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Chasing Lights - The Saturdays

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21 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: The Saturdays / Audio CD released 2008-10-27 at Polydor Group

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    21 Reviews
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      16.01.2012 22:53



      See review

      I bought this album after their first single "If This Is Love" impressed me. Also, I was happy that two former S Club 8's
      were in the group!

      The Saturdays are five girls that can SING. This sets them apart from bands such as the Spice Girls, who clearly couldn't
      sing. This album is very much a big slice of pop. It's catchy, girly and a lot of fun. The album includes the single "Up",
      which is a stomping tune with a wicked bassline and gorgeous layered vocals. Please note that this is the album version on
      here so it differs a little from the actual single version. It's still a good version, it just has a slightly different
      beat to it. The single "Issues" also appears on here. This is a gorgeous soft ballad from the girls and it shows off the
      amazing vocal ability of Vanessa White. The girls had to change the lyrics on the single version as critics claimed that
      a word in the chorus sounded very much like the word "stab". In fact the word is "slap", if you listen carefully!

      The album itself is a pop album. Although "Work" could pass as more of an RnB song due to it's bassline. I like this album
      though. It's fun to listen to and it's actually quite impressive for a debut.

      I will award this album with five stars. It's a great listen and it's not out of place on my iPod.

      Buy it!


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      29.10.2010 14:10
      Very helpful



      13 great tunes for some pre-party dancing.

      This album is my guilty pleasure!
      For some The Saturdays, a gorgeous five piece, will be nothing more than irritating tweeny pop noise, but I am in no doubt that everyone can hum at least one of their singles (all of which have received top ten status).
      For me, the Saturdays are just the thing I turn too when getting ready for a night out and you need something light and upbeat to get you in the mood to dance!
      This particular album has 13 great songs on, 5 of which have previously been released as singles so there'll be ones for you to sing along too if you've heard them on the radio.
      Initially I only bought the album for these, but after leaving it on to play without constantly skipping through I found some real corkers including 'chasing lights' and 'Lies'.
      The girls not only look lovely on the cover but prove they can sing not only upbeat songs, but also more melodic songs such as 'issues'.
      The Saturdays are a genuine, fun loving band that are suitable for all ears (even little ones who I am sure would enjoy dancing about the beats).
      I thoroughly recommend the album, of course it won't suit everyone's tastes but I find it's great if you want some background noise whilst preparing to hit the town.
      The album lasts a grand total of 46 minutes, and as this was their debut album released in 2009, I am sure that you will be able to source it for a bargain price.
      So come on, embrace the Saturdays.


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        03.08.2010 12:57
        Very helpful



        A great debut from one of the best girlgroups of the moment.

        Girl groups aren't really my thing. I was never really taken by Girls Aloud, the Sugababes have long since lost their spark, and the Pussycat Dolls are merely Nicole and her glorified back-up dancers. When the Saturdays came along, I was sceptical, yet they were slowly able to ebb away at my doubts and after a string of hits, I was compelled to buy their album. It really knocked the air out of my lungs. I was expecting that aside from the singles, it would be a distinctly average set of songs, but astonishingly, their debut is impeccably strong and full of wall-to-wall pop gems. There is something about this group that I find irresistible. Just looking at the stunning cover of 'Chasing Lights', with each of the girls dressed in a different pastel tone, it made me realise how unlike other girl groups, each girl has a distinct charm and appeal to their voice. The group's lead singer, Vanessa, has such an astonishing vocal range and power to her voice, and is well complimented most notably by the more soulful tones of Rochelle and the slightly rockier sounds of Una. As a five-piece, their harmonies sound great together, and if this album is anything to go by - they have a bright future in the industry.

        The record kicks off with 'If This is Love', the group's debut single. It has a great beat to it, which is based on a sample of Yazoo's 1982 hit 'Situation'. There are a lot of synths used in the instrumentation, but it sounds rather refreshing in comparison to the wearying American electro pop trend that seems to have swept the world. The chorus is really addictive, and I love the way the girls voices blend together so well. While admittedly, the lyrics aren't fantastic - in fact, the chorus doesn't really make much sense. "If this is love, then I don't want to know what is" won't really win many poetry prizes, but as just a fun up-tempo pop song, it seems to hit the spot.

        The second track, 'Up' has to-date, been the group's best-selling single. It has an instantly memorable beat, which helps to make it a bit of a bubblegum pop anthem that is easy to sing-a-long to. Laden with a perpetual beeping sound, dramatic synths and ominous lyrics such as: "This is the final call for all destinations/This is where you're in or out/No hesitations, this is not the time for doubts", I have no idea what the song is even about. However, does that really matter when the song is as infectiously catchy as this? It's the definition of addictive. My only real criticism, is that the album edit sounds different to the single mix, and is admittedly rather inferior. However, 99p later, my frustration was soon ended as I bought the single off iTunes (although the pessimist in me does speculate whether this was a clever marketing strategy to shift more downloads).

        The third track of the album 'Keep Her' begins with stuttering synths and a slightly darker sound than the first two bubblegum songs would suggest is the group's sound. The song finally gives the band the bite that they've been needing. While the first two singles were pleasant pop songs, there wasn't ample room to demonstrate personality or much lyrical flare. This track is a defiant, empowering kiss-off song to a cheating lover with a stomping, memorable chorus. "Shut up and read my lips/'Cause boy you make me sick/I've had enough you can keep her, just keep her/'Cause I don't want you." It's a great pop song, but with a bit more of a unique stamp on it, meaning that the girls can be seen as a credible band and not just the purveyors of disposable chart hits.

        The first ballad of the album! 'Issues' is a complete winner, boasting a breezy acoustic sound to it, but a slightly more pop-friendly beat so as to keep it contemporary and to fuel a bit of momentum to the track. "Me and my heart, we've got issues/Don't know if I should hate you or miss you," form part of the memorable chorus, along with the feisty musing of: "Don't know if I should slap you or kiss you." The vocals of the different members of the group really are showcased for the first time on this song. The varying nuances and styles of their vocals shine through - particularly Una's, who as a former-struggling Irish singer-songwriter, sounds perfectly at home with the genre. Just an all round, amazing song.

        I really enjoyed the production on 'Lies', which has a heavier bass and darker beat. Vanessa's she sings in her lower register, along with a distorted-effect, before a more forceful chorus hits. The lyrics speak of a cheating boyfriend, and the moment when you realise you have been manipulated for so long. "All you ever told me, all you ever told me, all you ever told me are lies" is incredibly catchy, and adds a bit of sass to the group. Vanessa's ad-libs towards the end of the song are superb too, allowing for her to simultaneously show some personality and demonstrate vocal prowess. Yet another fantastic pop track.

