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Children's Choice - Wally Whyton

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Genre: Folk / Artist: Wally Whyton / Audio CD released 2008-02-26 at Pie

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2002 15:16
      Very helpful



      Yet another rainy day, your young children are bored, you want to do some housework but really don’t want to leave them watching television AGAIN. So what do you do? Simple put some music on. Now there’s an idea, but what music would they like? They’re too young to be into pop music yet and daddy’s Bob Marley isn’t really quite their scene either. Well I’ll stop you having to use too many brain cells – as I have the answer right here in front of me. It’s called “Children’s Choice” and is a collection of “Children’s favourite nursery songs” which is available at the Early Learning Centre. I was given our copy as a Christmas present for Tafara so I’m afraid I don’t know how much it costs. However, I can say with all certainty that I would purchase it again for ANY amount. It’s a very recent CD (2001) and was made up after asking Nursery Schools through out the UK what their favourite songs were – hence the name “Children’s Choice”. It contains about 1hr, 30 tracks, of wonderful entertaining songs, which any child that still enjoys singing “Children’s Songs” would enjoy. All of the songs have very clear and engaging beat, along with electronic sounds and friendly voices, which makes it a hit with any child. The tracks are as follows: 1. She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain. A very jolly, upbeat song about someone (female) coming round the mountain, riding white horses, wearing pink pyjamas and how we’ll all go out to meet her. 2. Five little men in a flying saucer. One of my favourites a cute little song with lots of electronic sounds about 5 little men who are flying round the earth, don’t like the look of it and fly away one by one. A good song for helping with counting 3. When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears. A slightly slower, but stil
      l fun song about Goldilocks visiting the bears house, she finds three different sized bowls, three chairs, three beds and then three bears. Helps learning about different sizes – huge, small and tiny as well as counting to 3. 4. Five little monkeys bouncing on the bed. Very funny and bouncy song about 5 monkeys which are bouncing on a bed, they fall off one at a time, mum calls the doctor and tells them to stop bouncing on the bed. They work there way down from 5 monkeys to 1 monkey. 5. Miss Polly had a dolly. An old favourite about poor Miss Polly’s doll who is sick, the doctor is called and gives her a pill for the doll. Lots of fun for doing actions to it. 6. The Wise man built his house upon a rock. Two men build houses, one – the Wise man – builds his on a rock, and the other – the Foolish man – builds his on the sand. When it rains the wise mans house stays up, the foolish man’s falls ‘flat’. Lots of actions that can be done to this song, which is actually based upon a story from the bible. 7. Five little speckled frogs. Another fun, bouncy ‘counting’ song about 5 little frogs sat on a rock, catching grubs, they jump into the pool one by one – until they’re all gone. 8. Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. This is Nick’s favourite. A fairly quick song about a scarecrow with a ‘flippy floppy hat’. There are actions that can be done with this song. 9. Roly Poly. My favourite! When you first hear the introduction to this song you could easily be mistaken and think it was the intro to “Glory Glory Hallelujah” – it’s the same tune. However, it’s very different words – we have Roly Poly in the first verse, Shakey Shakey in verse two, and Wibble Wobble in verse three. At the end of every verse we ‘clap your hands together one, two, three’. Lots of fun with words, tune and actions. <br> 10. The Grand Old Duke of York. Another well-known nursery rhyme about the Grand Old Duke of York either being up, down, or neither up nor down. 11. Bananas in pyjamas. Lots of fun here with Bananas wearing pyjama’s(!) coming down the stairs in pairs, chasing teddy bears who they will try to catch on Tuesday’s ‘unawares’ - lol. A nice steady beat hear means there’s lots of chance for your kids to march themselves tired (hopefully) 12. Heads, shoulders, knees and toes. Yet another well-known action song. Wonderful helping children learn the different parts of their body. You have to touch each part of the body as it’s sung, but you sing it several times missing out words but still doing actions!! Can be quite complicated – but kids still love it. 13. Incy wincy spider. A little spider climbs all the way up the water spout, the rain comes and washes his out, the sun comes out and he starts all over again. Light bouncy music that’s sure to get any child dancing. 14. 1,2,3,4,5. Another quick song helping to teach to count to ten. Someone is fishing gets bitten on the finger and tells us which one – with counting in between whiles! What better way than to help them learn to count. 15. Baa Baa, black sheep. It’s a miracle a modern CD which hasn’t gone Politically Correct – we have the wonderful old classic Baa Baa Black Sheep. I don’t think I really need to go into any detail on this one – do I? 16. Music man. A good old ‘um-pah’ song about a music man, he plays the piano, big drum, trumpet, and banjo. All of them come with their own sound effects – and actions! 17. Old Macdonald. Good Old Macdonald and his farm couldn’t have been missed out – could it? In this version he has cows, sheep, pigs, ducks. Lots of fun – even if the sound of mooing does get on your nerves.
