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Christmas - Michael Buble

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Genre: Easy Listening / Artist: Michael Buble / Release Date: 2011

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    3 Reviews
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      22.12.2013 22:19
      Very helpful



      Festive Christmas Crooner

      As I'm sure your all aware, its that magical time of year, and on the way to panto yesterday with my family, I dragged my Christmas CD's out to get us all into that festive mood. My favourite and first in the car CD player was Canadian singer Michael Bublé. As a crooner, his voice makes me anything but frosty. His aptly named CD "Christmas" was released on October 2011. This Christmas CD rose to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album sales chart, and also won a Juno Award for Album of the Year. I got 2 copies of this that year, so I take it, the hint was well and truly taken, as well as another one of his CD's.

      The CD lasts just over 50 minutes and contains this medley of Christmas Classics;

      "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"
      "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"
      "Jingle Bells" (featuring The Puppini Sisters)
      "White Christmas" (with Shania Twain)
      "All I Want for Christmas Is You"
      "Holly Jolly Christmas"
      "Santa Baby"
      "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
      "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
      "Silent Night"
      "Blue Christmas"
      "Cold December Night"
      "I'll Be Home for Christmas"
      "Ave Maria"

      This album can be purchased on Amazon for £3.49 as an MP3 download or for £7.99 as an Audio CD. Alternatively try dropping lots of hints..

      Last year I popped this CD into the player just as we sat to unwrap presents. The first sound we heard was a gentle noise of santas "bells", I so wished I could have captured the next moment as the pictures on my 2 youngest children was absolutely priceless. For a split second they both clearly thought it was Santa, despite the middle one adamantly deciding she no longer believed. Absolute classic.

      My personal favourite, is "Santa baby" as his Bing Crosby / Frank Sinatra croon is at its best (IMO). How could it not get 5 Stars?


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        11.11.2012 22:41
        Very helpful



        A great Christmas album from Michael Bublé

        I love Christmas and always start celebrating as early as I think I can get away with. Last year I bought this Michael Bublé Christmas CD and it quickly became one of my favourite Christmas CDs. I have quite a collection but the mixture of traditional and modern songs on this album ensures that there is something for everyone at a family gathering. We always travel a lot over the Christmas period to visit family and this CD is the perfect accompaniment to a long journey. It is also great music to have playing as you put up your tree or cook your Christmas lunch.

        The album has the following songs

        01 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
        A 1950's song this track doesn't sound old fashioned at all and starts this album off brilliantly. It gives that rush of Christmas excitement when heard for the first time at this time of year in much the same way as seeing the Coca Cola 'Holidays are coming' advert does. Although I have heard earlier versions of this song Michael's is by far my favourite.

        02 Santa Claus is coming to town
        Well known by all this classic Christmas song tells the story of Santa visiting on Christmas eve. It's up beat and hard not to sing along too.

        03 Jingle Bells
        Another song which will be familiar to most people this version of the track features the vocal harmony group The Puppini Sisters. I love their harmonies on this version and they compliment Michael really well.

        04 White Christmas
        Originally recorded by Bing Crosby and covered by many artists since the lyrics of this song detail what would be an ideal Christmas for many of us. Michael duets with country singer Shania Twain on this track which works really well but to be honest no one could ever improve on the Bing Crosby for me.

        05 All I want for Christmas is you
        The famous Mariah Carey song I actually prefer this Michael Bublé cover to the original and I think it works really well with a male vocal.

        06 Holly Jolly Christmas
        This is not a song that I was familiar with before buying this album. It is an upbeat number that you soon find yourself singing along to and after the previous two slower tracks it picks up the pace of the album nicely.

        07 Santa Baby
        This is my least favourite track on the album as I feel that the number of changes in the lyrics to make it suit a man singing spoil it. It is a flirty song and it just doesn't work which is a shame.

        08 Have yourself a merry little Christmas
        Once on this track I soon forget about the blip of Santa Baby as am I treated to another well known Christmas track. This song reminds us to forget our troubles and enjoy Christmas time.

        09 Christmas (baby please come home)
        I first became aware of this song in the 1990's when Jon Bon Jovi covered it, there have been many cover versions in recent years and again this track suits Michael's voice really well. It reduces the tempo of the album to lead nicely into the next 2 tracks.

        10 Silent Night
        I love this version of the Christmas carol Silent Night, it brings the album in touch with the origins of Christmas. A great addition to the album.

        11 Blue Christmas
        A sad song about unrequited love the Elvis Presley version will be familiar to many, it makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have my husband and family.

        12 Cold December Night
        This is the only original Michael Bublé song on the album and is about asking to be loved at Christmas. It is not out of place at all on this album of Christmas songs and is one of the highlights for me.

