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Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus

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Genre: Pop / Artist: Miley Cyrus / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2010-06-21 at Polydor

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    4 Reviews
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      27.10.2013 01:00
      Very helpful
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      A good album!

      I am a Miley Cyrus fan - there I said it! I never used to be ; I used to really dislike her , until I saw an episode of Hannah Montana and absolutely loved it! I even bought her autobiography , loved that too and her albums. So when I heard that she had a new album out called 'Can't Be Tamed' , I couldn't resist not getting a copy , especially when I heard the lead single of the same name.
      Can't Be Tamed is the third album from Miley Cyrus herself (excluding the Hannah Montana albums) and was released in the United Kingdom on June 18th 2010. The album comes under the Dance-Pop genre and contains thirteen tracks (twelve songs really , but one track is a remix of one of the songs).

      * Tracklist *
      1)Liberty Walk 2)Who Owns My Heart 3)Can't Be Torn 4)Every Rose Has It's Thorn 5)Two More Lonely People 6)Forgivness and Love 7)Permanent December 8)Stay 9)Scars 10)Take Me Along 11)Robot 12)My Heart Beats For Love 13)Can't Be Tamed (Remix)

      First of all ; WOW! How mature has Miley become! Judging by the album cover , which shows a flesh-showing Miley , she has gone and done a Britney. Along with her new 'sexier look' , she's brought along with her a brand new sound ; one which seems to be a change of direction as well as change of style of music.

      I have loved all of Miley's previous albums, although I have to say that this is probably the best one she has done ; it's a lot more rockier and edgier and is bursting with attitude. This is definately a large step away from her Hannah Montana days , and judging by the album cover and new edgier sound , it sounds as though Miley's aiming at a older group of fans rather than the kids.

      There are some great songs on here ; really infectious and great songs which which just get you up and dancing. My favourite tracks on the album are ; definately the lead single 'Can't Be Tamed' , 'Liberty Walk' and 'Permanent December' , although I can't say that I dislike any of the songs ; they each bring something to what is a fabulous collection of songs. I can't believe that she wrote most of the songs on here , and she's only seventeen!

      I really like Miley's voice ; it's husky yet powerful.She has a really unique voice and there's no other artist in the charts that sound like her. She really is a huge talent!
      If you liked Miley's other stuff then you will absolutely love this album!

      Thanks for reading!
      October 2013


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        02.07.2011 13:44
        Very helpful



        A great pop album, which explores a new genre for the singer

        Miley Cyrus' transition from the master of teenage pop-rock to a more mature, sultry sound comes in the form of 'Can't Be Tamed'. Her third full length album, it abandons a lot of the guitar sounds of her first two records and moves into the dance and electro genre. I firmly believe that Miley's voice is better suited to rock and country, so while this album does not feel as organic as her previous efforts, it provides the listener with a vast array of radio-friendly pop tracks which are fun to sing-a-long to and to lift your mood.

        The album commences with 'Liberty Walk', an anthem for the underdog or anyone who has ever felt people against them. Stomping synths and stuttering beats, it's meaty production quickly establishes a tougher sound for the record. The verses feature a quasi-rap, which initially feels a bit awkward. Once you get past the slight embarrassment of Miley's talk-singing, the chorus suddenly hits you: "It's a liberty walk, walk/Saying goodbye to the people that tied you up/Feeling your heart again, breathing new oxygen" she sings in the anthemic hook. The stadium-sized chorus is addictive, and without a doubt, one of the catchiest tracks she's ever produced. Without a doubt, this is a great way to start the album and to introduce her new sound.

        'Who Owns My Heart' has a fantastic, pulsating beat that slowly builds throughout the course of the track. The song has an undeniably sexy feel to it, with Miley purring "I feel you, pumping through my veins/Am I into you? Or is the music to blame?" she asks, as she questions whether it's the atmosphere of a club that is making her imagine feelings for someone or if they are genuine. Lyrically, it's quite a clever track, and the chorus is really addictive. Definitely an example of where her new sound is immensely successful.