        'Work' is a sparky electro number, that really was an instant stand-out for me on first listen. The thumping beat, fits in nicely with the husky vocals that Mollie delivers in the verses. As one of the weakest singers in the group, her voice surprisingly fits the song perfectly, before the deliciously catchy chorus hits. "Pick up the pace and step on it, rip up the place if you want it/Work, work, I want to see you work," are instantly memorable lyrics, that I must admit, have become a soundtrack to my daily jogs. The song is easily one of their best, and it astonishes me that it wasn't chosen as the band's first single.

        Interestingly, one of their fans' favourite tracks from the group never made it to being a single. The title track, 'Chasing Lights' is a synthy ballad that has fresh production that never detracts from the stunning vocal performances on the song. Vanessa takes the lead vocal and provides an emotionally-charged, soaring delivery that really explores her upper vocal register. "I've been doing this my way/Your way/Our way/I can't make it work/This game we're playing has to stop," she sings desperately, before launching into the uplifting chorus of: "I don't want to waste another day/I don't want to live my life this way." It's truly an outstanding track that I may go as far to say is the best on the album.

        The production on 'Set Me Off' combines a bouncy pop beat with slightly coarse sounding, frantic acoustic guitars. At times the beat does sound like someone has pressed demo on a keyboard, so I'm glad that a more organic sounding instrument was also used on the track. I feel conflicted with the song, as it is the first real dip in quality after seven killer songs. While the chorus is a complete earworm, irrestibly catchy, the entirely generic and nonsensical lyrics do bring it down for me. Is it an angry break-up song? Is it about sexual desire? Is it about falling in love? We already have vague yet dramatic lyrics for 'Up', another song like it overfills the quota. It's a shame, as it's ridiculously catchy in terms of melody, but it seems too generic for me.

        A gentle piano and simple finger clicking production adorn the emotionally tender ballad, 'Fall'. Girl group ballads always fill me with fear. They either lack in emotion or are dripping with tired clichés. However, this song really breaks the mould. Una takes the first verse and as the most emotive and unique vocalist, this quiet track suddenly grabs your attention. "So fall out my head, out of my heart/Then when you hit the ground, you'll be sorry that I'm not around," goes the chorus, as the lyrics speak about finding the strength to walk away from a lover who doesn't treat you right, before concluding: "I'll be on the top, just watching you fall." At around the 2:20 mark, the song gains some momentum and has some gorgeous harmonies from the group, but thankfully, there is never the gushing key change, so the song remains restrained and credible. This song also scores points for the genius line: "I let you into my head, into my bed - and that's a privilege!". Yet another of my favourites.

        'Vulnerable' has a choppy beat, a haunting flute and the addition of guitar. The lyrics are about someone who wears the façade of being tough, but underneath, they are crying out to be loved. The harmonising on the chorus is fantastic, and adds a lot of gusto to the song. There are also tender moments in the bridge where Rochelle sings "I'm trying to love like I've never been hurt", using more of her upper register. It's more of a grower, but still, undeniably fun.

        The euphoric production on 'Why Me, Why Now' makes it an utterly up-lifting mid-tempo number. The swirling synths and the Supremes-inspired backing vocals, make it such a feel-good song. The chorus is about being scared to succumb to love's charms, sung with beautiful harmonies from the group. Again, the lyrics aren't going to be winning any awards but there are glimpses of uniqueness in lines such as: "Don't go feeding the fire, when it's slowing burning you."

        The final track is the Wideboys Remix of 'Up', which has the stomping beat amplified and rapid-fire verses. It's not an improvement on the original, but the momentum that it adds to the track makes it the perfect song to work-out to - or if you've played the original to death, it gives you a fresher version of the track to listen to. It should be noted that if you have the 2009 re-release of the album, then you'll be lucky enough to have girls' comic relief cover of Depeche Mode's 'Just Can't Get Enough'. Ridiculously camp, over-the-top and incredibly catchy... it's pure, distilled fun.

        For any pop artist, this is a fantastic debut. The girls have clearly established themselves as pop singers, who aren't attempting to be anything they are not. Thankfully, they are all proficient vocalists, with three of them particularly standing out. While admittedly, in the second half of the album, there is less personality, there is still a distinct level of sass and attitude to make them not just the latest generic product to come off the girl group conveyor belt. Currently fluctuating between the £2.80-£4.99 mark on Amazon, this is an utter bargain for pop fans. If you're looking for something deep and introspective, then this album isn't for you. But if you just want pure, undiluted pop fun, then there are few albums released in the past two years that can rival 'Chasing Lights' for pop brilliance.


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          25.06.2010 01:07
          Very helpful



          Definitely some fillers, but the good tracks are girly pop at its best!

          In 2009 something terrible happened to shake the world of pop music. Something shocking. Something completely unprecedented. People took to mourning, young girls and boys refused to leave their homes, CD racks stood forlornly waiting to be reconciled once again with a much loved band that may never again come their way...

          Do I exaggerate? Erm, well... yes. But that doesn't change the fact that, in 2009, when Girls Aloud announced that they were going on a year-long break to pursue their solo careers, there was some sadness in the world (a little bit, surely?) and, inevitably, a big gaping gap left in the pop market. Luckily for myself and any fellow girl band fans, new band on the scene The Saturdays were only too happy to fill it.

          I suppose it is unfair on The Saturdays - who have been dubbed "Girls A-lite" - to make this all too obvious connection with their rival girl band. I mean, they are almost entirely different. The Saturdays are a glamorous and beautiful five piece girl band who were formed through a series of auditions, consist of four English girls and an Irish girl, and produce quality upbeat pop songs, and Girls Aloud are... oh, wait, scrap that! They are practically the same band, aren't they?

          Luckily for The Saturdays, however, being compared to one of the most successful girl bands in UK chart history is never going to be a bad thing, and The Saturdays - who came on to the music scene at just the right time to fill a Girls Aloud shaped hole and keep all us pop princesses going - have proved that they can more than live up to the hype.

          The Saturdays - made up of Irish Una, ex S Club Juniors Frankie and Rochelle, lead singer Vanessa and Sienna Miller lookalike Mollie - stormed on to the scene in multi-coloured tights in 2008 and almost immediately got one of the best gigs in the world of pop; supporting Girls Aloud themselves on their Tangled Up Tour. They then released their first single, 'If This Is Love', shortly followed by this debut album. Pop princess everywhere rejoiced... or so I would like to believe. I, for one, felt that it was going to be a good year for pop!

          Anyway, for all my comparisons between The Saturdays and their predecessors Girl Aloud, I was actually struck by a slight difference in the sounds of the two bands on my first listen of this album, something that I wasn't expecting. While both bands have opted for fun, fresh, upbeat pop, The Saturdays have gone for a tougher, dancier, more mainstream sound, while Girls Aloud are a bit quirkier, edgier and upbeat. Also, on the whole, I would say that The Saturdays' vocals are a touch stronger, with at least four members of the band actually being able to sing very well.

