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Chris Brown - Chris Brown

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4 Reviews

Genre: R&B & Soul - Soul / Artist: Chris Brown / Import / Audio CD released 2005-11-28 at Jive

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    4 Reviews
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      08.05.2009 17:04
      Very helpful



      Chris Brown's début album

      It seemed as though the mid '00s was a fertile time for fresh, new R&B talent. Suddenly a number of youngsters immerged with the potential to revitalise the game. None of the newcomers would have as much of a teen following as Chris Brown. 16 at the time of his first break, he was the Justin Bieber of his time. Obviously still young; the Virginian has gone past his teenybopper years to more mature R&B as of late, but it all began in 2005 when his self-entitled début album came out and hit the streets.

      It seems as though Chris is coming in with the same sort of approach that Mario (Barrett) had a few years prior. They entered the game at a very similar age, just at different times and through the album it's evident that to some degree he's modelled off what Mario did on his first album. Where Barrett covered classic Hip Hop with "Just A Friend", there're a number of glimpses of throwback Rap from the eighties in Brown's album too. You'll get hints of Slick Rick on "Young Love" and "Run It"'s killer So So Def remix features Run-D.M.C.'s "Jam Master Jay" track. There's lot to look out for in regards to such likeness and it seems to work time after time.

      Typically, whoever's behind the album is sure to milk his age for all its worth. It sets the foundations well and ensures that he's able to show growth as the years go on. Here there's lots of confusion over emotions in the song writing and he seems to be falling deeply in love at a young age. It's very well-written and reflects expectations of a teen such as him and it actually makes for a great release. Older listeners may feel that it sounds quite immature and naive, but it's meant to be the point here and so it appeals directly to his unsure target audience. There's no way to complain about the standards of songwriting or how he's presented to listeners.

      This is an extremely-consistent release and one which fulfils all criteria concerned with commercial R&B. Although it may lack the seductive bedroom music (for obvious reasons) everything else is in check. He shows that he's just as good a singer as he as a dancer. He's an all-round great package with a lot to offer the industry. He shows the ability to sincerely reflect subject matter explored on B2K's early work on the soft and imitate love songs, and can deliver when he has to put over R&B/Rap crossovers as he does on "Gimme That" (with Weezy) and with Juelz Santana (for "Run It!"). The singles are all solid and even with promotional airplay-only ones (such as "Poppin'") he ensures that the standards are very high and so offer treats at every turn.

      Overall, this is a banger of a release of Chris Brown and a great way to get his career underway. It would be difficult to find any places to fault this release as its Pop-R&B at its best. Listeners get the typical love songs brought together with male-friendly hints of Hip Hop to make it an album geared towards a wide range of listeners (although mostly young). It's a real treat of an album with songs for the clubs and gentle, modern ballads. It all sounds quite refreshing and was sure to make him stand out when all of a sudden Keyshia Cole, T-Pain, Ne-Yo, Ciara, Rihanna and many others appeared as future stars of the R&B game.

      1. "Intro"

      2. "Run It!" (feat. Juelz Santana) **Five Stars**

      3. "Yo" (Excuse Me Miss) **Five Stars**

      4. "Young Love" **Five Stars**

      5. "Gimme That" (Remix) (feat. Lil Wayne) **Five Stars**

      6. "Ya Man Ain't Me" **Five Stars**

      7. "Winner" **Five Stars**

      8. "Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me)" **Four Stars**

      9. "What's My Name" (feat Noah) **Five Stars**

      10. "Is This Love" **Five Stars**

      11. "Poppin'" **Five Stars**

      12. "Just Fine" **Five Stars**

      13. "Say Goodbye" **Five Stars**

      14. "Run It" (Remix) (feat. Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri) **Five Stars**

      15. "So Good" **Five Stars**

      16. "Thank You" **Five Stars**


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      09.02.2009 20:19
      Very helpful



      If Your Into R&B You Will Love Chris Brown!

      Chris brown is one of my favourite artists and singer since he has come out in the music industry and thus was honoured to feature in some of his new music videos recently. I have always had a dream to be dancing in a music video and so i went to L.A to compete against some of the finest dancers in america. I was shocked to be selected for his upcoming music videos which left me speechless as i never ever thought i would make it

      The music video which i first featured in was 'run it' which is a hip hop groove base filled track with some good beats. Although chris is still young i think he has a lot going for him at the moment and has a natural talent and is a seriously good dancer. I met him backstage for the very first time prior to making the video and he is such a nice genuine guy of that what the media in the USA has potrayed him as. He has a great voice as many will people will agree and he some how reminds me of usher. He has many many fans (mostly girls) which seems to adore him evey time he is seen .

      Amongst his sexy looks and his natural talents for his smooth solid voice he has remained one the best r&b artists at the moment and it shows with his albums and singles selling in thousunds in the US alone. Chris brown seems to be hungry for more sucesess I am sure he will progress on to be one of the best artist in the world.

      Thanks for reading!

      Nicole xxxxxxxxx


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        27.11.2008 13:13
        Very helpful



        Good album

        I recall watching Chris Brown's first music video 'Run It' and thinking Wow!! Ok, at the dancing..he has some really good moves, a very talented young man.

        'Run It' is his debut single and is also on this album, his first - self titled 'Chris Brown' and following this track are a number of other great tracks that include 'Yo (Excuse Miss)' which was also a hit and is one of my favourites, great lyrics, beat and sound... 'I don't know your name but Excuse me Miss...'

        He has a great voice and great vocals with the ability to reach high notes and he shows great versatility with being able to do both fast upbeat tracks and slow ballads.

