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Cbeebies - The Official Album - Cbeebies

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3 Reviews

Artist: Cbeebies / Audio CD released 2002-11-18 at Universal

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    3 Reviews
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      01.05.2010 11:34



      A good kids cd

      Cbeebies is a tv channel for kids with great shows that my kid always watches so I seen this audio compact disc for sale in the bbc shop I was in. I just went right ahead and bought it I was actually in trying to buy planet earth and seen this cd and just had to buy it for my wee one.

      The cd has all the shows favourite songs from bob the builder and postman pat and ballymory and many many more. I love watching my son dancing to this it is just so funny I have so much fun watching my son go crazy. I also put it on when we are travelling in the car it makes that journey at little less stressfull . The only thing is that kids love to just hear their songs over and over again. This for me can be really stresful as it can wreck your head singing and listening to the songs over and over again. Although it is funny when friends come around and we put the cd on to show him dancing it is just so funny I will never get bored of it. A good cd for kids and just as long as you do not over do it you will stay sane.


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      27.03.2010 17:19
      Very helpful
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      A perfect first CD for your little one.

      O.K. This CD had benefits and disdvantages. The benefits are that it contains 27 songs that will have your tots singing, dancing around and wearing themselves out. The disadvantage is that you will go braindead with prolonged exposure to this music.

      I bought this CD box, which is blue and features images of the cbeebies characters, several years ago, and they have since released another very similar CD in a pink box, which I also bought. I would advise buying one or the other, as many of the songs are the same, or very similar on both CDs. The CD box contains 2 discs, the main one with all the songs on, and a second disc containing about 6 songs, which are sung by the cbeebies presenters themselves and are instantly forgettable for the most part! The second disc also doubles up as a compute disc, with extra features such as games and about 3 pop videos for the kids to watch. You need to install quicktime to watch the videos.

      The Cbeebies album is available for £20 on amazon, though I'm sure that cheaper copies are available off ebay. Remember , this is only going to appeal to kids 5 and under, so there must be lots of old copies floating around.

      The CD mainly consists of theme songs from the TV shows, but dissapointingly, some of the songs are not theme tunes, merely supplimentary songs that kids won't be familiar with. I think this was a bad idea and they should have stuck with the main theme songs that everyone knows. I have found the CD really good for kids parties for pass the parcel music, and musical statues music.

      These are the tracks in order:

      1: Bob the Builder-Mambo No 5

      Not the main Bob theme tune, but a song that was a chart hit a few years ago, a humorous take on Lou Bega's song, with builder themed lyrics! A really good dance tune.

      2: Tweenies-Have fun,Go mad!

      Again, this is not the main Tweenies song off TV, but it is fun and funky and kids will recognise the character voices.

      3: Bill and Ben-Flobbadance

      Best avoided. This song will do your head in. Sounds like it is being sung by a drunken yob.

      4: Teletubbies-Say Eh Oh!

      Finally, a theme tune! The title tune to the popular TV show.

      5: Postman Pat-Theme song

      My son used to listen to this track on repeat. I haven't a clue why. I find it a bit dull and cheesy!

      6: Brum- Brum Brum Wiggle

      Not a theme tune, but a carribean themed song, which is ok to dance to.

      7: Spot- theme tune.

      They don't really show this on TV any more so kids may not be familiar with it. Very short track.

      8: Balamory- theme song.

      Good singalong song which features not only the title song, but other songs from the show.

      9: Shiny show- theme

      A medley of all the songs from the show.

      10: Starhill ponies- theme.

      Haven't got a clue what this show is.i've never seen it on Cbeebies.

      11: Storymakers- theme

      Bouncy, jolly tune. Really sweet, with a bit of a rap in it!

      12: Tweenies- theme.

      Get ready to sing alsong. this is a popular one!

      13: Williams wish wellingtons- theme.

      A filler track. Press skip.

      14: Fireman Sam- Theme.

      A song with a message. Thank goodness for fireman Sam!

      15: 64 Zoo lane- theme:

      Repetitive but sweet song about all the animals in the zoo.

      16: Bob the Builder- Theme

      Sung at playgroups all over Britain. if you don't know the words- where have you been?

      17: Balamory mega mix:

      Some of the songs sung by the main characters in the show, Edie, Pc Plum and Josie Jump.

      18: Binka- Theme

      This one scares my kids!

      19: Angel mouse- Theme

      Another unknown show that will have the kids skipping to the next track.

      20: Andy Pandy- theme.

      Not the old puppet show, the new animated version!

      21: Noddy- Noddy in toyland.

      I thought this was on channel 5, not cbeebies!

      22: Step Inside- theme

      Instrumental. Very gentle and very long. this show scares my son to death. Its the one with the talking house!

      23: Come outside- theme

      I always think of nurse Gladys and Arkwright when I hear this song!

      24: Tweenies No 1

      Another poppy song by the tweenies, that they sing in their stage shows.

      25: Bill and Ben- Nuts

      This song is rude and I dont think it should be on a kids CD!

      26: Bill and Ben- Beautiful thing.

      Weed sings this song. It is supposed to be relaxing.

      27: Teletubbies- Lullaby

      A vain attempt to calm the kids down after all that dancing.

      This CD is a must for all parents of under 5s as kids love having their own music CD collection. Hopefylly their tastes will mature as they get older!


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        13.01.2003 22:53



        From the BBC's Cbeebies television series comes a fantastic collection of all the favorite most popular childrens programme theme tunes, recommended to ages 10 and under (although I do enjoy a bit of Bob the Builder myself) this album really encourages children to get down and express themselves, with simple sing a long tunes that can easily be memorised, it really helps kids enjoy themselves and challenges them to join in. It has the ability to help children develop their musical side, which is hugely positive as well as educational but most of all its fun, the tracks on the album include the well known tunes from The Tweenies, Postman Pat, Bill and Ben and The Story Makers, most being the theme song which is fantastic as a child you would because they are instantly recognisable. Bottom line is that I highly recommend this for kids.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Bob The Builder
      2 Tweenies
      3 Bill & Ben
      4 Postman Pat
      5 Brum
      6 Spot
      7 Balamory
      8 Shiny Show
      9 Starhill Ponies
      10 Storymakers
      11 Tweenies
      12 William's Wish Wellingtons
      13 Fireman Sam
      14 64 Zoo Lane
      15 Bob The Builder
      16 Balamory
      17 Binka
      18 Angel Mouse
      19 Andy Pandy
      20 Noddy
      21 Step Inside
      22 Come Outside
      23 Tweenies
      24 Bill & Ben
      25 Bill & Ben
      26 Teletubbies

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