      18. If you’re happy and you know it. A lovely jolly song, that’s bound to liven up any rainy day. First you have to clap your hands, then stamp your feet, nod your head, say ‘a-ha’ – then do it all!! 19. There was a man lived in the moon. A strange little song about a rather bizarre man than lives on the moon, who seems to be made out of all sort of strange things like food! A slightly slower song – not one of my favourites – but then maybe I need to hear it another 50 times J 20. In a cottage in a wood. A poor little rabbit is being chased by a farmer and asks a little man in the wood to help him – so he does. A nice, short, quick song that is nice to do actions to. 21. The wheels on the bus. I don’t think this one needs too much introduction either. This version has wheels going round, horn going beep, mums going chatter, dads go nod, and kids go wriggle. Can get a little hectic if your children are likely to get excited by it. 22. The big ship sailed through the alley alley o. Another bouncy song – this time about a ship sailing on the last day of September – not an awful lot in this song – but somehow this CD still makes it fun! 23. One man went to mow. A slightly confusing (until you get used to it) about men, in increasing numbers, going to mow a meadow. Useful for counting. 24. Sing a rainbow. A much slower, but lovely song about the colours of the rainbow. Useful for learning the colours of the rainbow – you could get them to draw a picture afterwards using the colours they’ve sung about. A nice one to put on if you want to calm them down if they’ve been rushing about – as there’s no way they can run in this one. 25. Daisy, Daisy. I was very surprised to find this one on such a modern CD. A real ‘classic’ (in my opinion) song about a couple in love – they are going to get marrie
      d, can’t afford anything flashy – but she’ll look “good on a bicycle made for two”. This isn’t one that I imagined that kids would like so much – but I’m sure the parents would – lol 26. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Another old ‘classic’ which apparently is as popular as ever. A jolly old ‘sing-along’ song that’s bound to get anyone in the close vicinity singing. 27. ABC Song. A fantastic song that will help your kids learn the alphabet in a fun way. The main words in the song are the alphabet. I firmly believe that it’s much easier for children to learn things like this in songs or rhymes so now you can entertain them AND help them learn. 28. Row, row, row your boat. Another fun song that they can do actions to. The version I know isn’t as nice as this one (my version has things about throwing your teacher overboard and listening to her scream). Don’t worry this is a lovely lilting version with nice words. 29. Twinkle, Twinkle little star. A very well known and popular nursery rhyme that I’m sure needs no introduction – a nice ‘quiet’ one. 30. Animal Fair. What else could they finish off such a wonderful compilation of songs off with? It had to be this funny, clever and fun song about the animal fair. Where the elephant sneezes and the falls on his knees………..and that was the end of the monkey!! All in all this is an excellent collection of songs that children will not be able to help falling in love with. The mixture of old and new, fast and slow, fun and serious, learning and amusing is just spectacular and I can heartily recommend buying this CD. We took it on a car journey down to Southampton (from Bedford) and every so often when Tafara was getting bored we would put it on. It would hold his attention for about 15 minutes (he’s only 16 months) that in
      my opinion is excellent. I’m sure that when he’s a little older and can sing along it will hold his attention for much longer. So my advice to you is get down to your local Early Learning Centre and get yourself a copy – I promise you won’t regret it. PS I asked for this one to be added - but I don't know who Wally Whyton is - I never said anything about him in my request - and he certainly isn't mentioned on the CD!!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Join In The Chorus
      2 By Numbers
      3 Folk Songs
      4 Boys
      5 Girls
      6 Girls (2)
      7 First Favourites
      8 Cats And Mice
      9 Cats And Mice (2)
      10 Other Animals
      11 Little
      12 Lullabies
      13 Some Dancing Songs
      14 Some Animal Songs
      15 Some London Songs
      16 Some Seasonal Songs
      17 Some Dancing Songs (2)

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