        13 I'll be home for Christmas
        Another song made famous by Bing Crosby the sentiment of going home for Christmas has made this song popular over the years and Michael's version is another good addition to this album.

        14 Ave Maria
        Another link to the religious origins of Christmas, although not the best version of the song as I prefer it with a female vocal it is a good inclusion on the album.

        15 Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad
        A great upbeat final track Michael duets with Thalia, this track is sung in spanish which is frustrating that I can't understand what it is about but it still really enjoyable.

        This album was only released in 2011 but this year a special edition is being released (UK release date 19 November 2012). The special edition includes 3 bonus tracks Winter Wonderland, Frosty the Snowman (featuring The Puppini sisters) and Silver Bells (featuring Naturally 7) and Michael's Christmas Greeting. Although I find it annoying that a special edition has been released so soon after the original I love this album so much that I am looking forward to my copy arriving in a couple of weeks.


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          04.11.2012 15:38
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A lovely Christmas album!

          I know it's early...but this year I have decided to get into the Christmas spirit much earlier than usual (and expected). It's my favourite time of year and it always goes so fast and then that's it for another year. This year, I have got my Christmas CDs out already, am reading all my Christmas chick-lit novels and watching all the Christmas movies on SKY! It's such a great time of year! One of the Christmas CDs I have been listening to is this one:

          Christmas is a Christmas album from Canadian Singer Michael Buble. The album was released in 2011. The album features all the old classic Christmas songs. The album is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £8.72 which I think is great value for money.

          ~ * It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas * ~

          When the song first began, I didn't recognise Michael's voice as it was very low. I love his version of this classic Christmas song. It's a really great welcome to the song. It reminds me of a song out of a movie; I could just imagine Michael dancing along to this in the snow.

          ~ * Santa Clause Is Coming To Town * ~

          Love the jazzy version of this song. It's really funky and makes you want to get up and dance. The only every version of this song I think I have heard is Mariah Carey's version, yet whilst I think hers is great, musically I think this one is great...so just maybe this one is my favourite version of the song! I love how the song gets really dramatic and even more jazzy at the end! Love it!

          ~ * Jingle Bells * ~

          Love the jolly spirit at the beginning! This song features the Puppini Sisters.I'm not too keen on this version of Jingle Bells; it's far too fast for my liking and too 'different' to the original. I don't like the Puppini's harmonies (yes they sound good), but it's too different to the famous 'Jingle Bells'. It goes off the melody too much. Vocally it is brilliant; both Michael and the Puppini Sisters sound amazing, but I just don't like the musical arrangement of this song.

          ~ * White Christmas * ~

          This song features Shania Twain. When I was younger I used to think that this song was so dull and boring and just went on and on. However, as I got older I began to like it a bit more...although after hearing this 'lively' version of the song, I like it more than the original. I don't really like Shania Twain's part as I think the key is too high for her; when she first starting singing, she sounded a bit like a cat. Although when she sings lower, she sounds fab.

          ~ * All I Want For Christmas Is You * ~

          When Michael first began singing this song, I thought 'this is never gonna work, the key is far too low and the song just sounds flat and dull'. Although as the song went on, I loved this 'lower' version of it and think it's lovely; especially as we are so used to Mariah Carey's high-pitched-only-dogs-can-hear version of this song, I love how this song builds up at the end. It's a great easy-listening song.

          ~ * Holly Jolly Christmas * ~

          This is a really 'holly jolly' song. It puts you in the good mood. When I listen to this song I have visions of being in the local pub on Christmas Eve saying Merry Christmas to everyone. It's a real heart warming kind of song!

          ~ * Santa Baby * ~

          This is one of my favourite Christmas songs! One thing I found a bit 'cringey' was Michael...who is a fully grown man...calling Santa 'Baby'. I kept expecting him to say 'I've been an awful good girl' but he changes the 'girl' to 'guy'. I find this song quite comical to listen to; it makes me chuckle.

          ~ * Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas * ~

          I like this song. It's really easy listening and reminds me of how an old fashioned Christmas would be like.

          ~ * Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) * ~

          I like how lively this song is. Its not my favourite song on here but I do like it. I have visions of people running around like headless turkeys on Christmas Eve trying to do some last minute gift shopping.

          ~ * Silent Night * ~

          I don't know why but ever since I was a child, I always thought that this song was too sad to be a Christmas song. It always makes me feel emotional I don't know why. I do like the song though. I love the children's choir in the background and think this song is quite dramatic and emotional. I really like this version of this song.

          ~ * Blue Christmas * ~

          This is song is very jazzy. It is an easy listening song, but it's not one of my favourite songs on here though. It makes me want to do a bit of ballroom dancing around the house.

