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Cartel - Cartel

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Hardcore / Artist: Cartel / Import / Audio CD released 2007-08-21 at Epic

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    2 Reviews
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      15.02.2010 13:49
      Very helpful



      Great music, shame there are too many songs

      Cartel's debut self-titled album has a couple of really catchy songs, and I'm going to review each one

      1. The Best

      A soft intro to the album, with nice guitar and great vocals. It's only 1.46 and doesn't have any drums until near the end, but it's a pretty good intro track

      2. Tonight

      The album picks up too a more happy and upbeat track with Tonight. Again, there are brilliant vocals and backing vocals, as there are throughout the album. The guitars are alright, and the drums are very clever. Quite a catchy "emo" song

      3. Lose It

      Possibly the most famous song on the album, I love this song! Everything about this song is amazing, it's very catchy! If you haven't heard Cartel before, this is a great song to get you into them. Slightly repetitive lyrics in the chorus, but they're sung so well it doesn't matter. The guitar in this one is much catchier than in the previous track

      4. No Subject (Come With Me)

      A little bit different to the last song, a slightly Jimmy Eat World style song, and I like Jimmy Eat World, so this is a good thing, although I don't think it's the best song on the album, but it's still pretty good

      5. This Is Who We Are

      Another different style of guitar in the intro and throughout the song, the guitar is better in this song, but not as catchy as Lose It. Better than track 4 but not the best

      6. I Will Hide Myself Away/I Will Follow

      This is another contender for my favourite song of the album right from the start. What makes this song really is the drumming and the backing vocals, and the vocals in the chorus. A great catchy anthem, nice to chill out too. In fact, I have replaced Lose It with this in my playlist, I like it so much. It then blends into the next bonus track, which is not amazing, but bonus tracks never are great. The drumming is still good though.

      7. Wasted

      Again, great drumming, and another slightly different style. The lyrics in this one are clever, as they tell a story. This song is also in my playlist, as it is the first I heard by them and one of my favourites. It has a great catchy chorus and also some different instruments which is good

      8. The Fortunate

      What I like about this album is that each song has a slightly different style, but most of the songs are amazing, this one included! It's hard for me to recommend a certain song because your taste in music might be a bit different to mine, but this one you should look out for

      9. Georgia

      More of a pop-punk, All Time Low style song in this one. It's a good attempt, but it's not quite as catchy as the others, so I wouldn't recommend it. There are good moments, for example the guitar in parts is fantastic, but it's not my favourite song.

      10. If You Do, If You Don't

      As in most albums, it starts to become a little bit boring as it goes through, which is a shame because there are a few great songs on this album, but this one isn't one of them

      11. Lonely One

      Better than the last song, and has some nice guitar. The vocals are starting to become a bit tiresome and the same, but still quite good.

      12. If I Were To Right The Song/Get Through This...

      Much slower, which isn't preferable for me, but if you're not interested in fast music, it's good for you. Lovely guitar, and picks up in the chorus, so a pretty good song, with good vocals again

      13. Wasted Remix

      Completely irrelevant to the album. Doesn't really need to be there. A terrible remix.

      14. Get Away

      This song should be earlier in the album, as it's very good, and should be there to maintain the attention of the listener. Another one to recommend with good talented music.


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        28.07.2008 17:44
        Very helpful



        Not an amazing album, but there are songs on here that are devilishly good.

        This is Cartel's 2nd album, released in 2007 it did far better than their first. The sound is much more upbeat and mature than their first album.

        Track List:
        The Best - 1:46
        Tonight - 3:04
        Lose It - 2:30
        No Subject (Come with Me) - 2:33
        This Is Who We Are - 3:06
        I Will Hide Myself Away/I Will Follow - 6:19
        Wasted - 4:23
        The Fortunate - 2:53
        Georgia - 3:54
        If You Do, If You Don't - 3:19
        Lonely One - 5:33
        If I Were To Write The Song.../Get Through This - 9:39
        Wasted (Remix) [feat. Wyclef Jean] - 3:49


        There are 3 standout songs on this album "Wasted" (the original version), "The Fortunate" and "Lose It".

        "Lose It" is a really upbeat summer track with female vocals, something which is rarely heard separately on Cartel's albums, the lyrics however are about failure and losing everything, which makes the song very interesting, having such a juxtaposition of ideas.

        "The Fortunate" is a heavier song, with serious drum input, it's quite anthem-y with places which are clearly left for people to sing along to and clap with. I'm certain it would do well when played in concert.

        "Wasted" is a very dark song about death but which has latin influence and starts a very upbeat ballroom dance sequance in the middle. It is beautifully written.

        The rest of the album is same-y, Georgia is frankly awful. Much like Chroma, there are musical gems amongst the coal, you just have to seach for it.


        Chroma (their first album) was better in terms of the amount of good songs, but the listenable songs on this album are far better in terms of quality and likeability.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Best
      2 Tonight
      3 Lose It
      4 No Subject (Come with Me)
      5 This Is Who We Are
      6 I Will Hide Myself Away
      7 Wasted
      8 Fortunate
      9 Georgia
      10 If You Do, If You Don't
      11 Lonely One
      12 If I Were to Write the Song
      13 Wasted [Mix] - Cartel, Wyclef Jean

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