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Catalyst - New Found Glory

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Hardcore / Artist: New Found Glory / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2004-05-17 at Universal / Island

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    3 Reviews
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      08.05.2010 10:38
      Very helpful



      A super album, just miss out the odd couple and you have a brilliant album.

      New found glory - Catalyst

      This album was released on island/drive thru records 2004.The cover is all drawn with some weird and wonderful creepy looking images.

      The album contains 16 tracks and has a play time of 50 minutes.

      Intro - I find the intro to the album such a let down, it sounds like such a shambles and such a mess. When you make an intro it is supposed to make you want to listen to find out more. Im sorry but this makes me want to stop the cd straight away. Fast paced shouty uncontrolled ramble. Not impressed.

      However all is not lost!

      All downhill from here- A great guitar intro bring in the vocals with the distinct whine the new found glory complete. This was one of their singles which got this album noticed by new fans. The lyrics and music bind brilliantly in this song. The riff is definitely one to remember. With a slower paced chorus 2.20mins in. One of my favourite songs on the album. It makes up for the poor beginning to the album.

      This disaster - Opens with quite a hard riff, with the vocals coming in slowly. The verses are quite slow compared to the more up beat chorus. Not a bad song to have on the album although I don't really listen too much to this song as there are better.

      Truth of my youth - A song I never listen to because it tries too hard to be like greenday/offspring but isn't pulled off, if the singers voice could actually be deeper and less whiney then it might be better .

      I don't wanna know - The start of this song is very very slow. Kind of blur sounding before the vocals start. The title are the first words to be sung. When the verse starts it is calm and collective. This is carried into the chorus too, making it perfect. A great beat and rhythm played behind the vocals works so well to make this song one of my favourites. One you will learn quickly and one that breaks up the album with its tempo

      Your biggest mistake - Punky heavy intro gets stuck into the verse quickly. Catchy chorus which you will find hard to forget. The verses are definitely ones you can bob around to. A bit of small solo 1minute 50 into the song. Another one of my favourites.

      Doubt full - Nice guitar riff intro to this song, sounding quite distorted. But it kind of fails after this for me. Lyrics I think are weak in this song so by pass it when I listen to the album. And it sounds far to samey.

      Failures not flattering - Probably my favourite song on the album. Great intro, with a heavy ish riff and the lyrics oh the lyrics are great. Its catchy its funky and you will feel good bobbing around to this! 10/10. The chorus matches well to the verses and the vocals and music all blend together brilliantly.

      Over the head below the knees - Don't listen to it unless you like boring monotone lyrics! Its flat, with no real life in it. Disappointing compared to the track before hand.

      Ending in tragedy - A very very slow calm and quiet start. Vocals and the verse are also slow and calm. A nice addition to the album. It's different!!!! Just over a minute in it does liven up for all of 15 seconds before returning to its docile state.

      At least im known for something - Heavy riff intro into the verse and continues through out. But again I don't like it. It just doesn't do what other songs do to you. It seems so familiar but not as good as it could have been. Next!!

      Id kill to fall asleep - Catchy intro riffs. Interesting lyrics which many could relate to so very easily. The chorus is amazing, easy to bounce around to. A hidden gem on the album!

      No news is good news - By now you will have gotten used to the way the songs are sung, and this is no exception. The chorus is just sublime in this song. Easy to learn lyrics mean you will be singing along in no time at all.

      Radio Adelaide - A good strong heavy start to this song. A good song. Not much to say about this one im afraid, just listen to it!!

      Constant static - No comment on this. Have not listened to it enough or barley at all. Sorry.

      Who am I - No comment on this either. Have not listened to it enough or barley at all. Sorry.

      Overall a good album, probably their best although I feel some of the songs could be better, but it does have its gems, which make it worth buying so 4/5


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      13.08.2009 18:16
      Very helpful



      a good punk album

      Catalyst is the fourth studio album from the pop punk band new fond glory. It was released in 2004 and is one of the bands most successful albums, and in my opinion one of their best as well.

      All down hill from here was the first single to be released off the album, it's the second song off the album after the short little intro. Its not my favourite track off the album, it's a bit too slow in parts for my liking however the verses are quite good and the guitar on the track is good, I think the chorus lets it down a bit though.

      Truth of my youth, another single off the album has to be my absolute favourite song off the album, probably my favourite song from the band as well. Its very fast from the start when the guitar and fast drums come in and the instruments carry the actually quite melodic singing all the way through the song, the verses are very good, the chorus is very catchy and it just makes a perfect song.

      Failures not flattering is another one of my favourites off this album, its got a really good opening with the singing coming in straight away, I'm not sure about the little keyboard part after the opening but after that the versus come in and it gets going very well. The chorus is really catchy and sung well as well.

      No news is good news is one of the slower songs off the album, it starts with singing and a very slow guitar strumming track, the drums come in but it still remains quite a slow song even when all the guitars come in. Its just quite a nice relaxing song off an album that is quite fast paced.

      1. Intro
      2. All Downhill From Here
      3. This Disaster
      4. Truth of My Youth
      5. I Don't Wanna Know
      6. Your Biggest Mistake
      7. Doubt Full
      8. Failure's Not Flattering
      9. Over the Head, Below the Knees
      10. Ending in Tragedy
      11. At Least I'm Known For Something
      12. I'd Kill to Fall Asleep
      13. No News Is Good News
      14. Who Am I

      This is simply a great album from a band that are at the top of their genre at the moment, if you like pop punk then these are a band to check


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      20.08.2008 04:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      'Catalyst' is a fine pop punk album which I'd most definitely thoroughly recommend investing in.

