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Classic Fm At The Movies

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4 Reviews

Genre: Compilation / Artist: Various Artists / Box set / Audio CD released 2006-05-22 at Classic FM

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    4 Reviews
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      22.08.2010 23:36
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      An average introduction to the world of soundtrack music

      Classic FM has a lot to answer for, first of which seems to be introducing people to classical music. For me the first CD set they released, Hall of Fame Gold was the first I purchased. That had three cds, one of Opera, one classical and one of movie soundtracks. Given the success, it was followed by this CD, At The Movies, which has three cds dedicated purely to movie music.

      Unlike the previous Classic FM entry, the CDs do not take any form or genre differentation. Films like Star Wars and Back to the Future are mixed with pieces from Love Actually or Ladies in Lavender. Composers such as John Williams and Hans Zimmer mixed with more contemporary artists as David Arnold.

      Curiously, the likes of Wagners' Ride of the Valkyries is omitted despite being one of the most recognisible pieces of classical soundtrack music. It did appear on the Hall of Fame Gold cd, but then again, so did Barbers' Adagio for Strings and John Williams Star Wars theme.

      If I could describe this set, then it would be as a taster, an introduction into the world of soundtrack music. It could not however be described as the best on offer. It is a mixed bag of some great pieces, such as the Hans Zimmer Gladiator or the spine tingling Hymn to the Fallen from Saving Private Ryan, but there is a lot of filler in there as well. Quite how or why some where chosen and the order they were placed onto disc is a mystery.

      It is available for around the £10 mark from various online retailers however I would advise that you should probably buy it only if there are a number of tracks on there you like. If not you may be better off just purchasing the individual CD's, perhaps starting with Hans Zimmer's Gladiator or Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings Trilogy.


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        27.09.2009 00:08



        Classical music at its best for the masses

        This CD is perhaps very undderated for its musical genius. When your watching a film, the music in the background is one of the major aspects that creates the atmosphere that you are supposed to be feeling. With Ghost, Maurice Jarr creates emotion when the penny is being pushed up by Patrick S's ghost. With this cd you get to appreciate the orchestral brilliance of composers such as John Williams (Harry Potter, Star Wars), Klas Badlect (pirates of the Carribbean). It opens your eyes to other types of music other than just what is in the charts. I saw some of these songs at the Royal Albert Hall and I was in floods of tears about how beautiful the msuic was. I would suggest listening out for Love Actually, as in the film it was a significant tune that was used in one of the stories. This cd collection will let you not only appreciate this cd but the sequel as well. This is well recommended.


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        24.06.2009 19:17
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        love this brilliant cd of film music

        I have always loved film music. I have many cds with film music on but this is by far the best. It is a 3 cd boxset with forty tracks in all from a variety of composers from the most famous of all, John williams to lesser known but equally good film composers such as Danny Elfman. This CD includes some very well chosen tracks such as Apollo 13 and Dr. Zhivago as well as the more well known and recognisable tunes such as Pirates of the Caribbean and ET. All tracks are played by very well regarded orchestras, mostly the Royal Philharmonic and Royal scottish national orchestra.
        The variety on this cd really is great, there are some fabulous recordings and there is enough that when you are bored with one track, as one can get with film music after a while, you can move onto a variety of other tracks or cds and get a really good impression of the whole world of the music which can really change a film from a good movie to a real tearjurker.
        I love these cds and would recomend them to anyone who likes classical music or even just loves film music.


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          20.07.2008 22:06
          Very helpful



          great 3 cd boxset with a variewty of great songs from awesome movies!

          I recently got into listening to classical music and particularly enjoyed music played by a large orchestra as it gave such a great variety and texture of sound. I also really enjoy watching movies, and this cd is really great as it includes some of the best music from the movies that are classical or played by a large orchestra. There are a variety of different song from a load of different great films and composers.

          This CD comes as a 3 cd set and each CD has over 10 different songs on it. I really enjoyed this great CD and listening to these songs that i have now purchased the Classic Fm at the movies: the sequel box set and the more recent ultimate collection of songs from the movies. I would recommend all 3, but would have to say that this one includes some of the more well known songs and films, but they are of course all extremely good!