          I would have to say, were I to make a judgement between the two, that, in my opinion, Girls Aloud are, on the whole, better than The Saturdays. It may be just me but Girls Aloud just seem to have that bit more personality, a bit more interest about them and a quirkier, more unique style of music. However, although Girls Aloud do have an edge, that does not diminish from The Saturdays' talent or success. The album is a bit of a mixed bag with a few too many fillers, but there are real glimpses of what they have to offer on this pretty impressive debut album.

          Furthermore, while Girls Aloud have had time to perfect their image and sound over the years and have had opportunities to work with the best song writers in pop, The Saturdays are a younger, fresher band, and are still just starting out (this album was released only 14 months after the girls getting together). Bearing this in mine, this debut album certainly seems very promising, and I think that the girls have a very bright future ahead of them. And I, for one, am just happy, at this time when true, pure pop music stands on shaky ground, to see someone - or rather five people - still merrily waving the flag for good, quality pop music. Dressed in fluorescent tights.

          Now let me run through the album...

          IF THIS IS LOVE is the first song on the album and The Saturdays' first ever single. It is a pretty catchy track which apparently samples Yazoo's dance single, Situation, a song that I have actually never heard of. It's a fairly good synthesised pop-dance track with a strong chorus, but the lyrics are quite standard, as with most dance songs. 6/10

          UP was the girls' second single and is their best selling single to date, and it is easy to see why. This is a really unique, upbeat, catchy, synthesised pop track with great vocals and it was played constantly at the time of its release. I think this was the song that really caught the public's attention as it was so different from most of the stuff that was in the charts at the time. Pure pop at its best! 10/10

          KEEP HER is a bit of a filler, which is surprising as it comes so early on the album. It has an angry, feisty feel to it, which is a change of direction for this otherwise upbeat, chirpy album, but, despite the assertive lyrics and strong beat, it has quite a weak chorus and never seems to get going properly. 6/10

          ISSUES was The Saturdays' third single and again marks a different direction for the girls as it is a mellow ballad with delicate vocals and music. It is an OK song but nothing special, and the lyrics are a bit weak: "Me and my heart we got issues, don't know if I should hate you or miss you." A little bit cheesy. The tracks redeeming feature is the good vocals it showcases though. 5/10

          LIES is another angry sounding track which is accompanied by the usual strong, synthesised beats that are ubiquitous on this album. It is quite a unique pop song with a bit of a darker, edgier feel to it and a strong pop chorus. 7/10

          WORK was the girls' fourth single and it is a great dance track with a strong beat, great assertive vocals and a very catchy, strong chorus. It is another unusual feisty pop song with an edge. 9/10

          CHASING LIGHTS is sort of a ballad as far as the verses go, but it does have a strong beat and catchy chorus. It is quite mellow with a dreamy feel to it and the vocals are very emotive and expressive. 8/10

          SET ME OFF is one of my favourite songs on the album. From the beginning, I love the funky (how I hate that word), synthesised, strong beats in the backing track, and when the chorus kicks in it is just a truly great pop track. Again it is quite an edgy, feisty song with tough, almost aggressive vocals. 10/10

          FALL starts off with a delicate piano backing track, leading on to a whimsical verse and chorus. It is fairly weak; a standard pop ballad that doesn't really get going. The only good thing about it is that the girls, particularly Vanessa, have a talent for making their vocals sound really genuine and full of emotion. Still not worth listening to a fairly bland track for that, though! 6/10

          VULNERABLE is probably my least favourite song on the album. It is another feisty track with a powerful backing track of synthesised beats, but both versus and chorus are weak and it is overall pretty unmemorable. 3/10

          WHY ME, WHY NOW is a pure, fast moving pop song with a strong backing track and an upbeat, catchy chorus. It is lighter and more upbeat than some of the more aggressive, edgy tracks and is a nice feel good ending to this album. 8/10

          The last track on the album is a WIDEBOYS REMIX EDIT OF UP. They used to always throw these remixes on to the end of pop albums in the 90s and this is just like all the ones before them: pointless, overlong and blatantly only included to fill up a bit of album space. It's pretty much the same track only with stronger beats and a bit faster, and really if I wanted to listen to a version of 'Up' again I would just go back to the beginning of the album again for the better version. 4/10

          TRACK LIST -
          1. If This Is Love
          2. Up
          3. Keep Her
          4. Issues
          5. Lies
          6. Work
          7. Chasing Lights
          8. Set Me Off
          9. Fall
          10. Vulnerable
          11. Why Me, Why Now
          12. Up - Wideboys Remix Edit

          'If This Is Love', 'Up', 'Issues' and 'Work'

          BEST TRACK-

          WORST TRACK-

          NUMBER OF GOOD SONGS- 8 out of 12

          ALBUM UNIQUE SELLING POINT- This album is unashamedly a collection of pure pop; however the pop is feistier and edgier than a lot of pop out there. The vocals are also particularly good for a girl band with lots of feeling and emotion behind them.

          ALBUM NEGATIVES - The lyrics are very weak; they are pretty standard and present no new ideas or even any quirky catchphrases like Girls Aloud. There are also too many fillers.

          SOUNDS MOST SIMILAR TO - Girls Aloud. Did you guess I was going to say that? As I said, though, there are definite differences between the sounds of the two bands and this album is on the whole feistier, less upbeat and also less quirky than Girls Aloud.


          SCORE OUT OF 10 FOR...
          VOCALS- 9
          LYRICS- 4
          OVERALL ALBUM- 6.5

          RECOMMENDED- Yes. It is not the best album in the world (and their second one is better) but if you are needing a bit of a pop fix in the absence of Girls Aloud, this is a good one to go for. While there are several weak tracks, the good ones definitely do make it worth a listen.


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            02.03.2010 19:49
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            The ballads are quite waring, but the singles are worth a listen

            I decided to buy this CD as part of the 2 for £10 deal in HMV, alongside another CD which I can't remember the title of now! I'd heard of The Saturdays when they supported Girls Aloud on tour last year, and thought I'd give their CD a try.

            Who are The Saturdays?

            The Saturdays are a British girl band, producing music for the pop genre. They came to fame in 2008, and the five members are Frankie, Vanessa, Una, Mollie and Rochelle. They are signed to Fascination Records, which is a branch of Polydor.

            Frankie Sandford found fame in 2002 as a member of S Club Juniors (which later became S Club 8). According the the band's website, she has been "waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along", and this was meant to be it.

            Vanessa White attended the famous Sylvia Young Theatre school - like most other successful performers have done. The band bio on their website states that she has been in a number of West End Shows, including the Lion King.

            Una Healey is a singer/song-writer from Ireland, who started her career in a rock band. After recording a solo album, she went on to join The Saturdays.

