two carry a distinct style. Other good ones are "Funny Thing Is", "Butterflies and Elvis" and "Indian Ropetrick".
      Simply put, the top 6 tracks are where its at!

      Don't get me wrong, the songs on the album is strong, but put together, it feels awkward, and feels wishy washy, grabbing styles and influences from everywhere, and is not consistant throughout.

      I would recommend certain songs to different people... If you like pop, ballad, or country, there will be tracks in here that are for you. If you like Delta Goodrem, there will be more tracks in here you will like.

      Overall Score 4/5


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