        Mammoth beats and a stomping tempo characterise the title track, 'Can't Be Tamed'. The confident and self-assured verses instantly grab you, as the song is clearly designed to be her 'Slave 4 U' - the track where you realise that the childstar is no longer a child. "I go through guys like money, flying out their hands" she sings unashamedly before the chorus. It's a shame that the pre-chorus is actually stronger than the hook, because if the simple refrain of "I can't be tamed/I can't be blamed" was a little stronger, this track would be perfect. Overall, it has a unique feel to it though, and after a few listens, it really gets engrained in your head.

        'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' is a guilty pleasure of mine. The original by Poison is one of those classic rock tracks that is horrendously clichéd but enjoyable nevertheless. Miley's cover is a fantastic take on the track, with her country voice delivering the lyrics with strong emotion. The production is great too, as it maintains the slow-building tempo of the original, which finally hits you by the second chorus. My only complaint is that the guitar solo feels a little too stifled by the production. It's definitely my favourite track on the album, as it's a great marrying of sounds - country, rock and electro in one song.

        Yet another favourite of mine on the CD is 'Two More Lonely People'. It's a little cheesy at times but it's ridiculously catchy. The dance beat combined with guitar licks is an interesting combination, with Miley's vocals taking centre stage in the track. The soaring chorus is addictive, and without a doubt, one of the strongest on the set. The song definitely evokes some of the best pop tracks of the early 90s in terms of lyrics and tempo, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. A fun track, which I can imagine being better with a live guitar-based arrangement.

        'Forgiveness and Love' is a gorgeous piano-based, country-inspired ballad. Miley's harmonies in the chorus are fantastic, with her voice being laced with emotion in the verses. It's a refreshing change of pace for the album, and it's good to a hear a more stripped back production. This definitely feels like it would fit in well on her first two albums. It's not a flawless ballad, it's pretty standard in terms of lyrics and melody, but it has real charm to it and compelling charisma in its delivery.

        'Permanent December' leaves me divided, in that it has some of the worst lyrics imaginable ("There's sexy boys in every city but they're not what I want"), but is the most undeniably catchy song imaginable. The pulsating beat, works well alongside her notably autotuned vocals, before the stomping chorus hits. "It feels like a permanent December, so much colder than I can remember" Miley sings with conviction. It is the epitome of melodrama and I absolutely love it. Without a doubt, this is one of those songs to listen to on your headphones rather than in the car with the windows down. A guilty pleasure that is undeniably fun and catchy, but a little embarrassing.

        'Stay' is beautiful, simple, atmospheric ballad which really shows off Miley's pipes. Her upper register sounds amazing in this haunting track, which grows on you with every listen. It's a nice break from the slightly over-produced tracks which precede it and really hits the mark, lyrically speaking. Although I must admit, in the context of the rest of the CD, it doesn't really fit. This pretty much underlines the biggest flaw in the record - it's a little too confused in terms of style and genre.

        There is a return to a more rock-based sound in 'Scars', which as a big fan of the pop-rock side to Miley, I readily welcomed. The marrying of guitars and synths shows a successful bridging of both her old and new styles. It reminds me a little of an Ashlee Simpson track, which is great. It'll be a definite crowd pleaser on her next tour.

        'Take Me Along' is a slow-building, country-light ballad. "I don't understand, why you're leaving me," Miley pleads emotively in the chorus, as she time and time again shows off strong vocals without over-singing. The frantic backgrounds which surface as the piano increasing in speed add a bit of character to the track. It's a solid addition to the album but not a stand-out.

        'Robot' is definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album. It demonstrates Miley's proficiency as a songwriter as she sings candidly about growing up as one of the most profitable childstars of the past decade. "It's been like this from the start/Stand here, sell this, and hit your mark" she laments. The chorus is a huge, it's ridiculously catchy and is delivered with a lot of gusto and passion. "Stop trying to live my life for me/I need to breathe, I'm not your robot" she belts, rebelling against the oppressive confines of her own fame. Without a doubt, one of the best tracks here, and lyrically, the best track of her career.

        The album ends on the uplifting, 'My Heart Beats for Love', which will definitely appeal to her teen audience. The lyrics deal with not giving up on love, and perseverance. Miley's vocals are convincing alongside the swelling production, which helps to create a breezy and light conclusion to the album. It's nothing ground-breaking, but without a doubt, a strong close.