            Mollie King was perhaps the least successful member before the band, because although she was part of several girl bands, none of their music ever hit the stage.

            Rochelle Wiseman started out as a child actress and was also a member of S Club Juniors, alongside Frankie. When S Club Juniors flopped, Rochelle presented programmes like Smile on CBBC.

            On 27 July 2008, the girls released their first single If This is Love, which reached number 8 in the official UK singles chart. This was followed by the release of Up in October, which did slightly better, getting to number 5. The girls are now on their second album, Wordshaker, which was released in 2009.

            Chasing Lights

            Their debut album, Chasing Lights, was released on 27 October 2008. It got to number 9 in the UK album chart.

            It was re-released in March 2009, following the success of their Comic Relief single, Just Can't Get Enough. The track was added to the re-released album.

            The CD I have is the original, so I won't review Just Can't Get Enough. Here is a breakdown of all the songs.

            1. If This is Love

            Length: 3'22"

            If This is Love was the first track that I had ever heard the girls perform, and when I saw them live I have to say I wasn't all that impressed. I didn't think they could hold their notes very well, and the overall performance was a little clumsy. However, the studio version of this song is much better. The song features a sample from Yazoo song Situation, which was released in the early 80s. It reached number 8 in the UK singles chart, and stayed in the charts for seventeen weeks. It tells the story of a couple who are having relationship problems, and debating whether it is better to be in love to go their separate ways.

            2. Up

            Length: 4'04"

            Up was the second single to be released from Chasing Lights. It reached number 5 in the UK singles chart, and was still in the top 75 at the beginning of April. Up received a better reception than If This is Love, which I think is probably well deserved.

            The lyrics for this song are a little confusing, though it seems as though they are telling someone they are going to improve their lives and get to the top of where they want to be, and if the person in question can't handle that, they will go it alone and leave them behind. I personally think this song is an improvement on If This is Love.

            3. Keep Her

            Length: 3'04"

            Keep Her is totally different from The Saturdays' songs that you'll hear on the radio. The sound is quite edgy, a little bit like a cross between La Roux's synthesised/electronic sound and Destiny's Child-esque vocals. As for lyrics, as the name suggests, the song is about a girl who's been cheated on or who's partner was playing her off against someone else from the very beginning. The girls sing "I've had enough so just keep her, just keep her, 'cause I don't want you."

            I see this track as being one that gives strength to women who've been treated badly - enough to get the "waste of space" man out of their lives and to start living again.

            4. Issues

            Length: 3'36"

            Issues was the third single to be released from Chasing Lights. Before the song was released, the girls were forced to re-record the lyrics, as many radio stations though the girls said "stab you or kiss you" in the song, when really they are singing "slap you or kiss you". Fearing that their song would promote violence, the girls changed the words to "leave you or kiss you" for the radio edit, though the album version I have remains "slap you or kiss you".

            When the song was finally released, it reached number 4 in the UK singles chart, and remained in the chart for eleven weeks since its release in December 2008.

            5. Lies

            Length: 3'55"

            Lies takes a far more chilled out/relaxed tempo. I believe it is either Frankie or Vanessa that initially takes on the role of lead singer, but either way the first verse only uses about three or four notes, which makes it sound a little monotonous.

            When the other girls join in for the chorus, the song almost takes on a gospel-like persona, giving it far more depth and grabbing your interest which may have waned in the first instance.

            Those of you who remember and liked listening to groups like Eternal will like the vibe that this track gives off.

            6. Work

            Length: 3'12"

            Work was the last single to be released from this album before the new material was released.

            The song is instantly recognisable as a track by The Saturdays, but it is nowhere near as catchy as If This Is Love and Up. It's not very good for dancing to either, but still worth a listen I think, so that you can make your own mind up about the track.

            7. Chasing Lights

            Length: 4'03"

            Chasing Lights, the title track, lacks the strength that one might imagine a title track would hold, but that's not to say that I don't actually like the song. I think it really shows off the girls' vocal abilities, as the lyrics are set in a high octave, yet they all seem to be at ease singing those notes - though I'd like to point out I'm not naive enough to believe that they weren't helped by thousands of pounds worth of digital gadgetry in the studio!

            I like the message that this song gives - "I don't want to waste another night
            I don't want to keep on chasing lights, so go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, bye bye."

            Again it seems to be another "he's a b******, get him out your life" approach, obviously a theme that was running through the minds of the girls and/or their songwriters at that time.

            8. Set Me Off

            Length: 3'03"

            Set Me Off could definitely be seen as a sister song to Up - the electronic-style is very similar, maybe a tad faster, with a bit of guitar bunged in at the start to throw you off the scent a bit.

            I can imagine this song being performed by somebody like Rihanna - which I suppose is quite high praise as she is a very successful artist who's music is rarely out of the charts.

            9. Fall

            Length: 3'38"

            Fall is definitely the most ballad-y track on the album. For those of you who've watched Glee or heard of it in passing, it sounds very similar to the cast's version of Bust Your Windows, not only because of the backing track and the accompanied clapping, but also the similarity between the vocals of Una from The Saturdays and Glee's Amber Riley.

            Again, you've guessed it, it's another "you did me wrong track", and I think for this reason it seems weak and repetitive. Whether it is because the Saturdays are so young and haven't got much else to write about, or they just feel they know enough about heartache to keep writing about it, I don't know, but I do know after several other tracks that sit along the same vein it gets very tedious.

            10. Vulnerable

            Length: 4'08"

            Now the title of this track really put me off, as I was expecting yet another song about being treated badly/cheated on/the same as many of the other tracks on the album, but the fact that this song has a really unique sound stopped me from wanted to turn the CD player off.

            The backing track is weirdly chirpy for the subject matter, with a touch of Indian and American Indian influence in terms of the types of instruments used (or imitated by the studio). There is what sounds like a violin/sitar style instrument, as well as a pipe instrument that reminds me of pan pipes. The guitar is also very similar to that in Work.

            I won't comment too much on lyrics, as they are all "I let you in, now I'm broken", much like the other tracks of that nature.

            11. Why Me, Why Now

            Length: 3'41"

            The tempo is raised again for Why Me, Why Now, which cheered me up a bit as it suggested I wouldn't have to listen to another, rather forgettable track.

            The chorus is another example of how each of the girls' voices complements the others, but I'd imagine that they might have trouble reaching some of the lower notes in the verses in a live setting - obviously not a criticism of the sound produced for the album, but it does make you wonder if that can really sing like that live.

            The electronica sound is once again relied upon heavily, but I do like the affect they achieve, like a party at the telephone exchange.

            12. Up (Wideboy's Radio Edit)

            Length: 3'01"

            This version of Up is a Wideboy's Radio Edit. I quite like it as you can tell the difference from the original - something that is not always easy to do. It's a popular club favourite in my area, and lots of my friends love dancing to it when it comes on.

