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Chronicles - Rush

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Genre: Rock - Progressive Rock / Artist: Rush / Box set / Audio CD released 1990-09-25 at Mercury Records Ltd (London)

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    2 Reviews
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      31.12.2008 12:33
      Very helpful
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      I like the first disc but the second is a bit too poppy

      Chronicles by Rush is a compilation album containing what the compiler thought was the band's best work from 1973 through to 1990. The album was released in 1990. With two discs, it weighs in at around 2 and a half hours of progressive rock. Which unless you are a devout fan of the genre, is a little excessive.

      I find that Rush's melodies and lyrics tend to be substantially catchier than your average prog rock band who generally seem like brain fried stoner recluses! With the catchiness and commerciality of their music though comes quite a variety of styles and therefore some pretty wet pop tracks.

      I have to say that this album didn't live up to my expectations, I expected more tracks along the lines of "Working Man", overall I find that the first disc has more guitar work and it therefore appeals to me more. When Rush bash out the classic rock riffs, it seems like Alex Lifeson is punishing his guitar with fury - unfortunately Disc 2 is mostly tracks which are well.. just too eighties for me and listening to it, vocally they sound like an enormous influence on Suede.

      Disc 1

      1. "Finding My Way" - 5:07
      2. "Working Man" - 7:11
      3. "Fly By Night" - 3:21
      4. "Anthem" - 4:24
      5. "Bastille Day" - 4:39
      6. "Lakeside Park" - 4:10
      7. "2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx" - 6:47
      8. "What You're Doing (Live)" - 5:41
      9. "A Farewell to Kings" - 5:52
      10. "Closer to the Heart" - 2:54
      11. "The Trees" - 4:40
      12. "La Villa Strangiato" - 9:36
      13. "Freewill" - 5:25
      14. "The Spirit of Radio" - 4:57

      Disc 2:

      1. "Tom Sawyer" - 4:37
      2. "Red Barchetta" - 6:09
      3. "Limelight" - 4:22
      4. "A Passage to Bangkok (Live)" - 3:47
      5. "Subdivisions" - 5:34
      6. "New World Man" - 3:42
      7. "Distant Early Warning" - 4:58
      8. "Red Sector A" - 5:12
      9. "The Big Money" - 5:35
      10. "Manhattan Project" - 5:06
      11. "Force Ten" - 4:33
      12. "Time Stand Still" - 5:10
      13. "Mystic Rhythms (Live)" - 5:42
      14. "Show Don't Tell" - 5:00


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        03.02.2001 08:48
        Very helpful
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        Chronicles took songs from the various albums, up to that point. We could argue if the songs were the ACTUAL best, or random songs picked from the various album. This is a great INTRO TO RUSH starter album! Actually this album chronicles the different STAGES of RUSH. From early RUSH to Presto, you are introduced to the different musical evolutions of RUSH. This is a double album, and has a video by the same title. I recommend them both, as they compliment each other. The songs are in chronological order.The first two songs come from RUSHs first album, titled RUSH(1974). The songs are Finding My Way, which was a remake of a Buddy Holly song, and Working Man, which was about the group`s jobs other than the band. From the album Fly By Night(1975), we have the title song, and Anthem, which was inspired by Ayr Rand, a Russian writer that inspires Neil. Caress Of Steel came out the same year as the preceeding album(1975). Two songs from that album are Bastille Day, and Lakeside Park, an area where Neil lived. 2112(1976) was RUSHs early masterpiece, that started launching their popularity. From the song named after this album, we get the Overture, and Temples Of Syrinx. What You`re Doing is the only song from the live All The World`s A Stage(1976). A Farewell To Kings, and Closer To The Heart come from the album A Farewell To Kings(1977). From Hemispheres(1978) we have The Trees, that is actually an anti-union song; and La Villa Strangiato, a song inspired by Alex`s nightmares as a child. I consider the true evolution of RUSH to begin with this album. Permanent Waves(1980) was where RUSH truly developed a musical style all their own! The two very appropriate songs from this album are Freewill, and The Spirit Of Radio. Three songs are taken from what I consider to be THE true RUSH MASTERPIECE! From Moving Pictures(1981)[When I became a RUSH FAN!], we have Tom Sawyer, refered to as the
        RUSH song; Red Barchetta and Limelight are also from Moving Pictures. A Passage To Bancock is the song from the live Exit...Stage Left(1981). As RUSH introduces synthesisers in their songs, from Signals(1982) we hear Subdivisions, and New World Man. Grace Under Pressure(1984) came out during the Cold War. Distant Early Warning and Red Sector A are the songs from this album with RED themes!(see my review) From the HEIGHT of the RUSH synthesiser era, comes Power Windows(1985). The Big Money and The Manhattan Project are the two songs from the album! From Hold Your Fire(1987) we have Force Ten and Time Stand Still. Mystic Rhythms is live on the Show Of Hands(1989) album. That same year Presto was released, and the song on this album is Show Don`t Tell. The Chronicles Video has RUSHs music video. For the most part they are songs from the album. The bonus to the video is that it also has the song Lock and Key from Hold Your Fire. *Rush is still my favorite after all these years. Caught what I thought was their Farewell Tour in Vapor Trails...Fairwell to the Kings!


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Finding My Way
        2 Working Man
        3 Fly By Night
        4 Anthem
        5 Bastille Day
        6 Lakeside Park
        7 2112 Overture / The Temples Of Syrinx
        8 What You're Doing
        9 A Farewell To Kings
        10 Closer To The Heart
        11 The Trees
        12 La Villa Strangiato
        13 Freewill
        14 The Spirit Of Radio

        Disc #2 Tracklisting
        1 Tom Sawyer
        2 Red Barchetta
        3 Limelight
        4 A Passage To Bangkok
        5 Subdivisions
        6 New World Man
        7 Distant Early Warning
        8 Red Sector A
        9 The Big Money
        10 Manhattan Project
        11 Force Ten
        12 Time Stand Still
        13 Mystic Rhythms
        14 Show Don't Tell

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