          ~ * Cold December Night * ~

          This song is very modern (I don't know if it a new or an old song). It's quite a pleasant song, although I wouldn't skip straight to this one. It is one I would just listen to if I just had the CD playing in the background.

          ~ * I'll Be Home For Christmas * ~

          This reminds me of an old song from the 40s or 50's. I find it to be quite a dull and boring song, but I like the fact that it reminds me of an old fashioned Christmas. I think that elderly people will like this song. It does speed up a little bit as the song goes on (not much) and so I would say that the song gets a little bit more interesting as the song goes on.

          ~ * Ave Maria * ~

          Another easy-listening yet boring song. This shows off Michael's voice really well. It was interesting to hear him sing in another language too. I liked the choir at the end; it really adds to the song and adds emotion to it. I thought that Michael also sounded great alongside the choir.

          ~ * Mis Deseos / Feliz Navidad * ~

          This song features Thalia (I'm not sure who she is). I really liked this song. I didn't expect to speed up; it reminds me of the Caribbean due to its funky beat. I think that Michael and Thalia both sing really well on this track and their voices blend really well together. A joy to listen to. I wish I spoke the language as I would love to be able to sing along with this one!

          ~ * Winter Wonderland * ~

          I didn't really like Michael's version of this song; it's far to dreary and 'heavy'. I prefer the original version of this song which is much more 'lighter' and exciting.

          ~ * Frosty The Snowman * ~

          The song is very fast - it makes me want to skip around the house when I hear it. Although having said that, there is something about this song which makes me think that it is a little too fast.

          ~ * Silver Bells * ~

          This song reminds me of a war time song as it has that '40's feel' to it. There are some great harmonies on this song; the voices blend so well together. This song makes me think of an old fashioned Christmas and the jolly Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve in the olden days.

          ~ * What Did I Think? * ~

          Wow! I loved this album! It's great! There is a fantastic collection of songs on here; you have all the old favourites 'Jingle Bells' and 'Frosty The Snowman'. There's also 'older songs' such as 'White Christmas'.

          The majority of the songs are old songs and so it was interesting to hear Michael's versions of them. There were also some songs on here which I hadn't heard before and so it was interesting to hear of some new Christmas songs rather than the same old ones. I love how Michael has put a jazzy twist on all of the songs. It really livens them up. This is a great Christmas album; in fact I think it may even be the best one I have heard to far.

          This CD is great for so many occasions and events; in the car, at home when doing the housework, when putting the Christmas decorations up, when entertaining guests, when wrapping presents, when opening presents, when cooking the Christmas lunch, when baking mince pies, when waiting for guests to arrive etc. It can be played any time over Christmas.

          I like just sitting by the fire and just listening to this song. I find that it brings back loads of childhood memories of Christmas. I find that it also helps me imagine what Christmas was like in the olden day. It really adds to the magic of Christmas.

          I was expecting this album to be really cheesy, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it isn't at all. The only part of the album which makes me cringe just a little bit it 'Santa Baby' as I just think it's a bit comical how Michael calls Santa 'Baby'. But I think it's kind of good in a way as it adds humour to the song and makes it jolly; after all Christmas is a jolly time of year.

          The album is very jazzy; and I love it! I love the musical arrangements of these songs as they are really jazzy and lively. I just want to sing and dance along. I also like the fact that there are some other artists featured on this album, including a choir. I think it adds to the album and makes it more interesting. It is also nice to hear Michael sing with other singers. I love Shania Twain although I wasn't really impressed with her part on White Christmas as she sounded a bit like a cat at times, especially on the high nots.

          Michael sounds amazing on this album. He has a great voice and sings with such ease; nothing is too much trouble. He can do all the lower notes and hit the higher notes. He has a 'calming' kind of voice which I find relaxing. He is a real pleasure to listen to! Great job Michael!!

          I think that this CD is suitable for the whole family. Children will love songs such as 'Jingle Bells' and 'Frosty The Snowman'. Mum and Dad will like all of the songs and Grandma will love the '40's sounding songs' such as 'White Christmas. I think that this CD, through it's songs explains what Christmas was like and is like through the times. I find that this album tells and interesting story of how Christmas has changed over the years.

          I find this album to be incredibly relaxing as it has a lovely 'calming' vibe about it. So this I think is good to play at Christmas, especially for those who get stressed during Christmas. It really de-stresses me and puts me in a good mood.

          I really like this album. It's very jolly and happy and puts you in the Christmas mood. I think it is the best album I have heard do far. It's full of Christmas spirit and I love how its really old fashioned and traditional. It's not that cheesy either. So all in all, I would definitely recommend this CD for this Christmas. My only negative point is that is can only be played once a year.

          Thanks for reading!
          November 2012
          Xdonzx /xd-o-n-z-x


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