            My opinion

            Having seen the girls support Girls Aloud last year, at the time I felt the band were purely trying to be a clone of Girls Aloud, and that they had no chance of success. However, time has proved me wrong as I have begun to really like their music, and the girls have achieved a lot in such a short time. It surprised me as I'm sure it did a lot of people when the girls were given the opportunity to perform this year's Red Nose Day single, but I think this just goes to show how far they have come and how popular they are now.
            I would recommend the album, as it is full of pop-tastic tunes that will get you dancing, and it would be the perfect soundtrack when you are getting ready for a girl's night out. It does have the odd slow song which lets the album down a bit, but I think once you've listened through it you'll be able to make your own mind up about it and will therefore know which tracks to remove from your iTunes.

            I am glad that I bought this CD whilst it was in the 2 for £10 deal, as I think I might have felt a little bit cheated by the amount of songs based on the same subject matter, which all sound very similar as a result. Having said that, I feel that the quality of the upbeat songs and those that were released as singles mean that it is definitely worth a listen.

            *Also published on Ciao.com*


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              12.09.2009 01:53



              A must have for pop fans!

              I first saw The Saturdays when I went to see Girls Aloud play live at Warwick Castle & they were supporting. At the time, they were virtually unknown, however after hearing them I definetly thought they had the potential to be pretty big especially with the lack of girls bands out there.

              So know a year later they are household names all because of the singles released from this their debut album. It features their debut "If This Ain't Love" as well as "Up", "Issues" & "Work". Also featured is their version of "I Just Can't Get Enough" which was also this year's single for comic relief. But apart from the catchy singles we've all heard, how does the rest of the album compare?

              Well I've had a good chance to listen to this album a number of times now & I've got to say that's it's a solid debut showing that the girls could definetly have a long & successful career. There's a good mixture of fast uptempo tracks as well as slower ballads. Some of the songs are growers & as a result will take a few listens to get.

              If you like what you've heard from the band so far then definetly go out & buy this album as it's full of more of the same goodness, you definetly won't be disappointed.


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              07.08.2009 20:02
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Fantastic debut album

              The Saturdays burst onto the music scene last year with the ever popular single 'If this is love', since then they have had a bestselling album which I am reviewing and have released a number of singles from it. The Saturdays consist of 5 girls; Frankie, Rochelle, Una, Mollie and Vanessa. You may recognise the first two as they used to be in S Club 8, many many years ago, don't let this put you off though as they have grown up and are producing great music. Please note this review is for the original version of this album and not for the re-release which also contains the Comic Relief single 'I just cant get enough'.

              Track 1-If this is love (3 minutes 23 seconds)
              As earlier stated this was the girls debut single which shot them to stardom. The song has good beat and rhythm and the lyrics are very catchy. The song refers to a confused relationship whereby the girls are asking what the relationship actually is. It reached number 8 in the UK top 40. The song was sampled on the 1982 hit by Yazoo 'Situation'. 8/10

              Track 2-Up (4 minutes 7 seconds)
              Again, this track has a distinctive and catchy beat. The song is quite repetitive and is very easy to get stuck in your head! This was the second release from the album and proved to be very popular reaching number 5 in the UK singles. Popular garage artists The Wideboys did a remix of this song for the girls which appears on the album, track number 12. 8/10

              Track 3-Keep Her (3 minutes 4 seconds)
              I really love this song, I especially like the opening music and opening vocals as I find them very catchy. The song refers to a cheating man and the girls basically telling him where to go. It is a real feel good song and has a good beat and rhythm. Certainly one of my favourite songs on the album. 9/10

              Track 4-Issues (3 minutes 37 seconds)
              This is one of the slower songs on the album and was released by the girls as a single in January 2009. Proving ever popular the girls reached number 4 in the UK charts with this song. The song is based on a rocky relationship where the girl cannot decide whether to stay with the man or leave him. The quieter backing music is more subtle in this song and it highlights the girls vocal skills very well. Brilliant song, another favourite on the album. 9.5/10

              Track 5-Lies (3 minutes 55 seconds)
              Back to the more bassy songs with more beats. At the beginning of this song I do believe that the music slightly overpowers the girls voices but once the chorus is hit the girls vocals get louder and it progresses into a very good and another catchy song. The song refers to a man who has been lying and how the girl feels about it. The vocals in this song are used well to highlight the rhythm of the music. 8/10

              Track 6-Work (3 minutes 13 seconds)
              This was the most recent release from the album, and although I believe it to be a good song I feel there are others on the album which would have proved more successful for the girls. The single peaked in the 20s in the UK chart. Again, the song has a catchy rhythm and the girls vocals complement this providing a good piece of music. It talks about men having to work hard in order to be with the girls. 7/10

              Track 7-Chasing Lights (4 minutes 3 seconds)
              This is a much slower song and at this point in the album works very well for slowing things down and having a bit of a rest. The song is of course titled the same as the album and refers to a girl chasing dreams and not quite getting what she wants, she reveals that she doesn't want to live her life how she is and I'm pretty sure it is referring to a relationship. Again, the song has a good beat however it is much slower and calmer and shows off all of the girls vocal skills very well. 9/10

              Track 8-Set me off (3 minutes 3 seconds)
              This song has a good beat and has a kind of garage feel to it. Although the tempo is faster and the rhythm has taken on a quicker pace again this song shows off the girls vocal skills well. The chorus is very catchy and I often find myself singing it over and over after listening to the album! 8/10

              Track 9-Fall (3 minutes 38 seconds)
              This is one of the slower tempo songs on the album and is one of my favourites. The music is headed by individual piano notes and in places the song is similar to Delta Goodrems music. The song discusses being mistreated by a man and in turn leaving the man who will be sorry now he is alone. Firm favourite. 9/10

              Track 10-Vulnerable (4 minutes 8 seconds)
              The song opens with a very catchy beat and in turn brilliant vocals which complement the music perfectly. The song refers to how vulnerable the singer is even though she seems tough on the outside. The chorus has all the girls singing at once and this is very strong and sounds great. 9/10

              Track 11-Why Me, Why Now (3 minutes 41 seconds)
              This is one of my favourite songs on the album as it has a brilliant beat and rhythm. Although it has a good heavy beat I would describe this song as perfect pop. Its certainly one of my favourites on the album and is great to have a sing song to! I especially enjoy the verses as the girls voices sound amazing. 9/10

              Track 12-Up (Wideboys Remix) (3 minutes 1 second)
              This is the same song as track 2 however it has a much heavier beat and has a garage feel to it. One criticism is that if listening to the album again it is slightly close to the original, making it slightly tedious. 8/10

              I absolutely love this album and have no question of rating it as my personal favourite album of 2008! It is one of those albums which you can easily listen to the whole way through and not get bored. I do believe that a number of the songs do sound similar on the album but I think this just aids the perfect run through of the album. I often listen to this album for a good 2 hours at a time because I drive long distances and I think its a brilliant album. It is very pop orientated but it is sort of grown up pop due to the rhythm, music and vocals. I would recommend this album to absolutely anyone who likes pop music or likes any of the girls singles. I bought my version for £6.97 back in November, the re-released version is now available for £4.99 at play.com. Its definitely worth the money!