        Miley Cyrus' attempt at achieving independence is a mostly successful one. She's clearly modelling her coming-of-age record on the path trodden previously by Britney Spears, and while there are some great pop tracks here, I don't feel like electro-pop or dance is the genre for her. I think her fantastic voice is sometimes drowned by the production, and she sounds best on the tracks where the electro synths are stripped away and she's left with just a guitar and piano. A great pop record, but I hope there's a change in style for the next one.


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          21.09.2010 20:25
          Very helpful



          A fairly good, but fairly confused, album from the Disney star.

          Out of the ubiquitous set of Disney-borne popstars, I think it is fairly clear that, whatever you may think of her, Miley Cyrus is easily the most talented of the lot.

          The seventeen year old daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus (of 'Achy Breaky Heart' fame) first shot to fame as the star of 'Hannah Montana'; a Disney show about a popstar (Hannah Montana) masquerading as a normal highschool girl (Miley). From here, the star went on to appear in films including 'The Hannah Montana Movie' and 'The Last Song'. However, while Miley has proved to be a fairly successful and proficient actress, I believe that it is through her vocal capabilities that she really shines.

          Not only is Miley vocally a lot stronger than her fellow Disney stars - with an unexpectedly mature tone to her voice and a wide vocal range - but she is also a very talented songwriter, having co-written all but one song on this, her third studio album.

          However, what this album makes quite clear is that although Miley has a lot of talent as a singer and songwriter, she has not quite worked out what exactly to do with it yet, and what direction to take her music in. While I think that this album marks the beginning of Miley's transition from Hannah Montana to adult recording artist, for this particular album she has not yet managed to either fully shake off her Disney alter ego or fully embrace her new style. Consequently, the album is a big mishmash of styles, incorporating feisty, attitude filled pop anthems such as 'Can't Be Tamed' nestled alongside quaint country inspired ballads about love, forgiveness and singing cowboys!

          Luckily for Miley she has enough talent to just about pull of this fairly confused album, yet the album lacks a clear identity. Also, more disappointingly for me, the album shows just glimpses of a great new style for Miley that is never fully cemented or developed. While Miley does full justice to most of the tracks on this album, it is on the edgier, feistier pop tracks where she really hits her stride, and, in my opinion, the three strongest tracks on the album ('Liberty Walk', 'Cant Be Tamed' and 'Robot') are of this style.

          These Britney-esque tracks - which are packed with lyrics asserting Miley's independence and refusal to be molded or changed; a theme that is covered by just about every teen star who has ever been (see Britney's 'Overprotected' or Ashlee Simpson's 'I Am Me' for just two examples) - show glimpses of the new assertive, adult Miley trying to burst out. Yet this Miley is continually reigned back in and made to sing all country and ballad-like, making these excellent songs just seem like oddly incongruous tracks that have been tacked on to a Hannah Montana album as an afterthought.

          Despite her claims of independence, Miley still seems to be being pushed in certain musical directions on this album and, despite there being some really good tracks on the album, it fails to entirely live up to the precedent set by its preceding single, with the attitude and feistiness showcased on this track unfortunately falling by the wayside for much of the rest of the album.

          However, despite the album being a little bit hit and miss and not quite living up to my expectations, there are some really strong tracks on the album and I think that Miley shows a lot of promise and potential. She may not be sure of her identity yet, but what seventeen year old girl is? Ultimately, Miley demonstrates on this album that she clearly has a lot more talent than many popstars around today; perhaps she just needs to start channeling it in one direction!