      'Catalyst' is a brilliant album from New Found Glory and one with which the bands sound comes blasting out right from the word go. It's the bands fourth studio album and was released through Drive-Thru Records/Geffen back in 2004. The album consists of sixteen tracks which therefore provides for a fantastic 50 minutes of music. The albums introductory track 'Intro' is incredibly hard hitting in its approach, the guitar playing is powerful in its approach whilst the drum sound also is incredibly fast and furious; after the initial explosive introduction the band does however go back to what it does best and puts to record fifteen excellent pop punk anthems.

      The bands front man Jordan Pundik possesses a very distinctive vocal tone, his vocal performance is quite nasal and this is something that you'll either love or hate. Personally I'm a huge fan of his vocal tone and with every passing album his vocal talent just seems to get better and better. After the 'Intro' the first real track we find here is that of 'All Downhill From Here'; it's an excellent track and possesses a highly infectious pop punk chorus also. Despite it's ominous title it's actually an incredibly bouncy and uplifting pop punk track, it's great fun to listen to and really begin the album well here. From here the band then bounces through to 'This Disaster' and this is another absolute highlight from the album. Once more the track is in possession of a hugely effective chorus and it's a great little track to sing along to. Despite a fairly negative title the track is again hugely bouncy and fun to listen to.

      My absolute favourite track from this album has to be seen as 'Failure's Not Flattering'; the track makes great use of synth sound and the vocals are greater than ever in their tone here. The vocals are really cleanly sung out and once more the music is absolutely excellent to sing along to; you can't help but sing along to the track as you listen in fact, the music is highly infectious and never is a dull moment provided. It's a great bit of bouncy fun and every single member of the band does their bit here to make this an exquisitely fine piece of music. The guitar riffs are excellent, instrumentally I fail to find fault with the track actually and vocally also the music always has much to offer. This is my absolute favourite track from the album, there are a couple of others that are excellent also, but for me this is the absolute highlight of the album by far.

      'I Don't Wanna Know' and 'No News Is Good News' are two further favourites of mine from this album and with both of these tracks the band shows itself to be exceptional. Both tracks have brilliant choruses, and the slow pace with which the band progresses through 'I Don't Wanna Know' truly is absolutely excellent to hear. The music is very well worked and always here the bands sound is supremely pleasant to listen to. The music moves along well and both of these tracks really do stand out when listening to the 'Catalyst' album. They're both excellent pop punk tracks and for anyone interested in the genre then I'd definitely recommend listening to them. 'No News Is Good News' has a little more urgency about it than 'I Don't Wanna Know', it's still quite a slow one however and once more the bands reasonably slow tempo comes across incredibly well here.

      'Who Am I' is the track that brings this album to its close and once more it is one of the bands slower efforts from this album. It's a great track to end the album with and one that really does come across powerfully here. It's a fine piece of music and ends the 'Catalyst' album in absolutely fantastic fashion. It's certainly not the best track on the 'Catalyst' album, definitely not a bad one to end it with though and it does sit well as the albums closing effort. The vocals are finely sung out as ever and instrumentally the guitar sound comes across with great bite. The instrumental side of things offers the track a powerful backbone whilst the vocals are light, fluffy, and incredibly approachable. It's an excellent contrast and really does work well here providing for a fine closing three minutes of fun for the album.

      From start to finish this album is packed full of energy and the fine vocal tone of Jordan Pundik is I feel what makes the music stand out so strongly. The bands sound is full of fun and the way that New Found Glory bounces from track to track here always is absolutely excellent to hear. To date I've never found myself disappointed with any album that New Found Glory has released and 'Catalyst' is certainly no exception to this rule. 'Catalyst' is a great pop punk album and if you love the genre or are looking to listen to more bands of this sort then New Found Glory is most definitely one I'd recommend you to put onto your 'to listen to' list. It's not a perfect album, it's certainly pretty good though and so long as you like the vocal tone of Jordan Pundik then you should absolutely love this one. Public pinion seems to be pretty evenly split on the voice of the bands lead vocalist Jordan Pundik; his vocals are a little like Marmite in that you'll either love them or hate them and for that reason I'd recommend trying the music of New Found Glory before you buy. 'Failure's Not Flattering' would be the number one track to sample from this album, others I'd recommend listening to before you commit to a buy would be 'All Downhill From Here' and 'No News Is Good News'; listening to all three of these tracks will give you a good idea of the range of songs available on this album and if you like what you hear then definitely take the plunge and buy this album/download it from a source such as iTunes.

      'Catalyst' can currently be found at Amazon.co.uk for the mere price of £9.98 which makes the album well worth the investment.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Intro (New Found Glory Album)
      2 All Downhill From Here
      3 This Disaster
      4 Truth Of My Youth
      5 I Don't Wanna Know
      6 Your Biggest Mistake
      7 Doubt Full
      8 Failure's Not Flattering
      9 Over The Head, Below The Knees
      10 Ending In Tragedy
      11 At Least I'm Known For Something
      12 I'd Kill To Fall Asleep
      13 No News Is Good News
      14 Radio Adelaide
      15 Constant Static
      16 Who Am I
      17 All Downhill From Here "Making of the Video"

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