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                06.08.2009 13:10
                Very helpful
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                If you like Girls Aloud and Sugababes, then you'll love this.

                This album is just good fun. Forget all those people saying we don't need music like this in the charts - it doesn't claim to be serious, meaningful music designed to change the world. It's a good, old fashioned pop riot!

                It was originally released in 2008, but was re-released in March 2009 and the reissue included their Comic Relief song, the cover of "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode. That version has 13 songs on it:

                If This Is Love
                Keep Her
                Chasing Lights
                Set Me Off
                Why Me, Why Now
                Just Can't Get Enough (Radio Mix)
                Up (Wideboys remix edit)

                All of the songs are sung beautifully, with lyrics that veer between confident and sassy, to tender and sorrowful. It is mainly electro-pop, with a lot of throbbing beats, but the guitars are obvious as well sometimes, particularly on the successful single from the album, "Issues", which is easily the best ballad on the album.

                My personal favourites from the album were "If This is Love", "Work" and the title track "Chasing Lights". The album does have a couple of low moments - "Lies" is a bit slow and generally unmemorable, it also suffers from following "Issues". The combination of two slow songs like that together seems to weigh the album down a little after the killer opening. "Vulnerable" sounds a little bit like Liberty X when it was all going wrong for them.

                Generally speaking though, it's a great album and mixes the best of American R&B with influences of Girls Aloud and Sugababes too.

                I love the cover art. It features a plain grey background with the five girls sitting on steps, looking great. The only colour apart from grey on the front cover is on the outfits the girls are wearing, a different colour each which makes the CD stand out vibrantly.

                Oh, and personally I think they do a great job of the Depeche Mode cover!


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                  25.07.2009 11:54



                  I would definitely recommend this to all pop fans.

                  First thing to say is if you are looking to buy this there are two versions: the original 2008 release and the 2009 re-release. I've got the re-release and the only difference that I know of is that it includes Just Can't Get Enough, which although a cover is a great cover. If you like Girls Aloud then you'll love the Saturdays, they also have a Rachel Stevens sound about them as well. Albums can often disappointing but this one is not - it is very listenable all the way through (even the ballads which I don't usually enjoy). The best songs are Up and Work but they all make you want to sing along. In total there are 7 "up-beat" songs and 5 ballads. It's only a minor point but if you like to buy the CD rather than download it then there is one nice little feature - rather than just the usual production rubbish - the booklet that comes in the CD includes a thank you written by each of the band members.


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                  16.07.2009 19:52



                  quite good album

                  I got this album from my husband as a present and i absalutely love it .These girls have done an amazing job putting together this album they managed to put together a collection of good songs ,and i must admit that the song that i think stands out the most for me is "issues" ,my God that is a brialliant song and it is because of that song that i actully got to know them ,beautiful tune girls keep it up,this song issues touches my heart sometimes it makes me cry when i am listening to it it has a good message.The rest of the songs are okey but not as good as that my number one favorate issues.these girls have good amazing voices and i also love their out fit ,keep it up girls for putting together this album of amazing beatiful songs that have songs that have touched my heart and that of others


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                  20.06.2009 10:56
                  Very helpful



                  Debut from the newest girl band on the scene

                  Girl group, The Saturdays just seemed to arrive on the scene unannounced. Two of the girls had previously been in the mini S Club group S Club 8 but otherwise they just seemed to appear from nowhere. Although they were formed in 2007, chart success didn't arrive until 2008 when their debut single, If This is Love made the top ten and the debut album Chasing Lights soon followed. Notably, the girls had supported Girls Aloud on their 2008 tour and it's therefore not surprising that their look, sound and popularity are generally credited to Girls Aloud.

                  Chasing Lights is a pleasant enough debut. In a chart dominated by novelty acts, rock legends and 'groundbreaking new artists', it comes as something of a relief to find something as superficial and unpretentious as this disc. Arranged across twelve tracks (thirteen if you account for the re-issued version), it's hard to find anything to dislike about this album, although, conversely, it's pretty hard to find anything to get particularly worked up about either.

                  The production is safe and simple; a selection of mid-tempo pop songs with an occasional ballad thrown in for good measure. None of the producers or song writers are particularly renowned or famous (well, at least not to me anyway), which is not necessarily a bad thing. It would have been very easy, for example, for the girls to go down the Xenophobia route and copy the Girls Aloud package. The only notable song writing credits go to Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet from 80s group Yazoo, due only to a significant sample used in one of the tracks. The overall sound is therefore relatively fresh, upbeat and light but it lacks anything that makes it distinctively 'something' There's something unquestionably recognisable about a Girls Aloud song, partly due to the vocals and partly due to the production. Pretty much every track on Chasing Lights could be recorded by any other faceless young female vocalist.

                  They've an eye to dance floor, but never really unleash this side of things on the album. All four singles released to date, for example, have undergone fairly meaty remixes for the clubs, usually from the Wideboys, but this is credited almost as a footnote with the inclusion of a bonus track at the end of the album (the Wideboys remix of Up). This strikes me as a wasted opportunity, but is likely to progress further in much the same way that a happy hardcore remix of pretty much every Girls Aloud song is now almost essential with every single release.

                  The four singles (soon to be five) are reasonably strong advertisements for the album's consistent sound. The opener, If This Is Love, is a melodic catchy pop tune that benefits from the ongoing obsession with all things 80s-related with its instantly recognisable Yazoo sample. The follow-up, Up (ironically) is arguably a better song and has a slightly meatier feel to it. Third single, the ballad Issues was a bit of a surprise to me. The song always struck me as one of the blander tracks on the album, replete with its rather self-pitying vocal and wishy-washy arrangement, but it a struck a chord with the general public and went on to be a top ten hit. Interestingly, the album version had to be slightly re-recorded for the single release as the line 'don't know whether I should slap you or kiss you' sounded too much like 'stab you or kiss you' (and it does) for the knife-crime sensitive censors at Radio 1.

                  The fourth single (a cover of, you guessed it, 80s classic Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode) wasn't originally on the album, but the success of the first three singles resulted in the Saturdays being chosen to record the song for Comic Relief. A re-release of the album was then hastily arranged to include this track. It's reasonably competent cover version, albeit with a song that can't really go wrong, although most will agree that the original has something that just can't be re-created. The fifth/next single (Work) is probably the strongest track on the album, although the law of diminishing returns all but guarantees it will sell the fewest copies. It's a reasonably funky, uptempo number that will almost certainly get better when remixed, but is probably the ballsiest thing they've released to date.