          Disc 1

          1. Superman: The Movie - John Williams
          2. Back to the Future - Alan Silvestri
          3. Apollo 13 - James Horner
          4. Star Wars - John Williams
          5. The Mission - Ennio Morricone
          6. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Tan Dun
          7. Ladies in Lavender - Nigel Hess
          8. Love Actually - Craig Armstrong
          9. Ghost - Maurice Jarre
          10. The Piano - Michael Nyman
          11. Out of Africa - John Barry
          12. Witness - Maurice Jarre
          13. The Stepford Wives - David Arnold
          14. Batman - Danny Elfman
          15. Star Wars - John Williams

          Some of the best songs from the most famous films ever made, as well as my favourite composer John Williams and some other very good ones. These are all really good, powerful and moving songs but my personal favourite would have to be Star Wars - an all time great! Although they are all good and i also enjoy listening to Love Actually and the piano acts as great background music for an evening.

          Disc 2

          1. E.T. - John Williams
          2. Harry Potter - John Williams
          3. Finding Neverland - Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
          4. Pirates of the Caribbean - Klaus Badelt
          5. Raiders of the Lost Ark - John Williams
          6. Girl with a Pearl Earring - Alexandre Desplat
          7. Dances with Wolves - John Barry
          8. Arsene Lupin - Debbie Wiseman
          9. Gladiator - Hans Zimmer
          10. Stage Beauty - George Fenton
          11. Shakespeare in Love - Patrick Doyle
          12. Romeo and Juliet - Craig Armstrong
          13. Oliver Twist - Rachel Portman
          14. Dr. Zhivago - Maurice Jarre

          Again another selection of absolutely awesome films and songs including the well known ET and some more modern classics such as Harry Potter (a great one for the kids) and Pirates of the Caribbean - a very powerful, loud and strong beating song. This CD, like the others includes a great variety, but my favourite would have to be Gladiator by Hans Zimmer as this is my favourite film as well!

          Disc 3

          1. Gone with the Wind - Max Steiner
          2. Dangerous Moonlight - Richard Addinsell
          3. Born on the 4th of July - John Williams
          4. Platoon - Samuel Barber
          5. Schindler's List - John Williams
          6. Saving Private Ryan - John Williams
          7. The English Patient - Gabriel Yared
          8. The Magnificent Seven - Elmer Bernstein
          9. Lawrence of Arabia - Maurice Jarre
          10. The Lord of the Rings - Howard Shore
          11. The Big Country - Jerome Moross

          Some slightly less well known songs on this one, but yet still very poplar and brilliant to listen to. Another great variety and some more appearances from the great John Williams. My favourite on this CD would certainly have to be Lord of the Rings - it is a long song which has so much depth and texture.

          All the discs are great to listen to and are perfect for dinner parties as really popular background music. There is even a good game i love to play with this CD, which is where you play the CD, maybe put it on shuffle, and then have to guess what film the song is from!

          This CD is certainly worth buyin and includes a variety of songs from classic and more modern films all performed at an exceptionally high standard! Worth a place on the shelf of any film or music fan!

          Price: I think this CD is not available at many stores ( i have looked on play and amazon and it is unavavilable) and it may been replaced by the new version: the Ultimate collection. However if you look around you may be able to locate it or if not then have a look on e bay - the prices are quite cheap here.
          If you do fail to find it then maybe buy the sequel or the newer version - both are equally good!

          Thanks for reading.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Superman
          2 Back To The Future
          3 Launch
          4 Across The Stars
          5 Gabriel's Oboe
          6 Eternal Vow
          7 Ladies In Lavender
          8 Glasgow Love Theme
          9 Ghost
          10 Heart Asks Pleasure First
          11 Out Of Africa
          12 Building The Barn
          13 Stepford Wives
          14 Batman
          15 Star Wars

          Disc #2 Tracklisting
          1 ET
          2 Harry's Wonderful World
          3 Impossible Opening
          4 Pirates Of The Caribbean
          5 Raiders March
          6 Griet's Theme
          7 John Dunbar Theme
          8 Overture
          9 Suite
          10 Stage Beauty
          11 Suite
          12 Balcony Scene
          13 Oliver Twist
          14 Lara's Theme

          Disc #3 Tracklisting
          1 Gone With The Wind
          2 Warsaw Concerto
          3 Born On The Fourth Of July
          4 Adagio For Strings
          5 Schindler's List
          6 Hymn To The Fallen
          7 Rupert Bear
          8 Magnificent Seven
          9 Overture
          10 Lord Of The Rings
          11 Big Country

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