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Chuck - Sum 41

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3 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Modern Punk / Artist: Sum 41 / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2004-10-11 at Mercury Records Ltd (London)

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    3 Reviews
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      26.03.2010 21:41
      Very helpful
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      a good combination of styles makes a great album

      Chuck is the third studio album from the punk, or pop punk band sum 41. There a band who I used to really like, and although there not really about much now, I still really like most of their songs and never really tire of listening to them from time to time.

      No reason, is track number two but really the first after the intro. Its quite a hard rock song with a really good strong loud start, however when the lyrics come in its much more mellow than you first think. However it is backed up by strong guitar and drums all the way through, it's a very catchy song with a great chorus.

      Where all to blame is another song that opens up with another really hard sounding start. This has some great singing on this song though, especially once it gets to the slower parts with the guitar track going over the lyrics and the rest of the instruments, it sounds great.

      Some say is my second favourite song off the album, its got a much more relaxed sound to it than the many other rockier and hard songs on the album, whereas this is very easy listening even though it does still have some great guitar and drums in it.

      However my absolute favourite song off the album has to be pieces, its track number 11 and its easily my favourite song off the album, if not my favourite song from the band in general. I just really love the lyrics, but more than anything the singing, probably the best singing iv heard him do on a song, and a little bit of a different style to what they usually do as well.

      Altogether this was another sum 41 album I really enjoyed, it had some really rocky songs on there, and some quick hard, however mixed with some more mellow low key ones too which I think was a great route to go down on this album, trying to please everyone's tastes, and they certainly pleased mine.

      1. Intro
      2. No Reason
      3. We're All to Blame
      4. Angels With Dirty Faces
      5. Some Say
      6. Bitter End, The
      7. Open Your Eyes
      8. Slipping Away
      9. I'm Not the One
      10. Welcome to Hell
      11. Pieces
      12. There's No Solution
      13. 88


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        31.05.2009 23:27
        Very helpful
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        This is an excellent album that is of a very high standard, well recommended!

        Chuck by Sum 41 is a brilliant album and it is probably aside of All Killer No Filler my favourtie albumn by them. The music I noticed is more diverse in terms on genre although it is mainly Indie Rock and Punk with some variations. The album was originally released in October 2004 and it won the Juno Award in 2005 in the rock album category. The album itself is really well produced and I would very much recommend buying this especially if you are a Sum 41 fan.

        The album is a longer one than previous albums with a total play time of just over 37 minutes. It has some great hits including "No reason" which has an umbelivably good chorus with powerful lyrics and domineering chords throughout. There is also "Some say" which is a great hit single which is very typical of the Sum 41 distinctive tone and killer guitar riffs! I really liked "Pieces" as well because it is of a different style than the other's in the album and provides a nice variation in the music. It has some bautiful lyrics which is accompanyed by an excellent chord progression.

        Overall I would really recommend this album because it really is of an excelletn quality. There is most certainly enough hits to really make you want to get this and I think any Sum 41 fan would be really pleased. As I said I really like how this album has more of a variation in genre than in prvious albums because it provides interets to the music. I hope this was useful and thank you very much for reading!


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          02.04.2008 21:15
          Very helpful



          An excellent album from Sum 41, the change in direction here is truly exquisite.

          Canadian band Sum 41 is one that has managed to slowly change sound over the past few years and develop into a completely different band. The bands first two releases 'All Killer, No Filler' and 'Half Hour of Power' were pure Pop Punk, whereas 2002s 'Does This Look Infected' was far more Rock orientated. 'Chuck' saw Sum 41 develop further still into a rather respectable Metal band. If you had told me 3 years previously to the release of this album that Sum 41 would one day develop into the Metal band they were here then I would never have believed it as they were at the time just another fresh faced Pop Punk sensation that I personally thought we'd see the last of within the year. How wrong I was as Sum 41 are still going strong, a further album has been released since 'Chuck' in the form of 'Underclass Hero' and I think they are now at the best they have ever been.

          The Heavy Metal sound that Sum 41 here produced suits the band perfectly and it really seems to suit the voice of Deryck Whibley to sing in the way he has done here. The vocals are harder edged, more aggressive, and ultimately a lot more enjoyable to listen to. On the bands previous releases I had always found Sum 41 to be at their best during their heavier moments so recording and releasing 'Chuck' I feel was an excellent move as it takes those heavy moments and maintains them for the entirety of an album. There are some amazing guitar solos on display here with some truly classic Heavy Metal riffs that are sure to put a smile on the face of even the hardest of critics. Some people may well have always seen the band as a bit of a joke in the past and never really understood the mass appeal of Sum 41 - these guitar solos will surely have set the record straight though and I do not doubt that many people were converted fans having heard the heavier, edgier Sum 41 music of 'Chuck'.

          The first track released commercially from this 'Chuck' album was the single 'We're All To Blame', a track that borrows heavily from System Of A Down's 'Chop Suey' with its chorus having the exact same feel about it in fact. This is definitely not a flaw though as the track sounds amazing and in shifting between heavy and melodic it really does sound astonishingly good when being put forward by the almighty Sum 41. It suits their style well and truly does make way for an awesome sound. 'Some Say' is another classic yet the sound to this one is here completely different. The tracks 'Some Say' and 'Pieces' from this album seem to be hinting at more of a Brit Rock influence, the band sounds as amazing as ever though in experimenting with this excellent new noise. It is a definite nod towards bands such as Oasis and I personally am a huge fan of these two tracks. In this album Sum 41 tread a lot of new ground, it's predominantly metal but as evidenced in these two tracks there are other influences showcased on this album also.

          'Noots' rounds the album off nicely and leaves you wanting and wishing for more as 'Chuck' comes to a climax. It really is an excellent track, in fact there are no bad tracks whatsoever on this album which is a bit of a surprise really as in the past I had always felt with the albums of Sum 41 that a few tracks had been letting the side down a little and marring an otherwise perfect album. In 'Chuck', Sum 41 have definitely reached perfection with every song sounding amazingly well rounded and an absolute joy to listen to. I really didn't know where the band would go from here as after this album being so great I felt surely that Sum 41 could not top this effort. Whether or not Sum 41 did indeed top this album with their next is debatable, what the band did do however was release another exceptional album after this in the form of 'Underclass Hero'.

          If you have ever been a fan of Sum 41 then chances are that you will love this album. Even if you don't believe it to be one of the greatest albums ever then it will no doubt find a special place in your heart and fill you with warmth every time you listen to it in its entirety. The band have come a long way since 'Half Hour of Power' and along the way have foreseen a change in style and grown up so much as musicians. Sum 41 are now creating music which is truly intelligent and more of a joy than ever to listen to. 'Chuck' is brilliant, so too is everything that went before it though and also the 'Underclass Hero' album which was released three years later. Sum 41 has never disappointed as a band, always the music has impressed and never in this 'Chuck' album does the band ever show any signs whatsoever of weakness.

          Label: Mercury
          Release Date: 11th October 2004

          Originally posted by me on my website Alt-UK.com
          Source: http://www.alt-uk.com/modules.php?name=Reviews


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Intro (Sum 41/Chuck)
          2 No Reason
          3 We're All To Blame
          4 Angels With Dirty Faces
          5 Some Say
          6 The Bitter End
          7 Open Your Eyes
          8 Slipping Away
          9 I'm Not The One
          10 Welcome To Hell
          11 Pieces
          12 There's No Solution
          13 88
          14 Noots
          15 Fan Club Promotion (Goon Platoon)
          16 We're All To Blame