                  Otherwise, the rest of the album follows the same safe formula. None of the tracks really exceeds four minutes (a respective nod to the attention span of your average fifteen year-old) nor do any of them have even the faintest whiff of something edgy or experimental. That aside, there is something rather likeable about these girls and Chasing Lights is a solid, consistent debut that sits well with pretty much any mood. It's all unquestionably feminine though - I'm surprised that the album isn't sponsored by Maybelline or GHD - and this is probably where the Saturdays have forced themselves into a niche. This is a girl band almost primarily for young girls, with none of the bite or personality that has helped propel Girls Aloud into cross-gender, multi-age group mainstream success. All eyes will be on the second album, which promises a more mature sound and, of course, by then, five singles might have guaranteed some more recognised producers and song writers.

                  Track Listing (Re-issued album)
                  1. "If This Is Love"
                  2. "Up"
                  3. "Keep Her"
                  4. "Issues"
                  5. "Lies"
                  6. "Work"
                  7. "Chasing Lights"
                  8. "Set Me Off"
                  9. "Fall"
                  10. "Vulnerable"
                  11. "Why Me, Why Now"
                  12. "Just Can't Get Enough" (Radio Mix)
                  13. "Up" (Wideboys Remix Edit)


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                    14.06.2009 12:28
                    Very helpful



                    Debut album from the latest girl group on the block

                    On a certain forum I used to post on the hype around The Saturdays was huge and very undeserved from the moment they flashed their glossy outfits to the public. Bearing in mind that large numbers on the very same site treat Britney Spears and Girls Aloud like they're some kind of royalty who change the face of the planet everyday and deserve to be treated as Gods or something...

                    The Saturdays are the latest girl group to explode onto the music scene having landed four top ten singles so far and a gold selling album in the form of the reviewed record here - 'Chasing Lights'.

                    The fact that two of the five girls are S Club Junior cast offs and one of them bares a striking resemblence to Maria from Coronation Street it was with baited breath and a bottle of vodka that I sat down to listen to what they had to offer. The pop market is undeniably dominated by Girls Aloud and the Sugababes these days though The Saturdays manage to squeeze themselves in quite comfortably with a very radio friendly, pop orientated album. The only problem I have with the record is that there's really nothing new here and that they need to develop their own style if they hope to have continued success in the future.

                    Perhaps what makes 'Chasing Lights' so appealing though is the fact that it borrows from all sorts of musical genres and styles and that the girls aren't as weak vocally as you would've suspected.

                    'If This Is Love' opens up proceedings sampling Yazoo's 1982 hit single'Situation' and you can hear it fizzling away in the background over the very slow yet infectious beat. The song does move a bit too slow for my liking and the vocals don't really seem to mash against the melody though its a fairly decent track and a good start to the record.

                    'Up' is probably the best track on offer here. It has its own style and even though there's traces of Girls Aloud the band have definitely adopted their unique spin to the electro-pop genre. Fueled by robotic vocals and a huge disco esque synthsizer 'Up' just leaps into your head and takes over every part of your being until you're singing along. The repetition of the 'Up, Up' is a great addition to the track.

                    There's a lot of tracks that sound like they'd slot nicely into the urban genre but are fused with The Saturday's own brand of pop and electronic effects. 'Keep Her' sounds like something you'd expect to hear from Timbaland with a loud and very bubblegum pop orientated chorus but a very slick and polished melody and beat slithering along underneath. The verses sound far too robotic for my liking and don't work as well as they did on 'Up' for example, leaving the chorus to be this song's only saving grace.

                    'Work' also sounds like something you'd expect to hear from Rihanna or Kelly Rowland. The verses are again very weak though its nothing to do with the girl's talent more the fact that they choose to adopt so many different styles of singing that it often feels uncomfortable to the ears against the more infectious melodies. 'Work's chorus is an explosion of pure pop energy, heated with a dancey beat and sexy harmonies that hit your ears at just the right moment to keep the sweetness rolling.

                    'Issues' is probably the most cringeworthy moment on 'Chasing Lights'. Sounding like something even Atomic Kitten would reject in their heyday the chorus contains the awful lyrics 'can't decide if I should slap you or kiss you'. In fact lyrically the whole song would be insulting to a seven year old but there's still something entrancing about the slow and thudding guitar and drums and the soothing vocals that wash over the track like a warm summer's day. Despite it's very dated sound the song is still pretty good to listen to if you can block out the extra cheesy parts.

                    'Lies' tries to be the 'girl power - rock' moment of the album though it fails to really take off anywhere with a rather weak and uninspiring chorus whilst the title track is very uplifting with it's message and just soaring chorus that would sound brilliant on a Take That record. The girls are on top form here and the consistancy of the tracks on this record is just flawless.

                    'Fall' is a very classy and gorgeous ballad that no doubt would reduce 'Issues' to therapy if the two went head to head and sounds like it's borrowed it's addictive beat from Ne-Yo. If proof were needed to satisfy the critics that these girls can sing then 'Fall' provides that superbly. Meanwhile, 'Set Me Off' sounds like a Rachel Stevens reject back when the former S Club singer tried to imitate Goldfrapp. That point aside it's a furious lashing of electro-goodness fused with the same beats and robotic mastery that made 'Up' so damn catchy.

                    The last two tracks on the album don't really stand out or reach any new ground for the girls but that doesn't mean they're bad songs. It's pretty shocking that I've reached this point on the CD and am still pretty impressed with everything I'm hearing even if I wouldn't exactly call more than maybe two of the album's inhabitants 'pop masterpieces'.

                    As much as I have tried to dislike The Saturdays, I hold my hands up and confess that this is a brilliant all round pop album that every music fan will find something they like on. It's very inconsistant vocally and some of the lyrics sound like they've been penned in the dark ages though there's a winning formula here that works extremely well and the band compliment each other so there's a vibrant chemistry that stands firm over each of the songs. Like every record 'Chasing Lights' has its dull moments and these pounce usually in the ballad department but there's not really any two songs here that sound exactly indentical and I have to say that the girls have produced an album that is a lot better than the last records by Girls Aloud and the Sugababes, though The Saturdays haven't really lifted many fingers in putting the lyrics and production and whatnot together and this raises the question of just how long they can leech the foundation for their songs from what's currently popular and an extra sprinkle of talent may very well be in order for that dreadful sophomore release.


                    01 - If This Is Love 08/10
                    02 - Up 10/10
                    03 - Keep Her 09/10
                    04 - Issues 08/10
                    05 - Lies 06/10
                    06 - Work 08/10
                    07 - Chasing Lights 09/10
                    08 - Set Me Off 08/10
                    09 - Fall 10/10
                    10 - Vulnerable 06/10
                    11 - Why Me, Why Now 07/10


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                      19.04.2009 17:37
                      Very helpful



                      Highly recommended to pop lovers young and old

                      The girl group is a tried and tested formula for pop music. Results can be mixed - anyone who spent the 90s in Australia will recall a particular horror known as Girlfriend - but the UK currently rejoices in the possession of not one, not two, but three shiny and bouncy girl groups capable of producing damn fine tunes.