          LIBERTY WALK is undoubtedly one of the best songs on this album. It is quite Britney-esque with synthesised beats and vocals and a very strong chorus. Miley loses the country edge to her voice on this track for some assertive, feisty vocals that reflect the underlying message of the song. This is an edgy, uncompromising pop track that is quite similar to 'Can't Be Tamed' in style and message, featuring Miley asserting her independence from the restraints that have been put on her in no uncertain terms: "It's a liberty walk, say goodbye to the people who tied you up. It's a liberty walk, feeling your heart again, breathing new oxygen. It's a liberty walk, walk free yourself, slam the door, not a prisoner anymore." 10/10

          WHO OWNS MY HEART is another heavily synthesised track, but this one is more in a dance/pop vein than the tracks on either side of it. It is one of the more energetic, dancier tracks on the album with a fairly catchy chorus. It reminds me a little bit of a teenage attempt at a 90s dance track. 7/10

          CAN'T BE TAMED is easily one of the best songs on the album, if not the best. I love the confidence of the lyrics ("I go through guys like money flyin' out their hands, they try to change me but they realise they can't"). I also love Miley's aggressive, husky vocals and the quirky, catchy chorus. It is a brilliant, sultry pop track with a darker, edgier feel than most of the songs on the album, and it again features Miley asserting her independence with the declaration: "I can't be tamed, I can't be saved, I can't be blamed... I can't be changed". The single (particularly the video) caused a lot of criticism about the launch of this new "raunchy" and "sexy" Miley, but I don't see the big deal personally - she's a fully grown adult come November; let her be! 10/10

          EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN is a bit of an odd choice to come after the preceeding track, but as I mentioned before the album is quite confused when it comes to styles. This track was apparently originally a power ballad by some glam metal/rock band in 1988, but Miley's version couldn't sound sound less rock. Or power ballady. Or glam metal... I'm guessing (I have no idea what glam metal is!). Don't get me wrong, she actually does a good job with it, but I am simply speculating that it is probably quite different from the original. Given that Miley already has a clear country edge to her voice (she can thank/blame her dad for that!) when she sings a ballad involving cowboys it of course sounds very much like a nice, gentle country song. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, and, although it is a little bland, Miley pulls off the song as nicely as can be expected (given the song) thanks to her strong vocals. 5/10

          TWO MORE LONELY PEOPLE reminds me, weirdly, of a cheesy Jason Donovan song from the 90s, only with a slight country (and feminine, obviously) edge! I don't know if it is the music (complete with strumming guitars) or the cheesy lyrics ("Yeah there's two more lonely people in the world tonight, baby, you and I, and there's two more lonely people who gave up the fight, yeah, wrong or right"), but it just sounds very 90s pop. However, I happen to love cheesy music and 90s pop, so that's OK with me! I think it's a nice, fun, pop track with quite a catchy chorus. 7/10

          FORGIVENESS AND LOVE really has a very country feel to it, but, again, that could just be Miley's voice. It is quite a saccharine ballad with quite corny lyrics: "The only thing that our hearts are made of are the acts of forgiveness and love. The only thing real, when push comes to shove, are the acts of forgiveness and love." However, despite the corniness, I actually think the lyrics are quite admirable and sweet. It is quite a mature, beautifully sung ballad but, again, it is just a little bit bland. 5/10

          PERMANENT DECEMBER is a track that I can best describe as Hannah Montana does Kesha. It has the same sassy rapping and lyrics of Kesha (with a striking resemblance to 'Tick Tock' at the beginning) the autotuned vocals and the catchy choruses. Although the lyrics (boasting of Miley's prowess with the boys) sound a little inauthentic in this track and the vocals are not the strongest or most mature on the album, it is a fairly fun, energetic pop song that will probably appeal to Miley's younger fans. 6/10

          STAY is a really heartfelt, beautiful ballad showcasing strong, emotive vocals from Miley. At first I wasn't sure about the track as I thought it was a little dreary and generic, but it really grew on me. It is not the most innovative of tracks, but I think that it is Miley's unique vocals that really make the track. 7/10

          SCARS is a bit of a pop rock track that sounds quite similar to Ashlee Simpson, with the husky, aggressive vocals, shouty choruses and rocky beats in the background. It is an OK song but it is a little bit of a background track with nothing exceptional about either lyrics or tune. 5/10

          TAKE ME ALONG is a pop track with faint country and rock influences. It is a really great mid-tempo track with the slow, heartfelt verses of a ballad, yet more energetic, powerful choruses. Despite it not being a million miles away from the stuff Miley was doing before this supposed turnaround in her music, it is definitely one of the stronger tracks on the album. 8/10