        I have the full album that includes the slow tracks 'Say Goodbye' which balances out all the upbeat tracks rather nicely making this a great album and a good listen.

        He has had more hits since then and each track does not disappoint when I have finally got round to adding it to my RnB album collections:)

        This album will be enjoyed by fans and other listeners alike. Definitely a good buy.

        ©marina321 Dooyoo November 2008; Ciao.com November 2008; Ciao.co.uk November 2008


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        21.03.2008 12:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good debut that we have seen him build upon with his second release.

        I can't say it is hard to get confused when it comes to this youngsters album, as Chris Brown released his debut album in late 2005, the album would appear with different versions and different covers (as highlighted by the wide variety of albums by the artist to review). All versions of the album went by the self-titled name of 'Chris Brown' however the track amounts vary from 8 to 15. For the purposes of this review, I shall be reviewing the eight track version of the album. Welcome to Chris Brown's world.
        When Chris Brown first burst on to the scene it would be with the single 'Run It', that is the first track on the album if you do not count the Intro (See The Light). Run It was an immediate success and truly was the song of the summer for 2005 and gave Chris Brown the fanbase he so wanted. Chris was himself only 16 at this point, and listening to the album you find many references to his young age, and perhaps this is how he attracts his main audiance. Chris Brown makes 'teenybopper' music (music for teens for those a bit confused) but with that edge his music can get away with being for an older audiance as well. I'm not sure if Run It was just such a huge favourite of mine at the time because I was 16 as well at the time, although it's still a track for me that lives on through the ages. Even its remixes aren't to be scoffed at, although the many remixes do not feature on the album there's a few good ones out there on the internet for you to listen to.

        This is going to sound sad, but Chris Brown is one of those artists that I found the need to learn about, and it wouldn't take me long to find out about how his birthday is the day following mine. It's hard to believe this is as young as he is looking back at his first video, that features Juelz Santana, but I guess Americans' just seem to have that way of looking older than EVERYONE at a very young age. Plus the showbiz does make people grow up. Christopher Brown, is as you would expect, the real name of the artist and not a stage name. Chris was born and raised in a small Virginia town.
        Following up Run It would be no easy feat, although with the fanbase there he couldn't really do much wrong, and the Britney Spears of R&B brought out track three from the album entitled 'Yo (Excuse Me Miss)'. The song was a much different direction to Run It, and there is much less of the party infulence and more of the young love/romantic side of the artist, infact whilst we're on the subject of likening Chris to Britney, it was a similar situation with 'Sometimes' following up 'Baby One More Time'. The video continued to highlight Chris' strange dancing style that he is now famous for, and one of my most memorable Chris Brown moments is his performance of this single at the BET Awards 2006 where Chris performed live and the performance included a make-shift hot air balloon. Whilst Chris Brown may not be the best live singer, there is something unique about his voice and with the standard that he can perform at it will be interesting to see if following this obviously very manufactured and put together album by his management, he will have any long term future where he can think and write tracks for himself.

        Whilst Chris Brown has released two further tracks from his album ('Say Goodbye' and 'Poppin') those two tracks do not feature on the cutdown version of the album, and the third and final single to feature on this version of the album is 'Gimme That' featuring Lil Wayne. With five tracks in total released from his debut album, it's clear to see this album was milked for all it had and perhaps that wasn't the best move from a non-making money point of view as a lot of the released ended up being very low key. 'Gimme That' had a good video to match what was an enjoyable track, and Lil Wayne's appearance is always a good thing. Perhaps this appearance actually opened Lil Wayne up to a much wider audiance, as his guest appearances have definitly risen since this track.
        My favourite non-release from the album has to be track six, 'Ya Man Ain't Me', as even as a now 18-year old the song is easy to relate to you. Chris Brown maybe singing for the girls, but there is an appeal there that he established from the very first single with the men as well. The whole album is very 'puppy love' orientated, but the album is pretty well produced from that point of view. His voice has definitly been sharpened up for the final cut as well. Since the album the biggest thing to note for Chris' career is his appearance on the remix of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' where the song suddenly becomes 'Cinderella'. It's very cutesy and perfect, but Cinderella makes Umbrella even more obsessive and that's either an absolutely terrible thing or a brilliant thing -- and my vote goes to the latter. A second album is due later this year, and I'm glad his management decided to leave it two years before the release of 'Exclusive'. With him now being 18 years old there should be a more adult feel to his album, although it has been said that he will not turn his back on his core audiance and that is very obvious in his first single from his follow up album, entitled 'Wall to Wall'. So what is the longevity to Chris Brown's career? Only time can tell, but this works well as a short album and Chris Brown is a name that makes me sit up and listen.. and of course he's a character that has the money making potential that he has shown in his movie appearance in dance flick 'Step Up'.

        1. Intro (See The Light) (0:56) - TWO STARS
        2. Run It (3.49) - FOUR STARS
        3. Yo (Excuse Me Miss) (3.49) - FOUR STARS
        4. Young Love (3.38) - THREE STARS
        5. Gimme That ft. Lil Wayne (3.06) - FOUR STARS
        6. Ya Man Ain't Me (3.34) - FOUR STARS
        7. Winner (4.04) - THREE STARS
        8. Thank You (4.26) - TWO STARS


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Intro (See The Light)
        2 Run It - Brown, Chris & Juelz Santana
        3 Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
        4 Young Love
        5 Gimme That
        6 Ya Man Ain't Me
        7 Winner
        8 Thank You

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