                      The most recent addition to the party are The Saturdays, five not remotely ugly young woman with shady pasts in bands such as S Club Juniors. Frankie, Vanessa, Una, Mollie and Rochelle, for it is they, bring you pop in primary colours, big dazzling rainbows of sunshiney splendour in three minute musical form. Their debut album 'Chasing Lights' brings much that is sparkly and fab, and suggests of even better things for the future.

                      With its spidery synth hook and call and response verses, "If This Is Love" was a classic first single and opens the album strongly. Even better was the follow up "Up", full of robotic 80s beats and a downright stonking tune. "Keep Her" is serious business with its dark and dirty bass line, and like several songs on the album the chorus features massively layered harmonies which almost recall the glory days of Abba. This can only be a good thing.

                      "Issues" was a fairly unfortunate choice for third single considering the album is full of many superior songs, but is a nice, eminently hummable mid-tempo tune. However I cannot let the scandal of the lyric change go unmentioned. The album version features the quite frankly brill line "Don't know if I should slap you or kiss you" - indeed, who among us has never found ourselves faced by such a dilemma with an errant lover? But in these fraught, teenage knife crime times, it seems even talk of slapping could potentially corrupt the youth of the nation, and the line in the single version became the irredeemably tame "Don't know if I should leave you or kiss you". This is truly a crime against pop, and should not go unchallenged!

                      Anyway, I digress. The album picks up mightily with "Lies", my personal favourite, all big chords that clearly Mean Business, the girls' vocals all husky and serious, before a rising whoosh of synth propels you into the massive overlapping harmonies of the chorus. This would be my choice for the next single, if I were in charge of pop, but it will in fact be the next tune on the album "Work", a very worthy alternative which defies you not to jump up and down to its bopping synth hook. "Ready! Set! Go!" they exclaim before advising you to put your boots on - perhaps the boots should have been put on first, but this is a minor point.

                      "Chasing Lights", despite commencing with a squeaky high pitched chant of "Go on go on go on!", is a Sensible Ballad. Somewhat worryingly, it could almost have been made by some godawful American girl group such as Wilson Phillips, and so is perhaps best left forgotten. However it is slightly redeemed by that bit of tune between verse and chorus being rather lovely. "Set Me Off" startles you with an INXS-esque guitar flourish at the beginning, but we're soon back into safe synth territory. The verses are menacing in a tune reminiscent of Aaliyah, but offset by the huge ballistic harmonies of the chorus. "My fuses are about to blow!" they holler, and you believe them.

                      Plinking piano keys herald another worthy ballad "Fall". The rather excellent line "I let you into my bed, and that's a privilege!", and the impassioned cry of "I LURVE you!" in the middle, are probably the best things about this otherwise fairly nondescript tune. "Vulnerable" features another intrusion of guitar strumming. It's serious business again, with choppy beats and spooky flutey noise underlaying the slightly portentous chorus, while cellos of doom and scary whistly noises take over at the end. Finally, "Why Me, Why Now" ends it all on a bubbly chirpy happy note. It's all jaunty "oooh"s and "Wah oh wah oh"s, with a light and frothy and quite frankly fab chorus. "Girl, don't be losing your head with love!" they advise, clearly now wordly wise after all the relationship trauma visited to them in the earlier songs. There's also a remix of "Up", which is a bit faster, vocals a bit more echoey, beat a bit more frenzied and frenetic, and generally, a bit less fab than the proper version.

                      At eleven songs (discounting the remix) it's the perfect pop album length, and about 72% perfect pop tunage. A great debut, and a fun, colourful addition to the pop "landscape". Long may they carry on.


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                        18.02.2009 02:58



                        Debut album by pop band The Saturdays launched by Polydor

                        The way things are going, The Saturdays are set to become the next biggest girlband in the UK. Girls Aloud have done an amazing job the last seven years by keeping off rivals and similiar groups off from pop domination and success. The Saturdays are however, launched off the back of Girls aloud. The support acts - to their tour a couple of years ago, they where recieved well. You might even spot a face or two from S Club Juniors, if you're memories good enough! - Polydor records who also are incharge in someway to Girls Aloud have made themselves another successful band.

                        To be very fair, it's not bad album - it's aptley titled Chasing Lights though, they are chasing the spotlight indeed hungry for the success Girls Aloud have had. I think it'd be fair to call them the classy version of Girls Aloud. They're a tad more vocally talented i have to admit, but i have total praise for Girls Aloud for producing 20 brillant singles in seven years, for keeping the same lineup, for developing a unique sound, for selling 7 million records and for improving their look and style over the last few years. I cant imagine the same for The Saturdays with them keeping the same lineup, similiar to the Pussycat Dolls i doubt any of them are gonna stick around too long and i cant see them lasting as long as Girls Aloud but they might do alright??

                        If This Is Love, isn't as good as i had read on the forums. I found it quite bland and boring, the verses i thought where useless but the chrous is quite good. Up i have to admit is brillant on the otherhand. Issues yet again, absoutely stunningly brillant - a great ballad, sadly better than every other Girls Aloud ballad. I know i keep comparing them but they are a direct competitor! The rest of the album is quite good, lots of filler in the form of Fall and Chasing Lights but some quite good highlights in Work and Why Me, Why now for example.


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                        04.02.2009 22:40
                        Very helpful



                        Impressive pop album with tracks that really stick in the mind after a few plays

                        The Saturdays are the latest girlband to hit the scene and they look set to become fairly successful behind Girls Aloud and the Sugababes. This album is full of catchy pop tracks that range from the upbeat and radio-friendly of Up, and Work) to the more chilled vibes of Issues and title track Chasing Lights. In between this, there are plenty of other impressive pop tracks such as debut single If This Is Love, and Vulnerable.

                        For me, this is an impressive pop album with plenty of good tracks. Some tracks were instantly catchy, but others took a while to really hit me (Work and Vulnerable were two of these). Having now owned the album for around a month, the only tracks that I am not so keen on are Set Me Off and Why Me, Why Now). Although they are still good tracks individually, they are not quite as catchy or impressive as the high standard created by the rest of the album.


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                    • Product Details

                      Disc #1 Tracklisting
                      1 If This Is Love
                      2 Up
                      3 Keep Her
                      4 Issues
                      5 Lies
                      6 Work
                      7 Chasing Lights
                      8 Set Me Off
                      9 Fall
                      10 Vulnerable
                      11 Why Me, Why Now
                      12 Up