          ROBOT is an absolutely brilliant song and one of the definite highlights of the album. As in 'Can't Be Tamed' and 'Liberty Walk', Miley is back giving it attitude as she delivers another confident, feisty track with a message. In this track Miley delivers another protest against those who want to control her, only this time she sounds quite angry as she delivers the lines: "Stop trying to live my life for me,I need to breathe, I'm not your robot. Stop telling me I'm part of this big machine, I'm breaking free, can't you see? I can love, I can speak, without somebody else operating me. You gave me eyes and now I see, I'm not your robot, I'm just me." Miley's aggressive vocals reflect the lyrics well and I think the track is especially poignant given firstly the anger recently directed at Miley for having the cheek to grow up, and secondly because of her recent announcement of her dissatisfaction with the music industry and her decision to take a break from it. Overall this is an energetic, rocky track with a really strong, powerful chorus and lyrics. 10/10

          MY HEART BEATS FOR LOVE is a really good track that finishes this often quite average album off on a high. Although the track sounds like it could very well feature on the soundtrack of one of Miley's teen films with its positive, optimistic message (about not giving up on love) and strong, uplifting choruses, it has a surprisingly mature sound to it and is a great track with beautiful vocals and a really strong chorus. 9/10

          TRACK LIST -
          1. Liberty Walk
          2. Who Owns My Heart
          3. Can't Be Tamed
          4. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
          5. Two More Lonely People
          6. Forgiveness and Love
          7. Permanent December
          8. Stay
          9. Scars
          10. Take Me Along
          11. Robot
          12. My Heart Beats For Love

          'Can't Be Tamed'

          11 out of 12 (All with the exception of 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn')

          BEST TRACK -
          'Can't Be Tamed' or 'Robot'

          WORST TRACK -

          9 out of 12

          Miley's strong, unique vocals.

          Miley doesn't seem to have settled on a style and the album lacks identity and focus. She has some really strong edgy pop tracks, yet she fails to commit to this genre.

          Britney at times; Kesha in one particular track; a more country inspired, vocally powerful Selena Gomez/Hilary Duff/Ashlee Simpson.


          SCORE OUT OF 10 FOR...
          VOCALS - 9
          LYRICS - 7
          VARIATION IN TRACKS - 10
          OVERALL ALBUM - 7
          RECOMMENDED - Yes. Although it is a bit of a mixed bag, the good tracks definitely make it worth a listen!


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            21.08.2010 16:21
            Very helpful



            Enjoyable to listen to

            Miley Cyrus shot to fame when she starred in the hit Disney TV series 'Hannah Montana'. Due to the success of the show, 'Hannah Montana' released two albums under the Disney Records.

            On the back of this, Miley Cyrus then went on to pursue a solo career and signed to Hollywood records. She has recorded 3 albums under Miley Cyrus - 'Breakout', 'The Time of Our Lives' and 'Can't Be Tamed'.

            'Can't Be Tamed' sees Miley Cyrus grow up... but is it too early? Afterall she has only just turned 17. Her first single 'Can't Be Tamed' is about not being able to tame Miley and in her live performances of the track, it sees her simulating a kiss with a female dancer.

            As the current music industry is focusing on electro-pop, Miley has jumped on the bandwagon. The songs are mostly about love surrounded by electro beats. Considering the hype around Miley Cyrus, it was quite surprising not to see her album reach the no. 1 spot in every country. In the US and UK it debuted at no. 8. Evidently she is going to have to work hard if she is going to gain an older fan base.

            There are 3 ballads on the album which show that Miley does have quite a good voice and isn't relying on autotune, but she is singing about things that are older than her years.

            Overall the album is good, but perhaps Miley should stick to her young fan base just for now. This songs on this album are perhaps a little too old for her just now.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Liberty Walk
          2 Who Owns My Heart
          3 Can't Be Tamed
          4 Every Rose Has Its Thorn
          5 Two More Lonely People
          6 Forgiveness And Love
          7 Permanent December
          8 Stay
          9 Scars
          10 Take Me Along
          11 Robot
          12 My Heart Beats For Love
          13 Can't Be Tamed - International Enhancement

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